Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 811: Desolation Stone Beads

Chapter 811: Desolation Stone Beads


Chapter 811: Desolation Stone Beads

Light rays poured down from the enormous formation in the sky, like a prison of light that trapped all the Yuan Gate disciples inside it.

At this time, Lin Dong crazy actions were already all too clear. He did not intend to let off even a single Yuan Gate disciple present!


By the time everyone understood this point, even the other eight great super sect disciples could not help but gasp in their hearts. The faces of the top disciples from every faction even turned faintly pale. Clearly, they were greatly frightened by Lin Dong insane actions.

Although there were ultimately some deaths and injuries in previous Great Sect Competitions, no one had truly thought of completely exterminating another party. Even Zhou Tong had only killed a hundred Yuan Gate disciples, as well as the little Yuan King of that competition…

Yet, Lin Dong was currently attempting to completely exterminate every single Yuan Gate disciple!

This ruthlessness was sufficient to make one’s hair stand on ends.

“Lunatic, this lunatic… if he really kills all the Yuan Gate disciples, Yuan Gate would likely go crazy…” Wu Qun muttered with a pale face.

“The number of Dao Sect disciples who have died at the Yuan Gate’s hands are not few in number…” Su Ruo bit her lips and said. Earlier, she had witnessed just how desperate the Dao Sect had been forced to become. Moreover, she was knew that Lin Dong valued relationships. Given his character, he would definitely go completely crazy with rage when he saw the deaths and injuries of the Dao Sect disciples.

The tactics of Lin Dong when he had was crazy with rage clearly caused even one’s soul to tremble.

Wu Qun was speechless. Soon after, he let out a sigh. The enmity between both parties could no longer be reconciled. The Yuan Gate disciples had planned on humiliating the Dao Sect since the beginning. However, they never imagined that there was a murderous god like Lin Dong in the current batch of Dao Sect disciples…

“The various sects cannot pursue anything done during the Great Sect Competition… however, if Lin Dong really does as he intends, the relationship between Dao Sect and Yuan Gate will freeze completely.” Ling Qingzhu softly stated.

“Many Dao Sect disciples had died at the Yuan Gate’s hands in past Great Sect Competitions. It was not that these debts would not be paid, but that the time was not ripe…”

“Now however… it is likely time for them to repay their debts.”

Ling Qingzhu’s eyes watched the pale faced skinny young man in the distance. He stood on the crimson furnace, while the corners of his mouth contained an asura like malevolence. Her expression was a little complicated. It seemed that this fellow really intended to turn this Eastern Xuan Region upside down…


“Fool that does not know your limits. Not letting a single of my Yuan Gate disciples off. Aren’t you afraid of being choked to death by your big words?” In the sky, Yuan Cang’s expression had become exceptionally terrifying. He stared at Lin Dong in a sinister manner as he sternly shouted.

“All Yuan Gate disciples, take formation!” Yuan Cang lowered his head and roared towards the Yuan Gate disciples below.


Those Yuan Gate disciples hurriedly responded in unison when they heard Yuan Cang. Grim and determined gazes seemed to fill the sky as they looked towards Lin Dong. Subsequently, they quickly began to set up a formation. In an instant, an extremely vast and mighty Yuan Power ripple began to unfurl.

“I shall see just what you can do to us today!”

Lei Qian stood within the formation. His face was ferocious as he looked at Lin Dong and spoke with a savage smile, “Lin Dong, go ahead and be arrogant here. Once we leave Unique Devil Region, you should be careful when appearing in Eastern Xuan Region. Our Yuan Gate experts will be very interested in sparing with you!”

“Dao Sect disciples, take formation!”

At the Dao Sect direction, Ying Xiaoxiao suddenly cried out sternly when she saw the situation. Although the enormous formation in the sky was giving off extremely frightening undulations, the Yuan Gate disciples ultimately had the numbers advantage. Moreover, Lin Dong’s current condition was not good. They could not simply continue watching at this point in time.

The Dao Sect disciples immediately responded in usion when they heard Ying Xiaoxiao’s cry. They began to build a formation when Lin Dong waved his hand to and fro. Subsequently, a voice was transmitted over, “This formation can only rely on my power.”

