Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 778: Mysterious Realm

Chapter 778: Mysterious Realm


Chapter 778: Mysterious Realm

When Lin Dong entered the distorted space, he could clearly sense a kind of extremely wild and violent heat suddenly erupt from within his body. The heat appeared to be attempting to ignite his body.


The unexpected change in his body did not cause Lin Dong to feel any panic. Although the heat was wild and violent, it was clearly not considered troublesome to someone like him who was already prepared. A thought immediately passed through his mind as majestic Yuan Power surged and directly suppressed the heat.

While Lin Dong was suppressing that heat ripple within his body, he suddenly discovered some signs of chaos in the surrounding space. After which, he was surprised to discover that Ying Xiaoxiao and the rest, who had originally entered the Burning Sky Ancient Stash with him, had actually disappeared at this moment.

Caution swiftly surfaced within his eyes while vast and mighty Yuan Power circulated quietly. He quickly began to scan his surroundings.

The scene that appeared before him was not the expected cluster of ancient halls. Instead, it was a bright red land. A wave of heat rose from the ground, causing the air to feel a little distorted.

“Is this the Burning Sky Ancient Stash?”

Lin Dong knitted his brows slightly as he watched this bright red magma like land before him. Soon after, his body slowly descended. When his feet touched the ground, wild and scorching energy immediately invaded his body. It made one feel somewhat irritable…

The irritation in his heart was immediately discovered by Lin Dong. He quickly circulated his Devouring Power and completely devoured the scorching energy within his body.

“Something is wrong…” Lin Dong muttered to himself. He looked at the vast bright red land. There was no one else but him here. The number of people who entered previously was rather substantial. From the looks of it, this Burning Sky Ancient Stash was not simple. Those who hoped to find treasures immediately after entering would be disappointed…

“Since I have already arrived, I shall see just what kind of tricks this ancient stash can play…” Lin Dong’s eyes gazed into the distance. Soon after, he started to walk forward with a smile, directly heading towards the distant bright red land.

As Lin Dong walked, he observed countless gullies of various sizes on the bright red land. It appeared as though countless great battles had occurred here in the past. One could even see some broken weapons within the bright red sand. It was a place that seemed to give off an aura of desolation.

“Seems like… a big war had occurred in this place…”

Lin Dong slowly walked for over a dozen minutes before he began to frown slightly. The scars on the ground made him understand that an extremely intense battle had definitely occurred in this land.

“Is this a test of the Burning Sky Ancient Stash?” Lin Dong discovered a scorching energy seemed to permeate this land which caused one to become unusually irritated. However, this energy did not cause any trouble for Lin Dong who possessed Devouring Power.

“I wonder how Huanhuan, Qingtan and the rest are doing…” Lin Dong walked for quite a while in this aimless manner before curling his mouth as this thought flashed across his mind.


When this thought had flashed across Lin Dong’s mind, some faint footstep sounds were suddenly heard from somewhere nearby. He immediately lifted his head, only to see a petite figure miserably approaching from within the sand filled wind.

“Qingtan?” Lin Dong was startled when he saw that familiar petite figure. Soon after, he rejoiced.

“Big brother Lin Dong.”

At this moment, the delicate little figure had also seen Lin Dong. Joy quickly surged up her pretty face. After which, she swiftly dashed towards Lin Dong.

Lin Dong watched Qingtan as she dashed over. A smile had also surfaced on his face. However, this smile had only lasted for a moment before it suddenly stiffened. This was because there was a cold glint flickering within Qingtan’s hand as she pounced towards his chest.


That dagger which flickered with a cold light formed a tricky arc as it stabbed at Lin Dong’s throat. Just as he was about to be stabbed, Lin Dong’s expression darkened. A palm that contained a majestic force slammed into “Qingtan’s” body.


A deep sound rang out as “Qingtan’s” body flew backwards. However, it crumbled when it landed, and a cluster of bright red fog rose up before attempting to tunnel into the ground to flee.

However, Lin Dong was even faster. A thread of Devouring Power light shot out from his finger just before the fog could reach the ground. It formed a net that trapped the fog.

The bright red fog attempted to escape and frantically rammed into the net. However, the fog became increasingly weak after a few collisions.

Lin Dong’s eyes were indifferent as he watched the weakening bright red fog. He could sense that there was no consciousness within. These things seemed to be rather mysterious…


An expression of deep thought flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. After which, he pinched the cluster of bright red fog, destroying it. He once again raised his head, a grave look in his eyes as he stared at the bright red realm. The originally ordinary land appeared to possess a trace of strangeness at this moment…

“This place… just what exactly is this place?” Lin Dong’s eyes held a malicious coldness within them. The scene from earlier was far too strange.

“I seem to have been trapped…”

Lin Dong muttered to himself. A cold light immediately flashed across his eyes. He once again lifted his foot and walked forward. He was interested to find out just what this damn place wanted to do!

Lin Dong continued to roam around the bright red realm. The situation that followed did not exceed his expectations. After Qingtan’s appearance, Ying Huanhuan, Ying Xiaoxiao, Wang Yan and the rest appeared one after another. However, all of them would attack Lin Dong the moment they appeared. Although they did not manage to injure Lin Dong, it caused a nefarious flame to gradually rise in his heart. This damned place seemed to be creating these people to attack him based on his memory.


Lin Dong once again blasted another imposter apart. His expression had become exceptionally gloomy. These things seemed to come at him endlessly, and he was unable to stop the cycle no matter how he many times he attacked.

“Are there more?”

Lin Dong suddenly raised his head after blasting another figure apart. Yet another figure had vaguely appeared in the distorted space a short distance to his front. A moment later, it fully appeared within Lin Dong’s sight. Soon after, his face involuntarily began to twitch. This was because the one who had appeared this time was “Ling Qingzhu”…

“This is never going to end…”

Lin Dong’s expression was dark. He took the initiative as he body rushed forward. A fist struck forward and a majestic force blasted towards the figure that appeared a short distance away with at lightning speed.

The beautiful figure which had just appeared was clearly a little startled when it saw that it was attacked the moment it appeared. With mysterious yet graceful footwork, it dodged the fist.


Lin Dong was momentarily stunned when he saw that his attack had been avoided. He quickly laughed coldly, “Their intelligence seems to be increasing huh…”

Lin Dong had already approached the figure after his voice sounded out. At this distance, he could already see Ling Qingzhu’s pretty face which was hidden behind a veil. He had even captured the latter’s slight frown in his eyes.


However, this did not stop Lin Dong from attacking. His formidable palm attack mercilessly slammed struck at “Ling Qingzhu”.

A furious expression seemed to flash across “Ling Qingzhu’s” face upon seeing Lin Dong continue to attack. She lifted her jadelike hand. It contained mighty Yuan Power as it collided head on with Lin Dong’s attack

Mighty Yuan Power rippled outwards, and even the ground was split apart. The unprepared Lin Dong also hurriedly took over a dozen steps back. Immediately, his face filled with surprise. Why did the imposter that appeared this time around possess such strength?

“What are you doing?” The figure opposite him had already knitted her brows while Lin Dong was stunned. There was an additional trace of fury within her cold voice.

“You can speak?”

Lin Dong was once again taken aback. Immediately, he seemed to have thought of something and his expression turned ugly, “You are the real Ling Qingzhu?”

Ling Qingzhu looked at Lin Dong with a strange expression. After which, she slowly nodded.

Upon seeing this, embarrassment immediately surfaced on Lin Dong’s face. It was likely that he was aware of the great amount of face he had lost.