Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 817: Gathering Once Again

Chapter 817: Gathering Once Again


Chapter 817: Gathering Once Again

The hearty laughter was mixed with a wild and violent energy as it swiftly spread thundered across the sky above Unique Devil City, drawing countless gazes over.

Under the attention of those numerous stunned gazes, two rays of light rushing over from the distant horizon at lightning speed, and appeared in the sky within a couple of flashes.


When the rays of light arrived, one of them suddenly threw a palm forward. Immediately, monstrous purplish black energy unfurled. It appeared like a storm as it ruthlessly smashed onto the large Yuan Power palm that was swatting towards Lin Dong.

Bang bang bang!

The two majestic attacks brazenly collided, and a loud noise resounded. Subsequently, everyone was stunned to see that the large Yuan Power palm formed by the advance Profound Life stage expert from Yuan Gate had swiftly melted under the erosion of the purplish black energy…

“Who is it? You actually dare to hinder my Yuan Gate?!”

A gray clothed old man flashed and appeared in the sky after having his attack blocked. His expression was quite ugly as he looked at the collapsed large palm. After which, his dark and stern eyes looked towards the two lights that had arrived and he cried out.

In the sky, the lights dissipated. Soon after, they turned into two figures that appeared beside Lin Dong. One of was tall and strong like a metal tower. His skin looked as if it had been cast from black metal, and when sunlight shone on it, it actually reflected a golden luster. An aura of toughness and valiance that could not be described by words rippled from his body.

Beside the metal tower like figure was a tall and straight man clothed in green. His body appeared exceptionally slim when compared to the rough large man. Moreover, the most surprising thing was his devilish handsome face. His appearance would cause even some ladies to feel jealous.

The size of these two figures differed too greatly, causing one’s gaze to strongly feel under attack when viewed from a distance. With such appearances, who else could they be other than Little Marten and Little Flame?!

“Big brother, it seems that we have arrived a little late. Originally, we thought of heading into the Unique Devil Region to look for you.” Little Flame scratched his head as he smiled in a simple and honest manner towards Lin Dong.

“Tsk tsk, what a strong lineup. You really know how to cause trouble. I have also heard about what happened in Unique Devil Region. Not bad at all.” Little Marten ignored that gray clothed old man after appearing. All he did was turn his head and look at Lin Dong as he smilingly teased. After which, he paused before asking, “Are you alright?”

Lin Dong gazed at these two people before him, before smiling and shaking his head. He could sense that their tensed bodies had greatly relaxed after seeing that he was fine. A wider grin was involuntarily revealed from the corners of his mouth as warmth flowed within his heart.

“Who are they?”

Ying Xiaoxiao looked at these two individuals who had suddenly appeared behind Lin Dong. She frowned slightly and inquired. She had never met Little Marten and Little Flame.

“They are Lin Diao and Lin Yan, Lin Dong’s sworn brothers. Back then, all of them had come to Dao Sect together. However, they went out to train not long after Lin Dong entered the Dao Sect…” Ying Huanhuan explained. She was clearly a little familiar with the Little Marten duo. After all, they had fought alongside each other at Demon Sound Mountain.

“Oh?” Ying Xiaoxiao was somewhat astonished. Soon after, her eyes carefully swept over the two of them and turned a little grave. She could sense a rich dangerous feeling from the simple and honest looking Little Flame with a metal tower like body. It felt as though an extremely ferocious to the maximum character was hidden under that the simple and honest smiling face…

This kind of ferocity was similar to when Lin Dong went insane. It was really the case where one became like those within one’s close proximity…

Ying Xiaoxiao paid a little more attention to Little Marten because of his devilish handsome face. Quickly after, her originally grave face became even more serious. This was because she discovered that she was actually unable to sense even the slightest feeling of danger from Little Marten’s body…

Normally speaking, there were only two type of people who would give her such a feeling. The first was a person who was of no threat, while the second was when the other party’s strength surpassed her own too greatly, causing her to be unable to sense it…

If Little Marten had not intervened earlier, Ying Xiaoxiao might still believe that he was of the former group. Clearly, however, being able to easily scatter the attack of an advance Profound Life stage expert meant that it was impossible for him to be in this category. Hence, there was only one answer. Little Marten’s strength was already so strong that she was unable to ascertain it.


