Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 797: Start of the Battle

Chapter 797: Start of the Battle


Chapter 797: Start of the Battle

When Ling Qingzhu’s words sounded out, she could see the smile on Lin Dong’s face disappear bit by bit, before a frightening gloominess slowly appeared. At the same time, an intensely cold murderous desire also surged.

“What happened?” Lin Dong asked in a low voice.

“It seems like the Yuan Gate and Dao Sect disciples met two days ago. They ended up in a dispute because of some friction. After that, Yuan Cang and the rest attacked…” Ling Qingzhu said.

No matter how one looked at it, this matter was likely due to the Yuan Gate’s provocations. After all, the the Dao Sect disciples were weaker. Moreover, their main pillar of strength, Lin Dong, was absent. Even if they met Yuan Gate, it was likely that they would give in. Therefore, the reason that things had developed into such a state was most likely the Yuan Gate disciples’ intention.

“After both parties exchanged blows, the Dao Sect disciples have been progressing towards the teleporting formation area while Yuan Gate gave chase. It seems like the latter can no longer control themselves…”

“Did my Dao Sect disciples suffer any injuries or death?” Lin Dong’s eyes were dark and chilly as he inquired.

“Chen Gui is helping Dao Sect disciples. He has temporarily stopped Yuan Cang and is shouldering quite a great deal of pressure. However… it is rumoured that some injuries and deaths have still occurred.” Ling Qingzhu hesitated for a moment, but finally she did not hide anything.


A brutal and evil aura suddenly surged out from Lin Dong’s body when those words sounded out. His expression had also become exceptionally savage. It appeared as though he could hear the miserable cries from just before those Dao Sect disciples died, as well as the proud arrogant laughter from the Yuan Gate disciples.

“Those trash!” Lin Dong’s body trembled slightly. His expression was ferocious. He knew that this day would arrive sooner or later, but he did not expect that Yuan Gate would be so impatient and begin their attack at such a time.

“Currently, the Yuan Gate and Dao Sect disciples have been continuously fighting for a couple of days… should we immediately hurry to the teleportation formation area?” Ling Qingzhu softly asked.

Lin Dong nodded. He lifted his head and looked towards the dark north. A scarlet light faintly flickered in his eyes, causing his ferocious face to appear exceptionally frightening.

He was currently unaware of the exact number of dead and injured Dao Sect disciples at this moment. However, he knew that if some accident was to occur to Qingtan, Ying Huanhuan and a few others, he would definitely massacre the Yuan Gate disciples!

Not even one will remain!

A brutal blood-thirsty aura spread out from Lin Dong’s body. That brutality was even greater than the demons in Unique Devil Region…

“How much time do we need to reach the teleportation formation from here?” Lin Dong asked in a gloomy voice.

“Five days. But if we hurry at full speed, we should be able to catch up to them in three days.” Ling Qingzhu thought for a moment before replying.

“Let’s go.”

Lin Dong’s body shook slightly, as the green dragon wings extended from his back. Without saying anything more, he flapped his wings, turning into a flash of green light that tore through the darkness, and swiftly rushed towards the distant sky at lightning speed.

Ling Qingzhu watched Lin Dong, who was covered all over by a savage aura as he left. Her hand involuntarily tensed, as a trace of worry flashed across the depths of her pupils. Since the beginning of this Great Sect Competition, she was aware that Yuan Gate and Dao Sect would definitely never come to a compromise. Dao Sect had suffered great losses during the last Great Sect Competition. Even the great senior sister of Sky Hall had been surrounded and killed by Yuan Gate. The battle this time around would likely surpass the previous one.

In the previous Great Sect Competitions, Yuan Gate would always gain the upper hand in the battle with the Dao Sect disciples. This had also boosted the Yuan Gate disciples’ arrogance. However, this time around… it was a little different…

In this Great Sect Competition, the Yuan Gate disciples’ strength might appear to be stronger than the Dao Sect disciples on the surface but… Dao Sect had Lin Dong this time …

This person was usually good-natured. However, he would immediately turn into a murderous devil if someone touched his sensitive spot. He would become the greatest variable in this Great Sect Competition.

If the Yuan Gate was to act recklessly, it was likely that they would have to pay quite a terrifying price this time around.

Ling Qingzhu recalled Lin Dong’s ferocious face, which was filled with a savage aura earlier. She was aware that the young man, who was helpless while being chased and attacked by her, was about to explode…

It was likely that there would be a bloodbath in this Great Sect Competition…

Ling Qingzhu sighed softly. Immediately, she ceased thinking about this matter. A green lotus formed under her feet. After which, she turned into a bright ray of light that quickly chased after Lin Dong.



Two bright rays of light flashed across the dark sky at a shocking speed. The wind pressure from their fast speed shook the ground below, and formed a long scar over it.

These two bright rays of light were naturally Lin Dong and Ling Qingzhu, who had exited the depths of Unique Devil Region. They had already travelled for two whole days. The both of them did not even stop and rest for a moment during these two days.

