Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 794: Unexpected Turn of Events at the Bottom of the Pond

Chapter 794: Unexpected Turn of Events at the Bottom of the Pond


Chapter 794: Unexpected Turn of Events at the Bottom of the Pond


Lin Dong’s body felt an extremely pure and mysterious energy surging over from all directions the moment his body entered the Supreme Purity Celestial Pond. Finally, this energy steadily tunnelled into his body. While being nourished by this energy, Lin Dong could faintly feel a slightly piercing pain that originated from inside his body.

However, this piercing pain was not the same pain that resulted from injuries. Instead, a vaguely comfortable sensation was spreading in addition to this pain. It felt just like when a wound was being healed.

“This is… such powerful healing properties!”

Shock and amazement surfaced on Lin Dong’s face, before swiftly turning into pleasant surprise. This was because he had discovered that the source of the piercing pain was from some of the injuries left within his body.

Lin Dong had fought countless life and death battles over the years. Quite a number of them were bloody battles, hence, his body was naturally plagued with various internal injuries. Although some of the serious injuries could be swiftly healed by relying on his strong physical body, there would ultimately be some bruises that remained hidden. These slight injuries were normally difficult to be sensed by even Lin Dong himself. Although they were minor wounds which did not hinder Lin Dong much, the accumulation of such wounds was frightening. Should they be accumulated until a certain point, it would no longer be a trivial matter once they blew up.

It was due to this, that Lin Dong felt joyfully surprised as he felt those hidden injuries within his body being healed by the Supreme Purity Celestial Pond’s energy. It seemed that he had unknowingly resolved a potential problem that might give him a headache in the future.

Lin Dong quietly sighed in relief. A thread of Devouring Power subsequently spread outwards, as the speed at which the energy surged into his body rose greatly. Lin Dong no longer paid any attention to it after seeing this. Yuan Power surged within his eyes, as he began to search for Ling Qingzhu’s figure within the pond.

“Where has she gone?”

Although Lin Dong was currently underwater, he was still able to see everything clearly. However, what puzzled him, was that he was could not find Ling Qingzhu anywhere in the pond.

“Could she have gone below?” Lin Dong’s gaze swept around. He looked at the somewhat dark pond bottom and frowned. After some hesitation, his toes pushed off, and his body rapidly swam to the bottom of the pond while being wrapped by green light.

The Supreme Purity Celestial Pond was not massive. However, its depths was unusually extensive. Moreover, there were quite a number of meandering water tunnels within it, hence, its terrain was exceptionally complicated.

Lin Dong’s body shuttled through these water tunnels. His Mental Energy was fully activated at this moment. He followed the most minute responses and adjusted his direction.

This search continued for a whole ten minutes. However, Lin Dong still failed to accomplish anything. This fact caused Lin Dong to knit his brows tightly. The situation was a little unusual…


While Lin Dong was feeling faintly puzzled in his heart, his expression suddenly changed as his spreading Mental Energy finally detected something. His gaze hurriedly looked at the bottom left position. After which, he rushed out. His body drew passed the water flow, emitting splashing sounds.

Lin Dong was extremely fast. A couple of minutes later, he had already reached the spot where his Mental Energy had sensed some unusual activity. After which, he saw a cluster of emerald green light blossoming at the bottom of the pond. A suet jade-like naked body was curled up within the light, her fine black hair scattered behind her. From a distance, she appeared like a mermaid in a slumber. This lovely figure was Ling Qingzhu, who had entered the Supreme Purity Celestial Pond earlier.

“Finally found her.”

Lin Dong undoubtedly heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Ling Qingzhu. Quickly after, his pupils suddenly shrunk. His eyes suddenly looked at the area below Ling Qingzhu. Rays of jade green light were shooting out from that spot, and coincidentally connected to the light cluster around Ling Qingzhu’s body.

“There is indeed something strange going on!”

Lin Dong’s expression suddenly became a lot more grim after seeing this scene. He suddenly waved his sleeve, and a force swept towards the bottom of the pond , directly blowing away the mud. After the mud scattered, it was possible to see a sinisterly white skeleton lying at the bottom of the pond.

Fluorescent light spread over the skeleton. Those jade green threads of light shot out from the skeleton, before connecting to Ling Qingzhu’s body.

Light continuously flashed on the connected light threads. There seemed to be something continuously surging out from Ling Qingzhu’s body, before finally being poured into the sinisterly white skeleton.

