Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 786: Fen Tian

Chapter 786: Fen Tian


Chapter 786: Fen Tian

The shrivelled face of the red robed man contained some iciness as he looked at the Yuan Cang trio, who were carrying the bright red cauldron and were about to flee this realm. After which, he extended his hand and suddenly clenched it.


The crimson cauldron in the distance immediately trembled intensely after he clenched his hand, before a terrifying ripple was emitted. In an instant, the three horn-like Soul Treasures were shattered in front of the drastically changing expressions of the Yuan Cang trio.


This turn of events caused Yuan Cang’s pupils to shrink. However, he was very decisive and did not harbour any thoughts of resisting. A stern cry sounded as he took the lead and shot towards the spatial vortex. Lei Qian and Ling Zhen, who had ugly expressions, hurriedly followed behind.

A red glow flashed deep within the red robed man’s eyes. He waved his sleeve and the enormous cauldron swiftly flew upwards. Subsequently, a fiery red pillar of light shot out. It violently struck at the spatial vortex just as the Yuan Cang trio were about to enter it.


A wild and violent fluctuation engulfed the trio, as a pale white colour instantly surged up their faces and they spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. All of them were frightened to death and none of them dared to stay behind as they used the resulting momentum to escape into the space vortex in an extremely miserable manner. Finally, they disappeared.

After he chased away the Yuan Cang trio with a wave of his palm, his eyes were a little solemn as he surveyed the remaining individuals. Promptly, he fanned his sleeve as a wild gust rose and directly fanned all the remaining people into the spatial vortexes.

Lin Dong could not help but grin as he watched all those miserable figures being fanned away. Soon after, he saw the red robed man’s eyes shoot over towards him and Ling Qingzhu.

“Cough… this young one shall…”

Lin Dong coughed dryly when he realized the red robed man was staring at him. He was just about to withdraw obediently when the latter opened his mouth and slowly said, “Young one, many thanks to you this time.”

Lin Dong was momentarily startled. He immediately spread his hands outwards and replied, “ I was fortunate enough to obtain a piece of elder’s formation. Moreover, if the creature escaped, it will likely bring about quite a great deal of trouble…”

“You know about this creature?” A look of surprise clearly flashed across the red robed man’s shrivelled face.

“I had once seen a similar creature that called itself ‘king’…” Lin Dong said. He was naturally talking about the creature that was being suppressed by the Great Desolate Tablet.

“King?” However, the red robed man’s expression immediately changed somewhat when he heard this word. His body quickly moved and he directly appeared in front of Lin Dong. His deep eyes stared intently at the latter. Moments later, he suddenly extended his hand and grabbed Lin Dong’s wrist.

Lin Dong was also surprised by this action. However, when he thought of the enormous gap between the both of them, he forcefully calmed himself down. This gap was not something that any technique or trick could make up for…

The red robed man grabbed Lin Dong’s arm. Soon after, his eyes swiftly flickered. A long while later, he finally relaxed his hand. He stared at Lin Dong, his mouth quivering as he used a voice that only Lin Dong could hear.

“I never expected… that you actually possess the Devouring Ancestral Symbol and… the Ancestral Stone.”

Lin Dong’s heart gently trembled for a while. He was not surprised that the Devouring Ancestral Symbol had been discovered by the red robed man. However, the so called Ancestral Stone… could he be referring to the Stone Talisman?

“Elder, the Ancestral Stone… what does it do?” Lin Dong hesitated for a moment. He wrapped his voice with Yuan Power before transmitting it to the red robed man.

The red robed man mused for a moment. His eyes suddenly looked towards Ling Qingzhu by the side. Immediately, a cautious expression surfaced in her eyes when she saw this scene. Before waiting for the former to speak, her body floated backwards.

“I shall take a look around this place.”

Lin Dong’s expression could not help but turn little strange as he watched Ling Qingzhu drifting away. This was because he had remembered their absurd act in the ancient tomb in Great Yan Empire five years ago was also caused by a Nirvana stage expert who had died a long time ago. From the looks of it, Ling Qingzhu was still traumatized by that incident…

The red robed man moved after seeing Ling Qingzhu disappear into the distance. He landed on the mountain peak that had been formed from the lava earlier, while Lin Dong also swiftly followed behind.

“While I still possess some consciousness, I shall tell you a little…” The red robed man sat down and spoke in a hoarse voice.

“Elder’s consciousness cannot be continuously maintained?” Lin Dong frowned and asked.

“Strictly speaking, I have already died a long time ago. However, I have used some techniques to retain some life Qi. Henceforth, I transformed into this living dead state. However, now that this creature has once again been suppressed, my consciousness will soon begin to scatter. If you come to this place in the future, you will perhaps only be able to see a puppet that uses its instinct to guard this mountain.” The red robed man’s tone was calm. It was as though he was not afraid of death.

