Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 784: Red Robe Versus Black Fog

Chapter 784: Red Robe Versus Black Fog


Chapter 784: Red Robe Versus Black Fog


The black ray suddenly arrived. A frightening sensation of death spread out from it. Even Lin Dong’s expression changed drastically at that moment. This attack was not something that they could survive.

Ying Huanhuan clenched her pearly white teeth. Her jadelike hand landed on the Heavenly Phoenix Zither. However, just as she was about to attempt blocking the attack, the space in front of her suddenly distorted. After which, a red robed figure suddenly appeared in front of her. He grabbed with his hand and directly shattered the black ray.

This sudden and unforeseen event also caused Lin Dong and the rest to be momentarily stunned. Soon after, their eyes looked towards the red robed figure and their pupils shrunk slightly. This was because Lin Dong discovered that this person was actually the red robed person seated in the lava…

“He is actually alive…” Cold sweat appeared on Lin Dong’s palm. Even he had no choice but to be particularly fearful of these old monsters.

The red robed person’s deep set eyes paused on Ying Huanhuan after blocking the black ray. A somewhat dazed look of pondering flashed across his shrivelled face. A long while later, his mouth moved but no voice was emitted.

Ying Huanhuan’s large eyes looked at the red robed person who had come to their aid in a strange manner. The most bewildering thing was that her heart did not feel even the least bit afraid when she faced this unknown person from ancient times.

Lin Dong extended his hand and pulled Ying Huanhuan behind him while the two were gazing at with each other. He held the black tree trunk in his hand, a cautious look on his face as he cupped his fists together and said, “Elder… we have no intentions of disturbing you. We will leave quickly.”

After having such close contact with the red robed man, Lin Dong could sense that the latter’s aura appeared to be quite strange. It felt as though he was not a living person, but instead more like a half dead person… as if… it was a different type of demon corpse. However, this person currently appeared to possess some consciousness.

The mysterious state of being neither dead nor alive.

The red robed man seemed to have not heard Lin Dong’s words. His eyes merely remained focused on Ying Huanhuan. Seeing his appearance, Ying Xiaoxiao and the rest also became nervous and Yuan Power quietly surged within them.

The red robed man suddenly gently bent his body towards Ying Huanhuan while all of them were nervous. After which, without saying anything, he turned and left. He stepped through the air and walked towards the black fog creature that was raging in the sky.


Ying Xiaoxiao and the rest was stunned when they saw this scene. In the end, they looked at the uncertain expression on Ying Huanhuan’s face. Clearly, they did not understand why the red robed man would treat the latter in such a fashion.

Lin Dong’s tightly clenched fist relaxed slightly. It seems that the red robed man was aware of Ying Huanhuan’s identity before she had reincarnated. Moreover, from the looks of it, that person’s status was likely quite remarkable. Otherwise, this neither dead nor alive red robed man would not pay her such respect.

“What is he planning to do?” Wang Yan watched the black fog creature and the red robed person in the sky and could not help but ask.

Lin Dong was also observing this scene. From the looks of it, the red robed man seemed to be intent on attacking the black fog creature…


In the sky, Yuan Power as vast as a sea of fire suddenly swept out from within the red robed man while Lin Dong’s group were observing. After which, it directly formed a large fire curtain that enveloped the black fog creature within.

Sizzle sizzle!

Black rays heavily blasted into the fire curtain. However, it had difficulty obtaining the same unstoppable effect it had earlier. Instead, it was incinerated by the rising flames, as sizzling sounds were emitted.

“Old ghost Fen Tian, it has been so many years since we met. To think that you have actually been reduced to such a state, a state where you are neither dead nor alive. Tsk tsk. It looks like you have failed the reincarnation tribulation, right!” The black fog that permeated the sky surged. The scarlet light within directly locked onto the red robed man who had arrived and laughed in a sharp voice.

“The reason I am living like this… is to suppress you.”

The red robed man raised his head. His originally dazed eyes had a sharp flicker gathering within them as his hoarse voice slowly sounded.

“Suppress this general? Tsk tsk, you lowly creatures. If it was not because that fellow had ignited his reincarnation and sealed this crack between the worlds, would your world still exist?” The black fog wiggled. A sharp voice continued to be emitted.

