Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 821: Desperate

Chapter 821: Desperate


Chapter 821: Desperate


A purplish black flaming tornado seemingly connected heaven and earth as it crazily revolved. The surrounding space seemed to distort and warp to its breaking point, while the temperature of the area became extremely scorching at this moment.

If this tornado were to land on Unique Devil City, no one would doubt that the entire city would be instantly destroyed…


Little Marten’s giant thousand feet large large bat wings gave a sudden flap, creating crazy gales. The flaming tornado that contained the power of destruction screamed as it headed towards the purple and gold figure in the distant sky.


As the tornado swept over, black cracks appeared as the surrounding space seemed to split open, while fluctuations that caused one’s scalp to turn numb started to radiate out.

“He he.”

However, when faced with the flaming tornado that caused countless people to feel terrified, Ren Yuanzi merely gently chuckled. Soon after, he shook his head. With a light clench of his hand, the Yuan Power in the area instantly converged together at an astonishing speed, before finally transforming into a several hundred feet large giant crystal finger in his hand.

Terrifying energy fluctuations twined around the giant finger. These energy fluctuations were not purely composed of Yuan Power, they also contained a concentrated life force, and under this life force, flowed the extremely astonishingly destructive death qi.

These two entirely different kinds of frightening energies were perfectly fused at this instant. At their fusion, there were faint traces of Reincarnation fluctuations that radiated out.

Although these slivers of Reincarnation flavor were extremely faint, they gave off the feeling of controlling the myriad of living beings across the world…

“Life and Death fusion… touching on reincarnation… this Ren Yuanzi has already broken free of Life and Death, and has stepped into the Samsara stage…”

Qi Lei and the other three’s faces contained a faint shock as they gazed upon the giant crystal finger within Ren Yuanzi’s hand, while their eyes filled with thick terror.

Lin Dong’s fists were tightly clenched at this moment, while heavy unease filled his heart. Thing had already progressed to this stage, and had already completely broken away from his control, and even his expectations. Ren Yuanzi’s strength was way too strong compared to the current him. Furthermore, although Little Marten had transformed to his Celestial Demon Marten form, he had yet to recover his full strength…


With a wave of his sleeve, the gigantic crystal finger howled out like a mountain emerging into the sky. Under countless shock gazes, it violently smashed onto the purplish black flaming tornado.

Bang Bang Bang!

At the instant of the collision, this entire stretch of the world seened to tremble violently. The entire Unique Devil City shook tremored crazily as if an earthquake had arrived. Even though the city was relatively far from the battle in the sky, a few tall buildings were instantly crushed into powder by the repercussions. This scene caused the onlookers blood to run cold as they hastily landed from the sky.

In the distant sky, purplish black flames crazily swept out. As the giant crystal finger pressed down on it, the gigantic flaming tornado gradually fell apart, transforming into a rain of fire that fell down towards the earth.

“I’ve said it before… you are not my match. If you were at your peak, you might be able to put up a fight against me. However, not at your current state…”

After breaking Little Marten’s tyrannical attack with a finger, Ren Yuanzi gave a faint laugh. Placing his hands behind his back, his figure looked like an ant when compared with the incomparably large Little Marten. However, the aura that radiated from him made him seem to be a giant that could carry the sky. His aura easily suppressed Little Marten.

“You have merely stepped into the Samsara stage, do you truly believe that you’re a Reincarnation stage expert?” Monstrous purplish black flames engulfed Little Marten’s entire body. His roar was akin to thunder, rumbling as it resounded across the area.

Following Little Marten’s roar, the purplish black flames that filled the air suddenly gathered together, transforming into enormous flaming meteors, and shot explosively towards Ren Yuanzi from all directions.

Ren Yuanzi raised his head, and looked indifferently at the flaming meteors hurtling across the horizon towards him. With a wave of his sleeve, the space in front of him instantly shattered. In a flash, a gigantic black spatial crack spanning thousands of feet appeared.

Swoosh Swoosh!

Numerous flaming meteors smashed into the spatial crack, before sounds of explosions rumbled and rang out from within it. Scorching hot waves of fire dispersed in the sky like a demon breathing flames.

A clash of at this level in the sky caused the countless onlookers to be dumbfounded. The ability of Ren Yuanzi to wave his hand and shatter space made their bodies shiver. Was this the strength of a top class expert in the world…

“Life and Death World!”

Ren Yuanzi stood in the air. With a wave of his palm, vast energies formed from the fusion of Life and Death power unfurled across the horizon. It transformed into a gigantic light barrier tens of thousands of feet wide, which totally engulfed Little Marten’s titanic body.

Monstrous purplish black energy smashed heavily against the black and white energy barrier. However, it could only cause loud sounds to ring out, and was completely unable to break through the barrier.

