Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 787: Absorbing

Chapter 787: Absorbing


Chapter 787: Absorbing

A complicated expression appeared in Lin Dong’s eyes as he watched the red robed man. The red robed man whose eyes were now tightly shutting while seated like a statue. He could feel that the man’s life force had already been thoroughly depleted.

The current him was truly dead. Perhaps, not long from now, he might open his eyes once again. However, at that time, he would turn into a puppet, one that would defend this place due to the will left in his heart.

“Lin Dong will carve elder’s kindness into his heart!”

Lin Dong straightened his body before respectfully bowing towards the red robed man in front of him. Even if the latter had not given him so many gifts, just his actions alone were enough to win Lin Dong’s deep respect and admiration.

Perhaps, only those elders who had experienced the great calamity in the distant past would be able to sacrifice their lives for such a noble cause.

Lin Dong looked at the pill within his hand that looked like a dragon’s eye. Contemplation flashed within his eyes, before he sat down. As of now, it was safe within this ancient stash, and this was the best place to digest and absorb the pill.

“Let’s absorb it here then.”

After pondering for a short while, Lin Dong did not hesitate anymore as he gently placed the dragon eye sized pill into his mouth.


After the pill entered his mouth, Lin Dong’s face instantly turned beet red. He could feel an abnormal, boundless and vigorous Yuan Power erupting within his body.

Chi Chi!

Green light rapidly surged out from Lin Dong’s body before his entire body started to rapidly dragonize, in hopes of resisting the battering force of the boundless Yuan Power from the pill.

Furthermore, green scales started to appear on his meridians and bones, continuously strengthening his internals. Despite this, Lin Dong could still feel the waves of throbbing and ripping pain originating from within his body. Under the impact of the battering Yuan Power, minute creaking and cracking sounds could be heard from his meridians.


Lin Dong breathed out deeply. With a thought, the demonic corpse appeared in front of him, before a golden light beam shot out from it and tunnelled into Lin Dong’s body.

At such a time, it was obvious that Lin Dong did not dare to split up the power of his Yuan Spirit. If not, his situation would become dire should a hiccup occur.

Following the return of the portion of his Yuan Spirit, the palm sized Yuan Spirit shade within his Dantian turned a little more corporeal. It beckoned with a tiny hand as the Devouring Ancestral Symbol appeared, accompanied by the sudden eruption of overbearing Devouring Force.

Bang Bang!

Boundless Yuan Power akin to surging tides whizzed throughout Lin Dong’s limbs and bones as a fiery sensation started to rise from within him. Like steam, it started to pervade the entirety of Lin Dong’s body.

The surging Yuan Power circulated throughout his meridians before finally pooling towards the Devouring Ancestral Symbol within his Dantian.


Following the insurge of boundless Yuan Power, the black hole formed from the Devouring Ancestral Symbol started to increase its revolution speed. In the next moment, drop after drop of exceptionally pure Yuan Power liquid started to bubble out of the Ancestral Symbol before dripping onto the Yuan Spirit shade seated on the Dragon Yuan Wheel.

As the exceptionally pure Yuan Power liquid came into contact with the Yuan Spirit shade, faint white mist emerged, which rapidly fused with the shade. As the boundless irrigation continued, the palm sized Yuan Spirit shade gradually started to turn even more corporeal. At the same time, the Dragon Yuan Wheel below it started to emitted a faint golden glow as it absorbed those drops of liquid that had fallen onto it. Immediately, the edge of its blade became even more formidable and sharp.

Meanwhile, in another part of Lin Dong’s body, a cluster of white light was continuously blossoming with a warm glow. This place was the origin of the boundless Yuan Power. An astonishing amount of Yuan Power unceasing bubbled forth from here like an unending ocean…

Within the cluster of light was the dragon eye sized milky white pill. As it whirled and spun, boundless Yuan Power rapidly gushed forth from within it.

This pill was created from the condensation of the last bit of life force within Fen Tian’s body. Although there was already not much life force within his body at that time, with his strength, just a single sliver was considered as boundless as the vast oceans the the current Lin Dong. If the Yuan Power within this pill was to be completely released, even with the Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill, it was enough to cause him to explode several times over.

Of course, the most important point was that this pill did not have the slightest trace of rejection towards Lin Dong. Perhaps this was deliberately done by old man Fen Tian, as it appeared extremely gentle and did not release its Yuan Power in a berserk fashion which would cause problems for Lin Dong.

This was only discovered by Lin Dong while he was absorbing it, causing the appreciation that he had for Fen Tian to rise to another level. In the future, if he was truly able to reach the Reincarnation stage, he would definitely try to rescue and reawaken old man Fen Tian.


A soft sound of aspiration rang out within Lin Dong’s mind before he started to focus all his attention on absorbing the boundless Yuan Power.

Under this endless devouring, the Yuan Spirit shade within his Dantian turned all the more corporeal. Compared to how superficial it was in the past, it was obviously much stronger.

As the Yuan Spirit gradually turned more corporeal, Lin Dong could sense that his strength was violently surging at an extremely delightful rate…


In this fully concentrated condition, five days passed in the blink of an eye.

A youth sat quietly atop a cliff. Majestic undulations continuously rippled from his body, crushing and shattering the rocks around him.

In front of the youth was a pure and cold lady. At this time, her long and narrow pupils were quietly watching the youth that was in the middle of his training. Under her veiled face, some indescribable emotions flashed past.

“He has truly changed…”

Ling Qingzhu muttered to herself. Although she had habitually kept up her quiet and cold nature when facing Lin Dong, now that no one was around, she revealed some of her emotions.

Perhaps there was no woman out there that could truly remain as tranquil as a lake when faced with the man that had taken her virginity. Even for someone like Lin Qingzhu.

Ling Qingzhu’s jadelike hands gently touched her bright and clean face that was akin to jade. Traces of recollection appeared in her eyes as she stared at the young man’s face. The face from five years ago, the face of the immature but obviously headstrong youth, faintly started to overlap with the one before her.

The current him no longer needed to look up at her. He was no longer the young wolf that was attempting to run on the path of the strong. Now, he was a goshawk, one that had just started to spread its wings and fly, one whose name would eventually resound across the entire universe.

The youth from back then had finally reached this step… In response to this, a faint smile surfaced on Ling Qingzhu’s face. She knew that this was truly an impressive feat…


While Lin Qingzhu was smiling faintly, a sudden change happened to her face as she raised her head. She immediately saw that the closed eyes of the youth before her had unknowingly opened and was firmly staring at her.

As their eyes met, it was obvious that Ling Qingzhu was caught somewhat unprepared, which led her to be in a daze in response to Lin Dong suddenly opened eyes.

As their eyes met, a smile suddenly appeared on Lin Dong’s face. While Ling Qingzhu was still in a daze, he extended his hand and pulled off the veil covering her face.

As the veil slid off, a soul stirringly beautiful face appeared before Lin Dong’s eyes. The beauty that could cause the downfall of nations caused a look of admiration and breathlessness to appear on Lin Dong’s face.


Only after her veil was torn off, did Ling Qingzhu regain her senses. Those tranquil eyes that were akin to a lake finally lost their tranquillity and calmness, as an embarrassed and angry look appeared on her face, while she hurriedly retreated.

“Truly beautiful.”

Lin Dong raised his head and looked towards the blushing lady under the illumination of the sunlight. At this moment, she was fairy that had descended from the heavens, a sight that was all the more alluring and beautiful.