Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 815: Return

Chapter 815: Return


Chapter 815: Return

By the time Lin Dong opened his eyes again, what entered them was a slightly dusky sky. He simply watched the sky in this startled fashion, as he allowed the memories in his mind to recover like floodwaters.

“Senior brother Lin Dong has awakened!”

However, his peace did not last for long, before a extremely joyous voice suddenly rang out from his surroundings. Soon after, a wave of noise and hurried footsteps were transmitted over. Soon, Lin Dong saw that he was being surrounded and observed by hundreds of people…

Lin Dong felt a slight warmth in his heart as he gazed at these Dao Sect seniors and juniors with joy and worry on their faces. Soon after, he slowly nodded.

The crowd quickly separated as Ying Xiaoxiao, Ying Huanhuan and a few others hurried over. Joy from being relieved of a large burden immediately gushed out in Ying Huanhuan’s beautiful large eyes when she saw the now conscious Lin Dong. However, Lin Dong could still see some hidden tiredness under her joy…

“You have finally woken up… you have been unconscious for five days. If you still showed no signs of waking up, we were planning to carry you back to the Dao Sect.” Ying Huanhuan squatted down beside Lin Dong and said with a captivating smile.

“Five days huh…”

Lin Dong smiled and was not surprised. He twisted and stretched his body. The originally exhausted Yuan Power within it was surging once again. It even faintly seemed to be more abundant than it was in the past. The many injuries on his body had also completely healed…

“Your body’s recovery ability is very strong. However, you lost too much essence blood. It is fortunate that Ling Qingzhu gave us the Clear Jade Saliva. Otherwise, you would not be awake right now.” Ying Xiaoxiao commented by the side.

“Ling Qingzhu?” Lin Dong was slightly taken aback. Soon after, he nodded.

“Of course, Huanhuan has been taking close care of you during these few days. She has not even closed her eyes for five days.” Ying Xiaoxiao gently smiled and said.

“Sis.” Ying Huanhuan’s pretty face blushed a little as she gave Ying Xiaoxiao a rebuking look. This appearance caused some of the surrounding juniors and seniors to laugh in a friendly and envious manner.

“Thank you.” Lin Dong gazed at the slightly red faced young lady beside him and thanked as he felt a slight warmth in his heart.

“You have done a meritorious service for our Dao Sect. It is only right to take care of you… moreover, Qingtan is also very worried about you.” Ying Huanhuan pointed at Qingtan beside her. At this moment, the other young lady also had slightly red eyes. It was likely that she had been very worried while he was unconscious.

Lin Dong stood up. He rubbed Qingtan’s small head and laughed, “Silly girl. Aren’t I fine?”

“It is all because I am useless… I thought that I would be able to help you…” Qingtan slowly lowered her head in response to Lin Dong’s act of comforting her. She felt a little said.

The reason that she had left home was because she did not wish for Lin Dong to risk his life all alone in a desperate struggle. She had originally believed that the current her was able to help Lin Dong. However, when Lin Dong fought Yuan Cang alone, she discovered that she was still so helpless. Over two years of training seemed to be completely useless…

“I do not need you to stand in front of me. Otherwise, I as an older brother will be too useless…” Lin Dong grinned and said, as he gently hugged this sad young lady.

Qingtan leaned against Lin Dong’s chest. Her small hands involuntarily tightened slowly, as determination flashed across her intelligent eyes. She will no longer skive when training in the future…

“Brother Chen Gui, many thanks this time.”

Lin Dong released Qingtan and cupped his hands together towards Chen Gui in a solemn manner. If it was not because Chen Gui had intervened and delayed Yuan Cang, it was likely, that the losses suffered by the Dao Sect disciples after he arrived, would be even more astonishing.

Chen Gui hurriedly waved his hands to and fro when he saw this. He now no longer dared to treat this young man before him as an ordinary person. Having exchanged blows with Yuan Cang, Chen Gui was naturally clearly aware just how strong the former was. However, even someone as strong as Yuan Cang was ultimately turned into nothingness at Lin Dong’s hands. Additionally, the over five hundred elite Yuan Gate disciples who had disappeared along with Yuan Cang…

Chen Gui had always believed that he was considered decisive when he chose to kill. However, if he was to compare himself with Lin Dong, he would be akin to a child comparing himself to an adult. At the very least, if he was standing in Lin Dong’s position, it was likely that he would have difficulty going so far.

“Have the others left Unique Devil Region?” Lin Dong’s eyes swept around him. The entire place, which had originally been filled by people, was now empty.

“Yes. The Great Sect Competition is basically over. Hence all the disciples have already left Unique Devil Region and returned to Unique Devil City.” Ying Xiaoxiao nodded and said.

“Unique Devil City is likely in an upheaval now…” Wang Yan looked at Lin Dong and remarked.

Lin Dong nodded. He was naturally clearly aware of what a horrifying thing he had done. The Great Sect Competition had been held so many times, but no one had ever taken things as far as he had; killing every single disciples of a sect. Moreover, it was the most powerful sect in the Eastern Xuan Region, Yuan Gate.

“Once we leave Unique Devil Region, we will swiftly join up with martial-uncle Qi Lei and the rest. After that, we will return to the Dao Sect. The Great Sect Competition is afterall a life and death battle. Yuan Gate will not have any excuse regardless of how great their rage is.” Ying Xiaoxiao said.

