Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 777: Opening of the Burning Sky Ancient Stash

Chapter 777: Opening of the Burning Sky Ancient Stash


Chapter 777: Opening of the Burning Sky Ancient Stash

“Lin Dong, do you really think that you can act arrogantly before our Yuan Gate just because you have defeated Lei Qian once?” Little Spirit King Ling Zhen cried out coldly. His face had once again darkened when he heard Lin Dong’s words.

A sinister chill had also surged onto Yuan Cang’s indifferent face. Immediately, however, it was forcefully suppressed. Both of his eyes contained an intensely cold look as he stared at Lin Dong. After which, he waved his hand towards Ling Zhen, turned around and left.

“There will ultimately be a time to pay you back for the victory you gained through words. Hopefully, you will still be able to laugh at that time…” Yuan Cang turned around. However, his dark and cold voice, which contained a rich murderous desire was transmitted backwards. Everyone could tell that this most outstanding person amongst the young disciples of Yuan Gate had been infuriated by Lin Dong.

Ling Zhen and the other Yuan Gate disciples also stared at Lin Dong’s group with maliciously cold eyes. After which, they turned around and followed Yuan Cang.

Only after the withdrawal of the Yuan Gate disciples did the hostile atmosphere gradually disappear. Quite a number of Dao Sect disciples relaxed their tightly clenched hands. Perspiration was present on their palms. Although they felt a little anxious in their hearts, their eyes could not hide their excitement. Dao Sect had fought with Yuan Gate many times over the years. However, they had never felt as greatly satisfied as today.

“Are you alright?”

Ying Huanhuan also secretly sighed in relief when she saw Yuan Gate withdraw. She kept the Heavenly Phoenix Zither in her embrace. At the same time, she glanced at the somewhat pale Lin Dong as a worried look involuntarily flashed across her large eyes.

“I have exhausted myself a little too greatly, but it won’t hinder me much.”

Lin Dong shook his head slightly. This fight was not considered a relaxing one for him. Lei Qian did indeed live up to his reputation of being one of the three little kings of Yuan Gate. If it was not because Lin Dong had reversed the rotation of the Ancient Universe Formation, it was likely that he would have difficulty defeating the latter.

“However, we can be considered to have completely fallen out with them…”

“So be it. I was originally planning on trying to peacefully get through this Great Sect Competition. However, Yuan Gate has picked on us since the beginning. Giving in too much at times will result in an opposite effect.” Ying Xiaoxiao sighed softly.

During this journey, she had finally become aware that the grudge between Yuan Gate and Dao Sect was already quite deep. Attempting to avoid it was really too idealistic.

Lin Dong silently nodded. He did not intend on purposefully and completely angering Yuan Gate. However, the latter was too domineering in their actions. Sometimes, things could not be avoided just by giving in.

“Everyone should be careful when we enter the Burning Sky Ancient Stash later.”

Lin Dong reminded everyone. For some unknown reason, he had the feeling that this Burning Sky Ancient Stash was not simple. It was likely that its interior was not as peaceful as those ancient treasure troves he had encountered in the past…

“Brother Chen Gui, I will have to trouble you to take care of my little sister when the time comes.” Lin Dong glanced at the lady in black beside him before speaking to Chen Gui.

“The current me does not need you to worry about such things.” Qingtan frowned a little. Clearly, she was very displeased that Lin Dong was still treating her like her completely helpless self of the past.

However, her protest clearly failed to obtain any result. Lin Dong merely glanced at her and ignored her.

“He he, brother Lin Dong, you can be rest assured. Master had sternly warned me not to allow any accident to happen to junior sister when we left.” Chen Gui smilingly nodded.

Lin Dong smiled. After which, he lifted his gaze. Those disciples from Yuan Gate had already gathered in front of the distorted space a great distance to their front. After which, Yuan Cang, who was leading them, slowly stepped forward in front of countless fiery hot eyes.

“They do indeed possess a method to open the ancient stash huh…” Lin Dong muttered. His brows twitched when he saw this scene.

Yuan Cang clenched his hand in front of numerous gazes as a fiery red glow appeared in his hand. Within that cluster of light appeared to be a burning flame.

