Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 812: Bitter Victory

Chapter 812: Bitter Victory


Chapter 812: Bitter Victory


A loud earthshaking noise rang out. The formation that shielded the Yuan Gate disciples exploded with a ‘boom’ at this moment. Immediately, an extremely berserk energy frantically poured out in torrents.

Puff puff puff!

The formation exploded and the berserk energy swept outwards. Having lost their final line of defence, the faces of over a hundred of Yuan Gate disciples immediately turned deathly pale as fresh blood was wildly spat out. The entire Yuan Gate camp was in complete disarray.

After wreaking havoc for a while, the berserk energy gradually scattered. Countless eyes from the area immediately shot over. After which, they saw that the Yuan Gate had been turned upside down. The faces of several of them were filled with extremely horrified expressions.

It was a disaster!

The hearts of many people violently shivered when they saw this scene. Only then did they completely believe that what Lin Dong had said earlier was true. He was really going to finish off all these Yuan Gate disciples…

“Such ruthlessness. I am glad I did not offend him…”

Xue Ling from the Sword Sect felt his scalp turn numb as he watched this scene. His heart repeatedly rejoiced at the fact that he had not forcefully attacked that Dao Sect disciples at the beginning.

“Lin Dong, I will rip you into a thousand pieces!”

Yuan Cang was furious as he observed the damage done to the Yuan Gate disciples. Soon after, he lifted his head and gazed at Lin Dong, who was within the light formation. His roar was filled a venom,

Beside Yuan Cang, Lei Qian and Ling Zhen were also in a rather sorry state. Their expressions were extremely gloomy as they watched this scene. Furthermore, there was some unconcealable shock under this gloominess. They were truly unable to imagine how Lin Dong was actually able to destroy the formation created by so many Yuan Gate disciples, and still injure them till such an extent all by himself…

Lin Dong lowered his head. His eyes were indifferent as he looked at Yuan Cang and the rest. A moment later, a voice that was void of any emotion slowly spread downwards, “All the debts that you owe our Dao Sect shall be completely collected by myself today…”

The seal formed by Lin Dong’s hands abruptly changed after his words faded. One could see that the Ancient Universe Formation rotate in reverse once again as bizarre beams of light took shape at the center of the formation.

“Bastard, you dare!” Yuan Cang sternly shouted. His expression changed when he saw this situation.


Lin Dong ignored his shout. With a wave of his sleeve, the many bizarre light beams immediately came sweeping down from all directions. In the end, they shot towards the horrified Yuan Gate disciples from all directions like a grim reaper’s scythe.

“Quickly retreat!” Yuan Cang hurriedly cried out when he saw this.

“Chi chi!”

However, the Yuan Gate disciples no longer had any way out after having lost the protection of the formation. All they could do was to release their Yuan Power and form a protective layer outside their bodies. However, such a defence clearly had no effect against the light beams which contained the power of disintegration.

Hence, everyone watched in horror as the Yuan Gate disciples began to disappear one after another when those light beams arrived…

The disintegration force contained within the light beams directly erased them from this world!

The scene before one’s eyes was not one where blood and flesh flew in the air, and there were no screams of misery. There were only figures strangely disappearing one after another. This scene caused one to shudder.

Everyone could only look on helplessly as the Yuan Gate disciples disappearing from this world at an astonishing speed…

Within a short few minutes, less than half of the Yuan Gate disciples remained!

“You bastard, my Yuan Gate will not let you off!” Lei Qian’s eyes were scarlet red as he roared.

“Does your heart ache? Do you finally understand how it feels…” An even more terrifying malevolence gradually surged onto Lin Dong’s face as he lowered his head and laughed in a sinister manner.

“Didn’t it feel good when you were killing my Dao Sect disciples earlier? Come on, feel good for me now?!”

Yuan Cang eyes flickered crazily. There was an incomparable bitter resentment gathering within them. However, he quickly breathed in deeply, before he spoke with a stern voice, “Lin Dong, we might have gone a little overboard earlier. However, what you are doing now is too much. If this continues, it will be no good for anyone. Why don’t we both take a step back in this Great Sect Competition?”

“Your Dao Sect has lost many disciples, but my Yuan Gate has also suffered greatly. Why don’t we just let this matter rest?”

“Boss!” Lei Qian immediately cried out with dissatisfaction when he heard this.

“Shut up!” Yuan Cang suddenly shouted. His eyes were filled with a murderous aura as he stared at Lei Qian. Only then did the latter shut his mouth.

“This fellow’s formation is far too terrifying. We are completely unable to break it. It is unwise to compete with him in ruthlessness at this stage.” From the side, Ling Zhen spoke in grim voice.

