Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 775: Might of the Reverse Rotation

Chapter 775: Might of the Reverse Rotation


Chapter 775: Might of the Reverse Rotation

The two terrifying beams of light finally violently collided in an extremely glaring manner in front countless pairs of eyes.


The expected earthshaking loud noise did not appear when the collision occurred. The majestic light beams interweaved with each other in a glaring fashion and were crazily eroding the other party.

A soul stirring ferocity was felt from it amidst the silence.

All eyes were staring intently at the two majestic lights that occupied two halves of the sky. They were clearly aware that this exchange would determine the victor of the fight between those two individuals!

“Boss, what is it?” Little Spirit King Ling Zhen suddenly discovered the changes in Yuan Cang’s expression. He was immediately startled and involuntarily asked.

“Something is not quite right with the attack from that brat…” Yuan Cang stared intently at the light beam that had shot out from the light array. His voice contained a slight trace of grimness.

Although he was unable to sense just where this uncomfortable feeling of his had come from, his instincts told him that this light array of Lin Dong was definitely not something ordinary.

Ling Zhen’s heart jumped because of Yuan Cang’s expression. Immediately, he laughed, “Don’t tell me that you think the attack of that fellow is really able to block Lei Qian’s Lightning God Codex?”

Yuan Cang’s expression was slightly dark but he did reply.

“Impossible…” Ling Zhen’s eyes also narrowed when he saw such a response. His muttering voice contained a trace of shock.

“Lei Qian’s attack is weakening…” Yuan Cang spoke in a grim voice.

Ling Zhen hurriedly raised his head when he heard this and his expression abruptly changed. He was also able to sense that the originally extremely wild and violent lightning in the sky had quietly lost some of its might at this moment. On the other hand, the ray of light from Lin Dong remained tepid. An aura that could not be shaken was being emitted from that lukewarmness.

“How is this possible…” Ling Zhen’s eyes had finally began to gradually turn grim at this instant.

These words also sounded within Lei Qian’s heart when they emerged from Ling Zhen’s mouth. The weakening of his attack was naturally something that he had sensed first. Immediately, an expression of disbelief drew passed his ferocious looking face.


This expression had merely appeared on Lei Qian’s face for a moment before it was being replaced by a more ferocious one than before. He did not believe that the Lightning God Codex that he had displayed with his current strength would actually be received by Lin Dong, who was only at the seven Yuan Nirvana stage!


Vast and mighty Yuan Power whistled out from Lei Qian’s body without holding back. After which, it turned into monstrous lightning that wildly poured into the struggling lightning in an attempt to destroy Lin Dong’s resistance.

However, regardless of how much power he poured in, the mysterious light beam from the light array, continued to remain unwavering. Wave after wave of berserk energies began to be separated and annihilated at an astonishing rate, while the light beam was eroding by the lightning…

Lin Dong’s face had remained calm and without any ripple since the beginning. It appeared as though the scene in front of him was not strange. However, paleness had also flashed across his face while the light beam forcefully broke through the other party’s attack. The might of the Ancient Universe Formation was indeed frightening. However, the Yuan Power and Mental Energy it consumed had also reached quite a terrifying level.

Lin Dong deeply inhaled a mouthful of somewhat searing hot air. In the next moment, an extremely serious expression suddenly shot out from both of his eyes. The seals formed by his hands changed at lightning speed as a deep voice echoed from his throat.


After this word escaped Lin Dong’s mouth, the mysterious light beam, which was originally devouring the other party’s attack at a gentle and steady pace, suddenly unleashed a shocking offensive. Faced with the light beam that had suddenly become wild and violent, the lightning that permeated the sky began to rapidly collapse at a rate visible to the naked eye.


The strange light beam penetrated the lightning that permeated the sky by crushing it with complete ease. In the end, it ruthlessly smashed towards the shocked Lei Qian in front of countless shaken eyes.

“Lei Qian has lost…”

Ling Qingzhu, who had been observing the battle in the sky, finally commented softly at this moment, as the face under her veil twitched slightly. It was likely that even someone as calm and indifferent as her had difficulty retaining her complete calmness when watching this scene.