This was Ying Xiaoxiao’s evaluation of Little Marten on their first meeting. She was extremely astonished that Lin Dong was able to befriend such a person…

“Heh heh, little miss’ memory is very good…” Little Marten suddenly turned his head and smilingly said to Ying Huanhuan while the two sisters were chatting.

Little Marten clearly had an extremely deep impression of Ying Huanhuan. The former’s reincarnator status was something that even Little Marten was fairly afraid of. He was aware that if Ying Huanhuan was to awaken in the future, she would definitely be a peak level expert in this world. However, from the looks of the situation now, this lady seemed to have some feelings for Lin Dong. This was a rather good thing…

Ying Huanhuan curled her mouth and grinned at Little Marten, appearing exceptionally serene and elegant.


Little Marten’s eyes turned away from Ying Huanhuan and suddenly paused on young lady beside her. He was immediately startled, “Why is this little lass here?”

“… Qingtan?” Little Flame was also stunned as he stared in a daze at the young lady.

Qingtan felt completely lost when she saw their gazes. She was at a complete loss. From their current appearance, it seemed that they were extremely familiar with her?

“Qingtan, do you still remember Little Flame?” Lin Dong chuckled. He patted Little Flame’s arm and grinned at Qingtan.

“Little Flame?”

Qingtan blinked her eyes blankly. It was a long while later before her eyes suddenly widened. They were filled with disbelief as they gazed at the metal tower like man, while her smile hand covered her mouth. “Little Flame?”

When Lin Dong and Little Flame left the Great Yan Empire, the latter was still unable to transform. Hence, Qingtan’s knowledge of him had remained at the period where he was still a Fire Python Tiger. Now, that large tiger, which had carried her on its back as they ran around the town, had changed and become so fierce looking…

“No way! You are really Little Flame? How did you become like this?”

The young lady’s shock merely continued for a moment, before she pounced over with great curiosity. Her small hands continuously felt Little Flame’s metal like skin as she chirped unceasingly.

Little Flame watched the little bird like young lady at his side. A grin appeared on his simple and honest face. His pair of eyes, which faintly flickered with ferocity, revealed an extremely rare gentleness. He still clearly remembered those memories from back then.

“How rude… you should call him big brother Lin Yan in future.”

Lin Dong smiled and patted Qingtan’s head. After which, he pointed at Little Marten and said, “This fellow has actually also seen you for a couple of years. However, he hid within my body in the past, and you are unaware of him. Ah, he is now called Lin Diao…”

Qingtan nodded when she heard Lin Dong’s words. She curiously looked at Little Marten before softly uttering to Lin Dong, “This big brother Lin Diao is really pretty…”

Although Qingtan’s voice was soft, it still reached Little Marten’s ears. Immediately, an embarrassed expression appeared on his handsome face.

Lin Dong could not help but laugh when he saw that Little Marten, whose skin was usually thicker than his own, would actually feel embarrassed.

“Who exactly are you, sir? Lin Dong is someone whom our Yuan Gate sect master has ordered to be invited back to Yuan Gate. I hope that you will not intervene. Otherwise, you might end up inviting trouble for yourself!” The face of the gray clothed man in the sky involuntarily appeared a little ugly when he saw that the Little Marten duo had actually ignored him after appearing. Soon after, he shouted with a cold voice.

“What a noisy old fellow…”

Little Marten finally turned his head over at this moment. A mocking smile formed on his handsome face as he laughed, “Didn’t he simply kill some Yuan Gate disciples of yours. Do you need to be so flustered and exasperated…”

The eyes of that gray clothed old man’s eyes became dark and cold when he heard these words. He venomously said, “This little bastard has killed five hundred and forty of our Yuan Gate disciples. His murderous desire is too great. Our Yuan Gate has invited him back for his own good. We will kindly remove his murderous aura in order for his future to remain bright!”

“I do not care what relationship you have with him, but I will advice you to simply stand idly by the side and watch. Else, you will have to pay a price you cannot afford…”

“Is that so?”

Little Marten lifted his head when he heard this, as a brilliant smile surfaced on his handsome face. Soon after, that brilliant smile became a little malicious. He extended his slender right hand, as purplish black flame rose and gathered on it. A bone chilling voice that contained rich killing intent resounded.

“You insensible old dog. Do you think you have the qualifications to teach my brother a lesson?”