Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 783: Red Robed Man

Chapter 783: Red Robed Man


Chapter 783: Red Robed Man

A fiery aura rose up from the crimson mountains. From a distance, they looked just like burning mountains. An appearance that was extremely dazzling.

Lin Dong’s gaze was tightly glued onto the enormous cauldron that hovered in the sky above the mountains. The cauldron was bright red and there were images of flames on its surface. The fiery hot ripples that were being continuously emitted by it seemed to intend on incinerating the entire sky.

Clearly, this cauldron was the place where Lin Dong and the others were trapped previously.


Soon after Lin Dong appeared on this mountain range, Ling Qingzhu and the Yuan Cang trio also quickly appeared nearby. Subsequently, the surrounding space quickly turned distorted as numerous figures were spat out from the distorted space. Within a short few minutes, the sky above the quiet mountain range were filled with a sea of people.

Following the appearance of this sea of people, the place also became much noisier. Quite a number of people were surveying their surroundings with cautious expressions. Some people even had bloodstains on their bodies. From the looks of it, they had quite a hard time in the Burning Sky Array.

“Lin Dong!”

A joyous voice suddenly appeared from amongst the human figures that spread across the sky. Lin Dong turned his head, only to see a large group of figures rushing over. The ones leading them were Ying Xiaoxiao, Ying Huanhuan and Wang Yan.

“Are you alright?” Lin Dong sighed in relief when he saw that the three of them were fine and hurriedly asked.

“We’re good. This Burning Sky Ancient Stash is too strange…” Ying Xiaoxiao shook her head. Her face had a grave expression. Clearly, she also had a taste of just how powerful the Burning Sky Array was.

“Big brother Lin Dong!”

Another young lady’s joyous and melodious voice sounded from the distance. Soon after, Lin Dong saw Qingtan and Chen Gui rushing over from the distance.

Lin Dong was finally completely relieved when he saw the two of them hurrying over. It was fortunate that everyone was fine.

At this moment, the sky was in complete chaos. The members of the various factions hurriedly gathered together. For a time, the noise seemed to be about to overturn the sky.

“Be careful.”

Lin Dong watched the chaotic sky. After which, his eyes were thrown towards the enormous cauldron as he softly cautioned. This cauldron might be a treasure but he did not believe that it was able to suppress that unknown creature.

“If the situations changes later, all of you must leave immediately!” Lin Dong reminded. This Burning Sky Ancient Stash did not possess numerous treasures as everyone had imagined. Instead, it held a group of demons that would kill everyone…

When Ying Xiaoxiao and the rest saw Lin Dong’s grave expression, they nodded although they did not understand.

“Lin Dong… look at that spot…” Ying Huanhuan suddenly pursed her lips. Her delicate finger pointed at the tallest mountain in this mountain range. There was lava flowing down from the top of it. It was just like a live volcano.


Lin Dong narrowed his eyes. His sight followed the direction where Ying Huanhuan was pointing towards. A moment later, his eyes suddenly focused. He seemed to have seen a human figure seated in the lava at the mountain peak…

“There is actually someone here?” Lin Dong’s expression changed. He focused as he looked over, only to discover an extremely shrivelled figure. His body was covered by a bright red robe. Moreover, Lin Dong could not sense any life energy from his body. It looked just like a shrivelled corpse…

“Is he dead?” Lin Dong knitted his brows and muttered.

“No…” Ying Huanhuan shook her head. An icy blue colour flashed across her large eyes as she softly said, “It seems… he can still be considered alive.”

“Still… considered alive?” Lin Dong was clearly stunned by Ying Huanhuan strange reply. One was either dead or alive. What did it mean by still considered alive?

“I am not certain either… however, I can sense that his life force has not completely vanished… moreover… his aura is a little familiar.” Ying Huanhuan knitted her brows and contemplated for a moment before explaining.

