Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 809: Change in the Situation

Chapter 809: Change in the Situation


Chapter 809: Change in the Situation

With regards to Spirit Emblems, they were not foreign to Lin Dong. Back when he was participating in the Hundred Empire War, Su Ruo had obtained such an item before. A couple of days earlier, Ling Qingzhu had also obtained a Spirit Emblem at the bottom of the Supreme Purity Celestial Pond.

Despite Lin Dong’s usual calmness, he still greatly coveted this thing. A Spirit Emblem could only be formed when an extremely powerful expert died. Gathered within the Spirit Emblem, was the vast amount of energy that belonged to the powerful expert when he was alive. In other words, it could be considered as an extremely unique natural treasure. However, this treasure used humans as its most basic ingredient.

A Spirit Emblem was void of any intelligence. Normally speaking, it would rely on its own instincts to find a person with the highest likelihood of merging with it. An example was what occurred at the Supreme Purity Celestial Pond. The Spirit Emblem chose Ling Qingzhu and not Lin Dong. This caused the latter to feel exceptionally helpless. Although he might be able to forcefully snatch it away, something that was obtained reluctantly would have difficulty attaining the most perfect effect.

The owner of a Spirit Emblem might not match up to a reincarnator, but it brought tremendous benefits. After all, a Reincarnation stage expert was quite rare even during ancient times. Over the years, Lin Dong was only knew one reincarnator, and that was Ying Huanhuan.

On the other hand, Spirit Emblems were much more plentiful. Of course, one would require a great amount of luck in order to obtain one. At the very least, Lin Dong, who had coveted this object for a long time, had never obtained one…

The Spirit Emblem contained an extremely vast amount of pure energy. This energy would gradually merge into the body of its holder as his strength rose. The training progress of those who possess a Spirit Emblem would also be much faster compared to ordinary people. Additionally, during certain emergencies, one would be able to activate the strength of the Spirit Emblem to temporarily boost one’s strength in order to get through a dangerous situation.

It was rumoured that in other regions that were even larger than the Eastern Xuan Region, even Spirit Emblems would be auctioned at some extremely large-scale auctions. However… the price one had to pay would likely be quite terrifying.

From this, it was possible to see that this item known as the Spirit Emblem was rather rare. Therefore, explaining how shocked Lin Dong was when he saw a Spirit Emblem surfacing on Yuan Cang forehead.

“I never imagined that Yuan Cang possesses a Spirit Emblem.”

Wu Qun enviously looked towards the sky from the mountain top. Immediately, he glanced at Su Ruo beside him. His status was quite high amongst the disciples of Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace, and he was naturally aware of certain information. One example was the fact that Su Ruo was also in possession of a Spirit Emblem.

“No wonder this fellow was able to become one of the most outstanding younger generation members in Eastern Xuan Region. It turns out that he has a Spirit Emblem assisting him. How unfair!” Su Ruo’s little face was a little ugly as she spoke in an indignant manner. As someone who also possessed a Spirit Emblem, she was clearly aware of just how advantageous this thing was when training. From the situation, it was obvious that Yuan Cang had activated the Spirit Emblem’s power. With this, things would undoubtedly become rather troublesome for Lin Dong.

Wu Qun involuntarily felt a little helpless when he saw Su Ruo’s indignant expression. He really wanted to remind her; did you forget that you also possess such a thing in your body… Where could one find absolute fairness in this world. At times, having the luck to obtain a Spirit Emblem was also a kind of strength that belonged to oneself.

“However, Lin Dong is likely going to be in danger now…” Wu Qun lifted his head and looked at the distant young figure standing atop the crimson cauldron. His eyes contained some admiration. Regardless of the result, Lin Dong’s reputation would definitely soar within the Eastern Xuan Region. With the eight Yuan Nirvana stage strength, he was actually able to force the initial Profound Life stage Yuan Cang to such a state. Such ability was truly stunning.

To the side, extremely faint worry flashed across Ling Qingzhu’s eyes. Although Lin Dong had numerous methods he could employ, there was still a large gap between him and Yuan Cang. If Lin Dong had not relied on the Great Desolation Scripture to absorb the life force energy from within a dozen miles, he would perhaps be unable to fight with Yuan Cang to such an extent. Now that Yuan Cang had revealed his final trump card, activating the Spirit Emblem, his strength had soared tremendously. Lin Dong’s current situation was clearly a rather worrying.

The entire place clearly trembled slightly because of the Spirit Emblem that Yuan Cang had activated. At the Dao Sect area, the faces of Ying Xiaoxiao and the rest began to lose their joy. In its place was an extremely worried expression. The change in the situation was a little too quick…

“He was forced to fully activate it in the end…” Ling Zhen gazed at the sky and smiled faintly. “Looks like the battle is going to be over soon.”

“Earlier, even Chen Gui only managed to force boss to use a sliver of his Spirit Emblem power. Now that his Spirit Emblem is fully activated, Lin Dong will definitely die.” Lei Qian laughed in a sinister manner.

“Once Lin Dong is killed, Dao Sect will definitely fall into disarray. Previously, I have not killed to my heart’s satisfaction. It is just as well that we can do anything we want here. This time around, let’s kill a few more. We will kill them until the Dao Sect disciples will wet themselves when they see our Yuan Gate disciples in future!” Lei Qian laughed heartily. His laughter was filled with a perverse killing desire.

Ominous glints flickered in the eyes of the surrounding Yuan Gate disciples when they heard this. All of them grinned evilly as they nodded.


“Spirit Emblem huh… how unexpected…” In the sky, Lin Dong deeply breathed in. He gazed at the flickering light emblem on Yuan Cang’s head as he spoke.

“Tell me… how do you want me to kill you?”

