Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 804: Ability

Chapter 804: Ability


Chapter 804: Ability

A bloody scent permeated the area, while the atmosphere was a little quiet at this moment. The source of this silence, was the figure of a young man who had appeared in the battlefield with a brutal aura all over him.

If one was to discuss the surface strength of the owner of this figure, it would not be considered outstanding in this place where geniuses gathered. However, not a single person underestimated him because of it. The various incidents from before, allowed them to clearly understand, just how foolish it was to underestimate him.

Hence, when his not loud voice that was filled with gloom and brutality spread, the breathing of several people turned sluggish for a while. They could vaguely sense that the bloody scent in this place seemed to have become even richer.

At this moment, Ying Xiaoxiao hurriedly descended from the air. She heaved a sigh of relief when she saw that nothing serious had happened to Ying Huanhuan.

“Senior sister Xiaoxiao, leave everything else to me.” Lin Dong slowly released the young lady in his embrace. After which, he looked towards Ying Xiaoxiao and softly said.

Ying Xiaoxiao gazed at the young face before her eyes. It no longer had its usual smile. Instead, a trace of blood had climbed into his eyes. This caused him to appear exceptionally ferocious. However, this ferociousness made her to feel very much at ease when it landed in her eyes.

She was also able to see a faint trace of tiredness within Lin Dong’s eyes. It seemed like he had travelled at a breakneck pace during this period of time…

“It’s going to be tough on you. Be careful.” Ying Xiaoxiao pulled Ying Huanhuan and hugged the young lady as her heart ached. After which, she stared at Lin Dong and uttered those words.

Although she was aware of just how perilous the current situation was, she also clearly understood that the young man before her had seldom done anything that he was not confident of…

“Brother Lin Dong.”

Lin Dong nodded, before he turned around. After which, a lovely voice that contained some joy was transmitted over. Qingtan hurried over in a flash and appeared in front of him. Her pretty face was filled with joy.

At this moment, Qingtan had already wiped off the blood from the corner of her mouth. It was likely that she did not want Lin Dong to see her injured. However, her somewhat pale little face still revealed some clues.

Lin Dong stared at Qingtan’s somewhat pale little face. Soon after, he extended his hand and gently patted her head. However, he did not reprimand her this time around. Nevertheless, those eyes of his, which were originally rich with ferociousness, became exceptionally frightening at this moment.

“Take brother Chen Gui and move back a little.” Lin Dong glanced at the injured Chen Gui nearby and said.


Qingtan nodded obediently. Given her understanding of Lin Dong, she could sense the level of brutality that was churning under the latter’s calm face.

Yuan Cang’s eyes indifferently looked at Lin Dong from afar as the latter slowly stepped forward with a body that was covered in a brutal aura. A sinisterly cold murderous intent flashed across his eyes as he spoke in an indifferent manner, “I thought that you would hide until the Great Sect Competition is over. Never did I imagine that you actually possess some guts…”

“This place is not bad…”

However, Lin Dong completely ignored those mocking words. Instead, he gaze slowly swept over the vast rocky terrain.

“As your final resting place, it should be worthy of your status.”

However, Lin Dong’s subsequent words caused the coldness in Yuan Cang’s eyes to become even more intense as the latter slightly narrowed his eyes.

“Who do you think you are? This place will be more apt as a graveyard for your Dao Sect disciples!” That Yuan Gate spirit general, who was entangled in a fight with Qing Ye earlier, laughed coldly because of Lin Dong’s words.

Lin Dong glanced at him. He lifted his foot and let it fall. An afterimage immediately appeared on the spot he was originally at.


That Yuan Gate spirit general was no pushover. His expression altered slightly when he saw that afterimage. His foot stomped on the ground and his body pulled back explosively.

However, his body had barely moved when the space in front of him emitted a hurried rushing wind sound. Lin Dong’s body appeared in front of him in a ghost like fashion. Without wasting any time with words, Lin Dong threw his fist forward.

While Lin Dong threw his fist forward, the green dragon scales on his arm began to disappear in a strange manner. Within a short couple of breaths time, they had seeped into his skin. A pale-green colour seemed to appear on Lin Dong’s skin when this occurred. Many green patterns wiggled under it. If one looked carefully, one would discover that the green patterns were actually in the shape of green dragons. An astonishing strength surged as they wiggled.

The speed of Lin Dong’s punch was extremely quick. Even the Yuan Gate spirit general only saw a flickering green light. In the next moment, a terrifying strength had already reached his chest, and began to pour out in a wild fashion.


A deep sound resounded across the sky. After which, everyone saw the ground under the Yuan Gate spirit general suddenly collapse as cracks began to spread like a spiderweb.

The expression on that Yuan Gate spirit general’s face froze at this moment. He slowly lowered his head and gazed at the indifferent face of Lin Dong before his eyes. Shock and fear swiftly gushed out from deep within his eyes.

Lin Dong did not take another glance at this person. He withdrew his fist and sidestepped him. After which, he slowly walked forward. He had just taken the third step when cracks suddenly appeared on the Yuan Gate spirit general behind him. A split second later, his body exploded with a bang into a bloody fog as countless cries of shock rang out…

A Yuan Gate spirit general, whose strength had reached the nine Yuan Nirvana stage, had actually been blasted apart by a single punch from Lin Dong!

