Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 772: Challenge

Chapter 772: Challenge


Chapter 772: Challenge

The eyes of the entire place had gathered towards the area where Dao Sect was. Clearly, a slight change that had suddenly occurred caused the current situation to change slightly.

Although everyone were uncertain why that Chen Gui would intervene and help Dao Sect, the situation was undoubtedly one where Dao Sect had gained an extremely powerful helper.

Faced with the rank number on the sects wanted list, it was likely that even Little Yuan King Yuan Cang, would feel a little restraining fear.

“It is unexpected that even Chen Gui has appeared…” Ling Qingzhu’s eyes gazed into the distance. A slight fluctuation flashed across her eyes as she softly muttered.

“Who is that girl called Qingtan?” Wu Qun asked in a somewhat surprised manner. From the looks of the situation, the girl in black seemed to have quite a deep relationship with Lin Dong. Chen Gui seemed to have intervened and aid Dao Sect because of her.

“She seems to be big brother Lin Dong’s younger sister. I have heard them mention it in the past.” Su Ruo looked at Qingtan, who was extremely close with Lin Dong. Envy flashed deep within her eyes as she spoke.

“So it’s like that…” Wu Qun nodded slightly. Immediately, his eyes looked towards the direction of Yuan Gate. He said, “Although they have the help of Chen Gui, there is still some gap between the strength of Dao Sect and Yuan Gate…”

“This matter is becoming increasingly complicated…”


Lin Dong slowly stepped forward in front of the eyes from the entire place. After which, he looked towards the direction of Yuan Gate. A chilling light flowed within his eyes.

“This area does not exclusively belong to your Yuan Gate. Whether my Dao Sect disciples wish to remain here is not something that your Yuan Gate can decide!”

The eyes of Little Yuan King Yuan Cang narrowed. A glint flashed through them like the edge of a blade. His finger gently slipped down the iron sword in his hand as he spoke in an apathetic manner, “Don’t tell me that you have the courage to provoke my Yuan Gate just because you have gained a helper?”

“What helper? If your Yuan Gate wishes to fight, I will accompany you.” Lin Dong spoke in a free and easy manner.

“What an arrogant tone! Someone like you actually dares to act arrogantly in front of us? Do you really think that you are almighty just because you have relied on a clever little trick to win once?” Lei Qian’s eyes were dark and stern as he sneered.

“Won’t you know whether it is a clever little trick or not if you try again?” Lin Dong smilingly said.

Lei Qian’s eyes became stern when he heard this provocation by Lin Dong. A murderous aura rose within his body. However, he was much more cautious this time around. His eyes immediately looked towards Little Yuan King Yuan Cang.

Yuan Cang narrowed his eyes and stared at Lin Dong. After which, he laughed faintly, “Since someone wishes to seek his own humiliation, you should fulfill his wish Lei Qian.”

A ferocious smile immediately emerged on Lei Qian’s face when he heard this. Both of his fists slowly tightened as he strided forward and cried out, “Lin Dong, since your Dao Sect refuses to leave, I shall give you an opportunity. Rely on your own strength and step forward to battle me. If you win, my Yuan Gate will not say any other unnecessary words. If you lose, you shall bring everyone from your Dao Sect and swiftly get lost from this place. Do you dare to accept?”

Lei Qian’s voice rumbled across the basin while being wrapped by his powerful Yuan Power. It reverberated beside the ears of everyone present.

After his experience from the previous time, Lei Qian had clearly become much smarter. He no longer restricted himself with his words. Moreover, he had directly specified a direct head on fight. Additionally, he even had added ‘rely on your own strength’. In this way, Lin Dong would be unable to use the demon corpse.

“Humph, the demon corpse is also controlled by Lin Dong, why is it not considered his strength? Your skin is really thick.” Ying Xiaoxiao immediately laughed coldly when she heard these words.

“Stop uttering nonsense. If you are unwilling, we engage in an all out battle and see just who will emerge victorious in the end!” Lei Qian smiled in a venomous manner.


