Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 796: Fight

Chapter 796: Fight


Chapter 796: Fight


In the valley, the enormous monster snake fell to the ground with a bang. Fresh blood flowed, dying the ground red as a bloody scent stealthily spread.

Ling Qingzhu’s face was cool and indifferent as she landed from the air. After which, she arrived at the Supreme Purity Celestial Pond. A jadelike hand brushed apart the water, and slowly washed the bloody longsword.

Lin Dong involuntarily rubbed his nose while he watched this scene. It seemed that Ling Qingzhu was very embarrassed and furious this time. However, he could understand why. If it was someone else, Lin Dong was certain that his fate would be similar to that of the monster snake. It was likely that the only man in this world who could continue to challenge her baseline in such a manner was Lin Dong…

The messy and unclear relationship between the two had clearly made it impossible for them to view each other as ordinary people. This was also the reason why Ling Qingzhu was tolerating of Lin Dong’s various excessive actions.


Water flowed down the longsword, and landed into the pond, creating many ripples. Ling Qingzhu lowered her head and gazed at the face so beautiful that it could cause the downfall of nations reflected within the ripples. Her pearly white teeth involuntarily bit her lips. It seemed there were still some remnant traces of the warmth from earlier on her lips.

That fellow seemed to constantly shatter the calmness of her still water like heart.

Ling Qingzhu was somewhat baffled. The matter five years ago had undoubtedly messed up both of their original paths. She had once thought that given her character, she should be able to achieve the state her master had described to her, the state of having her heart as calm as a mirror and being completely untroubled. However, that preposterous incident had caused her a tiny imperfection to appear on her bright mirror like heart .

Ling Qingzhu had used five years to weaken and bury away that tiny imperfection. And just when she had thought that she was about to completely forget it, that somewhat fuzzy figure was accompanied by a storm as it staggered with exceptional perseverance, and once again barged into her sights.

The young man from back then had unknowingly already started chasing her footsteps. He had transformed tremendously during these five years. However, that exact same stubbornness from five years ago, had not been erased with the flow of time…

Five years ago, a young man had once silently endured in a miserable manner before Lin Liangtian. Now, he had become the most outstanding disciple amongst the younger generation of Dao Sect. His achievements could even be considered top-notch amongst the younger generation of the entire Eastern Xuan Region.

Such improvement and metamorphosis was something that even Ling Qingzhu had difficulty ignoring at this moment. She was aware that it would perhaps no longer be easy for her to expel this person who had barged into her world again…

Ling Qingzhu’s expression was somewhat complicated as she gently pursed her lips. After which, she heard the soft sounds of footsteps being transmitted from behind her. Her delicate body stiffened unnoticeably. The complicated expression in her eyes also quickly withdrew.

Lin Dong walked over from behind. After which, he sat down beside Ling Qingzhu. He tilted his head and watched the side of her enchantingly bewitching face. Suddenly, he smiled and said, “Do you still remember the words I spoke five years ago?”

“I’ve forgotten.” Ling Qingzhu lowered her long eyelashes and replied indifferently.

“I knew of the gap between the you and me in the past. Therefore, I struggled with everything I had. After you left back then, I also left Yan City by myself. After which, I honed and trained myself in the outside world. At that time, I only had two aims. To to kill Lin Liangtian, and to stand before you again.” The young man raised his head beside the pond and looked at the somewhat sinisterly black sky before laughing.

“I am not trying to boast to you. All that I wish to convey, is that your judgement of me is ultimately wrong.”

“I have achieved what you had deemed impossible.”

Ling Qingzhu’s delicate finger skimmed over the longsword. Soon after, she turned her head and watched the brilliantly smiling young man. After a long silence, she finally spoke softly, “You have struggled for five years because of those words? You should be aware that there were many times that you might have failed on that journey. There will be no chance for you to redo everything again should that happen.”

“But I eventually succeeded.” Lin Dong stretched his waist. He had roamed the Great Desolate Province, charged out of the Great Yan Empire and into the Hundred Empire War. Finally, he had entered Eastern Xuan Region. There might be many dangers, but he had ultimately succeeded.

“Back then, I said that a woman I have slept with will definitely be mine. These words might appear a little vulgar now that I think about it but…”

Lin Dong smiled. His eyes stared directly at Ling Qingzhu and said, “You are my woman.”


Water splashed and the brilliant longsword was accompanied by a chilling aura as it pointed at Lin Dong’s throat. Ling Qingzhu looked at him, her voice was cold as she spoke, “Do you truly think that I will not kill you?”

