Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 803: Misery

Chapter 803: Misery


Chapter 803: Misery

Black light spread across the sky. Several startled gazes looked towards the ancient black symbol hovering in the sky. An astonishing undulation was spreading from it.

“Darkness Ancestral Symbol?”

There was no lack of sharp eyed individuals in the area, hence, they quickly sensed the mysterious undulation. Immediately, cries spread like a ripple.

Yuan Cang frowned as he stared at the Darkness Ancestral Symbol drifting out from between Qingtan’s brows. The fluctuation it gave off was indeed very similar to the Darkness Ancestral Symbol. However… there seems to be something amiss…

The Darkness Ancestral Symbol was not this weak…

Yuan Cang’s eyes flickered. A moment later, his brows raised as if he had thought of something. He muttered, “It’s actually a symbol created based on the Darkness Ancestral Symbol…”

Yuan Cang’s eyes were extremely sharp. With just a few little clues, he was able to deduce that the ‘Darkness Ancestral Symbol’ in Qingtan’s hand was not the real deal.

“The Darkness Ancestral Symbol is the greatest palace treasure of the Palace of Darkness, and this ‘Ancestral Symbol’ is almost a perfect replica. It is likely that only some old monsters in the Palace of Darkness have the ability to make it. Just who is this girl? To think that she has actually obtained such an item?” Yuan Cang’s eyes flickered as he continuously guessed Qingtan’s identity.

“Could she be someone from the Palace of Darkness?”

Yuan Cang knitted his brows. If that was true, things become rather troublesome. The Palace of Darkness was not inferior to Yuan Gate. If he killed this girl, it was likely that the Palace of Darkness would not let the matter rest. Moreover, the fact that she had obtained this replica ‘Darkness Ancestral Symbol’ likely meant that her status within the Palace of Darkness was quite extraordinary…

“Bang bang!”

While Yuan Cang’s expression was fluctuating, monstrous black luck suddenly exploded from the ‘Darkness Ancestral Symbol’ that had flew out from between Qingtan’s brows. The black light agglomerated in the air. In the end, it turned into a huge black figure that could not be seen clearly. A faint but extremely ferocious undulation spread from the figure.

The enormous black figure was formed. After which, it extended its huge black hand and grabbed the large black stickle before countless pairs of eyes.

The black figure stood in the sky while wielding the black stickle. Its appearance was just like a descending grim reaper. Wave after wave of extremely fierce ripples filled the area.


A clear phoenix cry suddenly resonated across the sky. Suddenly, a pale expression surfaced on Ying Huanhuan’s pretty face. However, she immediately clenched her teeth. The zither string moved as zither music resounded along with her icy cold voice.

“Heavenly Phoenix Zither, Divine Nirvana Tone!”

After Ying Huanhuan’s clear voice appeared, the bright red light cluster above her suddenly emitted a soft cry that reverberated across the sky. Subsequently, a monstrous crimson flame suddenly surged out from the light cluster. In the next instant, the light cluster whizzed out. It was just like a fiery meteorite as it streaked past in the sky, and was accompanied by a destructive fluctuation that intended to engulf the far off Yuan Cang.

Wave after wave of mysterious sound continued to spread from within the meteorite as it flew. Yuan Power seemed to completely rebel due to this sound wave.

“Sickle of Darkness, Soul Execution!”

A solemn expression also flashed across Qingtan’s eyes while Ying Huanhuan launched this powerful attack. Immediately, the seal formed by her hands changed and a soft cry emerged from her mouth.

Qingtan’s voice had barely faded when the large figure holding the black stickle took a step forward. The black stickle in the figure’s hands hacked downwards at Yuan Cang from a distance.


The space before it strangely distorted as the stickle swung downwards. A several hundred feet large black light directly penetrated through the void. In a flash, it was accompanied by a dark and formidable aura as it angrily rushed towards Yuan Cang.

Bang bang!

