Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 823: Feelings

Chapter 823: Feelings


Chapter 823: Feelings

The cold Qi that had suddenly appeared permeated the entire place. Even the air itself seemed to emit faint cracking noises, as if it had been frozen. A thin layer of frost covered every building in Unique Devil City. The cold Qi seemed to be able to freeze even one’s soul, causing several people to feel a chill rising up within their bodies. It was so drastic that even the circulation of their Yuan Power had slowed…

Countless eyes contained astonishment as they gazed at the young lady suspended in the sky. The latter’s icy blue long hair danced with the wind, while snowflakes gathered around her, before drifting down, giving her the appearance of a snow fairy.


Ying Xiaoxiao and the rest were similarly astonished when they saw this scene. Their eyes were filled with disbelief. Clearly, they did not understand why Ying Huanhuan would suddenly undergo such an unusual change.

“What is going on?” Wang Yan’s eyes revealed that he was clearly shaken as he asked. He could sense just how frightening the cold Qi from Ying Huanhuan’s body was.

“I don’t know…” Ying Xiaoxiao shook her head. She was also completely at a loss. Evidently, she did not know about Ying Huanhuan’s reincarnator identity.

“That is…”

These disciples might not be able to identify the reason for Ying Huanhuan’s unusual change, but Chen Zhen and other experienced individuals were able to sense something. Shock immediately overwhelmed them as they stared at the seal between Ying Huanhuan’s brows.

“Huanhuan is actually… a reincarnator?” Chen Zhen and the three others exchanged glances with one another. Quickly after, they inhaled a breath of cold air. They clearly understood what a reincarnator represented. It meant that Ying Huanhuan was definitely a Reincarnation stage expert in her previous life. Moreover, she was an ultimate expert who had passed the reincarnation tribulation…

Even Chen Zhen and the other three did not have an exact idea of just how frightening a Reincarnation stage expert, who had passed the reincarnation tribulation, was. All they knew was that even someone as strong as Ren Yuanzi was merely at the Samsara stage. This was the threshold of the Reincarnation stage. However, it was far from being considered a true Reincarnation stage expert, let alone the Reincarnation stage experts that had passed the Reincarnation Tribulation…

An expert who had survived the Reincarnation Tribulation, was definitely a pinnacle existence in the world even in that ancient time!

“A reincarnator…”

Ren Yuanzi’s expression finally transformed completely when he saw the seal between Ying Huanhuan’s brows. Rich murderous intent suddenly gushed out from within his eyes.

At his level, he was clearly aware that once a reincarnator awakens, they would swiftly recover their original strength. At that time, the Dao Sect would have an additional Reincarnation expert. This would undoubtedly be a catastrophe for their Yuan Gate…

Such a threat was even greater than Lin Dong and Little Marten!

Countless gazes gathered on the young lady floating in the sky. A pair of emotionless icy blue eyes stared at Ren Yuanzi in the distance in an icy manner. Soon after, she lifted her hand, and a gust of chilling air whistled out. Even space itself was frozen wherever the chilling air passed.


The chilling air surged forward. The great suction force that intended to forcibly suck Lin Dong away immediately emitted cracking sounds as it froze.

Lin Dong gazed at the scene before him, only then did he rub the blood from the corner of his mouth. His eyes were complicated as he glanced at Ying Huanhuan, who had transformed into such a state. Not only did he not feel any joy, there was instead some anxiety in his eyes. He was clearly aware that the more Ying Huanhuan used this ability, the more she would stir that trace of reincarnator spirit. This would speed up the fusion between the both of them.

Once the fusion was complete, Ying Huanhuan would have successfully awakened. Although she might become a pinnacle existence in this world, Lin Dong did not wish to see that normally playful and attractive young lady become ice-cold and indifferent…

“The Dao Sect disciples are really becoming more and more surprising…” Ren Yuanzi’s state of mind gradually began to recover as he laughed faintly.

“However… even if you are a reincarnator, you will not be able to rescue him today…”

Ying Huanhuan’s icy eyes stared at Ren Yuanzi. With a clench of her jadelike hand, an astonishingly chilling aura suddenly emerged from the space where Ren Yuanzi was located. Countless hundred feet large blue icicles penetrated out from empty space. After which, they pierced violently at Ren Yuanzi with lightning speed.


Vast black-white energy swiftly surged out from Ren Yuanzi’s body, transforming into a black-white light barrier that protected him within it.

Bang bang bang bang!

