Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 807: Intense Battle Against Yuan Cang

Chapter 807: Intense Battle Against Yuan Cang


Chapter 807: Intense Battle Against Yuan Cang

Bang Bang!

Wave after wave of majestic and vast Yuan Power maniacally unfurled from Lin Dong’s body like surging tides. Its vastness caused innumerable people to raise their eyebrows.

Under the attentive gazes from the surroundings, Lin Dong slowly clenched his fists. As he felt the surging power akin to a flood flowing within his body, a satisfied arc started to appear at the corners of his mouth. The Great Desolation Scripture he had unleashed today was undoubtedly stronger than previously when he fought with Wang Yan. In addition, the most critical factor was that with his physical body becoming even more tyrannical, the amount of violent and wild energies he was able to withstand far exceeded the past.

The current him was at the true peak of his battle capabilities.

“You have truly exceeded my expectations…”

Yuan Cang lowered his head, his gaze locking onto Lin Dong who was giving off a majestic aura. Murderous intent start to converge in his eyes, growing thicker and thicker. The strength that Lin Dong displayed caused him to feel increasingly surprised, making his murderous intent rise higher and higher. It was best to get rid of an opponent with such amazing potential as early as possible. The Zhou Tong incident from back then, once was enough…

“However , no matter what methods you use, this place will be your burial ground today!”

Yuan Cang’s eyes suddenly turned frosty as Yuan Power whizzed out of him and blotted the skies. With a clench of his fist, a black metal sword appeared within his hand in a flash. A tremble shook through the sword, before countless strands of swift and fierce sword qi screamed out. Akin to the stars that filled the skies, they converged on Lin Dong. It seemed like Yuan Cang could no longer restrain the murderous intent in his heart and had finally made his move.

However, in the face of this attack, Lin Dong did not display a single trace of fear. He raised his head and laughed at the heavens. With a wave of his sleeves the Burning Sky Cauldron above his head instantly started to revolve. Pillars of blazing hot flames whizzed out, completely evaporating the incoming sword qi.

“Yuan Cang, if you want to kill me, you will have to show some of your true capabilities. These puny methods will only throw the reputation of the Yuan Gate’s three little kings!” Lin Dong’s body moved and landed on the Burning Sky Cauldron. He stared at Yuan Cang, sneering as his words resounded across the skies.

As his words of mockery rang out, chilling intent gushed in Lin Dong’s eyes. With a thought, the Burning Sky Cauldron rapidly expanded, transforming into an enormous cauldron that hovered in the sky. Scarlet light started to gather around it. Faintly, a blazing fire array started to take form below the enormous cauldron, while an extremely wild and violent fluctuation started to spread outwards.

“Burning Sky Array?” As he gazed at the glowing array below the Burning Sky Cauldron, Yuan Cang’s eyes immediately hardened. Obviously, he had recognised this array.

“Planning to use this array to deal with me, huh…”

Yuan Cang’s gaze turned icy cold. They had previously been trapped in the Burning Sky Cauldron, and naturally knew how formidable the Burning Sky Array was. Previously, they had managed to successfully pass through it as the array was not activated. Now that Lin Dong had control over the Burning Sky Cauldron, it was natural for him to be able to activate the Burning Sky Array. Hence, if Yuan Cang was trapped within the array, it would become rather troublesome for him.

“As if it will be that easy!”

Yuan Cang was not a person who would sit and wait for death. Upon seeing that Lin Dong was setting up the Burning Sky Array to deal with him, he ferociously stepped forward. A dozen after images swept across the sky. In a flash, they appeared before Lin Dong. The black metal swords in their hands contained enough power to turn a peak nine Yuan Nirvana stage expert into a bloody mist, as they fiercely pierced towards Lin Dong’s throat like lightning.

However, Lin Dong did not panic as he watched the attacking Yuan Cang. With a clench of his fist, majestic Yuan Power flew out, and a fissure appeared skies above. An illusionary figure appeared within the fissure as it extended a gigantic hand.

“Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Hand!”

The extremely gigantic and enormous hand that appeared contained a berserk fluctuation that far surpassed the past. Shattering the air, it furiously patted down on Yuan Cang.


As the violent gales pressed down on him, Yuan Cang’s gaze and turned frosty. With a powerful slash of his metal sword, a gigantic sword qi that was almost a hundred feet long shot out. A single strike cleaved the gigantic hand. At this time, the overbearing strength of the initial Profound Life stage was thoroughly revealed.


Just as Yuan Cang sliced the gigantic hand apart with a single slash of his word, green light was suddenly reflected in his eyes. Like a spectre, the a green light figure appeared in front of him. Its fingers were like spears, turning into a hailstorm as they instantly enveloped all of the fatal spots on Yuan Cang’s body.

Chi Chi!

Images of green light fingers seemed to cover the sky as they appeared. Every finger was brimming with extraordinarily violent power. In the face of these fingers, even air itself exploded.

