Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 773: Intense Battle against Lei Qian

Chapter 773: Intense Battle against Lei Qian


Chapter 773: Intense Battle against Lei Qian

Two figures slowly stepped out in front of the countless number of eyes within the enormous bright red handprint basin. Majestic Yuan Power swept out at almost simultaneously, causing the atmosphere to suddenly become extremely tense.


Lei Qian’s tightly clenched fists emitted cracking sounds. Soon after, bright silver Yuan Power spluttered out from within his body like lightning. It wrapped around his entire body as an unusually wild and violent ripple was scattered from it.

“Brat, this time around, I will let you understand the true gap that exists between us!” Lei Qian raised his head and looked towards the nearby Lin Dong. His face was filled with a ferocious smile.

Lin Dong’s expression was calm, while green light surged on his body. Immediately, both his hands and legs began to shake and transform into green dragon limbs. Moreover, a pair of green wings began to extend from his back. It transformed into dragon wings and spread apart immediately.

Green dragon scales surfaced on Lin Dong’s body. The scales sparkled under the sunlight, while an icy cold and sharp luster was reflected.

The dragon fist was slowly clenched. Lin Dong’s eyes became increasingly cold as he sensed the majestic beast like strength.

“This physical body enhancing martial art seems to be quite good. However, I wonder just how punches of mine it can endure?”

Lei Qian’s mouth parted into a sneer. In the next instant, the ferocity on his face abruptly intensified as his foot suddenly took a step forward.


Thunder rumbled the moment Lei Qian’s foot landed on the ground. After which, everyone saw Lei Qian’s body seemingly teleport. In a flash, a bolt of lightning had already tore through the sky.

The lightning glow rapidly expanded within Lin Dong’s eyes. Lei Qian’s speed had already reached an astonishing level.


The green dragon wings on Lin Dong’s back suddenly flapped. An afterimage remained on the original spot while his body swiftly withdrew.


Lin Dong’s body had just pulled back when the lightning glow suddenly arrived. A fist containing wild and violent strength shattered the afterimage with a punch.

“Tch, you are quite quick in fleeing. However, can you really escape?”

The corners of Lei Qian’s mouth involuntarily curled when his punch missed. Immediately, he bent two of his fingers and directly pointed them towards the direction in which Lin Dong had withdrawn.

“Lightning Light Space Tearing Finger!”

A lightning like silver Yuan Power light beam suddenly shot out from the tips of Lei Qian’s fingers, booming as it tore through the air. In a flash, it had already caught up with the swiftly retreating Lin Dong. Moreover, it had directly targeted the fatal spot on his throat. Clearly, Lei Qian did not have any intention of showing mercy in his attack.

“Desolate Demon Eye!”

A demonic gray eye swiftly appeared between Lin Dong’s brows. After which, gray light that contained a powerful destructive force shot out and collided with the silver beam of light.


A deep noise resounded in the air as a wild and violent fluctuation swept apart. The two attacks had actually annihilated each other.

“I will just see how many times you can block me!” Lei Qian did not become angry when he saw that his attack was broken. Instead, he smiled in a sinister manner. His strength far surpassed that of Lin Dong. If they were to compare the extent of their Yuan Power, he would be able to exhaust the latter to death many times over. This kind of Yuan Power consumption was naturally something that he was most happy to see.

After Lei Qian’s cold laughter sounded, one could see that the lightning glow around him had suddenly condensed. After which, it transformed into a lightning hand. This lightning hand’s fingers were curled. In the next instant, it thrust at the air.

“Lightning Rain Explosive Finger!”

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

Wild and violent light beams seemingly filled the sky. They contained a shockingly lethal strength that swept over the sky under the watching gazes of countless shocked eyes. The scope of this attack had directly covered all of Lin Dong’s retreat paths!

This attack could be considered ferocious. Lei Qian’s reputation of being the Little Thunder King was indeed not in vain. Just this attack alone would cause many nine Yuan Nirvana stage experts to have a change in expression.

Lin Ding lifted his head. His eyes were grim as he watched the torrential rain of lightning that came sweeping over the sky. He could sense extreme danger from this attack.


A cluster of white air was slowly exhaled from Lin Dong’s mouth. Immediately, an extremely thick green light surged out of his eyes.


