Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 813: Coming To A Close

Chapter 813: Coming To A Close


Chapter 813: Coming To A Close

The resplendent bizarre light beam swept across the horizon and smashed into the Yuan Cang trio’s bodies under uncountable watching gazes.

Chi chi!

Everyone seemed to see a terrified expression appearing on the faces of the trio at the moment of impact…

The Yuan Cang trio’s gaze pierced through the resplendent light beam and stared unwaveringly at the skinny figure that was only a dozen feet away. In their eyes, there was fear, and also dissatisfaction. Moreover, there was also some disbelief.

Even at this time, they were still unable to believe that all their Yuan Gate elite disciples would actually be annihilated by a single person, Lin Dong!

Yuan Gate disciples, complete annihilation!

Such ruthlessness had surpassed even the Dao Sect’s Zhou Tong from back then!

The trio’s gazes intertwined at the very last moment. All of them saw regret in each other’s eyes. If they knew beforehand that Lin Dong would be this savage, they should not have pressed Dao Sect so hard…

Who could imagine that this seemingly good-nature fellow would actually be this frightening when he went crazy?

“A miscalculation…”

A voice that was filled with dissatisfaction slowly echoed. Quickly after, the sight before the trio’s eyes quickly turned to darkness, as their bodies also rapidly disappeared under the disintegration light beams…

Buzz buzz!

The incomparably large formation in the sky begun to tremble as it faded. Finally, the bright light completely scattered, along with the bodies of the Yuan Gate’s three little kings.

This entire place became completely silent as everyone gazed at the now empty space. No one dared to breathe too loudly at this moment. Their eyes were dull as they looked in the direction where the Yuan Gate disciples had been. Of the huge black mass of people that were originally there, none were left.

There were five hundred and thirty-seven Yuan Gate disciples. Plus the Yuan Cang trio, their numbers made up five hundred and forty. Yet, at this moment, none of them had survived!

They were completely annihilated!

Although the rocky ground was currently not littered with corpses, nor did blood flow like rivers, everyone could still sense a chill spreading out from this place. This chill entered from the bottom of their feet and charge directly towards their heads.

This person was too ruthless….

Many gazes gathered towards the blood soaked figure in the sky, and their scalps could not help but feel somewhat numb. The Great Sect Competition had been held many times. Although a great battle would occur during each competition, there was not a single instance where all the elite disciples of a sect were completely exterminated.

Not only did this require extreme ruthlessness, but it also required an extremely frightening strength. Such strength had not be achieved even by the exceptional genius from Dao Sect, Zhou Tong, when he had participated in the Great Sect Competition back then. Now however… it had been accomplished by Lin Dong.

“This time around… Yuan Gate will truly go crazy…” Wu Qun breathed in deeply, suppressing the great shock in his heart. His complexion was currently a little pale. Clearly, he had been frightened by Lin Dong’s tactics.

Upon hearing this, the surrounding Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace disciples deeply nodded in agreement. Those who could participate in the Great Sect Competition were basically elite disciples. Yet, all of these disciples were now lost. It was likely that Yuan Gate would feel great pain even with their foundation.

“The Great Sect Competition is originally not meant for sparing. Instead, it is a life and death experience. Any incident that occurs within it is fair… in past Great Sect Competitions, the losses suffered by the Dao Sect disciples were also quite severe. The last competition, even that great senior sister of the Sky Hall was surrounded and killed by the Yuan Gate disciples. The reason these Yuan Gate disciples act in such a domineering manner is also because they could rely on the rules of the competition, hence causing the furious Dao Sect to have no choice but to grit their teeth and swallow their anger…”

Ling Qingzhu softly continued, “However, it is likely that Yuan Gate will never have imagined that they would completely repay all their past debts this time around…”

“From today onwards, perhaps the name of the strongest amongst the younger generation of the Eastern Xuan Region will belong to Lin Dong…”

Wu Qun sighed and nodded. He knew that those who had witnessed this desperate great battle today would no longer dare to have any intention of challenging Lin Dong. The number one amongst the younger generation was indeed a deserving title.

“However… although it is perfectly reasonable for Lin Dong to be so ruthless due to the rules of the competition, it is likely that, given their style, Yuan Gate will not take this lying down… this matter is not considered over.”

Ling Qingzhu muttered to herself. After which, she had a complicated look in her eyes as she looked towards the figure in the sky, whose entire body was giving off desperation. This person truly intended to turn the Eastern Xuan Region upside down.

The light in the sky finally disappeared completely, while Lin Dong’s body staggered a little. Weakness and fatigue that could not be described frantically spread out from his limbs and bones, causing his vision to start turning black.


Lin Dong suddenly heard a buzzing sound from the sky to his front while his vision was gradually turning dim. He weakly blinked his eyes, only to see an emblem flickering with light suspended at that spot. Waves of extremely majestic ripples were being emitted while the light flickered.

“Spirit Emblem?”

Lin Dong gazed at the emblem that contained an extremely majestic energy. His weak spirit violently trembled. This Spirit Emblem was evidently left behind by Yuan Cang. The disintegration power had turned Yuan Cang into nothingness, yet this Spirit Emblem had been left behind.

