Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 805: Battle of the Top

Chapter 805: Battle of the Top


Chapter 805: Battle of the Top


A hand reached out behind Lei Qian’s body and pressed down on his back, forcibly receiving every single bit of the incoming boundless power.

Turning his head around, Lei Qian looked at Yuan Cang who had appeared behind him. He wiped off the blood at the corner of his mouth, his expression ugly as he spoke, “This brat is much stronger than before.”

“Eight Yuan Nirvana stage.”

Yuan Cang replied in an indifferent tone, “He has learnt an extremely overbearing body strengthening martial art, hence his physical body is extremely strong. From the looks of it, it seems that he has also improved in that aspect.”

“I was just careless previously.” Lei Qian said as he clenched his teeth.

“You are not his match.”Yuan Cang replied indifferently.

Upon hearing those words, Lei Qian’s complexion changed. Although unwillingness filled his eyes, he did not rebut in the end. He did not hold back at all during his previous attack, however, he was still injured by Lin Dong’s punch. From this, he could see that Lin Dong was not the slightest bit inferior to him.

“That bastard.” gloominess filled Lei Qian’s eyes as his heart pounded a little faster. When he first met Lin Dong in Unique Devil Region, the latter had relied on a cheap trick to pull a fast one on him. However, within a short span of two months, the latter’s strength has continuously increased, so much so that it had reached a level that he could no longer deal with.

“What’s the plan?” currently, Ling Zhen had also descended from the air. He shot a dark look at Lin Dong before he asked Yuan Cang.

“I’ll deal with him personally.”

Yuan Cang slowly walked forward. His gaze was focused on Lin Dong. Soon after, a smile brimming with murderous aura appeared on his face, “I’ll let him know that a price has to be paid if one wants to be a savior…”

“Oh? Finally deciding to take action?” Ling Zhen raised his eyebrows, before looking at Lin Dong in amusement. There was no need to question Yuan Cang’s strength. Even a person as powerful as Chen Gui had lost. What more Lin Dong?

Although it was said that Lin Dong’s combat prowess was far superior to his surface strength, could he be stronger than Chen Gui?


All eyes in the area instantly converged on Yuan Cang as he started to walk forward. Subsequently, the gazes of several people changed. From the looks of it, Yuan Cang was finally about to make a move…

Upon seeing this, the morale of the Yuan Gate disciples were somewhat restored. Ominous glints appeared within their gazes once again as they stared at Lin Dong. It seemed that they were similarly extremely confident in Yuan Cang.


While Yuan Cang walked forward, a wind noise rang out from a distant sky. Everyone raised their heads, and saw an beautiful but indistinct figure dressed in white flying over while standing on a green lotus. It was Ling Qingzhu.

As someone whose reputation was not the slightest bit weaker than Yuan Cang in the Eastern Xuan Region, Ling Qingzhu’s appearance immediately attraction quite a few gazes. Even Yuan Cang’s footsteps paused. This level of attention was not only due to her gorgeous appearance. Her strength was also on a level that even Yuan Cang could not disregard. Both of them were at the initial Profound Life stage, and this was sufficient for her to stand amongst the younger generation elite of the the Eastern Xuan Region.

Ling Qingzhu was already accustomed to being under the attentive gazes of the crowd. Her clear eyes swept across the rocky terrain that reeked of blood, before resting on the body of the youth that was brimming with a brutal aura. A complication expression flashed past her eyes when she saw that the situation had already degenerated into the worst case scenario.

As of now, it was obvious that there was not the slightest possibility for mediation between the two. This fight was unavoidable.

“Haha, Qingzhu, I’ve heard from brother Wu Qun of the Precious Sect that you had matters to attend to in Unique Devil Region. If it’s not resolved, I can accompany you.” Yuan Cang said while looking at Ling Qingzhu, a smile appearing on his indifferent face.

“Many thanks to senior brother Yuan Cang for your concern. Qingzhu’s matter has already been resolved.” Upon hearing his words, Ling Qingzhu replied with a faint smile.

“That’s good, please allow me to deal with the matter here first before continuing our conversation.” Yuan Cang was able to discover the alienation and politeness from her words. Frowning slightly, he still smiled and reply her.

Ling Qingzhu did not reply again. She looked at Lin Dong, who had not cast his gaze towards her. Hesitating a little, her lips moved slightly as a soft and faint voice bundled by Yuan Power, rang in Lin Dong’s ear.

“You have to be careful. Yuan Cang is not easy to deal with.”

When he heard the voice ringing in his ear, some emotions finally surfaced on Lin Dong’s emotionless face. He looked at Ling Qingzhu floating in midair, and faintly nodded his head.

Seeing his response, Ling Qingzhu did not say anything else. The green lotus transformed into a green ray, carrying her to the mountain where the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace was before descending on it.