“You’re courting death!”

Seeing that Lin Dong was relying on his bare hands to attack him at close quarters, the murderous intent in Yuan Cang’s eyes instantly blossomed. The metal sword jerked, transforming into sword images that viciously slashed at the finger images.

Clang clang clang!

As the swords slashed down on the fingers, fresh blood did not splatter as expected. Instead, clear and distinct metallic clangs resounded out. Sparks exploded, causing the hearts of the onlookers to jump in fear and trepidation.

“Such a powerful physical body!”

As metal sword hacked at finger, the amount of force that resulted from their contact caused Yuan Cang’s pupils to tighten a little. After truly crossing hands, he could finally sense how tyrannical Lin Dong’s physical body was. Even the heavenly grade Soul Treasure sword in his hand could not do much against Lin Dong.


As Lin Dong neared Yuan Cang, the glowing green dragon tattoo on his skin seemed float out. A deep dragon roar resounded through Lin Dong’s body as he unleashed the most violent assault at Yuan Cang. Punches, kicks, elbows, headbutts… every part of his body had seemingly transformed into a weapon. His physical onslaught was akin to a torrential hailstorm, where every strike was swift and fierce, enveloping every vital point on Yuan Cang’s body.

Bang Bang Bang!

Lin Dong’s mastery of the Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Art was obviously increasing. This made his physical body all the more powerful. Every single action he made would create a strange rumbling noise that would faintly ring out of his body. These were the roars created by the power produced when his bones rubbed together.

Facing the extremely explosive and violent barehanded attacks of Lin Dong, it was obvious that Yuan Cang was initially somewhat unable to adjust. After a period of fighting, he appeared in a slightly miserable state.

However, Yuan Cang was no pushover. After being pushed to such a state in the initial exchange, he rapidly stabilized his footing. Boundless Yuan Power flooded out, transforming into a giant Yuan Power clock behind him.

Dong Dong Dong!

The gigantic clock wrapped around Yuan Cang’s body. However, Lin Dong did not show any signs of stopping. A hailstorm of attacks frantically landed on the clock. Instantly, clear clock ‘dongs’ continuously sounded out and echoed across the sky.

Countless people looked in astonishment at the crazy barrage of attacks raining down in the skies. They could feel the frightening power that every punch and kick from Lin Dong contained. The fight that was happening before their eyes was so explosive that it made their blood boil.

Dong Dong!

As the chiming sounds of the clock continued to ring, a malevolent expression gradually appeared on Lin Dong’s face. Under his crazy and furious attacks, cracks started to appear on the body of the clock.


A sinister look flooded Lin Dong’s eyes. In the next instant, his fists suddenly paused for an instant, before punching in an even more explosive and violent manner. A green dragon tattoo screamed out from his body, transforming into a gigantic dragon that accompanied Lin Dong’s fist as it rumbled out, and heavily impacted against the body of the clock.


A exceptionally ear piercing sound erupted as the sky was filled with extremely wild and violent fluctuations. Under the innumerable gazes from the surroundings, the clock shattered and exploded.

As the clock exploded, violent energies screamed out. Two rather miserable figures shot backwards. Only after taking a dozen steps backwards did they barely manage to stabilize themselves.

As everyone watched at the explosive battle in the sky, quite a few of them were secretly speechless. The intensity of the previous exchange had already far exceeded the battle between Yuan Cang and Chen Gui. Anyone could see that the two people in the sky were truly having a deathmatch. Every single time attack did not have a single trace of mercy. It was obvious that both of them had the intention of exterminating the other.

“However… being able to force Yuan Cang to such a state, this Lin Dong is truly fearsome….”

Under the innumerable gazes from the surroundings, Lin Dong forcefully stabilized his body that had shot backwards from the previous exchange. He shot a glance at the many white scars that had appeared on his body. These were left by the sword in Yuan Cang’s hands. However, the attacks that were easily capable of killing a peak nine Yuan Nirvana stage expert could only leave these white scars on his body.


Lin Dong grinned and stretched his body. This was the first time that he could unleash his bare handed attacks to his heart’s content. Next up, he shot a sinister smile at Yuan Cang, before raising his head to look at the gigantic cauldron in the sky. While Lin Dong was tangling with Yuan Cang, the Burning Sky Array under the cauldron had already successfully formed.

“It’s time for you to experience the might of the Burning Sky Array!”

Lin Dong said with a sinister laugh. Within the depths of Unique Devil Region, the Yang brothers were reduced to ashes by his Burning Sky Array. Hence, this array should be able to leave Yuan Cang battered and exhausted.


Following the appearance of the evil grin on Lin Dong’s face, scarlet light suddenly erupted from the Burning Sky Cauldron in the sky. In the next moment, it proceeded to envelope a Yuan Cang who had an ugly expression on his face.