Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 800: Chaotic Battle

Chapter 800: Chaotic Battle


Chapter 800: Chaotic Battle

Bang bang!

Incomparably berserk Yuan Power undulations wildly unfurled across the area. A thick bloody scent mixed with killing desire permeated the sky. At this moment, it appeared as though the sky had been dyed dark red.

The spacious rocky terrain was currently in complete chaos. Two torrents clashed together. No unnecessary words were spoken. Yuan Power circulated and many martial arts were unleashed. Finally, it was ferociously directed by the many red eyed individuals at the enemy in front of them.

Such a chaotic battle could only described by one word, ‘desperate’.


A densely packed crimson light rose from the battlefield. Ying Huanhuan sat down amidst this cluster of light. Her crimson Heavenly Phoenix Zither was placed over her knees. A pair of delicate and perfect jadelike hands glittered with a faint fluorescence as they landed on the zither.

Currently, there were two individuals with cold smiles standing in front of Ying Huanhuan. They were both Yuan Gate spirit generals, and had already stepped into the nine Yuan Nirvana stage. In the short couple of minutes earlier, the both of them had severely injured over a dozen Dao Sect disciples.

“Finish her off.”

These two Yuan Gate spirit generals locked onto Ying Huanhuan, who was in their way. They exchanged glances, before they immediately rushed out simultaneously in an extremely well-coordinated manner.

Ying Huanhuan’s usually pretty and lively face was filled with frost as she watched these two charge at her with ferocious expressions. Her large eyes stared at the two Yuan Gate spirit generals, while an icy blue colour surged deep within her eyes.

Delicate fingers strummed the zither strings. Soon after, they suddenly flicked as a melodious zither music sounded out. Two extremely wild and violent crimson sonic waves hurtled out in an instant. They possessed exceptionally shocking speeds as they ferociously slammed onto the two figures that were charging over.


The sonic waves exploded on the duo’s bodies. An unbridled and aggressive force directly jolted back the duo until they withdrew miserably. Their eyes were already packed with a solemn expression when they landed on the ground again.

The current Ying Huanhuan had also made a breakthrough to the nine Yuan Nirvana stage a couple of days ago. With the help of the Heavenly Phoenix Zither in her possession, she was already able to stop two Yuan Gate spirit general by herself.

“The both of you will now pay for harming my Dao Sect disciples!”

A cold aura covered Ying Huanhuan’s face. Her eyes were ic-cold as she observed those two who had some surprise on their faces. Soon after, those delicate hands suddenly fell, and a monstrous crimson light that mixed with a clear sonic wave resounded. Sharp sonic wave attacks swept towards the two Yuan Gate spirit generals from all directions.

“The Yuan Gate still has four spirit generals.”

Qing Ye glanced at Ying Huanhuan’s battleground in the distance. Soon after, his eyes grimly looked towards four other directions. The Yuan Gate disciples at those places possessed an extremely fierce momentum while being led by the other four spirit generals.

“I will deal with one of them!” The great senior brother of the Flood Hall, Mu Li, stated in a deep voice. He was powerful enough to fight with a nine Yuan Nirvana stage expert. Although he might not able to defeat the other party, stopping one should not be a problem.

“I can also only deal with one of them.” Qing Ye clenched his teeth. He had similarly successfully endured a Nirvana Tribulation during this period of time, and had stepped into the Nine Yuan Nirvana stage. This strength however, was only equal to one spirit general. After all, he did not have a Pure Yuan treasure aiding him.

“What should we do about the other two?”

Mu Li frowned. It was extremely difficult for an ordinary disciple to deal with a nine Yuan Nirvana stage practitioner. If they were left to their devices, it would be a tremendous blow towards the morale of the disciples.

Qing Ye knitted his brows tightly, feeling helpless. The Yuan Gate was stronger than them. All they could do was to try their best in such a situation.

“Leave the last two to me.”

A clear voice suddenly sounded from the side while Qing Ye was feeling helpless. After which, Qing Ye saw a slim figure in dark black dress carrying an oversized giant black sickle as she walked out. To his surprise, it was Qingtan.

“You…” The Qing Ye duo were stunned as they gazed at Qingtan.

“I will deal with those two.” Qingtan looked towards the two Yuan Gate spirit generals. She gripped the black stickle in her hands and repeated herself.

“Will you be able to manage?” Qing Ye could not help but ask. He was a little worried that Qingtan was trying to show off. Should an accident happen…

Qingtan glanced at him but did not say anything in response. Soon after however, Qing Ye felt an extremely dark and fiendish black light suddenly surge out from Qingtan’s body. The air where the black light spread seemed to even show traces of solidifying.

“What a dark and terrible Yuan Power!”

Qing Ye and Mu Li were shocked as they watched Qingtan, who was wrapped in black light. The latter’s Yuan Power was a little different from their own. Their Yuan Power was a blending of Ying and Yang, however, Qingtan’s Yuan Power was an extremely pure Yin…

“I’m heading out.”