The attacks of the two women were unleashed almost simultaneously. Countless individuals lifted their heads and watched this scene. Intense shock was present in their eyes. They were clearly unable to imagine that Ying Huanhuan and Qingtan were actually able to unleash such frightening attacks despite their strength. Even an expert at the half foot into Profound Life stage could only dodge this attack.

“It is really unexpected… these two girls might be young, but their techniques are already so powerful…” Wu Qun lifted his head towards the sky and sighed.

“However, their opponent this time is Yuan Cang. That fellow has even defeated Chen Gui. Who amongst the younger generation of the Eastern Xuan Region can subdue him?”

Wu Qun looked to Su Ruo beside him when he spoke to this point. The latter did indeed appear as though she wanted to say something. Immediately, he shook his head bitterly and said, “Are you going to tell me that your big brother Lin Dong can do it?”

Su Ruo’s face reddened. She muttered softly but did not speak out in the end.

“You should pray for that fellow to return quickly. Otherwise, this battle will be an enormous blow to his reputation once it is over. Even if he has a reasonable excuse for his absence… given the great hopes that the Dao Sect disciples have placed onto him, his failure to appear will cause many to be disappointed.”

Wu Qun thought about it as he stared at Su Ruo and said, “It is much easier to respect a defeated person than one who refuses to even show up.”

Su Ruo involuntarily clenched her hand tightly when she heard this. After which, she bit her lips and reaffirmed, “Big brother Lin Dong will definitely make it.”


Wu Qun spread his hands outwards. His eyes, however, were unblinkingly focused on the sky. A split second later, his pupils shrunk a little. This was because those two extremely ferocious attacks had actually sealed off all of Yuan Cang’s retreat paths. In the end, both of them smashed downwards and exploded.

“Yuan God Codex, Yuan God Bell!”

An attack that could frighten any expert at the peak of the nine Yuan Nirvana stage finally crashed violently into Yuan Cang’s body before countless pairs of eyes. However, Yuan Cang’s low and sinisterly cold voice was suddenly heard at the moment of collision!

An loud earthshaking sound suddenly resounded across the sky in a deafening manner. An unusually frightening Yuan Power storm formed in the sky.

Bang bang bang!

The sky seemed to distort at this moment. A mountain below the storm was directly shattered. The surrounding land also crumbled, as many enormous cracks emerged. Several people retreated in panic as they were afraid to be caught in the destruction.

The fluctuations continued for a couple of minutes before the many shocked onlooking gazes. Only then did it gradually disperse. When the raging Yuan Power storm disappeared, everyone’s eyes emitted a ‘swoosh’ sound as they looked towards the source of the storm in the sky.

Berserk light gradually scattered from the source of the storm. Soon after, an enormous ancient bell appeared under the many watching gazes.

“Yuan Cang actually blocked it… such terrifying strength!”

The Yuan Sect disciples below immediately erupted into an earthshaking cheer when they saw the ancient bell appear. On the other hand, the Dao Sect disciples had were somewhat pale. All of them clearly knew that Ying Huanhuan and Qingtan could no longer unleash such frightening attacks again.


Under the many watching gazes, a crack began to appear on the ancient bell. It swiftly extended and split apart as Yuan Cang’s body once again appeared in the sky.

Every gaze was fixed onto Yuan Cang. After which, many pupils slightly tightened. This was because they had discovered that a bloody wound that was half a foot long had appeared on Yuan Cang’s chest.

“Yuan Cang has been wounded…”

Several shocked voices sounded in the sky when everyone saw the bloody wound on Yuan Cang’s chest. These two girls were really strong. Their earlier attacks might had been blocked by Yuan Cang at the critical moment, but it still caused the latter to be injured.

The hearts of Ying Huanhuan and Qingtan sunk a little when they saw this. They did not expect that they were still unable to obtain their desired result despite having unleashed their strongest attacks. Yuan Cang’s strength was truly frightening…

“Haha, it has been many years since I was injured…”

Yuan Cang glanced at the wound on his chest in an indifferent manner. Soon after, he lifted his head. His eyes were a little malevolent as they stared at Ying Huanhuan and Qingtan. “However, your performance shall now come to an end!”