Icicles smashed heavily onto the light barrier. Although they caused the light barrier to tremble continuously, they were unable to break it in the end. Even though Ying Huanhuan was a reincarnator, she had not completely awakened. She might be able to unleash an extremely shocking strength in a short period of time, but it was clearly impossible for her to truly defeat Ren Yuanzi. After all, the latter was a frightening individual who had reached the Samsara stage…

“If you want to defeat me, you should try to do so only after you have completely awakened…” Ren Yuanzi watched at this scene apathetically and smiled, before muttering in his heart, “That’s if you still have the opportunity…”


A cold glint suddenly surged up from deep within Ren Yuanzi’s eyes after the voice in his heart sounded. Immediately, he clenched his hand. Majestic energy that merged the power of life and death suddenly whizzed out, turning into a thousand feet large black-white seal in the sky. Wave after wave of indescribably terrifying ripples wildly spread from it.

“Life and Death Seal!”

Ren Yuanzi waved his sleeve, as the enormous black and white seal swept forth, ruthlessly smashing down on Ying Huanhuan. Even space itself began to shown signs of crumbling wherever the black and white seal passed.

Ying Huanhuan lifted her head. Her icy blue eyes watched the black and white seal that was smashing over. Countless snowflakes immediately appeared around her body from nowhere, and an illusory female figure vaguely appeared in the void behind her.

No one could clearly see the figure’s face. However, the entire place seemed to have entered a harsh winter when she appeared. Snow began to fall heavily, causing Unique Devil City below to be swiftly covered by a thick layer of white snow.

The female figure seemed to lift her hand. After which, she lightly blocked the black and white seal.

Crack crack!

Ice spread from the point of contact at an astonishing speed. The black and white seal merely lasted for an instant, before it was covered in ice. The vast life and death force within it was also eroded by the cold until it completely disappeared…


The black and white seal finally completely crumbled. However, the illusory figure behind Ying Huanhuan also scattered when the seal collapsed…

As the figure faded, the cold around Ying Huanhuan’s body also weakened substantially. Evidently, the current her was still unable to use too much of her previous reincarnation’s power.

“How many times will you be able to block such attacks?” Ren Yuanzi smiled faintly upon seeing this scene. Soon after, he flicked his finger, and a light ray that formed from life and death force directly tore through space and shot towards Ying Huanhuan.


Ying Huanhuan’s icy blue eyes gazed at the light ray that was shooting towards her. They suddenly flickered for a moment, after which, Lin Dong her forcibly keep the cold air around her back into her body.

“Huanhuan, quickly dodge!” Lin Dong’s pupils contracted. An ominous feeling surged in his heart as he hurriedly cried out.

Ying Huanhaun seemed to have heard his cry. She tilted her head slightly, and her icy blue eyes looked at Lin Dong. A faint smile suddenly appeared on that ice-cold face.

The moment her smile appeared, the light beam ruthlessly blasted into her body. Fresh blood splattered outwards at this instant. Her delicate body was just like a blood spattered flower, a sight that was filled with sorrow.

Lin Dong blankly watched the delicate figure being sent flying backwards. His eyes were about to crack, and were so blood red that it seemed as if blood was about to seep out from them. In the next moment, he hurriedly rushed out, and hugged the delicate waist of that beautiful figure in midair. That mighty force seeped into his body, immediately causing some bone cracking sounds to appear. However, he did not utter a single word. The arm that hugged the young lady trembled but did not release its grip.

“What are you doing?”

Lin Dong roared furiously. He lowered his head and looked at the young lady in his embrace. The icy blue colour had quickly disappeared from her eyes. Clearly, Ying Huanhuan was able to dodge that earlier attack, but she chose not to in the end…

“I am not his match…”

Ying Huanhuan gazed upon Lin Dong’s furious face. A smile of melancholy appeared on her pale little face.

“Only by doing so… can I force father to show himself. I know that if this continues, it might end up starting a war between our two sects… but… I do not wish to see you die in their hands…”

“After all, all of you are already used to my willfulness… in that case, allow me to act willfully one more time…”

Lin Dong was stunned. The fury on his face had froze at this moment. He watched the beautiful young lady smiling at him from his embrace, as his body could not help but faintly tremble.

This young lady, who had furiously chided him the first time they met, because he was wasting his talent by giving up on the Sky Hall to join the Desolate Hall…

This young lady, who had once remained behind alone to use her life to stop the enemies, in order to bring the Immortal Yuan Ancient Seed back to the sect….

This young lady, who once regarded the sect as the most important thing…

She had actually risked her life to force Ying Xuanzi to show himself, despite knowing that this might start a war between the two sects…

Everything was because, she did not want him to die.

Lin Dong hugged the young lady in his embrace tightly. His voice was hoarse as he said, “Don’t worry, I will not die so easily…”


Ren Yuanzi faintly knitted his brows and watched this scene. However, his voice had just sounded when his expression suddenly changed. He had seen the space behind Lin Dong and Ying Huanhuan suddenly distort. After which, a man in ash-white robes walked out from within. At the same time, the latter’s voice, which vaguely contained fury, also resounded deeply across the sky.

“Ren Yuanzi, you have gone overboard!”