The atmosphere in the area became slightly quiet. Soon after, several gasps were heard. It was likely that even an expert at the half foot to Profound Life stage would have some difficulty doing something like this right?

The bloody fog spread as Lin Dong slowly walked forward. The Yuan Gate disciples hurriedly pulled back with frightened faces wherever he walked. Those originally vicious faces were now tinged with fear.

Yuan Cang’s expression was dark and solemn as he watched this scene. A moment later, a sinister voice finally slowly emerged from his mouth, “You are truly bold to have killed a disciple of my Yuan Gate. Looks like you are planning to drag all your Dao Sect disciples to hell this time around.”

“Don’t worry, your fate will be the same as his.” Lin Dong lifted his head, looked at Yuan Cang and laughed faintly.

“Bastard! Your father will tear you apart today!”

An extremely furious roar suddenly sounded from afar after Lin Dong’s voice faded. Subsequently, everyone saw Lei Qian, who had been sent flying into the cliff with a punch from Lin Dong, bursting out of the cliff. He stared at Lin Dong with incomparable fury as he lifted his head and let out a roar. Majestic Yuan Power whistled out. With a clench of his hand, a flickering lighting blade appeared. His body moved and charged forward. The lightning blade in his hand contained an extremely berserk and formidable undulation as it furiously cut at Lin Dong. Its momentum was quite shocking. This was clearly Lei Qian’s fully-powered attack.

Lin Dong lifted his head. He gazed at the sharp blade glow that flickered with lightning. The green dragon scales that originally covered his skin withdrew into his body at this moment. At a glance, it appeared as though he had removed all of his defences.

The green dragon scales might have withdrawn into Lin Dong’s body, but a pale green light vaguely appeared on his skin. Many veins surfaced from under his skin. They wiggled slowly, appearing like dragons. A frightening strength was unleashed while they extended across his body.

Clearly, the current Lin Dong was already becoming increasingly proficient at the Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill, while his understanding of it grew even deeper. Although his body did not seem to be accompanied by the mighty dragon scales, an even more violent strength was contained under that plain exterior.

The dragon scales had withdrawn, and Lin Dong’s fist tightened. Finally, it was ferociously thrown out.


Majestic green light suddenly exploded from Lin Dong’s arm. Faintly, it appeared as if a deep dragon roar reverberated across the area. Soon after, everyone saw numerous green light dragons on Lin Dong’s fist. With a single bare fist, he collided directly against Lei Qian’s lightning blade.

Thunder rumbled at the moment of impact. A circle of berserk force erupted like a ripple, causing the surrounding ground to be devastated as cracks swiftly spread.

“Get lost!”

Lin Dong’s pupils had vaguely turned green at this moment. Patterns of light gathered in his pupils, and it appeared as though a green dragon was within it. A pressure that only a giant ancient dragon could possessed, was faintly emitted from his body.

At this moment, Lin Dong was just like a giant ancient dragon with the strength to overturn the heavens!

A deep cry was emitted from Lin Dong’s mouth. Green light surged and a terrifying power that was as majestic as the sea caused Lei Qian’s expression to change drastically. Immediately, his body violently jerked. The lightning blade had been forced out of his hand, and his figure also shot out miserably.

Lei Qian was completely defeated in this head-on exchange!

Lin Dong watched Lei Qian fly backwards in a miserable fashion, as a brutal aura flashed in his now green eyes. Immediately, his body transformed into a flash and strangely appeared in front of Lei Qian.

“Lin Dong, you dare!”

In the air, Ling Zhen’s face immediately turned frosty as when he saw that Lin Dong was about to deliver a killing blow. The foldable fan in his hand suddenly pressed onto the empty space. A majestic and sharp Yuan Power condensed into the shape of a long spear that ruthlessly shot towards Lin Dong’s forehead at lightning speed.


Yuan Cang’s long spear shot downwards in an explosive manner. However, just as it was about to strike Lin Dong, his left hand suddenly extended and grabbed the long spear. Yet, this did not stop him at all. His other hand immediately tightened into a fist that punched out like a thunderbolt and ruthlessly landed on Lei Qian’s chest.


A deep sound rang out in the air. Lei Qian’s expression immediately changed drastically, as a mouthful of fresh blood was involuntarily spat out. His body pulled back in a miserable fashion, and his aura immediately became much weaker. Evidently, his injuries were not light.

Gasps were once again heard in the area, while numerous shocked gazes continuously looked towards the young figure.

Within a short couple of exchanges, Lin Dong had killed a Yuan Gate spirit general with a single punch and seriously wounded little Thunder King Lei Qian despite the little Spirit King’s interference. This ability… truly made everyone speechless.

Many people quietly looked to each other. No wonder Lin Dong dared to utter such words. His strength had soared again over this period of time…

“This is going to be rather exciting…”

The eyes of some individuals swept towards Yuan Cang, whose expression was gradually darkening. Looks like dealing with the Dao Sect disciples was not going to be as easy as they had imagined…