Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 810: Lunatic

Chapter 810: Lunatic


Chapter 810: Lunatic

The enormous formation spread across the sky. Countless mysterious threads of light extended from it. They intertwined with each other while emitting an cryptic and ancient aura.

This formation was undoubtedly even more complicated than the Burning Sky Array from before. Moreover, the various faint undulation emitted from within it caused many people’s hearts to palpitate.

This formation was naturally the Ancient Universe Formation. However, the size of the ancient formation this time around was clearly the most terrifying it had ever been.

“This is… what formation is this?”

Wu Qun’s eyes contained some shock as he stared at the formation that seemed to cover the entire place. Although the formation had yet to be completely activated, he could already feel a heart palpitating danger.

“How does this fellow create a formation anytime he wishes? How can he create such a complicated formation by himself?”

Ling Qingzhu’s eyes locked onto the pale looking young man in the sky. She clenched her jadelike hand and softly reasoned, “It is likely that he possesses the original form of this formation. Therefore, there is no need for him to create it. As long as he has enough Yuan Power, he will be able to activate it…”

“However… this formation really exhausts Yuan Power at a rather frightening rate…”

Ling Qingzhu muttered. She could sense Lin Dong’s rapidly weakening aura. Clearly, even though he had used the Great Desolation Scripture to absorb the life force energy from a dozen mile radius, he was only barely able to create such an enormous formation.

“What is this?”

The expressions of Ling Zhen, Lei Qian and the rest changed when this enormous formation appeared in the sky. The complexity of this formation before their eyes had far surpassed the Burning Sky Array from earlier. Even with their eyes, they were unable to identify just what kind of formation it was.

Although Lin Dong had used the Ancient Universe Formation prior to this, its scale had not reached even a tenth of its current size. Therefore, Ling Zhen and the rest was unable to recognize it.

“This brat is really troublesome to deal with.” Ling Zhen clenched his teeth. Inexplicably, he vaguely felt some unease in his heart.

“Gather everyone together.” Ling Zhen’s eyes flickered as he spoke in a deep voice.

“Why?” Lei Qian frowned and asked.

“I feel that something is not quite right…” The unease within Ling Zhen’s eyes had become much richer. The formation in the sky caused him to feel as though he was sitting on needles.

“Do you really believe that brat has the ability to make all of our Yuan Gate disciples accompany those Dao Sect trash in death?” Lei Qian frowned tightly. However, he hesitated for a moment when he saw the grave expression on Ling Zhen’s face. Finally, he waved his hand and the surrounding Yuan Gate disciples swiftly gathered towards him.

Ling Zhen finally sighed in relief when he saw this. Soon after, his eyes looked towards the sky in a dark and stern manner as he muttered, “I truly want to see just what else can you pull off!”

“You really have many cards up your sleeve…”

In the sky, Yuan Cang lifted his head and watched the enormous formation extend. Subsequently, he lowered his head slowly as his dark gaze locked onto Lin Dong and spoke in a gloomy voice.

“However, you must be really dreaming if you think that you can rely on this thing to deal with me!”

Yuan Cang’s eyes were dark and stern. He took a step forward, while the Spirit Emblem hastily flickered between his brows. Waves after wave of majestic undulations suddenly swept out from his body. These undulations had actually reached the peak of the Initial Profound Life stage!

“I shall let you see just how ridiculous this trump card you are proud of is in my eyes!”

Monstrous Yuan Power whizzed out from Yuan Cang’s body like a flood. Finally, it transformed into a thousand feet large giant Yuan Power figure. An extremely overwhelming aura was being emitted from the Yuan Power figure.

“Yuan God Codex, Yuan God Body!”

A deep icy cry was suddenly emitted from Yuan Cang’s mouth. Soon after, two of his fingers formed the sword art as he suddenly slashed forward.


The enormous Yuan Power figure behind Yuan Cang lifted its giant hand when Yuan Cang’s slashed with his fingers. A terrifying ripple that seemed to link heaven and earth suddenly shot out. Finally, it was accompanied by a extremely frightening destructive force that hacked ruthlessly at the enormous formation in the sky.

