Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 793: Martial Emperor

Chapter 793: Martial Emperor


Chapter 793: Martial Emperor

Unusually berserk and violent flames unfurled in the sky. The heat directly melted the valley wall, creating an enormous hole.

Lin Dong’s expression was indifferent as he watched the rising flames. The miserable cries within the flames continued for a while, before they finally disappeared completely. The two auras inside also totally vanished after the miserable cries disappeared…

The flames continued to burn for quite some time, before gradually beginning to weaken. When the flames were extinguished, the two figures inside had already turned to ashes.

Two experts at the half-step to Profound Life stage were actually directly incinerated into ashes by the Burning Sky Array!

“It is indeed worthy of being a Pure Yuan treasure…” Lin Dong involuntarily licked his lips when he saw this scene. This Burning Sky Cauldron was truly extremely powerful. From a certain point of view, it could be said to be even stronger than the Heavenly Phoenix Zither in Ying Huanhuan’s hands.

“However, it consumes too much energy…” Lin Dong clenched his hand. The Burning Sky Array was not maintained for very long, but the Yuan Power within his body had already been greatly exhausted. This Pure Yuan treasure might be powerful, but it was not something that anyone could use. No wonder Ying Huanhuan would feel so exhausted after using the Heavenly Phoenix Zither.

The flaming light array gradually disappeared at this moment. Finally, it turned into a flaming light, and entered the Burning Sky Cauldron. Following the disappearance of the flaming light, two black Qiankun bags appeared.

Lin Dong was clearly paying close attention to the activity within the Burning Sky Array while he activated it earlier. This was because he was extremely interested in the ‘Martial Emperor Law’ the duo possessed. Hence, he had placed a little of his focus to protect their Qiankun bags. Otherwise, they would also be turned into ashes within the Burning Sky Array along with the Yang Zhan duo.

Lin Dong beckoned with his hand. The two Qiankun Bags flew over and landed in his hands. A thought immediately passed through his mind as his Mental Energy entered.

Normally speaking, these Qiankun Bags would possess the mental energy brand of its owner. However, the Yang Zhan duo had already turned into ashes along with their Yuan Spirits. Hence, their brand had likewise naturally faded. Therefore, Lin Dong’s Mental Energy was not obstructed in any way as it directly entered and began to search profusely.

The things within the Yang Zhan duo’s Qiankun bags were quite messy. However, it could be considered rather abundant. There were all kinds of martial arts, however, none of them caught Lin Dong’s eye.

This search continued for a whole ten minutes. Only then, did a greyish-black jade piece appear in Lin Dong’s hand. A mysterious ripple was vaguely being emitted from within it. This fluctuation was completely similar to the martial arts that the Yang Zhan duo had unleashed earlier.

“It is this thing…”

Lin Dong held this greyish black jade piece, while joy flashed past his eyes. He could sense the tyrannical power of this ‘Martial Emperor Law’. Such a martial art had definitely reached the Heavenly Martial Art level. However, the Yang Zhan duo had not completely mastered it. Otherwise, even if Lin Dong had the aid of the Burning Sky Cauldron, it would not be so easy to finish the two of them off.

A thought passed through Lin Dong’s mind as he held the jade piece. His Mental Energy swiftly entered it.


Lin Dong’s Mental Energy had just entered the jade piece, when a buzzing sound was suddenly emitted from his mind. Soon after, everything in front of him turned black. The scenery changed, turning into a vast starry space.

This sudden change did not cause Lin Dong to panic. He understood that this should be the mental imprint left within the jade piece…

A distortion suddenly appeared in the vast starry space while Lin Dong was quietly focusing his mind. A human figure slowly walked out from the distorted starry space.

When the latter approached, Lin Dong realised the figure was clothed in grey clothes, and his figure was as tall and straight as a mountain. His appearance was not handsome, but he gave off a majestic aura. At this moment, his radiance seemed to be even more dazzling than the bright starry space.

The person stood under the starry space before stepping forward. A fist danced, while a profound martial art was displayed in a natural manner as his feet easily shifted. At that moment, it appeared as though the entire starry space was trembling because of this.

A deep and hoarse voice, that seemed to have originated from the ancient times, resounded heavily within the starry space, while the martial arts was being displayed.

“My entire life can be divided into three stages. In the earlier stage, I battled three thousand eight hundred times, but I failed to achieve a single victory. In the middle stage, I fought in five thousand and three hundred bouts, but I lost five thousand of them.”

