Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 802: Two Ladies Joining Forces

Chapter 802: Two Ladies Joining Forces


Chapter 802: Two Ladies Joining Forces

The two ladies who appeared in the sky clearly caused the bloody atmosphere that permeated the area to still for a moment. After being stunned for a while, rich anxiety surfaced in the eyes of many Dao Sect disciples.

“Why has little senior sister Huanhuan stepped forward?”

“How will they be able to stop Yuan Cang!”

The conversations between some Dao Sect disciples were filled with anxiety. Ying Huanhuan was extremely well liked amongst the Dao Sect disciples. Everyone loved this lively and cute girl. As such, fury suddenly surged out from within the hearts of many people when they saw that she had actually stepped forward to face Yuan Cang. However, this fury was not directed at Ying Huanhuan. Instead, it was directed at the overbearing Yuan Gate…


Qing Ye forced back a Yuan Gate spirit general with a palm. Soon after, his face turned ashen as he watched the scene in the sky, as he clenched his fist so tightly that it gave off cracking noises. To think that he had to allow a girl to handle the situation at this moment. This was sufficient to damage his pride.

“Humph, you pay more attention to your own situation at this time.” That Yuan Gate spirit general laughed coldly. His body rushed over and a sharp palm wind covered Qing Ye.

“This father of yours will kill you!”

Qing Ye’s eyes were abnormally red. His usual elegance had been completely tossed aside by him at this moment. Majestic Yuan Power surged as he crazily charge at the Yuan Gate spirit general. His attack had suddenly become extremely desperate. It was a completely ferocious fighting style that risked one’s life to take the life of another. This had forced the Yuan Gate spirit general to become rather hardpressed for a time.

Scenes similar to Qing Ye’s outburst were now continuously appearing on this battlefield. Several Dao Sect disciples had been provoked by this scene before them. Their eyes turned scarlet as if they had gone mad.

Since when had they fallen to the level where a girl was forced to step up and face a strong opponent for them? Was the tragic incident from the last competition going to repeat itself again?


Crazy howls resounded within the hearts of many Dao Sect disciples. After which, the Yuan Gate disciples were stunned to discover that the originally tiring Dao Sect disciples seemed to have suddenly taken some energy pills at this moment. Their eyes were scarlet as they charged. Their attacks now contained an additional desperateness and ferocity compared to before.

The suddenly explosion of the Dao Sect disciples’ morale had also caught the Yuan Gate disciples off-guard. The situation immediately began to turn slightly out of control…

“Using this kind of method to increase morale huh? Ha ha, you are quite good. However, I’m afraid that the price to pay will be too great…” The change in the battlefield below had also been sensed by Yuan Cang. Immediately, a sinisterly cold smile surfaced on his face as he looked at Ying Huanhuan and Qingtan in an indifferent manner.

Ying Huanhuan met Yuan Cang’s gaze with a chilly look. Soon after, her large eyes glanced below. The deaths and injuries of the Dao Sect disciples pierced her heart, as her eyes were tinged with a faint redness. This scene was clearly a little cruel for the young lady who had experienced such a life and death struggle for the first time.

“I will stop you.”

The young lady’s hand trembled slightly on the zither. Soon after, she lifted her head and stared at Yuan Cang. Her cool voice was filled with frostiness. She was aware that if Yuan Cang was allowed to join the battlefield, their Dao Sect would definitely be completely defeated, and their losses would become even more severe.

“A little girl who does not know her limits.”

Yuan Cang smiled in a sinister manner as he and replied, “I do not have the mood to go easy on a lady. Since the both of you dare to appear, you should both accept the consequences.”

“Consequence your head!”

Qingtan knitted his brows slightly, while her hands tightly gripped the black stickle. Quickly after, a blade suddenly hacked downwards. The space before it wiggled, and a sharp blade glow that contained a piercing cold aura directly penetrated through the empty space. Finally, it strangely appeared above Yuan Cang’s head and slashed downwards.

The blade came striking downwards. However, before it could strike Yuan Cang, the latter suddenly took a step back and accurately avoided the blade glow.

“This black stickle is actually able to attack across space huh… it is truly rather strange.”

Yuan Cang dodged the blade glow and glanced at the black stickle in Qingtan’s hand. This attack was indeed quite strange and unpredictable. Unfortunately, the owner who unleashed it was a little weaker. Otherwise, even he would be forced into a somewhat miserable state today.

“Huanhuan, attack together.” A solemn expression flashed over Qingtan’s pretty face when she saw that Yuan Cang had avoided her attack.