Green light covered Lin Dong’s body. The green dragon wings on his back would flap occasionally, and his speed would soar greatly. At this moment, his face was still covered with a dark and solemn expression.

They had met others who were participating in the Great Sect Competition along the way. Lin Dong was able to obtain more information about the fight between the Yuan Gate and Dao Sect disciples from them.

In the battle between the two parties; one party was chasing, while the other was retreating. The ones chasing were naturally the Yuan Gate disciples, and the ones continuously withdrawing were naturally the Dao Sect disciples. Clearly, Dao Sect was using all of its strength to defend against the continuous chase and ruthless attacks by Yuan Gate. They fought while retreating. Perhaps one should say that they were still bitterly waiting for the return of the person who could truly lead them to victory against Yuan Gate.

“Lin Dong, we are about to reach the teleportation formation area…” Ling Qingzhu looked into the distance, before turning towards Lin Dong beside her and commented.

“Yes.” Lin Dong nodded but did not say anything else. If it was in the past, he might even tease Ling Qingzhu a little. However, he did not have the mood to do so now.

Ling Qingzhu also understood Lin Dong’s current state. Therefore, she pondered for a moment, before speaking, “I am aware that a fight between you and the disciples of Yuan Gate is unavoidable. However, you should be careful of Yuan Cang.”

“Oh?” Lin Dong’s eyes moved. He frowned and looked at Ling Qingzhu before saying, “He should be at the initial Profound Life Stage, right?”

In the current Great Sect Competition, it was likely that there were only three people amongst the younger generation who had truly reached the initial Profound Life stage. They were Yuan Cang, Ling Qingzhu and Chen Gui.

An initial Profound Life stage expert was indeed extremely difficult to deal with. However, when the time came for them to exchange blows, Lin Dong would make him pay a price that he would never be able to imagine.

“Yuan Cang’s strength is indeed at the initial Profound Life Stage. However, in order to become the leader of the three little kings, he also possess many tactics. Even I feel a faint sense of danger when facing him. Therefore, he is definitely not as easy to deal with as he appears on the surface. You need to be careful when you end up exchanging blows with him.” Ling Qingzhu muttered.

Lin Dong eyes hardened. Ling Qingzhu’s strength was similar to Yuan Cang. However, the latter was able to cause her to feel danger. It seems like this Yuan Cang was not so simple.

“Many thanks.”

“If it you did not accompany me to find the Supreme Purity Celestial Pond, Yuan Gate would have likely not attacked at this time…” Ling Qingzhu’s eyes had some apology flashing across them.

“If I was around, they might not have dragged it out for so long…” Lin Dong shook his head. His eyes looked into the distance, as a brutal aura once again rose within them.

“The reason they are chasing in this manner is likely because they plan on forcing me out. Haha, it seems like Yuan Cang already hates me to the core…”

“Alright… since you are so anxious to force me to show myself, I shall gladly accompany all of you this time around!”

“However, the stakes that I play with are usually quite high. Let’s use our lives as stakes this time!” A bloodthirsty savageness climbed onto Lin Dong’s lips. A trace of insanity was vaguely present.

Unique Devil Region teleportation formation area.

This was a vast land that was filled with rocks. Many mountains of various sizes stood around the place like humps. An evil aura faintly scattered from the mountains, before enveloping the land.

At this moment, this messy and rocky terrain was already filled with a sea of people. Countless eyes looked backwards, as rushing wind sound appeared from all directions. Soon after, hundreds of people covered in a bloody aura appeared in their sights.

“They are from Dao Sect…”

Some voices immediately sounded as everyone looked at this large group of people. However, there seemed to be a sigh in their tones.

Word of the fierce battle between the Dao Sect and Yuan Gate disciples had clearly already spread across the entire Unique Devil Region like a whirlwind.

“Stop!” Ying Xiaoxiao suddenly halted at the front of the Dao Sect disciples. She waved her hand and cried out in an icy voice.

The large number of disciples behind her immediately halted. Alertness surged out in their eyes.


A faint and indifferent laughter was suddenly emitted from a mountain to their front when the Dao Sect disciples halted. Finally, rushing wind sounds appeared. Numerous figures swept over from all directions. After which, they formed a semicircle that completely blocked the road towards the front.

“Yuan Cang!”

Ying Xiaoxiao’s eyes were ice-cold as she watched the three individuals standing at the peak of the mountain. Her jadelike fist immediately tightened.

“It is unexpected that that person still refuses to show himself even after we forced all of you to such an extent. Haha, his tolerance is really remarkable. It seems like he has completely lost all the arrogance he showed at the start… however, since he refuses to reveal himself, my fury can only be taken out on all of you…”

Atop the mountain, Yuan Cang smiled and looked at the Dao Sect disciples in the distance. A sinister murderous intent slowly surged in his eyes.