A dark and sinister murderous aura spread from Yuan Cang’s body after his voice faded. He suddenly took a step forward. His body flashed and turned into a light figure that headed straight for Ying Huanhuan.

Ying Huanhuan’s expression changed slightly when she saw Yuan Cang move. Her hand rose and fell on the zither as over a dozen sharp crimson sonic waves immediately whizzed towards the latter.

Yuan Cang flicked all ten of his fingers in the face of Ying Huanhuan’s attacks. The force directly shattered all the sonic waves, and did not slow him down at all. From the looks of it, he was already intending to finish her off.


Qingtan was startled when she saw Yuan Cang attack Ying Huanhuan. Her lovely body rushed forward. With a clench of her hand, the black stickle flew back into it. The stickle danced as it penetrated through space and swung at Yuan Cang.

“Get lost!”

Yuan Cang’s expression was cold and indifferent. His hand swatted outwards as majestic Yuan Power directly swept out like lightning and slammed onto Qingtan’s body.

Qingtan’s body immediately flew backwards after being struck by this attack. Blood appeared at the corner of her mouth.

Yuan Cang had already arrived in front of Ying Huanhuan after sending Qingtan flying with a palm. His hand contained an aura of death as it was swung out ruthlessly. When she saw this, Ying Huanhuan slammed her hands on the Heavenly Phoenix Zither. The zither bounced upwards and acted like a shield as it blocked in front of her.

Yuan Cang laughed coldly upon seeing this. Without dropping in speed, his palm powerfully slammed into the Heavenly Phoenix Zither.


A clear metallic sound echoed as an uncontrollable violent wind unfurled. Redness surged onto Ying Huanhuan’s pretty face, and a mouthful of fresh blood was spat out. Her lovely figure shot downwards. Finally, she staggered and landed miserably on the ground.

“Little senior sister!” The surrounding Dao Sect disciples’ expressions drastically changed when they saw this.


In the sky, an evil glint flashed in Yuan Cang’s eyes when he saw that Ying Huanhuan had avoided his killing blow. His body flashed and descended to give chase. Although he was a little afraid of Qingtan’s status, he clearly intended to kill Ying Huanhuan.

“Protect little senior sister!”

The dozen Dao Sect disciples closest to Ying Huanhuan immediately cried out when they saw that Yuan Cang was actually planning to attack again. Very quicckly, they appeared in front of Ying Huanhuan. Their expressions were filled with fury as they watched the figure rapidly approach.

“Suicidal fools!”

A sinister smile appeared from the corners of Yuan Cang’s mouth when he saw that these ordinary Dao Sect disciples actually dared to block him. With a wave of his hand, majestic Yuan Power swept out. Immediately, those dozen Dao Sect disciples were sent flying backwards as they spit out blood, while their bones emitted cracking sounds.

Ying Huanhuan’s eyes quickly turned red when she saw those Dao Sect disciples spitting out blood and flying backwards.

“Huanhuan, pull back!”

Wang Yan, who had been fighting Lei Qian in the sky for a long time, suddenly cried out. This was because he saw that Yuan Cang had once again unleashed a sharp palm wind.

However, Ying Huanhuan’s Yuan Power was already exhausted at this moment. She was unable to put up any defence as she watched Yuan Cang approach with a ferocious expression on his face.

Yuan Cang’s sharp palm wind rapidly magnified in Ying Huanhuan’s eyes. However, it was just about to land on her when Wang Yan’s bloody figure suddenly rushed over. He slammed his palm onto Ying Huanhuan’s body and sent her flying. Subsequently, he also hurriedly tried to withdraw.

“Since you want to save her, you should pay a price for your action.”

An evil grin surfaced on Yuan Cang’s face just as Wang Yan was just about to retreat. His hand reached out at lightning speed and caught hold of Wang Yan’s arm. Immediately, his eyes darkened. A force was emitted and Wang Yan’s arm quickly started to twist as the sound of cracking bones appeared.

