Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 768: Hurrying to the Ancient Stash

Chapter 768: Hurrying to the Ancient Stash


Chapter 768: Hurrying to the Ancient Stash

“We should also head to the Burning Sky Ancient Stash.”

Ying Xiaoxiao and the rest were slightly stunned when they heard Lin Dong suddenly uttering these words after pondering for a moment.

“The Burning Sky Ancient Stash is one of the few extremely renown ancient stashes in this Unique Devil Region. Many super sects had targeted it over the years. The Burning Sky Ancient Stash will definitely be the place that attracts the most people during this Great Sect Competition. We will likely end up meeting Yuan Gate if we head there.” Ying Xiaoxiao voiced her thoughts.

“It doesn’t matter if we meet them. It is only a matter of time. Moreover, if they are also interested in the Burning Sky Ancient Stash, it is likely that they will attack only after they have obtained the ancient stash.” Lin Dong smiled faintly and said.

“That’s right, there are quite a number of ancient stashes in Unique Devil Region, and there are also many powerful individuals from within these super sects. Have none of them tried to scout this place?” Lin Dong suddenly thought of something. Regardless of how strong those ancient stash seals were, people like Ying Xuanzi or the Yuan Gate sect masters should be able to brute force their way in.

“Unique Devil Region is a forbidden ground for experts of that level. Not only will the demon Qi riot because of their entry, but the ancient formation that seals this place will also reject them.” Ying Xiaoxiao explained.

“The weaker one is, the weaker the rejection of this place would be. This is one of the key reasons why those super sect experts do not appear in Unique Devil Region.”

“There is actually such a reason.” Lin Dong came to a sudden comprehension.

“Does senior sister Xiaoxiao think that we should not head to that Burning Sky Ancient Stash?” Lin Dong asked once again. After all, Ying Xiaoxiao was currently the commander. They could only move if she agreed.

“Since you have already decided to head to the Burning Sky Ancient Stash, we will do as you say. However, you should also be prepared. If we end up meeting Yuan Gate… the Yuan Gate’s three little kings cannot be compared to those fellows from earlier.” Ying Xiaoxiao mused for a moment before gently nodding her head. She stared at Lin Dong and replied.

“Senior sister Xiaoxiao, you can be rest assured. Although I dare not guarantee the safety of every disciple in our Dao Sect, if Yuan Gate really dares to attack, at least two of the three little kings will die!” Lin Dong softly said.

There was a great disparity between his level of strength on the exterior when compared to the three little kings. However, if he was really forced until the extent where he would have to risk his life and unleash all of his cards, he had the confidence to kill two of the three little kings!

Everyone could see an evil look suddenly rising onto Lin Dong’s face when the latter uttered these words. Immediately, their hearts felt both a chill and some excitement. They were aware that Lin Dong would not boast for no reason. Since he dared to utter such words, there was definitely some ground behind such confidence.

“Senior brother Lin Dong, please be rest assured. In the worst case, we will engage in a bloody battle with them. If they wish to step on the face of our Dao Sect, we will also break one of their legs!” All the Dao Sect disciples around spoke with flushed red faces.

“That’s right! In any case, I have long been irritated by looking at those damn people!”

Ying Xiaoxiao could only helplessly shake her head when she saw the excited faces of these Dao Sect disciples. After which, she softly said, “Since that is the case, we should leave immediately. If I am not wrong, the Yuan Gate disciples will hurry towards the Burning Sky Ancient Stash after entering Unique Devil Region. Therefore, we should also quickly head there.”

“Understood.” Lin Dong nodded.

“Let’s go.”

Ying Xiaoxiao did not say any more when she saw this. Her body moved and she transformed into a light figure that rushed outwards. Lin Dong, Wang Yan, Ying Huanhuan and the many Dao Sect disciples immediately followed behind her. After which, they turned into a large cluster of bright lights that bolted towards the deeper parts of the wastelands.


The Burning Sky Ancient Stash was situated at the middle area of Unique Devil Region. There was quite a great distance from Unique Devil Region’s outer parts to it. Even though Lin Dong’s group travelled at their fastest pace, they would need ten days to reach their destination.

Because they were already a little behind Yuan Gate, the Dao Sect disciples even travelled at night during these ten days. Despite taking such actions, the results were not very substantial. This was because there were extremely troublesome demonic monsters within Unique Devil Region.

The only thing that caused Lin Dong’s group to sigh in relief was that the demonic monsters they met were not as difficult to deal with as those demon corpses. Otherwise, even though Lin Dong possessed a method that could specially deal with them, it would be extremely difficult for the ordinary Dao Sect disciples.