Lin Dong’s astonishment only lasted for a split second. Subsequently, he abruptly extended his hand abruptly and grabbed the Spirit Emblem. Of course, his speed might be quick, but it was still seen by many people. Surprisingly, however, those present were actually unable to summon even the slightest courage to snatch the Spirit Emblem, despite being faced with such a rare and unique treasure. It was clear that Lin Dong’s previous display still lingered in their eyes…

Lin Dong’s strength seemed to have become completely spent after the Spirit Emblem entered his hand. The sight before his eyes swiftly started to turn black, as his body directly fell towards the ground. From the looks of it, he was at his weakest.


Ying Huanhuan’s lovely body moved when she saw the situation from the ground. She hurried to into the air and supported Lin Dong, who was so weak that he was about to faint. She gazed at that dried up figure of Lin Dong that was dyed red by blood, as her large eyes involuntarily turned red. Her long and beautiful hand contained some iciness as it wiped at the blood on Lin Dong’s face. With red eyes, she said, “You are really too reckless.”

“Haha… I have promised sect leader to protect all of you… however, we have still lost so many seniors and juniors…” Lin Dong’s body was practically completely leaning on the gently and soft figure of the young lady as he mumbled with closed eyes.

“Wait for me to wake up before leaving the Unique Devil Region.”

Before his completely lost consciousness, Lin Dong’s weak voice transmitted into Ying Huanhuan’s ears. After which, his mind fully descended into darkness.

“Idiot, you have already done very well…”

Ying Huanhuan looked at the young face that was filled with fatigue. Those large eyes of hers flashed with an exceptionally gentle expression. She quickly carried Lin Dong and slowly landed from the sky. Soon after, the Dao Sect disciples came surging over like floodwaters.

Wang Yan watched the Dao Sect disciples rush over in an almost crazy manner as he shook his head. That usually emotionless face of his currently possessed an extremely ugly smile.

“This fellow… is truly terrifying…”

The Yuan Gate disciples had been completely annihilated. This clearly caused Wang Yan to feel extremely joyous. Every Great Sect Competition, the Dao Sect disciples would suffer great losses after being pressed by the Yuan Gate disciples. They had held back this anger for so many years. Now however, they had managed to take revenge.

“Senior sister Xiaoxiao, what should we do now?” Qing Ye gazed at the unconscious Lin Dong, before looking towards Ying Xiaoxiao as he asked.

This Great Sect Competition had finally come to a close. This spot was quite close to the teleporting formation. If they wished, they would be able to leave this place within a day.

However… leaving might be easy, but once they left the Unique Devil Region, all of them were aware that the entire Eastern Xuan Region would likely fall into an uproar because of this incident. The oncoming storm was even more frightening than the battle here…

Ying Xiaoxiao knitted her brows. She was similarly aware of the commotion that would be stirred when word of this matter spread. However, this was unavoidable…

“Lin Dong said to wait for him to awaken before leaving the Unique Devil Region.” By the side, Ying Huanhuan softly stated.

Ying Xiaoxiao pondered for a moment after hearing this. She subsequently nodded. It seemed that Lin Dong was also clearly aware of just what a frightening thing he had done. Once this matter spread, Yuan Gate would definitely go crazy. Although he had the rules of the Great Sect Competition as protection, no one could guarantee that Yuan Gate would not take any action. Hence, Lin Dong must be awake when he left the Unique Devil Region. Moreover, he also needed to have recovered his fighting strength…

“All disciples, stay and rest here. We will wait for Lin Dong to awaken!” Ying Xiaoxiao was also decisive. She immediately issued her order.

None of the numerous Dao Sect disciples had any objections when they heard this. After which, the huge group sat on the ground, forming a circular shape that protected Lin Dong in the middle.

“It seems that the Dao Sect disciples do not plan to leave immediately…” Wu Qun commented when he saw this.

“This is because they will face an even greater storm once they leave the Unique Devil Region. Lin Dong has an extremely cautious character. He will definitely not allow himself to be in such a dangerous situation while in a weakened state…” Ling Qingzhu hesitated for a moment. After which, she beckoned with her hand and a jade bottle appeared within it. This jade bottle subsequently turned into a ray of light that shot towards the distant Ying Xiaoxiao.


Ying Xiaoxiao received the jade bottle and was slightly startled. She lifted her head and looked at the far off Ling Qingzhu.

“This is the Clear Jade Saliva of the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace, It will be of some use to his injuries.” Ling Qingzhu’s faint voice was transmitted over from a distance.

“Thank you.”

Ying Xiaoxiao clearly did not expect that Ling Qingzhu would actually take the initiative to lend a hand. However, she did not reject the offer. After keeping the jade bottle, she nodded towards Ling Qingzhu and thanked her.

“All of you… tell him to be careful when he leaves the Unique Devil Region.” Ling Qingzhu softly said. Without further ado, she turned around and led the large group of Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace disciples to fly away.

After the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace disciples left, the remaining super sects also began to leave. One could imagine that they would bring news of this out, and in the end, it would shake the entire Eastern Xuan Region.