Evidently, Ren Yuanzi was in complete dominance in the battle between the two.

“Stay quiet in there for a while…” Ren Yuanzi said with a faint smile. Soon after, he turned his head around, as his gentle gaze looked towards the far off Lin Dong.

“One or two young monstrous talents would appear in the Dao Sect every now and then. Zhou Tong from back then was one of them, and now there’s another one… Ha ha, however, you’re even more vicious than Zhou Tong. You actually killed the entire batch of elite disciples from my Yuan Gate. I truly don’t know if you’re overly courageous, or overly stupid…”

Lin Dong’s eyes were somewhat grim. He shot a look at Little Marten, who was trapped within that black and white light barrier, as his fists tightly clenched.

“Follow me back to Yuan Gate. Relax, I won’t take your life. At most, I’ll destroy your cultivation. At that time, let Ying Xuanzi take you back.” Ren Yuanzi said with a smile.

“Sect master Ren Yuanzi, isn’t this too much!” Chen Zhen finally could not hold back the fury in his heart, and opened his mouth to shout.

“Ha ha? Too much?” Ren Yuanzi decline to comment and laughed. He ignored Chen Zhen and reached out with his hand, causing the space surrounding Lin Dong to gradually warp and distort.


Seeing this, the faces of Chen Zhen and the other three rapidly changed. Soon after, they ferociously gritted their teeth, and the four of them simultaneously launched their attacks, as boundless Yuan Power blasted towards Ren Yuanzi.

However, Ren Yuanzi did not take any notice of their combined attacks. With a casual flick of his finger, a crack was torn open in the air before him, and directly swallowed their attacks. With a wave of his sleeve, an indescribable gale swept out, and landed on their bodies.


Under the gale, the defenses of Chen Zhen and the other three instantly shattered. They spurted out a mouthful of blood, as they shot back miserably.

Four advance Profound Life stage experts. Before Ren Yuanzi, they were as frail as babies!


Beside Lin Dong, Little Flame faced the heavens and roared. Black light erupted, and he transformed into a giant black tiger that was several hundreds of feet large. Exceptionally brutal black light energy shot out from its mouth, and blasted towards Ren Yuanzi.

“Oh? Devil Tiger Tribe?”

Ren Yuanzi was slightly surprised as he looked towards Little Flame that had transformed into a giant black tiger. Quickly after, he flicked his finger as a beam of light shot out from his finger tip. Little Flame instantly suffered a heavy blow as a mournful tiger’s roar resounded.

“No one can save you today…”

Ren Yuanzi grinned as he looked at Lin Dong, who was trapped in the distorted space. His hand once again clenched and waved downwards, as the distorted space swiftly started to collapse. The boundless energy seemed to be intent of crushing Lin Dong into pulp.

“You bastard!”

Lin Dong stared at Chen Zhen, Little Flame and the rest who were vomiting blood as they flew backwards. Lines of blood started to climb up in his eyes, as his body violently trembled and his face contorted.

“Bang Bang Bang!”

Lin Dong waved his fist, Yuan Power maniacally circulating, as punches ferociously landed on the distorted space, as if he was trying to blast it apart.

“The power of an ant…” As he watched this scene, Ren Yuanzi could not help but shake his head in pity, while speaking with a faint smile.

“Bang Bang!”

Lin Dong’s fists crazily rumbled out. Under this pressure from the space, bloody lines started to surface on his originally extremely tyrannical body.

However, it was as if Lin Dong did not feel this pain at all. His eyes were blood red, as he sent fist after fist rumbling out.

Intense pain caused Lin Dong’s ears to gradually ring, while fresh blood dripped from his forehead and onto his eyes, turning his entire world red.

“Humm Humm!”

As Lin Dong’s entire world gradually started to turn blood red, a faint and strange humming noise started ringing out from within his body.

Within the depths of his body, a dull and ancient stone talisman started to faintly vibrate at this instant. Next, a sliver of strange energy quietly started to be released…

Lin Dong sent another fist violently smashing against the space that had distorted till it became corporeal. A brilliant light suddenly flashed across his fist.


A clear sound suddenly resounded across the sky. Everyone’s pupils abruptly contracted at this moment. Their gazes were overwhelmed with shock as they looked at the distorted space. Currently, cracks were rapidly extending under the Lin Dong’s fist.

Ren Yuanzi’s seal had actually been broken by Lin Dong!

Shocked expressions appeared on the faces of Shi Mo and the other five, as if they had seen a ghost. As for Ren Yuanzi, who had worn a gentle smiling expression on his face ever since his appearance, his eyes slowly started to turn gloomy at this moment…