Yuan Cang’s leg kicked out after breaking Wang Yan’s arm, and directly sent the latter flying dozens of metres away, forming a long scar on the ground in the process.

“Lei Qian, finish her off.” Yuan Cang spoke indifferently after sending Wang Yan flying with a kick.


In the air, Lei Qian immediately gave a savage smile and nodded upon hearing this. His body moved and appeared in front of the young lady, who was blankly gazing at Wang Yan from afar.

“Do you still have the time to pity others?”

Lei Qian looked at Ying Huanhuan, who was watching Wang Yan with teary red eyes. The corners of his mouth lifted as he curled two of his fingers. An unusually cold and sinister force pierced towards Ying Huanhuan’s snow white throat at lightning speed.

“Let’s see who will be able to rescue you now!” Lei Qian licked his lips as he gazed at the young lady’s long snow white neck, while a perverted joy flashed in his eyes.

The expressions of all the surrounding Dao Sect disciples changed drastically at this moment, and their eyes turned blood red.


In the sky, Ying Xiaoxiao, who was being forced into a life and death situation by Ling Zhen, had a drastically altered expression when she saw this scene. A somewhat mournful screech contained a heartache inducing distress as it rang out in the air.

“At such a time, you should first worry about yourself.”

Ling Zhen smiled indifferently before his body rushed upwards in a ghost like manner. The foldable fan in his hand thrust out like a viper, penetrating Ying Xiaoxiao’s defence and landed on her shoulder. A force spat out, and a bloody hole immediately appeared. Subsequently forcing Ying Xiaoxiao to withdraw in a miserable fashion.

However, Ying Xiaoxiao currently was not in the mood to pay any attention to her injuries. Despair was revealed in her eyes as she watched Lei Qian’s attack descend upon the young lady who was staggering like a wilting flower. Tears gathered in her eyes.

“Lin Dong!”

Ying Xiaoxiao suddenly raised her head and shouted to the sky. Her desperate voice appeared as though she had tore her throat to shout with all her strength. It was just like a bleeding lark, and caused the eyes of countless people to be dyed red.

The Dao Sect disciples had already been forced to such a miserable state!

Ying Xiaoxiao’s shriek faded. She gazed at the still silent sky as tears finally flowed down her cheeks. She sat powerlessly collapsed into a sitting position. What face would she have to return to the Dao Sect if anything happened to Ying Huanhuan…

However, an extremely deafening sonic boom rumbled across the sky just as a hopeless grey glint was revealed in Ying Xiaoxiao’s eyes.

Along with countless other gazes in the area, Ying Xiaoxiao lifted her eyes when this sonic boom resounded. After which, all of them saw the sudden appearance of a green light figure shuttling through the sky at an indescribable speed. The figure seemed to be in with a brutal and cruel aura.

Ying Xiaoxiao gazed at the familiar green light figure. Her originally despairing expression immediately began to flicker.

“Lei Qian, be careful!” Yuan Cang cried out in a deep voice. His expression sunk when he saw this sudden scene.


However, his voice had just sounded but the frighteningly fast green light figure had already charged over from afar like a meteorite. Before Lei Qian could react, a dragon fist that was flickering with green light smashed onto his chest with an extremely violent rage.

A deep sound seemed to reverberate beside every person’s ear. Subsequently, they saw Lei Qian’s body shoot backwards with a ‘bang’. In the end, it smeared across the ground for a couple hundred of feet and violently crashed into a cliff. His entire body was embedded into it, while many large cracks began to spread.

“It’s big brother Lin Dong! He has returned!”

On a mountaintop, Su Ruo watched the green light figure that had charged into the battlefield. Joy immediately surged into her eyes as she spoke in an excited manner.