Yuan Cang patted his somewhat tattered clothes. His current image was a little ragged, and this caused a murderous desire to swiftly gather in his eyes. He stared at Lin Dong and smiled. His smile was filled with malevolence that could not be hidden.

An icy look flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes when he heard this. However, before he could speak, his pupils slightly contracted as his body pulled back.


The space in front of Lin Dong became distorted the moment he withdrew. A ghost like figure had already appeared. The metal sword in his hand was accompanied by an extremely formidable sword aura as it pierced towards Lin Dong’s throat at lightning speed.

Yuan Cang’s speed was even fiercer and quicker than earlier. With a sword slashing at him, Lin Dong did not have any time to dodge. Both of his hands quickly crossed each other and guarded in front of his throat.


The metal sword hacked at Lin Dong’s arms. However, no sparks appeared this time around. A bloody wound directly appeared on Lin Dong’s arm, as fresh blood came flowing out.

Clearly, Yuan Cang’s strength had soared after activating the Spirit Emblem. His formidable attack was actually able to break Lin Dong’s powerful defences.

Lin Dong seized the opportunity and withdrew quickly. Soon after, he glanced at the sword wound on his arm. Although it felt a little painful, it would not be much of a hindrance to him. It was likely that if it was not for his improved Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill, Yuan Cang’s sword would have crippled one of his arms.

“Let me see just how many times you can block my sword…”

Yuan Cang’s finger wiped the blood on the sword. Soon after, he lifted his head and gave Lin Dong a savage smile. In the next moment, his eyes suddenly turned sinisterly cold as his body transformed into an afterimage after rushing forward.

Lin Dong’s body trembled as green dragon wings spread out behind him. After which, his speed soared as he swiftly pulled back.

Lin Dong’s figure had just withdrew, when a dozen feet large sword glow slashed at the spot he was standing at earlier. Subsequently, Yuan Cang’s figure appeared. Another attack once again swept towards Lin Dong from all directions.

A figure fled while the other gave chase in the sky. Faced with Yuan Cang, whose strength had soared after activating the Spirit Emblem, it was obvious that even the current Lin Dong was barely able to manage. For a time, Yuan Cang had undoubtedly obtained the upper hand in this situation.

The Yuan Gate disciples also roared with laughter at this moment. Some of them even displayed some mocking actions towards the Dao Sect direction. This infuriated many Dao Sect disciples until their faces turned red.

“Is he planning to continue fleeing like this…” Wu Qun could not help but laugh bitterly as he looked at the sky. Lin Dong was indeed quite fast. If he wanted to dodge, even the current Yuan Cang would have difficulty killing him. However, could this fleeing continue forever?

Ling Qingzhu knitted her brows slightly. Her eyes stared intently at the figure who was continuously pulling back while being chased by Yuan Cang. Her eyes suddenly hardened. After which, she shook her head and softly commented, “He… seems to be preparing something…”


Wu Qun was stunned. Immediately, he spoke in an extremely doubtful manner, “Do you really believe he still has other tricks up his sleeves? Even if he did, will it really be able to defeat Yuan Cang who possess a Spirit Emblem?”

Ling Qingzhu bit her lips gently. She was also uncertain. However, given her understanding of Lin Dong, he would not do anything pointless. Since he had taken action, it meant that he truly had a card up his sleeve. Nevertheless, she was uncertain about whether it would have any impact…

“Do you only know how to keep dodging like this? Where is your imposing manner from before?” In the sky, Yuan Cang once again slashed at the empty air. His could not help but have a rather dark expression on his face as he laughed coldly and ridiculed.

However, Lin Dong completely ignored his ridicule. All he did was gently shake his hand that was under his sleeve.

“You might be able to dodge, but where can your Dao Sect disciples hide?”

A sinisterly cold expression suddenly flashed across Yuan Cang’s eyes. He turned his body and swung his arm downwards. A hundred feet large sharp sword qi suddenly changed direction and swept towards the Dao Sect disciples below. With his current strength, it was obvious that none of the Dao Sect disciples could block it. Hence, the expressions of the Dao Sect disciples drastically changed upon seeing this.

Ying Xiaoxiao’s expression was rather ugly. She quickly clenched her teeth and was about to forcefully block the attack, when a skinny figure suddenly appeared in the sky above her. After which, the figure directly used his body to received the sword attack.

A foot long bloody wound appeared on Lin Dong’s shoulder, and extended to his abdomen. Fresh blood dripped from it, causing him to appear exceptionally miserable.

“Senior brother Lin Dong!

The Dao Sect disciples below had a huge change in their expressions when they saw this. Their fists were all clenched tightly, while their eyes were scarlet red.

“Truly a courageous one…”

Yuan Cang mocked as he watched this scene. Soon after, he asked in a sinister manner, “Are you still going to run now?”

“There is no longer a need to…”

Lin Dong suddenly stretched his body under Yuan Cang’s sinister gaze. He glanced indifferently at the injury on his body, before he lifted his head and gazed at Yuan Cang. Lin Dong grinned, his smile was filled with a savage and brutal aura.

“This is because the one who will need to run away… is you…”

Lin Dong extended both of his hands after smiling savagely. An extremely mysterious light formation surfaced on his palm. After which, he bit the tip of his tongue and some essence blood was spat out and landed on the light formation. The formation swelled, and within a couple of breaths time, it had turned into a several hundred feet large formation that covered the entire place. A ripple that caused one’s soul to feel a little afraid slowly spread apart.

The enormous light array enveloped the land. Lin Dong’s face had also turned deathly pale. He lifted his head, his eyes contained a scarlet luster as he malevolently looked at Yuan Cang. Soon after, an ice-cold emotionless voice echoed.

“I have said it before… I will make everyone from Yuan Gate accompany those dead Dao Sect juniors and seniors in hell…”