Ying Huanhuan lightly nodded her head. She was naturally also aware of how powerful Yuan Cang was. If it was not because they possessed Pure Yuan treasures, it was likely that they would not be able to exchange blows with Yuan Cang.


Ying Huanhuan’s slender hand gently landed on the Heavenly Phoenix zither. Immediately, fresh bright red blood seeped out from the center of her palm. It instantly caused the zither to turn blood red, while its crimson light became increasingly brighter.

“Huanhuan, your hand is really beautiful.”

From the side, Qingtan glanced at the slender perfect flawless hand on the zither, before suddenly uttering somewhat envious words.

Ying Huanhuan was speechless. Qingtan actually had the mood to observe her hand at such a moment…

“Hee hee.”

Qingtan laughed charmingly when she saw Ying Huanhuan’s appearence. She hurriedly focused herself and soon after, she rushed forward. Majestic Terminus Yin Yuan Power swept out from her body.

“I will pester him. You support from afar.”

Black light shot out from the black stickle the moment Qingtan’s voice faded. Her attack was very strange. She was clearly still some distance from Yuan Cang, but that sharp blade glow seemed to ignore distance, and directly enveloped Yuan Cang in a strange manner.


Although Yuan Cang was initially caught off-guard by this Qingtan’s unusual attack, he was after all far stronger than the latter. He quickly stabilized his body as an unusually powerful sword aura swept out from the metal sword in his hand. It directly shattered the many attacking blade glows that came flying through space.


While Qingtan was going all-out, Ying Huanhuan also lightly inhaled a breath of air. In the next moment, an icy blue colour surged deep within those large eyes of hers, as her hand suddenly plucked the zither strings. Immediately, an exceptionally clear phoenix cry reverberated across the entire area.


Bright red light overflowed from the Heavenly Phoenix Zither in all directions. The phoenix light pattern on it also left the zither and soared with the wind. Finally, it turned into a thousand feet large crimson phoenix in the sky above Ying Huanhuan., as an abnormally astonishing ripple spread apart.

“Swoosh swoosh!”

The crimson phoenix spread its wings in the sky. With a sudden jerk of its wings, countless crimson light feathers abruptly shot out and fell upon Yuan Cang like a storm.

Yuan Cang watched this scene and coldly snorted. He waved his sleeve and Yuan Power whistled out. Finally, it turned into an enormous Yuan Power barrier, and allowed those light feathers to smash into it.

Bang bang bang!

A firecracker like sound erupted on the barrier. Subsequently, many cracks began to appear and spread outwards. That Yuan Power barrier was forcefully being broken. The might of a Pure Yuan treasure was undoubtedly revealed at this moment.

Yuan Cang’s eyes narrowed as he watched the barrier break. The metal sword in his hand trembled, and a sharp sword glow violently shot out, shattering the light feathers that had once again shot towards him.

“Activating a Pure Yuan treasure greatly exhaust one’s Yuan Power. Let me see just how long you little girls, who have not even touched the Profound Life Stage, will be able to endure!” Yuan Cang looked at Qingtan and Ying Huahuan as he sneeered.

Ying Huanhuan and Qingtan’s eyes hardened when they heard these words. Yuan Cang was not only powerful, but also extremely experienced. He was clearly aware of the weakness of the two Pure Yuan treasure wielding ladies.

The two ladies exchanged a look. Immediately, they nodded as the same thought appeared in their minds. They were unable to continue this kind of fight for long. Hence, they could only take the risk and go all out.

Ying Huanhuan’s slender fingers gently danced across the zither. Immediately, melodious zither music reverberated across the sky. Following the zither music, the crimson phoenix’s glow suddenly intensified. The light on its body seemed to have turned into a circle of light that wrapped around the phoenix.

Bang bang!

Frightening undulations frantically spread from the bright red light cluster. The surrounding temperature suddenly rose at this moment.


Qingtan’s expression also became serious when she saw Ying Huanhuan preparing her killing move. The huge black stickle left her hands. Subsequently, she pressed her hand on the empty air as red essence blood shot out from her fingertips. Finally, it landed on the large stickle. Immediately, the black stickle emitted a red glow, as an extremely formidable ripple stealthily emerged.

Qingtan did not stop after doing this. After hesitating a little, both of her hands suddenly formed a set of mysterious seals. Immediately, black light gushed out from between her brows. In the end, an ancient black symbol slowly flew out from her Niwan Palace.

The entire place became dark when this ancient black symbol appeared. Monstrous darkness swept out from within it.

“This is…”

From a distance away, Yuan Cang looked at the ancient black symbol that had appeared, as his pupils abruptly shrunk.

“Darkness Ancestral Symbol?”