“You…” Ying Xiaoxiao knitted her umber black brows. Could it be that Lin Dong was planning to rely on his strength alone to fight against all the elite Yuan Gate disciples?

“Big sis… trust him.”

Just as Ying Xiaoxiao was about to speak again, Ying Huanhuan pulled her sister’s hand and said in a soft voice.

“Are you also going to watch him mess around?” Ying Xiaoxiao spoke with anger.

“I simply believe in him…” Ying Huanhuan smiled and said.

Ying Xiaoxiao was taken aback. She glanced at the young lady beside her, before finally sighing helplessly. Perhaps, this was all they could do now…

From within the Lin Dong’s light formation, Yuan Cang looked at the formation that the Yuan Gate disciples had built. An ominous glint started to gather in his eyes, while his body slowly descended from the sky into the formation. Subsequently, he lifted his head and stared at Lin Dong with extremely viciousness as he spoke in a malicious voice, “Lin Dong, since you have already spoken, I shall also inform you here that none of your Dao Sect disciples will leave this place!”

“Is that so?”

Lin Dong grinned evilly as his body slowly rose into the air. Finally, it entered the enormous light formation.

“I do not believe that this damned formation of yours will be able to block the combined attacks of so many disciples from my Yuan Gate!”

Yuan Cang’s hand seal started to change. Immediately, monstrous light burst out from the Yuan Gate disciples’ formation below. Majestic Yuan Power gathered, before finally fusing into a several thousand feet large Yuan Power light lion in the sky!


The light lion roared at the heavens. This roar shook the land, immediately causing the ground crumble as cracks frantically spread.

“Watch how I break this damn formation of yours!”

Yuan Cang expression was dark. With a sudden wave of his sleeve, the enormous light lion that had been formed by hundreds of Yuan Gate disciples immediately rushed out explosively. After which, it slammed into the light formation in the sky in front of countless shocked eyes. Its momentum caused one’s legs to turn to jelly. Even an initial Profound Life stage practitioner could only back away from such an attack.


Lin Dong looked down from above at the light lion, which was being rapidly magnified in his eyes. Soon after, he breathed in deeply. His slender fingertip flicked, and an ancient stone bead appeared between his fingers.

This stone bead was the final gift that the Great Desolate Tablet had given Lin Dong, the Desolation Beads.

This thing had never been used by Lin Dong ever since it had landed in his hands. However, he had no choice but to use it today…


Lin Dong gazed at the Desolation Stone Bead in his hand. Soon after, his arm suddenly jerked as the stone bead abruptly shot out, transforming into a flash of gray.

The gray flash did not give off an earth shattering aura. It appeared like the light of a firefly compared to the several thousand feet large light lion. However, it still flew forward without any regret, and eventually collided with the lion under the numerous watching gazes.

Sizzle sizzle!

No loud sound appeared at the moment of impact. Everyone could clearly see a monstrous desolation force spread out from the stone bead. Under the erosion of the desolation force, the light lion, which was formed from the Yuan Power of all the Yuan Gate disciples, actually started to wither at a shocking speed before finally dissipating…

“How is this possible?”

Yuan Cang and the rest watched this strange scene, as their pupils instantly tightened. An expression of disbelief finally appeared on their faces. They could not believe it. An attack that combined the full power of all the Yuan Gate disciples was actually dealt with by Lin Dong in such a bizarre manner.

“Be careful!”

Yuan Cang’s expression suddenly changed while he stared at the sky. He had seen a gray flash descending from the sky, and in the end, it landed on the formation above him.


Just as the words ‘be careful’ escaped from his mouth, cracks swiftly appeared on the stone bead. Next, he could sense a power that borderlined on annihilation erupt from that tiny stone bead like a volcano.


The entire sky seemed to tremble at this moment. The formation created by hundreds of Yuan Gate disciples tottered on the verge of collapse as the destructive force poured downwards.


Lin Dong eyes were ice-cold as he stood in the sky. A low voice echoed across the area.

The annihilation like fluctuation suddenly reached its peak as Lin Dong’s voice echoed. Yuan Cang and the rest watched in horror as the cracks started to appear and spread on the formation established by the Yuan Gate disciples…


The cracks spread. In the end, the formation completely exploded in front of countless terrified gazes!

The Yuan Gate’s final defence had crumbled!