Joy surfaced on Su Ruo’s face. She smiled brilliantly and said, “I knew that big brother Lin Dong would not lose.”

By the side, Wu Qun rubbed his face. Immediately, a somewhat unnatural smile was lifted on his face, through which he hid the shock within his eyes.

If he had not witnessed it with his own eyes, he would have great difficulty believing that Lin Dong was truly able to emerge victorious in a direct battle against an expert of Lei Qian’s level!

This time, it was definitely not a victory using tricks like previously. Lei Qian had already unleashed a trump card like the Lightning God Codex. Yet, the result…


The mysterious light beam tore through the lightning filled sky. Finally, it bolted towards Lei Qian at lightning speed in front of those countless stunned eyes.

The moment the collision occurred, everyone could clearly see the lightning Yuan Power on Lei Qian’s body vanish at a shocking speed!

A deep and deafening sound resounded across the sky. Lei Qian’s expression immediately became pale as a mouthful of fresh blood was spat out wildly. His body also became like a bird with broken wings as it began its swift descent towards the ground.

Lin Dong’s eyes were cold as he watched Lei Qian falling to the ground. A cold glint suddenly flashed across his eyes. The green dragon wings on his back flapped violently as his body rushed out amidst the exclamations that permeated the sky. In a flash, he had appeared in front of Lei Qian. His fist was clenched and a black tree trunk had appeared within it. After which, he ruthlessly swung it down.

The black tree trunk contained a frightening force. It smashed heavily onto Lei Qian’s body. Strength poured out and the sound of breaking bones could be heard from Lei Qian’s chest.


Another mouthful of fresh blood was spat out uncontrollably. Lei Qian’s eyes were somewhat horrified as they looked at the young man’s face at close proximity. At this moment, the malevolence that filled this face was even more intense than his own. Moreover, he had genuinely seen the existence of a murderous intent within Lin Dong’s eyes.

Lin Dong wanted to kill him!

This thought caused a chill to suddenly surge through Lei Qian’s heart. Lin Dong’s ruthlessness had exceeded his expectation.

The malicious smile on Lin Dong’s somewhat pale face grew even wider as he looked at Lei Qian’s terrified face. He had never show mercy when fighting with others. He was clearly aware of the enmity that Yuan Gate had towards them during their journey here. This kind of enmity could not be resolved. Therefore, he was certain that Yuan Gate would definitely attack them in the end. Since this was the case, he should take this opportunity and break one of his opponent’s hands!

He should kill Little Thunder King Lei Qian now before planning what to do next!

The killing intent within Lin Dong’s eyes surged. After which, he raised the black tree trunk in his hand again and violently swung it down at Lei Qian’s head.

“Brat, you dare!”

However, when Lin Dong was planning to beat this already fallen foe, a stern voice suddenly resounded across the sky. Little Yuan King Yuan Cang moved his body and directly rushed over.

“Senior brother Chen Gui!”

In the distance, a cold look surfaced on Qingtan’s pretty face when she saw that Yuan Cang was about to intervene.

Before her voice could fade, Chen Gui had already rushed out at lightning speed. In the end, he appeared in front of Yuan Cang and blocked him.

Swoosh swoosh!

Ling Zhen’s expression also changed after Yuan Cang was stopped. He waved his hand and rushed out. The six soul generals of Yuan Gate as well as some of the more powerful disciples also followed his lead and whizzed out.


Ying Xiaoxiao, who had been watching the Yuan Gate party, did not hesitate when she saw this scene. A cry sounded out and she directly darted forward. Wang Yan, Ying Huanhuan, Qing Ye and the rest behind her immediately followed. The bright red Heavenly Phoenix Zither had once again appeared in Ying Huanhuan’s hands. Clearly, they were prepared to engage in an all out war.

The elites from both sides had moved. Upon seeing this, the eyes of the disciples from both parties suddenly became ferocious too as waves of mighty Yuan Power began to erupt in the sky.

Within this short instant, the atmosphere of the entire area had become unusually tense!

A chaotic battle was about to erupt!