From the brutal aura that radiated from the entirety of Lin Dong’s body, she was able to guess that the Dao Sect had suffered quite severe losses because of the Yuan Gate. Given Lin Dong’s character, it was obvious that he would not take this lightly. Therefore, a great battle was unavoidable.

However, she was not able to interfere in this fight. From a personal perspective, she was inclined towards Lin Dong. Although the complicated relationship between the two of them made her head hurt, it was still much better than the relationship between her and Yuan Cang. However, in this world, it was obvious that one could not take the considerations of only one side. She was a disciple of the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace, and this matter was not a personal conflict between Lin Dong and Yuan Cang, it also concerned the relationship between two powerful super sects.

If she was to interfere, it would implicate the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace, and would only make the matter much more complicated. Therefore, she was obivously unable to interfere…

Yuan Cang looked at Ling Qingzhu, who had descended on the mountain peak, before a gloomy look flashed past his eyes. Although the words that Ling Qingzhu said to Lin Dong were protected by Yuan Power, Yuan Cang was able to feel the fluctuation created. Although he did not know what Ling Qingzhu had said to Lin Dong, it was clear from this communication that there seemed to be something going on between the two of them. In addition, this relationship might not be simple, as Yuan Cang had never seen Ling Qingzhu like this with a man before…


Yuan Cang took a deep breath and suppressed the turmoil and brutal murderous intent in his heart that had risen from jealousy. Turning his head, his eyes turned incomparably sinister as he stared at Lin Dong.

“You keep giving me new reasons to kill you…”

Lin Dong seemed to smile as he replied, “Luckily for me, I’ve had such intentions since the beginning.”

A mocking smile appeared on the corners of Yuan Cang’s mouth, before his gaze abruptly turned frosty. Yuan Power that blotted the skies suddenly welled and erupted from his body. The Yuan Power whizzed in the sky like a raging tide as it surged and churned.

Yuan Cang’s Yuan Power was obviously overbearingly strong and vigorous. Since he was at the initial Profound Life stage, his body had already started producing life Qi. When life Qi was assimilated into Yuan Power, it grew without end, and the amount that resulted was simply something that no one below the Profound Life stage could compare with.

Yuan Cang slowly float up in the air as boundless Yuan Power gathered behind him like an ocean. Looking down at Lin Dong from above, his appearance was akin to a god looking down on mortals. With a sinister laugh, he said, “ What will you fight me with?”

As his laugh rang out, Yuan Cang’s eyes instantly darkened. With sudden clench of his fist, a palm furiously swatted down at Lin Dong.

As the palm descended, the Yuan Power that blotted the skies instantaneously howled and screamed, directly transforming into a gigantic glowing palm that furiously descended on Lin Dong in an earthshaking manner,

Raising his head, Lin Dong gazed at the gigantic glowing palm that was screaming towards him. With a clench of his fist, a crimson cauldron appeared in a flash. It rapidly increased in size, carrying a scarlet glow that blotted the skies with it as it directly clashed against the glowing palm.

Violent and wild fluctuations unfurled in the sky as the glowing palm cracked and exploded. The crimson cauldron flew backwards and floated above Lin Dong’s head. Yuan Cang’s gaze was ice-cold as he stared at it. Waves of strong and blazingly hot fluctuations continuously radiated out of the Burning Sky Cauldron.

“The cauldron had actually landed in your hands!”

Yuan Cang gazed at the crimson cauldron floating above Lin Dong, and his gaze instantly turned gloomy and sinister. As for Lei Qian and Ling Zhen, their expressions changed as well. Never did they expect that the object they had spent so much effort to look for, had unexpectedly ended up in Lin Dong’s

“However, do you think that you can contend against me by relying on a Pure Yuan treasure?! My Profound Life stage Yuan Power alone can exhaust you to death!”

A cold light flashed within Yuan Cang’s eyes. The strength of the initial Profound Life stage bestowed him with Yuan Power that far exceeded the vigourous Yuan Power that Lin Dong was emitting. Even though he had a Pure Yuan treasure, Lin Dong was still not his match.

“Your Yuan Power is more abundant than mine? That may not be the case…”

However, in response to Yuan Cang’s icy smile, Lin Dong raised his head as an ice-cold look flashed past his face. His hands suddenly formed a set of mysterious hand seals, before pressing his palms on the ground.

Bang Bang!

As Lin Dong pressed his palms against the ground, an exceptionally strange fluctuation started to spread on the ground. In the next instant, people noticed that the earth was starting to turn desolate and barren in a speed that was visible to the naked eye. Under this desolation, waves of terrifying energy started to converge from all directions, before completely pouring into Lin Dong’s body.

“This is…”

Yuan Cang watched the scene before him as his pupils suddenly contracted.

“Great Desolation Scripture?!”