Majestic green light suddenly swept out from Lin Dong’s body at that instant. The green light lingered around his body before beginning to agglomerate together. A moment later, a low and deep dragon roar suddenly sounded out.

A hundred feet large green dragon light figure suddenly appeared at this moment, while a powerful pressure spread across the sky. In that instant, it appeared as though a genuine giant dragon had descended.

“Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill, Green Dragon Descent!”

As Lin Dong’s proficiency in the Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill gradually increased, his understanding of this martial art had also gradually deepened. He was now already able to rely on the heavenly dragon aura within his body to agglomerate a green dragon. Moreover, this green dragon undoubtedly possessed a greater divinity compared to the past. Its might was ferocious and unfathomable!

The green dragon swam in the sky above Lin Dong’s head. After which, it swung its large light tail violently. Space itself appeared to have become distorted at this moment. The lightning rain that was pouring down from all over the sky immediately blasted apart with a ‘bang’ wherever the light tail passed. They were just like brilliant fireworks.

The green dragon light tail swept out in an unreasonable manner and forcefully exploded the lightning rain. After which, its strength was not the least bit weakened as it directly slammed downwards at Lei Qian.


Lei Qian’s expression had clearly changed slightly at this moment. However, he did not pull back but instead coldly snorted. Resplendent lightning surged out, causing his hair to completely stand on ends. After which, he clenched his fist as it furiously blasted out.

“Lightning Dragon Sky Roaring Punch!”

A similar ferocious and uncontrolled dragon roar was emitted from within Lei Qian’s body. After which, majestic lightning gathered and actually transformed into an enormous lightning dragon.

The lightning dragon’s roar rumbled across the sky. It carried a wild and violent strength as it directly collided with the green dragon in front of watching crowd’s eyes.

At that instant, they appeared like two colliding meteorites. Their momentum was earthshaking!

A wild Yuan Power storm swept across the sky in a crazy fashion. The scale of the collision caused the expressions of many people to change drastically.

Bang bang!

A storm unfurled in the sky. Two figures revealed miserable appearances as they shot backwards in the sky. Each of them drew a hundred metre long line in the sky before they forcibly stabilized their bodies.

Countless eyes instantly looked over. A low clamor sounded when they saw the miserable appearances of the two individuals. However, most of them were shocked that Lin Dong was able to fight with Lei Qian to such an extent. After all, regardless of how ferocious his martial arts were, Lei Qian was an expert at the half a foot to Mysterious Life stage!

It was common sense that the strength between the Yuan Power of the two should be akin to the distance between heaven and earth!

“He does have some ability…” Wu Qun from Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace had a surprised expression flashing across his eyes when he saw this scene. He rubbed his nose and spoke a little bitterly.

He had originally believed that Lin Dong was only seeking his own humiliation by provoking the other party. However, from the looks of the current situation, this fellow’s actual battle power had far exceeded his exterior strength.

“Big brother Lin Dong is still so formidable.” Su Ruo spoke in an excited manner. The degree of worship in her eyes was still increasing.

“It is still too early to be happy now…”

Ling Qingzhu shook her head at this moment. A pair of clear eyes were locked onto Lei Qian’s figure in the distant sky, while a glimpse of a solemn expression flashed across her eyes.

Dark clouds had began to gather in the sky. After which, everyone felt the Yuan Power around them vaguely show traces of becoming berserk.

Bolts of lightning suddenly whizzed down from the dark clouds in the sky. In an instant, the entire place had turned into a world of thunder.

Lei Qian was suspended in the lightning filled sky. His somewhat dark face contained a sternness that caused one’s heart to beat faster. Soon after, he slowly extended his hand under the many watching gazes, and thunderbolts gathered around his body. At that moment, it appeared as though a lightning god had descended.

“Next, I shall let you witness my Yuan Gate’s supreme martial arts. You can call yourself blessed to be killed by this…”

Lei Qian’s voice was just like a muffled thunder. It contained a monstrous murderous intent that rumbled like thunder. In the next instant, his hand had suddenly formed a mysterious seal.

“This is…”

Ying Xiaoxiao’s group watched the seal formed by Lei Qian’s hands. Their pupils immediately constricted as a grave voice suddenly echoed.

“One of the three Great Divine Codes of Yuan Gate… Lightning God Codex?”