Bang bang bang!

Waves of terrifying ripples swept out in a crazy fashion. The incorporeal air was completely blasted apart at this moment, while rumbling noises continuously resounded across the sky.

Everyone could feel the power of Yuan Cang’s attack. The remnant ripples from the Yuan Power attack caused the scalps of some peak nine Yuan Nirvana stage experts to turn numb.

A cold light gathered within Lin Dong’s eyes when he saw this scene. Immediately, his hand seals changed abruptly, as the formation in the sky began to operate.

“Eh? Why is that formation operating in reverse? Has Lin Dong become stupid from being beaten up?”

Many sharp eyed individuals managed to gain some clues when the formation moved. Immediately, several stunned voices sounded.

However, Lin Dong ignored the many voices around him. As the formation rotated in reverse, an extremely bizarre light beam swiftly began to form at the middle of the formation.


The light beam that had taken shape was merely a foot wide. It did not give off any majestic undulations. Yet, an arc was lifted on Lin Dong’s lips when he saw it. He quickly pressed his finger forward, as the light beam suddenly shot downwards. Finally, it directly collided against the titanic Yuan Power figure under countless watching gazes.

Chi chi!

Unexpectedly, no loud sound was heard from the collision between the two. Neither was there a stalemate. Wherever the light beam passed, the majestic Yuan Power on the giant figure began to strangely disappear at a shocking speed…

The light beam swept across the horizon. Everyone was dumbstruck as they watched the light beam pierce the giant Yuan Power figure. It looked as if it was completely unable to block the beam of light.


Yuan Cang’s expression had finally changed at this moment. He could feel even the natural Yuan Power of the land being disintegrated wherever the light beam passed.

“What on earth is that?!”

Panic finally surged into Yuan Cang’s heart. His body abruptly withdrew and dodged the light beam that was shooting towards him.

The light beam rushed passed Yuan Cang. Finally, it shot into a Yuan Gate disciple below at lightning speed.


That light beam rushed down. Soon, everyone watched as that Yuan Gate disciple’s entire body strangely vanish after being hit by the light beam. Not even a trace of blood nor flesh remained behind.


The area around that disciple quickly became empty. All the Yuan Gate disciples were appalled as they watched this scene. A terrifying chill faintly gushed out in their hearts.

A bloodthirsty smile vaguely appeared on Lin Dong’s young pale white face when he saw the horror on those Yuan Gate disciples’ faces. Traces of brutality and madness climbed out from deep within his eyes.

“Lin Dong, you are courting death!”

Yuan Cang’s pupils contracted. As he gazed at Lin Dong’s face, a chill also surged out from deep within his heart as he cried out in a dark voice.

Lin Dong merely smiled when he heard this. After which, he suddenly slammed his hand on his chest. A vomiting sound appeared as some essence blood was once again spat out from his mouth, before entering the large formation in the sky.

After the receiving Lin Dong’s essence blood, a light curtain started to pour down from the Ancient Universe Formation. Finally, it directly wrapped Yuan Cang and all the Yuan Gate disciples inside it.

“Lin Dong, what do you plan on doing? Are you intending to start a war between Yuan Gate and Dao Sect?” Ling Zhen cried out. His expression had suddenly changed when he saw this.

“One is allowed to do anything in this place… didn’t all of you also share this thought earlier?”

A grin surfaced on Lin Dong’s extremely pale face in response to Ling Zhen’s explosive cry. However, that smile caused the Yuan Gate disciples to tremble in fear.

“I have said it before… I will make all of you accompany those dead Dao Sect disciples…”

Lin Dong looked down at the Yuan Gate disciples from high up in the sky. His hand wiped the blood at the corner of his mouth. The somewhat soft and weak voice reverberated across the sky, causing everyone’s scalp to suddenly turn numb.

They gazed at the smiling pale faced Lin Dong, only then did they truly understand… Lin Dong truly intended to exterminate every single Yuan Gate disciple…

“This fellow is a lunatic…”

A chill rose up from under the everyone’s feet, and directly charged to the top of their heads. This person… wasn’t this too ruthless?