“Let’s go.”

Lin Dong turned around. His eyes looked into the distance, as the hand within his sleeve slowly tightened. Although he had indeed been a little too vicious, and he was clearly aware that he would become a thorn in the eyes of Yuan Gate by doing this, he had no regrets. If he was given a second chance, he would still unhesitatingly annihilate all the Yuan Gate disciples. Otherwise… wouldn’t those Dao Sect disciples have died in vain?

Lin Dong’s figure took the lead and rushed forward after his voice sounded. Soon after, the large group of Dao Sect disciples immediately followed. They swept past the sky and hurried towards the far off teleportation formation…

Everyone was clearly aware that there was likely an even greater whirlpool awaiting them there…


Unique Devil City

Over this period of time, Unique Devil City was just like a volcano that would erupt at any time, causing the atmosphere within the entire city to be exceptionally explosive.

Although the Great Sect Competition was already over, the human traffic within the city had not reduced but instead become even greater. Even those individuals from the super sects did not show any signs of leaving. It was likely that everyone was clearly aware that it was not completely over yet…

A beautiful figure clothed in snow white clothes stood atop a pavilion at a corner of Unique Devil City, while a pair of clear eyes gazed towards the city center. It was the spot connected to the teleportation formation of Unique Devil Region.

“Senior sister Qingzhu, big brother Lin Dong and the rest have yet to come out. Could something have happened?” Su Rou asked in a somewhat worried manner from behind Ling Qingzhu.

“Lin Dong’s injuries this time are not light. Given his character, he very clearly understands how much trouble he has drawn to himself due to what he has done. Therefore, he will not easily show himself unless he recuperates to his peak condition.” Ling Qingzhu softly said.

Su Rou nodded slightly. Soon after, she glanced at Ling Qingzhu and commented, “Senior sister Qingzhu, you… and big brother Lin Dong seem to have a special relationship?”

Su Rou was after all also a girl, and was more observant. Although Qingzhu was cool and aloof to everyone, it was still possible for Su Rou to detect that the former acted a little differently when it came to Lin Dong’s situation.

Ling Qingzhu was also startled by these words from Su Rou. However, her face did not change at all as she replied in an indifferent manner, “I met him once in the past. Additionally, he has also helped me when I was searching for the Supreme Purity Celestial Pond in Unique Devil Region.”


Su Rou nodded and did not inquire any further.

Ling Qingzhu quietly sighed in relief within her heart when she saw this. Just as she was about to speak, her eyes suddenly focused as her gaze shifted towards the city center. She clenched her jadelike fists tightly as she muttered, “The Dao Sect disciples have come out…”

By the side, Su Rou’s face turned serious when she heard this. She was clearly aware that the city was currently like a volcano that was waiting to erupt at a certain moment. It was very possible that Lin Dong would be the spark to light the fuse…

At the center of Unique Devil City was a tall altar. At the top of this altar was a sparkling formation, and this formation was the one that linked to the teleportation formation in the depths of Unique Devil Region. However, this formation only went one way, one could exit but not enter through it…

A continuous stream of people exited this teleportation formation over this period of time. However, after the initial huge exodus, those that came later were lone individuals or members of small factions. Hence, they did not stir much of a commotion when they appeared.

Of course, although these people who had appeared out from the formation were insignificant, it did not change the fact that this spot had now become the focal point of the entire city…

Buzz buzz!

At this moment, light suddenly flashed on the altar that had been peaceful for half a day. Initially, not many people bothered about it. However, when they discovered that the flickering of the light was becoming increasingly rapid, several people’s expressions began to change. This was because they knew that such a scene would only appear when a large group of people was appearing.

Most of the super sect disciples within the Unique Devil Region had already exited. The only ones still remained… were the Dao Set disciples…

“Are they finally coming out…”

Several people muttered to themselves. Their eyes possessed some anticipation. All of them very much wanted to see just what kind of monster the young man, who had shook the entire Eastern Xuan Region, was…

The eyes of the entire city shifted over with a ‘swoosh’ sound, and gathered at the top of the altar. The light finally began to gradually weaken under their gathered gazes. Finally, hundreds of figures appeared from nowhere. The badges on their chest allowed others to confirm their identities.

Dao Sect disciples!

The originally noisy city seemed to have become quiet at this moment. After which, all eyes shot towards the skinny figure right at the front. The latter’s serene face totally did not appear like a person who had performed such an astonishing act…

In the sky, Lin Dong’s expression was calm as he gazed upon the strange atmosphere, while both of his fists slowly clenched.

“Bang bang!”

At this moment, monstrous auras from within the city began to unfurl like a storm. A dozen figures came rushing over from the distance. At the same time, a roar that was filled with murderous intent also rumbled.

“You ruthless little bastard. We have waited a long time for you. Return with us to the Yuan Gate to atone for you crimes!” The monstrous aura spread apart, and six elderly figures with dark expressions flew over, and appeared in the sky above.

“Atonement? What crime has Lin Dong committed? You old shameless fogeys. Do you really think that our Dao Sect are a bunch of softies? Go ahead and try us?!”

However, a sneer suddenly erupted from another part of the city when these six old men with murderous auras arrived. Four figures walked across the air and hovered in the sky, From their appearance, Qi Lei, Chen Zhen and the other two hall masters.

Countless individuals in the entire city held their breaths as they watched this scene. As expected, these two super sects had clashed…