Her last sentence was basically spoken in a whisper. Others might not be able to clearly hear what she had said but Lin Dong could hear some of it. His pupils shrunk slightly. It was naturally impossible for Ying Huanhuan to have met the red robed person seated in the lava. However… this did not mean that her previous reincarnation had never met him…

The so-called familiar feeling was very likely something that her previous reincarnator had given her.

“She met him before reincarnating huh…”


While Lin Dong’s eyes were focused on the human figure in the lava on the mountain, the cauldron in the sky suddenly began to tremble. A loud collision sound suddenly spread.

“Tsk tsk, old ghost Fen Tian, your broken cauldron cannot suppress this general!”

A monstrous black fog suddenly spread out from the bright red cauldron while it shook. A piercing and hearty laughter that contained an endlessly sinister feeling swept across the mountain range.

The black fog gathered outside the cauldron. One could vaguely see a scarlet light flashing within it, like the eyes of a devil. It caused fear in those who had been looked upon by it.

“So many ants…”

The scarlet light swept over the human figures that filled the sky. Soon after, a sinister voice emerged from the black fog. In the next instant, countless black rays of light suddenly shot out.

Chi chi!

The black rays of light swiftly penetrated some people who were not able to dodge. Next, everyone were stunned as they watched the bodies of those who were struck begin to gradually wither away. In the end, not even their bones remain as they turned into ashes and scattered.

The entire sky immediately became chaotic. Shocked expression surged over everyone’s faces.

“Leave quickly!”

Lin Dong inhaled a deep breath of air and immediately cried out in a deep voice. This unknown creature that had survived since the ancient times was clearly not something that they could match up to. Remaining behind would only be akin to seeking their own deaths.

Ying Xiaoxiao and the rest hurriedly nodded when they heard this. They could similarly sense a rich danger from the black fog creature.

Lin Dong and the rest swiftly pulled back. Numerous black rays rushed pass all around them. None of those struck by it could withstand it and were directly reduced to ashes. For a time, ashes drifted over the sky, appearing like a storm of grey.

Lin Dong stood at the back of the group. His eyes were extremely cautious as they watched the black rays that shot over from all directions. His pupils suddenly shrunk in the next moment. A black ray of light had finally found its target and shot explosively towards them.

Lin Dong’s eyes turned grave and uncertain as he watched the black ray that shot towards them. This was because even he did not have the confidence to receive this attack that contained an extremely mysterious energy…

However, regardless of how uncertain he felt at this moment, he could not withdraw. This was because Qingtan, Ying Huanhuan and the rest were behind him.

Lin Dong inhaled a deep breath of air as majestic Yuan Power surged out. However, he was just about to intervene and block the black ray when a figure stood in front of him first. That bouncing jet-black ponytail belonged to Ying Huanhuan.


Lin Dong was clearly greatly shocked by Ying Huanhuan’s action. He was just about to berate her when the latter shook her head and softly said, “You cannot block that attack.”

Upon hearing this, Lin Dong was taken aback. It was not because of the words. but the additional trace of the bone deep icy chill that was present in Ying Huanhuan’s voice. This coldness was not something her original self possessed…

The black ray arrived like lightning, while an icy blue colour gradually surged out from Ying Huanhuan’s big eyes. Behind her, Lin Dong watched as her jet-black hair started to show signs of turning icy blue…

Lin Dong’s eyes became focused at this moment. Soon after, he clenched his fiss as a black tree trunk flashed and appeared. Clearly, he was planning to immediately take action if something went wrong. At this moment, he no longer had the time to care about whether he could block the strange black ray.


The black ray finally rushed over in the next instant. Finally, it unleashed a ripple of death in front of the eyes of Lin Dong and the rest…


The split second before the black ray could strike Ying Huanhuan, the red robed human figure seated in the lava on the mountain in the distance suddenly opened his eyes. A flash of light flickered deep within those eyes.

“Ice… Ice Master…”

The red robed human figure raised his head. His eyes looked through space before finally stopping on Ying Huanhuan’s figure. An unusually hazy and hoarse voice that was filled with an ancient flavour slowly echoed outwards.