Qingtan did not have any intentions of tarrying. After uttering those words, her lovely figure turned into a flash of black light as it rushed out. Finally, her stickle danced and two unusually dark and chilling black lights swept towards those two Yuan Gate spirit generals.

“Humph, where has this little girl come from? You are courting death!”

The two spirit generals immediately laughed in anger when they saw that Qingtan actually dared to attack them. They moved and pounced out like a tiger and leopard. Ferocious and unrestrained palm winds enveloped Qingtan.

Swoosh swoosh!

Qingtan did not pull back in the face of their attacks. An strange cold glint flickered on the black stickle in her hands, and it suddenly cleaved forward in the next moment.


The stickle struck. It was possible to see the space in front of it being ripped apart as cracks formed. In a flash, the sharp blade appeared above a spirit general’s head. It looked as though Qingtan’s attack had penetrated through space.


A sword glow shot out from the side and blocked the descending blade. Only then did the spirit general withdraw in panic. However, a piece of meat at the top of his head had already been cleaved off. Immediately, fresh blood began flowing down.

“Be careful. The stickle in her hands is a little strange!” The other spirit general’s eyes hardened upon seeing this and cried out in a low voice.

Qingtan glanced at the two shocked faces. Without further ado, the black stickle in her hands was swung once again. Sharp winds swept out anew, wrapping the duo within it. Those two spirit generals also did not dare to be the slightest bit slow as they hurriedly focused and fought with their full strength.

“We should also start.”

Qing Ye and Mu Li sighed in relief when they saw that Qingtan was actually able to stop two spirit generals. They exchanged glances, before their bodies flew out and rushed into the battlefield together. Finally, they blocked the last two Yuan Gate spirit generals.

Cries of battle surged from the rocky terrain into the sky. At a glance, everyone was red-eyed and bloodthirsty. Occasionally, someone would spit out blood as he was sent flying backwards. They would land outside the battlefield, and no one could tell whether they lived or died.

Both parties did not show any mercy when they fought. This was not some sparring competition. Instead, it was a genuine fight between enemies!

A large group of Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace disciples stood on a mountain some distance from the rocky area. At this moment, there was a slight change in their expression as they watched the life and death battles before them. Scarlet light continued to be reflected in their eyes.

“They are all engaging in all out bloody battles… the enmity between Dao Sect and Yuan Gate is indeed difficult to mediate…” A person within the crowd sighed. The Dao Sect and Yuan Gate disciples were like exceptionally unreasonable enemies when they met during the Great Sect Competitions. When they fought, it was as though they possessed a irreconcilable vengeance with the other party.

“The overall strength of the Yuan Gate disciples is after all a little stronger. It is a little unwise for Dao Sect to fight head on against them in this manner…” Wu Qun watched the blood red battlefield before him. His eyes contained a rather grave expression as he spoke.

“That’s right. Moreover, I wonder where the Dao Sect’s Lin Dong has run off to… could it be that he is really afraid of Yuan Cang and doesn’t dare to show himself?” A person interrupted.

“Big brother Lin Dong isn’t afraid of Yuan Cang!”

A person at the side immediately issued a rebuttal the moment the voice sounded. That person tilted his head to take a look, only to see that it was Su Ruo, who had some fury on her pretty face. Immediately, he laughed dryly and did not dare to speak any further.

Su Ruo’s eyes turned towards the battleground below. The fight there was extremely tragic. Deaths and injuries had gradually appeared amongst the Dao Sect disciples.

The miserable screams that rang out one after another clearly told Su Ruo that this was no longer some practice sparring. Instead, it was a true battlefield.

“The most critical battle is still the one between Chen Gui and Yuan Cang…” Wu Qun lifted his head and looked towards the sky above. Monstrous Yuan Power surged wildly from that spot as two ghost like figures crossed each other at lightning speed. A low thunder like sound could be heard each time they collided.

“Senior brother Wu Qun, who has a higher chance of victory?” A disciple asked.

Wu Qun hesitated a little when he heard this. Only then did he reply, “Qingzhu had said that Yuan Cang is an extremely dangerous person. Even she would have difficulty defeating him… Chen Gui might also possess quite a strong reputation, but perhaps… Yuan Cang will have a higher chances of victory.”

Su Ruo by the side felt her heart tighten slightly when she heard this. She clenched her fist tightly and turned her head. Those eyes of hers were a little anxious as she watched the horizon. She knew that once Chen Gui was defeated at Yuan Cang’s hands, the Dao Sect would suffer a complete defeat…

“Big brother Lin Dong… you need to hurry back…”


Two rays of light rushed passed the sky with extreme speed far from the location where the big battle had erupted. The low sonic boom that was created from their high speed attracted many gazes from below.

Lin Dong’s expression was taunt. He lifted his head and peered into the distance. There seemed to be a bloody scent spreading from that spot…

“Senior sister Xiaoxiao… all of you must wait for me!”

Lin Dong clenched his fist tightly. The green dragon wings on his back flapped as his speed once again soared to its limit.