“But in the end, we won… this time, I will suppress you again.”

The red robed man’s tone was rough. Soon after, he beckoned with his hand and the enormous cauldron that was suspended in the sky suddenly whizzed down. A monstrous flame spat out from the mouth of the cauldron and swept towards the black fog creature.

“Tsk tsk, a weak creature like you actually dares to have delusional thoughts of suppressing this general!”

The black fog also surged out at this moment and directly turned into a ten thousand feet large hand that forcefully scattered the fire pillar that was shooting towards it.

“Swoosh swoosh!”

Countless hundreds of feet large fire pillars continuously shot out from within the cauldron at this moment. The flame flowed and swiftly turned into a monstrous fire array. After which, it directly covered the black fog creature.

“Devil Swallowing the World!”

Scarlet light flickered rapidly as it watched the enormous approaching fire array. Clearly, it had also sensed some danger. In the end, the monstrous black fog spread, while an indescribably dark and cold evilness scattered from within it. Space showed signs of collapsing after being eroded by the black fog.


The fire array and the black fog finally violently collided together. Immediately, the entire world seemed to tremble intensely at this moment. Tongues of flames and black light swept apart in a crazy manner, flattening several surrounding mountains. Such destructive strength could be described as world-shaking.

A large hand of darkness suddenly flew out and slammed heavily onto the bright red cauldron. A loud sound appeared and the enormous cauldron flew backwards before landing on the ground with a loud crashing sound, directly smashing a thousand feet large pit on the ground.

“Tsk tsk, your broken cauldron seems to be weaker than before?” A pleased and ear-piercing laughter was emitted from within the black fog after it sent the bright red cauldron flying with a palm.

“Is that so?”

The red robed man replied in a hoarse voice. Red light flowed deep within his eyes. In the next moment, he beckoned with his hand as eight rays of bright red light suddenly shot out from within the cauldron. The light rays gathered in the sky and finally turned into eight bright red light tablets.

Lin Dong’s eyes immediately hardened when he saw these eight bright red light tablets. This was because he had discovered that they were exactly the same as the bright red light tablet that he had obtained before.

Swoosh swoosh!

The light tablets shot out and suspended themselves in the skies above eight extremely large volcanos. The volcano trembled, rumbling as monstrous lava shot out. In the end, eight enormous lava doors were formed in the sky.

Eight lava doors hovered the sky. It was obvious that they made up a frightening formation. However, there seemed to be one corner missing at the north east location. It was obviously not complete.

“Everyone, leave this place now.”

Lava danced in the sky. At this moment, even the air itself had become extremely hot. The bodies of some gradually began to become boiling hot, while the hoarse voice of the red robed man echoed.

Buzz buzz!

The surrounding space immediately twisted when his voice sounded, transforming into several spatial vortexes.

“Leave quickly!”

Countless individuals immediately fled as a swarm when they saw the spatial vortexes appearing. They would undoubtedly die if they even the tiniest bit caught up in a fight of this level. At this moment, they clearly did not harbour any thoughts towards the ancient treasures in the stash.

“All of you should also leave.” Lin Dong tilted his head and spoke solemnly towards Ying Huanhuan and the rest.

“What about you?” Ying Huanhuan seemed to have sensed Lin Dong’s intention to stay behind as she hurriedly asked.

“Don’t worry, I will be fine. Wait for me on the outside!” Lin Dong swiftly replied. After which, his eyes suddenly hardened. This was because he saw that the Yuan Cang trio had actually secretly rushed out and fly towards the bright red cauldron that had fallen on the ground in the distance.

Those three fellows were actually planning to steal the cauldron!


Ying Xiaoxiao also saw the Yuan Cang trio’s actions and her expression changed slightly. All of them had witnessed the might of the cauldron earlier. If this thing was obtained by Yuan Cang’s group, it would be quite dangerous for them. However, she was also aware that she was unable to assist him by remaining behind. Therefore, she acted decisively as she directly pulled Ying Huanhuan and the rest and quickly jumped into the spatial vortexes.


Lin Dong sighed in relief when he saw Ying Xiaoxiao and the rest leave. After which, his dark gaze shifted. Those three fellows had created such a big mess, yet they were still intent on stealing treasures. They were truly a little too shameless…

No matter what, that cauldron must not land in their hands!