Lin Dong felt some respect. The broad-mindedness of these ancient experts were indeed worthy of his respect.

“Haha, when faced with true danger, there will always be people who will abandon their numerous grudges. That great world war nearly destroyed the entire world. In the end, only after lord Symbol Ancestor broke the cycle of reincarnation, did he finally save the world.” An ugly smile surfaced on the red robed man’s face as he spoke.

“Symbol Ancestor?” Lin Dong was slightly startled. Just who was this person? To actually command such great respect from this red robed man.

“He is the saviour of this world. If it was not because he ignited his reincarnation and used his life to seal the crack between the worlds, that great world war might have continued for countless years…” The red robed man faintly smiled.

“The Ancestral Stone in your hand is something that lord Symbol Ancestor left behind…”

“Oh?” Lin Dong was somewhat moved. Although he knew that the Mysterious Stone Talisman had an extraordinary background, he never imagined that it would be something left behind by the leader of that great world war, the Symbol Ancestor…

“During the great world war, the Ancestral Stone sealed three kings in a row. However, it was eventually wounded severely. Currently, it should be in a dormant state. Whether you can awaken it will depend on fate…” The red robed man slowly said.

Lin Dong nodded.

“At the end of the day, we did not truly win the great world war back then. At most, we can only say that we managed to save our world by paying a terrible price… these Yimo will not give up. Perhaps, a great battle will erupt in the future. However, we will have to rely on all of you when that time comes…” The red robed man spoke in a hoarse voice.

Lin Dong was quiet. It seemed a little too early for the current him to talk about such matters.

“Our meeting is part of fate. Since you have obtained the Ancestral Stone, perhaps lord Symbol Ancestor has somehow chosen you… soon, I will lose my mind. Perhaps there are some things that I can give to you…” The red robed man beckoned with his hand. The couple of thousand feet large crimson cauldron rapidly shrunk. Finally, it reached the size of a palm and fell into Lin Dong’s hand.

“This is the Burning Sky Cauldron… my essence Yuan Treasure. However, it is likely that I will no longer be able to use it in the future. Although you are unable to unleash its full potential with your current strength, it is still a pretty formidable weapon…”

Lin Dong was stunned for a while when he saw the crimson cauldron slowly drifting to his front. Soon after, he silently nodded. He did not put up an act, but instead, he extended his hand and carefully received it.

The red robed man pondered for a time after handing the cauldron to Lin Dong. Suddenly, he extended his hand. Rich life Qi gathered in his palm. Finally, it turned into a dragon eye size pure white pill. An astonishing life Qi scattered from within the pill.

“You should consume it. It will allow your strength to soar significantly. However, the current you is unable to fully consume it. Most of its medicinal strength will be left within your body. This will likely be quite beneficial towards you.”

Lin Dong was dazed as he stared at the red robed man. As the life Qi was forcefully squeezed out the from within him, his originally shrivelled skin turned much paler.


Lin Dong pursed his lips. Clearly, he was unable to accept these valuable gifts!

“I believe in the Ancestral Stone’s choice…” The red robed man smiled faintly.

Lin Dong was quiet for a moment. Finally, he nodded gently. He respectfully extended his hand and took a dragon-eye like pill from the red robed man. Lin Dong immediately felt his Yuan Power gallop and surge when he received the pill.

“May I know elder’s name?” Lin Dong received the pill and respectfully inquired.

“I am Fen Tian… others frequently call me Old Ghost Fen Tian…” The red robed man laughed.

“This young one will always remember elder Fen Tian’s great favour.” Lin Dong spoke in a deep voice.

“Haha… there is no need to remember. This old man only wishes for you to help me with something…” The red robed man said.

“Elder, please speak.”

“That friend of yours… please take good care of her.” The red robed man spoke in a hoarse voice.

Lin Dong’s eyes flickered for a while. He naturally understood that the red robed man was referring to Ying Huanhuan…

“Elder and her… were both of you acquainted in the past?” Lin Dong hesitated for a moment.

“I have received pointers from milady.”

The red robed man laughed. He continued, “It looks like milady has successfully passed the reincarnation. Haha, she is indeed the disciple that lord Symbol Ancestor values the most…”

Lin Dong’s heart trembled for a while. Soon after, he solemnly cupped his hands together. “Elder can be rest assured that I will protect her.”

“I will thank you then…” The red robed man smiled a little. Immediately, a worn out expression surged onto his face. Both of his eyes also began to slowly shut.

“Elder, is there anyway to save you?” Lin Dong hurriedly asked when he saw this scene.

The red robed man’s eyes were kind. He appeared to smile. After which, both of his eyes slowly shut completely. Subsequently, a hoarse voice was transmitted into Lin Dong’s ears.

“Once you have comprehended reincarnation… return to this place…”