Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 820: Ren Yuanzi

Chapter 820: Ren Yuanzi


Chapter 820: Ren Yuanzi

In the sky, a figure slowly strolled out from the distorted space, before standing in the air. There were no Yuan Power fluctuations radiating from his body. However, a faint pressure spread outwards, making it seem as if even the are would be able to solidify.

The figure wore a purple and gold robe, and had a full head of silver hair. His eyes were filled with the vicissitudes of life, however, his skin was as fair as a baby, a sight that felt somewhat weird.

The entire city seemed to have turned deathly silent at this instant. Regardless of where one was from, all of their faces were stretched taut at this moment. Their gazes were filled with graveness and horror as they stared at the figure in the sky…

“Ren Yuanzi…”

The deathly silence persisted for quite some time, before a voice that was repressing his shock quietly rang out. No one had thought that he, an expert that was practically at the apex in the Eastern Xuan Region, would actually appear here…

The three great sect masters of Yuan Gate. Within this Eastern Xuan Region, no, even within this land, there were considered to be top class experts. Usually, they spent the majority of their time in closed training, and it was extremely hard to even catch a glimpse of them. Most of the people in Unique Devil Region had only heard of their prestigious name, however, they had never truly see them in person…

In the sky, the expressions of Qi Lei and the other three turned exceptionally ugly. They looked to each other, and saw the unrest in each other’s eyes. In the face of an expert at the level of Ren Yuanzi, even they felt rather powerless.

The Dao Sect disciples currently felt somewhat panicky. To them, an existence like Ren Yuanzi was akin to a legend. After seeing him with their own eyes, it was unavoidable for them to feel some terror and dread.

Hearing the commotion from behind, Ying Xiaoxiao’s complexion was also slightly ugly as she tightly clenched her jadelike hands, while intense unease bubbled forth from within her heart. This Ren Yuanzi had a venerable status, and would absolutely not show himself easily. However, since he had actually shown himself, it meant that some matters might no longer be easily settled…

“Big sis.”

Ying Xiaoxiao tilted her head and looked at Ying Huanhuan standing beside her. At this time, the latter had unconcealable worry on her face. It was obvious that she similarly felt uneasy.

“It’s alright…” Ying Xiaoxiao gently shook her head. She could only comfort her like this.

“To have discovered Little Marten’s identity with a single glance…” Lin Dong’s fists had also clenched tightly the moment Ren Xuanzi appeared. Soon after, he took a deep breath, as a grim look appeared in his eyes.

Beside him, Little Flame firmly stared at the figure in the distance. The fine hairs all over his body had already stood up like needles. From that figure, he could sense an indescribable feeling of danger…

“Ren Yuanzi… never would have thought that even an old devil like you would come here…” The smile on Little Marten’s handsome face disappeared completely at this moment. He stared at the silver haired figure dressed in a purple and gold robe, and slowly spoke.

“Sect master, we’re incompetent and could not complete the task.” Shi Dong and the other five appeared behind Ren Yuanzi upon seeing him, and hurriedly kneeled down. They appeared rather terrified as they spoke.

“Ha ha, to have met with a Celestial Demon Marten, you are indeed not its match.”

Ren Yuanzi faintly laughed while gesturing with his hand. His vision locked onto Little Marten as he said, “You should know about the grudge between the Celestial Demon Marten race and us Yuan Gate. Therefore, I’m very curious. Why do you still have the courage to kill the members of my Yuan Gate in the Eastern Xuan Region?”

“I’ll kill if I want, why should I need courage? You only dare to hole up in this Eastern Xuan Region. See if you can exhibit any awe at all if you leave this place.” Little Marten replied with a cold laugh.

“Ha ha, the words you say are indeed true. Even I will not easily go to Demon City. However… this place, is the Eastern Xuan Region after all…”

Ren Yuanzi gave a soft laugh as he stared at Little Marten. An indifferent and cold glint that caused the temperature of the surroundings to plummet flashed within his eyes. “Since you’ve appeared in the Eastern Xuan Region, there’s no need for you to leave…”

Little Marten’s eyes were frosty. His body faintly moved, as purplish black flames that blotted the sky spread outwards.

“I can sense that your strength should not be limited to this, however, you should have yet to recover all of it… the current you isn’t my opponent.” Ren Yuanzi said with a smile.

When Ren Yuanzi said these words, Little Marten surprisingly did not refute. He was similarly understood it very well. Unless he regained his peak state, Ren Yuanzi was indeed an opponent he could not contend with.

“You must be the one that killed all of my Yuan Gate’s five hundred over disciples, Lin Dong?” Ren Yuanzi’s line of sight suddenly turned towards Lin Dong in the distance, and said with a faint smile.