Lin Dong stared intently at the white skeleton. Those black eyes of the latter seemed to flicker with a jade green light.

This skeleton was actually absorbing the life force within Ling Qingzhu’s body!

Lin Dong’s pupils abruptly shrunk to the size of pinholes. His hand turned into blade as it furiously hacked downwards. Sharp palm force whistled out, and ruthlessly chopped at the jade green light threads.


However, the palm force which could slice a mountain, did not have any effect when it landed on the light threads. Instead, it was repelled.

Lin Dong’s expression changed when he saw this. His body moved, and he swam towards the light threads. Devouring Power surged on his palm, before he grabbed the light threads.

Chi chi!

White fog immediately erupted from the light threads when Lin Dong’s hand grabbed them. Devouring Power seeped in, and directly devoured all of the energy that was within this connection.


The jade green light threads finally dimmed rapidly at this moment. In the end, it cracked and crumbled.

The light around Ling Qingzhu’s body also quickly disappeared when the light threads crumbled. However, her tightly shut eyes still did not show any signs of awakening.

Lin Dong moved. He reached out and grabbed Ling Qingzhu’s naked body. The icy cold sensation that met his touch caused his heart to quiver violently. His eyes initially swept over her in an uncontrollable manner. After which, he violently inhaled a breath, and took out a large robe to cover the body that caused all sorts of desires to rise within his body.

Although the robe was wet the moment it was taken out, and ended up adhering to Ling Qingzhu’s body, outlining her enchanting curves. It was at least much better compared to the completely naked body from earlier.

Lin Dong did not have the time to think things through after hugging that enchanting and delicate figure. He merely looked at the skeleton in the mud with cautious eyes. At this moment, the skeleton was actually trembling in a strange manner. Soon after, it unsteadily sat in the mud. There was an extremely weak light flickering within its eyes.

A chill surged through Lin Dong’s heart the moment he saw this scene. From the ancient aura that came seeping out of this skeleton, it seemed like this thing was definitely something from ancient times. Even though Lin Dong had seen all kinds of ancient objects over the years, this was the first time that he saw such activity by a skeleton-like object.

This fellow. Just what kind of powerful desires did he have. He was still able to stir like this after thousands of years…

Lin Dong’s eyes were grave as he watched the trembling skeleton. He was just about to bring Ling Qingzhu and leave this strange place, when he saw the skeleton suddenly stiffen. After which, its bones began to crumble. In the end, it emitted a ‘bang’, and turned into dust that quickly dissipated.

Lin Dong could vaguely hear a voice that was filled with an endless unwillingness being quietly transmitted underwater when this skeleton turned into dust.

Lin Dong was stunned as he watched this scene. Soon after, his eyes flickered. It seemed like this skeleton had finally reached its limit after enduring until this moment. That voice from earlier should have cause it to completely disappear from this world.

While Lin Dong was quietly sighing in relief, a jade green light suddenly flashed and appeared at the spot where the skeleton had disappeared. With a ‘swoosh’ sound, it rushed passed the pond bottom and galloped towards Lin Dong.

Lin Dong cautiously watched the jade green light that rushed over. After which, he discovered that this seemed to be an extremely mysterious spirit light emblem. He could sense an extremely majestic ripple from within this light emblem.

“This is… a Spirit Emblem?” Lin Dong’s pupils shrunk as he muttered.

The so-called Spirit Emblem was the entire essence of an extremely powerful practitioner that had been left behind. It could be considered an extremely rare and precious mystical treasure. Su Ruo had attained her current achievements, because of the Spirit Emblem she had obtained from the ancient realm back then. Moreover, that was merely beginning…

Even Lin Dong’s heart felt boiling hot when faced with such a treasure. However, he was about to move and grab it, but the jade green light dodged him. Finally, it directly entered Ling Qingzhu’s body in front of his speechless eyes.

“Looks like it has no affinity with me.” Lin Dong mocked himself, and shook his head. Such great opportunities always brush past him…

Lin Dong ceased having other thoughts after mocking himself in this manner. He was just about to hug Ling Qingzhu and leave, when he felt the person in his embrace move a little. After which, he lowered his head, and saw a pair of clear opened eyes on a blazing red beautiful face.

Two bright pairs of eyes met each other at the bottom of the pond. Yet, the both of them were strangely silent…