Lin Dong was evidently extremely astonished when he heard these words. This elder’s honestly was rather ferocious. He had actually won only three hundred of his over nine thousand battles? This was truly a model example of someone who kept fighting despite continual setbacks…

“In the final stage, I fought eight thousand battles, and lost… ten.”

However, Lin Dong was once again stunned when the following words. Soon after, he inhaled a breath of cool air. A mere ten losses in eight thousand fights… wasn’t the contrast a little too stark?

It must also be said that this person was a true battle fanatic. Such a mindset caused Lin Dong to become speechless upon hearing about it. Lin Dong had also gained some comprehension after being surprised. This elder’s previous defeats clearly allowed his experience to accumulate. He had discovered his inadequacy during his fights, and continued to polish himself. It was likely that he could already be considered a grandmaster at the final stage. He was likely a pinnacle existence even among those at the top, and there was naturally not many who could defeat him.

Of course, what made Lin Dong even more curious, was just what kind of absolute powers did this battle fanatic elder end up losing those ten battles to…

“While I was alive, others bestowed upon me the title Martial Emperor. I continued to accumulate martial arts and eventually created one of my own. It is called the ‘Martial Emperor Law’. In the great world war, I relied on this martial art to kill three generals and heavily injure a king. Although I fell in the end, this was sufficient for me to stand proud in this world.”

Lin Dong’s expression turned completely grave at this moment, and his heart felt slightly shocked. This Martial Emperor was truly someone who defied the natural order. He was actually able to rely on his own strength to kill three generals and seriously injure a king. This ability was likely considered top notch even during those ancient times.

Lin Dong also understood a little about those unknown creatures. The black fog creature, that old ghost Fen Tian had once again suppressed earlier, should belong to the ‘general’ level. On the other hand, the one being suppressed by the Great Desolate Tablet was at the ‘king’ level. Although the Martial Emperor had fallen after completing this feat, his strength had likely already reached a stage that could shock the entire world.

“Martial Emperor Law. It is difficult for an ordinary person to learn it. Anyone from the subsequent generations studying this martial art must not proclaim that you have obtained my inheritance if you fail to completely master it!”

That final low and powerful sentence was filled with pride. It was likely that this Martial Emperor was also an extremely proud person. Hence, he did not wish for his martial art to land in the hands of a mediocre person and ruin its radiance.

That figure in the starry space had also reached the final part of his technique while this final sentence faded. In the end, a punch was unleashed. Immediately, the entire starry space began to rumble and shake. Stars from all over fell from the sky and crashed in the ground with a bang…


Lin Dong let out a deep breath. His eyes faintly contained some shock. The name of this martial art was indeed worthy of its reputation. It was simply a waste for such a martial art to land in the hands of the Yang Zhan duo.

The domain began to collapse the moment the stars fell. Lin Dong’s surroundings changed, as he once again recovered his sight, and returned to the valley once again.

“This martial art is great.”

Lin Dong held the jade piece as he stared blankly at it for a moment. Finally, his lips parted into a grin. The martial art that the figure from earlier had displayed was already completely engraved into his mind. Its majestic aura was even stronger than the Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Hand that Lin Dong practiced. His gains this time was clearly far greater than expected…

“Martial Emperor elder, it is likely that your martial art’s name will no longer be dishonoured now that it has landed in the hands of this young one.”

Lin Dong softly muttered to himself. The Martial Emperor was prideful when he spoke. Similarly, Lin Dong also had a pride that belonged to himself. He did not wish to compare himself to the Martial Emperor. However, now that this martial art had landed in his hands, he would definitely bring out the radiance it deserved.

After Lin Dong’s self mutterings faded, he flipped his hand and kept the jade piece in his Qiankun bag. His descended from the air, and sat down beside the Supreme Purity Celestial Pond, as he quietly waited for Ling Qingzhu to fully recuperate from her injuries.

Half an hour swiftly as he sat in silence. Lin Dong’s eyebrows gradually knitted together as time flowed by. Finally, his eyes narrowed as they paused on the Supreme Purity Celestial Pond, which was still so calm that there was not the slightest ripple on its surface.

It seemed to be a little too calm…

Another half an hour passed while Lin Dong was frowning. Soon after, he finally stood up. His expression was grave as he stared at the Supreme Purity Celestial Pond and mumbled, “Something is amiss…”

Lin Dong’s eyes flickered. He hesitated for a moment as he stood beside the Supreme Purity Celestial Pond. Finally, he moved his body and directly leaped in. That ‘splash’ sound as he entered the water echoed in the valley, and was unusually sweet to the ear …