Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 774: Lightning God Codex

Chapter 774: Lightning God Codex


Chapter 774: Lightning God Codex


Countless thunderbolts came pouring down from the dark clouds in the sky from every direction. The deafening roar reverberated over the entire basin. It appeared as though the land itself had began to tremble slightly at this moment.

Lei Qian’s figure stood amidst the thunderbolts that permeated the sky while lightning flowed around his body. Along with the silver glow that spread over his entire body, he appeared just like a lightning god when viewed from a great distance.

“Lightning God Codex…”

Numerous exclamations continued to appear while lightning thundered across the sky. It was likely that people had recognised this extremely well known and powerful martial arts of Yuan Gate.

“He has actually been forced to use the Lightning God Codex. Looks like that brat really has some ability…” Little Spirit King Ling Zhen watched the scene in the sky and could not help but smile in surprise as he spoke.

“Lin Dong seems to have cultivated both Yuan Power and Mental Energy at the same time. Otherwise, with his seven Yuan Nirvana stage strength, he would not be able to pester Lei Qian to such an extent.” Yuan Cang replied indifferently.

“However, that will end here…”

Ling Zhen slightly smiled and nodded. Lin Dong’s ability to pester Lei Qian to such an extent had indeed greatly exceeded their expectations. However, in the face of Lei Qian, who had now used the Lightning God Codex, he did not think that Lin Dong would have the ability to continue dragging out this battle.

Victory or defeat would likely be determined in the next exchange.

“It is likely that Dao Sect will act more obediently if we cripple this brat. What we need to do now is to observe the Burning Sky Ancient Stash. We do not have the time to get entangled with them. We will properly settle the score with them once the matter here is settled.” Ling Zhen spoke with a smile. His smile was enchanting, but there was a dark ruthlessness surging deep within his eyes.

Yuan Cang smiled indifferently and did not say anything else. Both of his hands were placed behind him as his eyes looked towards the skinny figure amidst the lightning that permeated the sky. An unconcerned arc was lifted from the corners of his mouth.


Following the change in the obscure seals formed by Lei Qian’s hands, the dark clouds in the sky swiftly began to wiggle. Immediately, it gradually turned into a funnel shaped dark cloud. Countless lightning bolts gathered at the tip of the dark cloud. Its brightness was unusually glaring.

The ferocious smile on Lei Qian’s face became increasingly wide under the glow of the lightning that covered the sky. He suddenly clenched his hand and the lightning at the tip of the dark cloud suddenly spluttered out wildly.


Light poured down like a thunderbolt and gathered above Lei Qian’s head. Finally, the light agglomerated and formed an enormous thousand feet long lightning spear!

The lightning spear was saturated with lightning which continuously danced across its surface. Wave after wave of shockingly destructive power frantically spluttered outwards. Distortions had even started to appear in the surrounding space

“What berserk fluctuations…” The expressions of Ying Xiaoxiao’s group were grave as they watched the enormous lightning spear taking shape in the sky. Anxiety surged within their eyes.

Ying Huanhuan’s jadelike hands, which were on the zither strings, had similarly tensed up at this moment, while her pearly white teeth bit into her lips. There seemed to be an icy blue luster vaguely surging deep within her eyes. However, even she did not notice this scene…

“Lei Qian has become much stronger compared to before…” Chen Gui stared at the sky. He hesitated for a moment, before looking towards Qingtan beside him as he asked, “Do I need to intervene?”

He could see that Lin Dong’s strength seemed to be at the seven Yuan Nirvana stage. At the same time, he also sensed quite a powerful Mental Energy ripple. It was likely that Lin Dong possessed rather great accomplishments in both areas. However, there was still quite a big gap between him and Lei Qian. At this moment, the latter had already activated his trump card. Lin Dong’s situation was not good at all.

“There’s no need.”

However, Qingtan merely smiled sweetly and shook her head in response to his good intentions. She raised her head as the light from the lightning in the sky was reflected on her unusually beautiful face. There appeared to be a fanatical expression vaguely present on it.