“That fellow… has really returned in time…”

Wu Qun was also a little shaken as he watched the green light figure that had sent Lei Qian flying with a punch. Soon after, his expression changed slightly. This was because he could sense the monstrous brutal aura being emitted from within Lin Dong’s body. That brutalness was even thicker than those demons in Unique Devil Region…

At this moment, he could tell that this murderous god of the Dao Sect… seemed to be raging…

Wu Qun swallowed a mouthful of saliva. He was clearly aware that there was an extremely vast gap between Lin Dong and Yuan Cang, but for some reason, he still vaguely felt… the Yuan Gate would come to a tragic end this time…

The green light human figure who had charged into the battlefield, seemed to possess a kind of magic that caused the originally chaotic battleground to immediately become much less so. All the disciples from both sides had their eyes glued to that figure.

The green light on that figure’s body slowly disappeared under those countless gazes. Finally, it turned into a young figure. It was Lin Dong.

At this moment, Lin Dong’s face was filled with a heart chilling brutalness. He glanced at Yuan Cang from afar. Those wild beast like eyes caused even the latter’s heart to feel a slight chill in his heart.

Lin Dong took a single look at Yuan Cang before turning his body around. He looked at those red eyes of the young lady, which seemed to have now lost its former liveliness. A heartache immediately surged along with a brutal murderous intent.

Lin Dong trembled slightly as he extended his hand, and rubbed the young lady’s icy-cold cheek. An apologetic expression flashed across his eyes as he spoke in a hoarse voice, “Sorry, I am late…”

Lin Dong’s hand touched Ying Huanhuan’s ice-cold cheek. Only then did the young lady’s dull eyes focus. She simply watched the young man in front of her, whose eyes contained a brutal expression that was vaguely accompanied by a trace of tiredness from travelling at a crazy pace. Tears finally gushed out from those originally red eyes.

The young lady took two steps forward, before she finally pounced into Lin Dong’s embrace. The emotions that had been suppressed in her heart finally completely erupted at this moment. She appeared like a child as she cried in a loud heartbreaking manner. Her cries caused one’s heart to be filled with sorrow.

“We… so many seniors and juniors were killed… Wang Yan’s arm was also broken… big sis has also been injured…”

Lin Dong hugged Ying Huanhuan. His arm trembled as it stroked the young lady’s long hair. This was the first time he had seen the usually smiling and contagiously lively young lady cry in such a manner since he had become acquainted with her…

She had not cried even when she stayed behind alone to block the Devil Seal Mass back then.

Lin Dong hugged the young lady. After which, he slowly lifted his head. He gazed at the surrounding Dao Sect disciples who were covered in injuries. At this moment, their eyes were filled with fervour as they stared at him. Moreover, their eyes did not even contain a sliver of blame for his late arrival…

“Junior brother Lin Dong, we are useless. We actually had to rely on little junior sister…”

Pang Tong wiped away the blood from his face. He sat on the ground and bitterly laughed towards Lin Dong. Subsequently, his expression became complicated as he paused. He continued, “Junior brother Lin Dong… you have been creating miracles ever since you joined Dao Sect… although I know that this might be making things difficult for you, but…”

Pang Tong suddenly stood up. After which, he knelt down towards Lin Dong with one knee. His face had a faint craziness and savageness as he stared at Lin Dong like a wounded beast grabbing onto its last hope. A low roar rang out.

“Please strengthen our Dao Sect!”

Thud thud thud!

The surrounding Dao Sect disciples crashed to the ground as they suddenly knelt on one knee. All of their eyes were frighteningly savage.

Senior brother Lin Dong, strengthen our Dao Sect!”

The low and orderly voices of the Dao Sect disciples contained a rich hatred that reverberated across the area, causing the expressions of many to change slightly.

Lin Dong slowly hugged the young lady in his embrace. Soon after, he once again gently released her as her crying slowly halted. His hand reached out and very gently wiped away the tears on her face. After which, he lifted his head and looked at the Dao Sect disciples. Frightening ferocious smiles were slowly climbing up bit by bit on their young faces.

“I will use all of their lives to honor our dead brothers.”

Lin Dong’s voice was not loud. However, it slowly spread about the area. The entire place seemed to have fallen into silence at this moment.

Faintly, amidst a monstrous brutalness that filled the heavens, a sleeping asura was awakening in this bloody land.