Moreover, the cooperation between the Dao Sect disciples was becoming increasingly better while they travelled and battled demonic monsters. Moreover, they no longer lost their heads and panicked like they did initially. Clearly, only a true battle would enrich one’s experiences.

Lin Dong’s group also met with quite a number of treasure seekers who had entered Unique Devil Region while they travelled. Although the strength of these people were not considered weak, no one dared to head over and find trouble with them like Liu Tao’s group. After all, not everyone were as bold as Liu Tao’s group. The Dao Sect’s prestige was quite a great deterrence to them.

Other than these treasure seekers, Lin Dong’s group also met some disciples from other sects that possessed quite a great reputation in Eastern Xuan Region. Although these sects were not as powerful as Dao Sect, they could also be considered to be ranked amongst the super sects. Hence, some conflict occurred due to a variety of reasons when they met. However, a battle ultimately did not erupt. It was likely that both parties were able to restrain themselves…

Ten days gradually flowed past amidst their hurried travels. After experiencing quite a number of tough battles, the Dao Sect members had finally stepped into the middle area of Unique Devil Region.

“Earth Hall disciples, form a defensive formation!”

“Flood Hall disciples, hold back the remaining demonic monsters!”

“Sky Hall and Desolate Hall disciples, attack!”

Hundreds of light figures were suspended in the air within this chaotic ground. Their positions were extremely orderly. Their were able to advance and withdraw in a rather well coordinated manner. A lady was issuing orders in an orderly fashion a short distance away.

Bang bang!

Majestic and formidable fluctuations swiftly spread apart in the sky. Wave after wave of ferocious attacks came in all directions as they ruthlessly landed on the ten enormous dark black demonic monster below, which were being trapped by a light array. An attack of such numbers directly flattened these monsters as fresh blood scattered in all directions.

Lin Dong and a couple of others were hovering in the air. They lowered their heads to watch the intense battle below before nodding involuntarily. After all, they were all disciples of Dao Sect. The cooperation that they had, which was originally not bad, was honed over these ten days of actual battle until the Dao Sect’s group fighting strength had finally taken shape.

The battle below ended quickly. After which, some disciples landed and began to swiftly clear the battleground. The remaining disciples landed and sat on the ground to replenish their exhausted Yuan Power.

At this moment, Ying Xiaoxiao had also rushed over from a short distance away. She looked at Lin Dong and the others before raising her head to watch the dark sky in the north. She said, “In another half a day, we will reach the area where the Burning Sky Ancient Stash is located.”

“Oh, we’re already reaching…”

Lin Dong’s eyes immediately became focused as he said, “No wonder there are more and more people appearing nearby…”

“Yes, the allure of the Burning Sky Ancient Stash is extremely great. Even those from the eight super sects will travel here from all directions. Moreover, there will be even more people from other factions. All of them will gather outside the Burning Sky Ancient Stash…” Ying Xiaoxiao nodded and explained.

“From a certain point of view, the Great Sect Competition will also officially begin here…”

“The people from the other super sects will also come huh…”

Lin Dong smiled slightly. After which, he raised his head and looked towards the distant black sky. The area in a distance appeared to be silently burning. After having experienced the previous dullness, it was finally going to become lively…

“I truly look forward to it…”

The Dao Sect disciples once again stood up after half an hour of recuperation. Without further ado, their large group once again transformed into a cluster of lights that whistled towards the northern sky.

The black land swiftly pulled back while they flew. This continued for around half an hour before someone suddenly discovered that the darkness below had begun to weaken. A dark red colour replaced it on the land, appearing like a burning flame…

This scene caused everyone’s minds to be jolted. They knew that they had reached the Burning Sky Ancient Stash…

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

A large cluster of lights once again crossed a black mountain range before them. Finally, they slowly came to a stop in the air. Numerous fiery hot eyes looked to their front.

Lin Dong’s figure also came to a halt at this moment. He lifted his head, only to see an indescribably large bright red basin in front of him. If one was to look down at this basin from the sky, one would discover that it was actually an extremely large handprint. From the looks of it, it appeared as though a god had left an imprint of his palm on the ground.

At this moment, countless rushing wind sounds appeared above this handprint basin. At a glance, a sea of densely packed people that stretched on endlessly could be seen…

From the looks of it, it seemed a majority of the many people who had entered Unique Devil Region had gathered in this place…

The temptation of the Burning Sky Ancient Stash really did live up to its reputation.