“Brother Lin Dong will not lose.” The young lady merely smiled as she uttered these words. Her black dress and enormous black scythe gave her a strange yet bewitching appearance.

Chen Gui was momentarily startled. Soon after, he nodded quietly. It was the first time that he had seen such an expression on Qingtan during all these years. The young lady before him would not reveal such an expression even in front of his most respected master…

“Lightning God Codex huh…”

Lin Dong’s figure appeared just like a small boat in the vast ocean amidst that wild and violent thunderbolts that permeated the sky. It appeared as though he would capsize at any moment. His eyes stared at a ferociously smiling Lei Qian in the distance, who was raising his hand high above his body. Lin Dong could sense an extremely dangerous fluctuation from the enormous lightning spear.

“Since you wish to go all out, let me accompany you…” Lin Dong muttered to himself. Soon after, he slowly extended both of his hands in front countless watching gazes. Next, an unusually obscure light array began to slowly take shape in his palm.

Lin Dong’s eyes focused slightly when the light array was formed. Majestic Yuan Power and Mental Energy began pour in like a flood.


That originally palm sized light array suddenly began to expend at a shocking speed as the energies were poured in. In a short couple of breaths, it had already expanded to a couple hundred feet in size. From a distance, this light array slowly rotated as it stood in front of Lin Dong, while a ripple that could not be described quietly spread out from it.

“What is this?”

Lin Dong’s actions had clearly been captured by countless eyes. Surprise surfaced in everyone’s eyes when they saw the slowly rotating light array appear in front of them.

“An unorthodox skill. Nothing more than futile effort!”

Lei Qian was also startled because of this. Immediately, the ferocious smile on his face became even denser. From the looks of it, it seemed that Lin Dong was actually planning on receiving his attack head on. This was undoubtedly seeking death from his point of view.

“Since you wish to die, I shall fulfil your wish!”

The enormous lightning spear above Lei Qian’s head was already complete. Bright lightning flickered wildly on it, while wave after wave of astonishing fluctuations continued to sweep apart.

Lei Qian’s hand reached forward. After which, he clenched it abruptly. Everyone watched as the enormous lightning spear slowly shifted. In the end, it had directly locked onto the faraway Lin Dong.

“Lightning God Codex, World Extinguishing Spear!”

A thunderous roar suddenly emerged from Lei Qian’s throat as the green veins on his hand pulsed like dragons. In the next moment, his arm trembled. His body leaned forward slightly and his arm swung out furiously.


The entire place appeared to tremble violently at this moment. Immediately, everyone watched as the enormous lightning spear transformed into a thousand feet large lightning bolt. It violently shot out. The glow from the attack reached out, appearing just like a world extinguishing lightning dragon that was brandishing its claws. Such a sight was truly dreadful!


A frightening pressure seemed to have covered the area a thousand feet around Lin Dong in an instant, while the latter released a deep breath. Immediately, his eyes became stern as his hand slammed onto the large light array in front of him at lightning speed.

“Ancient Universe Formation, Reverse Rotation!”

A resonating voice was transmitted from Lin Dong’s mouth. In the next moment, the enormous light array began to wildly rotate in the reverse direction as strange lights frantically began to gather within the light array.


Lin Dong’s eyes were cold. Two of his fingers thrust forward and landed on the light array. Immediately, the entire light array trembled. A strange light beam that was dozens of feet in size emitted a ‘swoosh’ sound as it surged out of the light array.

Sizzle sizzle!

That light beam did not possess an overly astonishing aura. However, some extremely sharp individuals could feel all the natural Yuan Power that was originally present suddenly disappeared in a strange manner after the light beam passed by. Such a disappearance was extremely thorough, as if it had been… completely annihilated!

The usually indifferent expression of Little Yuan King Yuan Cang changed drastically at this moment.

When Yuan Cang’s expression experienced a drastic change, the two ferocious attacks in the sky that had attracted the attention of countless pairs of eyes, had already arrived before each other and finally collided!

Countless people watched this scene in fear.

Victory and defeat would be determined in this exchange!