Lin Dong’s eyes hardened a little, as he looked straight at Ren Yuanzi. The latter’s ordinary gaze was so sharp it seemed as though it could pierce through his soul.

“You truly are a vicious little fellow…” Ren Yuanzi smiled, however, his smile did not have a single trace of warmth.

“Your killing intent is too heavy. You shall follow me back to Yuan Gate and thoroughly suppress that killing intent. After which, let Ying Xuanzi come to the Yuan Gate receive you back.”

Lin Dong’s expression sunk faintly as he replied, “Oh? As the esteemed and honorable Yuan Gate sect master, you’re actually treating the rules set down by the eight great super sects as nothing?”

“Rules? Ha ha, the thing about rules, is that if you’re strong enough, you can change them if you want…”

Ren Yuanzi was taken aback. Soon after, he shook his head while laughing. Looking towards Lin Dong, he said in a gentle voice, “Your so called rules don’t have any power in my eyes. Therefore, you should not try using such childish tactics to stop me.”

“Follow me back to the Yuan Gate, then let Ying Xuanzi personally fetch you back.”

As his words appeared, Ren Yuanzi waved his sleeve, and the space surrounding Lin Dong suddenly started to warp and distort. An irresistible and frightening force started emerge from the space,


Majestic purplish black flames spread across the sky, rumbling as it mercilessly smashing against the distorted space and shattered it.

“Grandpa marten does not agree with you touching him!” Little Marten’s handsome face was a little twisted, as he maliciously stared at Ren Yuanzi and said.

“I’ve said it before… you’re not my match.”

Ren Yuanzi released an indifferent chuckle. Extended his five fingers, five light pillars explosively shot out of them. The light pillars screamed out, before transforming into a prison, and trapping Little Marten within. Faintly, extremely strange fluctuations radiated out in a barely discernible manner. They seemed to have the flavor of Reincarnation, causing one to be unable to oppose them.


Purplish black flames that blotted the sky crazily unfurled, as wave after wave smashed against the light pillar prison. However, the latter did not budge at all. From the looks of it, it was as if it was to the most mysterious Reincarnation in this world, unable to be shaken.


Little Marten’s face distorted as wave after wave of attacks erupted from him. At this very moment, his eyes were turning increasingly scarlet red. In the next instant, a sharp roar suddenly resounded out from within the monstrous purplish black flames.

A sharp roar rang out as the monstrous flames on Little Marten’s body erupted. His body rapidly expanded. In a short span of a dozen breaths, the purplish black glow enveloped the entire area. A titanic thousand feet large strange beast appeared within the skies in an earth shattering manner.

The strange beast was entirely purplish black in colour, while its wings also spanned a thousand feet. Flames seemed to be burning with its giant purplish black pupils, a sight that was extremely shocking.

A purplish black glow that blotted the skies radiated out from its enormous body, while faint golden light seemed to shimmer on its gigantic purplish black bat wings.

“Is this the Celestial Demon Marten…”

Within Unique Devil City, innumerable gazes looked in shock at the colossal creature in the air. As one of the overlord grade races of the demonic beast world, it was obviously extremely rarely seen in the Eastern Xuan Region. However, their reputation was well known.

“Purplish gold demon wings… heh heh, looks like you’re not an ordinary Celestial Demon Marten… never mind, several powerful experts from my Yuan Gate have died at the hands of your Celestial Demon Marten race. Today, I’ll return a bit of the debt for them.” Ren Yuanzi looked at the Celestial Demon Marten’s wings that covered the sky, as astonishment flashed within those gentle and cold eyes of his, before he spoke out in a gentle tone.


After transforming into his original form as a Celestial Demon Marten, Little Marten’s strength had clearly risen to an extremely powerful level. His gigantic paw slammed into the light pillar prison, as purplish black flames swept out, finally forcibly shattering the prison.


With the prison shattered, the titanic Celestial Demon Marten’s giant wings finally unfurled completely. Purplish black flames crazily burned on its body. From afar, it looked akin to the descent of a demonic god.


Having transformed into his original form, Little Marten faced the heavens and roared, while a brutal aura rose within those giant purplish black eyes. With a suddenly flap of his wings, purplish black flames gathered and transformed into a flaming tornado that was thousands of feet large.


The temperature crazily rose at this moment, as everyone stared in shock at the spectacle before them. A battle between opponents of this level was extremely rare even in the Eastern Xuan Region.

“How many years have it been since I’ve crossed hands with a Celestial Demon Marten. I shall play with you today then…”

Ren Yuanzi gazed at the flaming tornado that engulfed the land. On that face that was as fair as a baby, a gentle smile slowly surfaced. Soon after, he spread his hands outwards. Everyone felt the Yuan Power in this stretch of world seem to rebel completely at this moment.

A battle of truly epic proportions was about to erupt!