Ying Xiaoxiao felt fury in her heart when she saw how shameless Lei Qian had become. Before she could say anything however, Lin Dong waved his hand gently and slowly stepped forward.


The eyes from the entire place were immediately locked onto Lin Dong’s body when he stepped out. From the looks of it, Lin Dong was actually really planning on accepting this challenge from Lei Qian.

“Lin Dong.”

There was a slight change on the faces of Ying Xiaoxiao and Wang Yan. Lin Dong might have forced Lei Qian to withdraw in a dejected manner the last time around, but he had only won through a trick. This time around, Lei Qian, who was going to go all out, and would obviously not give Lin Dong such an opportunity. If Lin Dong was to take the initiative and give up the advantage of the demon corpse, how would he battle Lei Qian?

“Let me fight instead!”

A voice suddenly sounded behind Lin Dong when he stepped forward. After which, everyone was stunned to see Qingtan step forward. At this moment, her hand was holding a black scythe with a somewhat exaggerated appearance. That scythe was even larger than her entire body. Strange symbols were vaguely visible on the blade, while an unusually dark and cold sharp ripple spread out it.

The girl in black was holding the large black scythe in her hand. That appearance was quite comical and cute.

Ying Xiaoxiao and the rest were stunned as they stared at Qingtan. After which, their eyes paused on the black scythe in her hand. They could vaguely sense a majestic ripple from the scythe. Evidently, this black scythe was a Pure Yuan treasure!

Lin Dong was also momentarily startled when Qingtan spoke. Immediately, he knitted his brows and spoke in a deep voice, “Go and stay in one corner.”

Although he could sense that the current Qingtan was no longer that little girl, who had become very weak after being tortured by the cold Qi, he was still unwilling to see her step forward to fight with others while he was around.


Qingtan, who was originally acting in a mighty manner, was directly beaten down by these words of Lin Dong. She could only pull back bitterly.

“Lin Dong, will it be alright?” Ying Xiaoxiao hesitated and asked. Their Dao Sect indeed hoped that they would not have to engage in a big battle with Yuan Gate here. However, if Lin Dong had to take such a risk, it might be better for them to truly engage in an all out fight with the other party.

Lin Dong shook his head slightly. After which, he slowly stepped forward. Those somewhat cold eyes were directly locked onto the ferociously smilingly Lei Qian in the distance. His voice was calm.

“I shall receive this challenge.”

A series of uproars suddenly sounded out in the basin after these words were heard. Clearly, everyone did not expect that Lin Dong would actually dare to directly abandon the advantage of the demon corpse and accept this challenge from Lei Qian head on.

“Such an action is truly not wise…” Wu Qun from Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace had a surprised look on his face as he muttered.

“There will no longer be any fooling around like last time. Lei Qian will not give him even the slightest opportunity. This… he is seeking his own humiliation.”

“He is not a fool. If he does not have the confidence, he will not easily accept the fight.” Ling Qingzhu shook her head slowly. Her clear eyes looked towards the skinny figure that was walking out from amongst the Dao Sect disciples while she softly said.


Wu Qun declined to comment when he heard Ling Qingzhu’s words. Together with the demon corpse, Lin Dong might still have a chance against Lei Qian. However… on the precondition of not being able to use the demon corpse, Wu Qun was unable to think of what qualifications Lin Dong had to fight with Lei Qian.

“Ha ha, you have guts.”

The ferocious smile on Lei Qian’s face immediately grew wider when he saw that Lin Dong actually dared to face him in battle. Moreover, there was a abnormally wild joy dancing within his eyes. His loss in Unique Devil City had undoubtedly caused fury to rise within his heart. Now, he finally had the opportunity to personally get back his face.

Although he had suffered a little at Lin Dong’s hands due to his somewhat strange skill, Lei Qian had the confidence that he would definitely be able to cause Lin Dong to be unable to even retaliate should he go all out!

This was his confidence as one of the three little kings of Yuan Gate!

This time around, he wanted to completely crush Lin Dong under his feet in front of everyone!