Lin Dong did not say anything. He stared at Ling Qingzhu. Those eyes were without fear. There was no trace of any intention to weaken his position.

Ling Qingzhu gritted her teeth. Finally, she put away her longsword. She clenched her hand and said, “It is best for you not to say such words. If these words reach my teacher’s ears, she will kill you even if you are a Dao Sect disciple.”

Lin Dong frowned.

“Every sect master of the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace must train the Dao of their hearts. A heart must be as clear as a mirror, and not a single speck of dust will be tolerated. Given her character, if my master knew about us, she will definitely intervene and help me remove the imperfection in my heart.”

“Ling Qingzhu watched Lin Dong and said, “You are that speck of dust, the imperfection in my heart!”

“Dao of the heart. It is heterodoxy.” Lin Dong knitted his brows tightly. Immediately, he looked at Ling Qingzhu and said, “In your opinion… how should this imperfection in your heart be removed?”

Ling Qingzhu was clearly startled by this question. Originally, she thought that there was no need to think about the answer. At this moment, however, she had difficulty speaking under Lin Dong’s gaze. Hence, she could only shake her head while feeling lost as she replied, “I do not know…”

“I do not know if you these words of yours are an attempt to get me to back off. However, my determination will never change. If your teacher wishes to stop me, I will wait until I am stronger than your teacher, before directly snatching you from the hands of the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace.” Lin Dong watched Ling Qingzhu, who had given the uncertain reply. A smile surfaced on his face as he grinned and declared.

Ling Qingzhu felt neither able to laugh nor cry in the face of these words. She somewhat helplessly shook her head as she replied, “Even the sect master of your Dao Sect, Ying Xuanzi, has to be polite to my teacher when he sees her. You should stop setting random goals…”

Lin Dong smiled and he did not say anything more on this topic. It was similarly possible for him to feel the complicated emotions Ling Qingzhu had towards him. This was already pretty decent. At the very least, she did not possess that indifference and alienation that she used to treat other men when facing him. From a certain point of view, this was quite a good start.

“Thank you, for what you did at the bottom of the pond earlier.”

Ling Qingzhu quietly sighed in relief when she saw the fearless Lin Dong had actually moderated himself. Soon after, she changed the topic and said.

“Why did you provoke that thing?” Lin Dong frowned slightly. If Ling Qingzhu’s intention was to heal herself, she could clearly do it at the middle of the pond. There was no need for her to intentionally head to the bottom of the pond.

“That skeleton should have some relations to my Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace. I received calls from it after entering the pond. However, I did not expect that it actually intended on snatching my life force.” Ling Qingzhu bunched her eyebrows together as she explained.

“Relations?” Lin Dong was startled. That skeleton’s existence was clearly far older than the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace. Therefore, it was likely that there was no direct relation between the two. From the looks of it, it was probably some relation in martial arts or secret arts…

“No wonder that spirit emblem entered your body…”

Ling Qingzhu nodded. She could sense the addition of the majestic spirit emblem within her body. This was considered a lucky opportunity for her.

“It seems like this Supreme Purity Celestial Pond will lose its powers in the future.” Lin Dong gazed at the Supreme Purity Celestial Pond with some regret. The rainbow colours within it were gradually fading. The reason this Supreme Purity Celestial Pond had appeared in Unique Devil Region was clearly due to the protection of the ancient skeleton. Now that the skeleton had turned into dust, this place will likely once again be eroded by demonic Qi in the future…

Ling Qingzhu nodded. Soon after, she stood up and said, “Let’s leave.” She had already achieved her goal for this trip. Clearly, there was no point in them for them to remain in this place.

Lin Dong smiled and nodded when he heard this. He waved his sleeve, before a black light shot out from the distance. Finally, it was kept in his Qiankun bag. It was the demon corpse that he had used to lure the monster snake away earlier.

The two prepared to leave after the demon corpse was kept. However, Ling Qingzhu had just moved her body when she suddenly became startled. She beckoned with her hand, and a golden light shot out from the space in front of her. Finally, it entered her hand.

“This is our Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace’s Yuan Spirit message. What happened?”

Ling Qingzhu received the golden light as her brows knitted slightly. Finally, her finger pressed on her smooth forehead. A change appeared on her face a moment later.

“What happened? Something happened to your people?” Lin Dong asked in surprise when he saw this.


Ling Qingzhu shook her head. Her clear eyes looked at Lin Dong. After a brief hesitation, she said, “It seems like Yuan Cang and the rest have attacked the Dao Sect disciples…”