“Haha, you are indeed worthy of being the little Yuan King. Being able to bend according to the circumstances…” In the sky, Lin Dong laughed. However, he slowly shook his head.

“However, do you think that I, Lin Dong, am someone who hesitates when doing something?”

“Lin Dong, if you really force us to that step, you might end up suffering too!” Yuan Cang spoke in a grave voice.

“In that case, let us see just who will suffer in the end!” Lin Dong smiled savagely. Since the situation had already reached this stage, it was impossible for him to stop. He was a decisive person to begin with, while Yuan Cang was a ruthless man and also knew how to endure silently. Who could rest and dine in peace when such an enemy remained at large?

“You asked for it!”

Yuan Cang had also been completely enraged by Lin Dong. His eyes were dark and stern as he looked towards Ling Zhen and Lei Qian, and spoke in a grave voice, “Attack together. The Yuan Power in that brat’s body is already exhausted. He will not last much longer!”

“Yes!” Upon hearing this, the Ling Zhen duo also nodded with cruelness in their eyes.

“All remaining Yuan Gate disciples, abandon your defences and launch an offensive formation!”

From the situation earlier, it seemed that the strange light beams possessed the power of annihilation. An ordinary disciple was practically unable to block it. In that case, they might as well risk their lives and attack!


Although those Yuan Gate disciples had frightened faces, they were also aware that it was pointless to say anything now that they had been forced to pushed to such a stage. Deep within their hearts however, they were vaguely regretting pushing the Dao Sect disciples so far… if it were not for that, Lin Dong might not become so crazy…

The figures of the Yuan Cang trio rushed out almost simultaneously. Majestic Yuan Power whizzed out, and the trio displayed their strongest martial arts.

“Yuan God Codex, World returning to the Yuan!”

“Spirit God Codex, Spiritual Vein Calamity Finger!”

“Thunder God Codex, Thunder Demon Prison.”


The monstrous Yuan Power showed some traces of being somewhat crazy at this moment. The trio had all pushed their strengths to the limit. Frightening attacks that caused one to have difficulty breathing flew towards Lin Dong.

Swoosh swoosh!

Behind them, numerous Yuan Gate disciples also unleashed their strongest attacks which frantically unfurled towards the light formation.

This desperate attack appeared to cause the land to tremble.

Lin Dong watched this scene as scarlet red surged out in his eyes. In the next moment, he raised his head and heartily laughed at the heavens. Both of his hands spread outwards as threads of blood shot out from the pores all over his body, causing him to instantly transform into a bloody figure, while his body also shrunk a size.

“If you wish to struggle with your lives on the line, I shall accompany all of you too!”

Threads of blood shot out. Finally, they were rapidly absorbed by the light formation. Immediately, the entire large formation suddenly gained a faint scarlet red colour. Subsequently, the formation began to rumble as it rotated.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

Bizarre light beams that contained the power of disintegration once again shot out from the formation, and the Yuan Gate disciples below started to swiftly disappear at an astonishing speed…

While the Yuan Cang trio’s attacks were continuously disintegrated and dissipated, they forcibly relied on their majestic Yuan Power, that had merged together, to withstand the disintegration. Subsequently, they swiftly approached Lin Dong, who was within the light formation. They could sense that the current Lin Dong was truly at his limit. Perhaps, all they needed was a light attack and they would be able to kill him!

“Bastard, your good days are over! Once we finish you off, I will send all those Dao Sect disciples to accompany you in the underworld!” Lei Qian expression was savage as his roar rumbled across the sky.

Under the watch of countless unblinking gazes, the Yuan Cang trio steadily neared Lin Dong. Everyone held their breath at this moment. They knew… that the final outcome would determined by in one go!

“Heh heh…”

Lin Dong, whose body was drenched in fresh blood, forcefully opened his eyes. He watched the trio rushing over with faces filled with malice. A slight arc slowly lifted on his face that was now so bloody that it looked rather terrifying. Soon after, both of his hands formed a series of strange seals as a soft cry was emitted from within his mouth.


A mysterious undulation swiftly rippled outwards in a circular manner. After which, the Yuan Cang trio’s charging figures were momentarily stilled.


At that very instant, an extremely thick light beam suddenly rushed out from behind Lin Dong body the moment those three stilled. Finally, it ruthlessly bombarded their bodies before their horrified eyes.

“It’s over…”

When the light beam bombarded the trio’s bodies, Lin Dong’s exceptionally hoarse and weak voice quietly reverberated across the entire area.