Yuan Cang tossed with his hand. That cluster of red glowing flame left his hand. After which, it was accompanied by a fiery tail as it directly shot towards the distorted space.

Sizzle sizzle!

The fire made contact with the distorted space. Immediately, circular fiery red glow began to fluctuate and spread. Soon after, everyone watched as the distorted space began to slowly crack apart. After tearing the distorted space, an endless fiery light appeared. An extremely ancient aura was emitted from it. It appeared as though they had returned to a prehistoric land.


Following the tearing of this distorted space, the atmosphere had also suddenly become fiery hot. Those countless gazes had become extremely hot at this moment.

The Burning Sky Ancient Stash was an extremely renown ancient treasure ground in Unique Devil Region. It was rumoured that there were not only many powerful ancient martial arts in it, but also natural treasures and quite a number of precious objects left behind from ancient times. Amongst them were even Pure Yuan treasures. These rumours were sufficient to cause many to covet this ancient stash.

In the past, no one was able to open this Burning Sky Ancient Stash. Therefore, they were powerless even though they coveted it. Now, however, this ancient stash was about to be opened. Hence, the greed within everyone’s hearts became just like a tiger having fled its cage as it came pouring out.


The silence merely lasted for a moment before a rushing wind sound suddenly appeared. Numerous human figures near the torn space had charged anxiously towards the opened ancient stash.

Yuan Cang’s eyes were indifferent as he watched these human figures anxiously charging in. However, he did not show any signs of stopping them.

“Let’s wait first.”

Lin Dong’s eyes hardened. He waved his hand and stopped the Dao Sect disciples who were similarly a little anxious.

Countless figures had already charged into the bright red world when Lin Dong extended his hand to stop the Dao Sect disciples. However, the instant their bodies entered, they suddenly began to ignite in a strange manner. Immediately, miserable cries were emitted from the bright red space, causing the expression of numerous onlookers to change.

Many human figures quickly turned into fireballs. In the end, they scattered, appearing as though they had turned into ashes.

This sudden scene was just like a basin of cold water that directly extinguished everyone’s greed. Horror appeared in many people’s eyes. It seemed that this Burning Sky Ancient Stash was not a place that everyone could enter.

The Yuan Gate disciple at the front had suddenly begun to pull back as a large group. Finally, only a couple of dozen figures remained. The auras of these figures were all quite powerful. All of them, without exception, had stepped into the eight Yuan Nirvana stage.

These eight Yuan Nirvana stage disciples directly flew into the Burning Sky Ancient Stash under Yuan Cang’s lead. This time around, no miserable screams were emitted. Clearly, their strength had all reached the level where they could endure that fiery heat.

“Eight Yuan Nirvana stage disciples will follow us into the Burning Sky Ancient Stash. Everyone else will quietly remain here!” Ying Xiaoxiao immediately made a decision when she saw this scene and announced in a low voice.

Some disciples from Dao Sect involuntarily felt disappointed when they heard these words. However, they also understood that if they were to forcefully charge in without sufficient strength, it was likely that their fates would be the same as those few unlucky fellows earlier, becoming ashes that remained in this place. Clearly, this made it easier for people to accept this decision.

The Dao Sect disciples swiftly separated themselves. There were similarly dozens of disciples at the eight Yuan Nirvana stage. Truth be told, Lin Dong’s exterior strength was the weakest amongst them. Of course, no one would genuinely think that this strength of his on the surface was his true strength…

After a short chaos in this sky, many factions also began selecting their elite disciples. After which, rushing wind sound appeared. Numerous human figures were thrown into the bright red world like locusts. This time around, something like being burned into ashes did not occur…

“Let’s go!”

After seeing that the selection of disciples had completed, Lin Dong ceased procrastinating any longer. He cried out softly and his body took the lead to rush forward. The disciples from Dao Sect immediately followed closely behind him.

Dozens of light figures rushed through the sky. The bright red world behind the distorted space also began to rapidly magnify in Lin Dong’s eyes. Lin Dong also inhaled a deep breath of searing hot air the moment he entered. Both of his eyes had an excited expression flashing across them.

He similarly possessed a rather great interest in this Burning Sky Ancient Stash. Of course… what he really wanted to know was how the light token, which he had obtained from melting the copper cauldron, was related to this Burning Sky Ancient Stash.