Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 767: Information about the Ancient Treasure Stash

Chapter 767: Information about the Ancient Treasure Stash


Chapter 767: Information about the Ancient Treasure Stash

Liu Tao’s group gazed at the young man who had appeared in the sky. Their expressions changed a little when they felt the cruel aura that surged from the latter’s body. Their hearts were already a little uncertain despite daring to attack Ying Xiaoxiao. After all, Dao Sect was one of the eight super sects of Eastern Xuan Region. For them, it was undoubtedly a true titan. Although someone with nothing to lose would emerge victorious in a fight, if Dao Sect was angered, their fury was clearly not something that they could endure.

Therefore, they did not dare to have any thoughts of killing the other party and snatching the treasure since the beginning. At the very most, they would attempt to make these young Dao Sect disciples afraid of them under the encouragement of their greed. Through this, they would end up gaining something.

However, they did not expect that these seemingly young and naive Dao Sect disciples to be so ferocious. Each one that appeared was more ferocious than the previous. Earlier, Ying Xiaoxiao’s group had at least properly talked to them. However, the fellow who had just appeared, had directly tossed out such unreasonable words…

“Brat, aren’t you too arrogant?”

Liu Tao coldly laughed. They were rather much older than Lin Dong’s group and had gained some reputation over the years. However, Lin Dong act of throwing such ruthless words towards them at this moment caused a fury to appear in their hearts.

However, Lin Dong completely ignored their cold laughter. After ten breaths, he finally slowly raised his eyes, which contained a surging murderous intent and said, “Ten breaths’ time is up.”

A black light flashed and appeared behind Lin Dong the moment his voice sounded out. Finally, it transformed into a demon corpse and stood behind him.

“Demon corpse?”

Many exclamations were heard when this demon corpse appeared. Even Ying Xiaoxiao, Wang Yan and the rest had shocked faces as they stared at the black figure behind Lin Dong. After which, they involuntarily looked towards the demon corpse that was trapped within the light array as they started to breath a little more deeply. They were truly unable to imagine that Lin Dong had not only dealt with the demon corpse that was chasing them, but had even taken control of it…

Liu Tao’s group looked at the demon corpse behind Lin Dong with shocked eyes. They immediately inhaled a breath of cold air. Everyone could not help but take two steps back.

“Ha ha, brother, please do not be anxious. We are only passing by…” The expressions of Liu Tao’s group had transformed in an instant. They exchanged looks with each other before they hurriedly cried out in embarrassment. Their bodies carefully pulled back while they cursed quietly in their hearts. Could it be that the current younger generation of these super sects was already this frightening?

“Get lost.”

Lin Dong gazed at the fellows whose expressions had changed. He did not have the mood to tangle with them. Immediately, his eyes turned cold as he snapped chillingly.

After hearing this snarl from Lin Dong, Liu Tao’s group no longer dared to be furious in their hearts. They hurriedly nodded and led their subordinates to turn around and flee. They were not fools. Given this situation, they could forget about getting a share of the reward. Moreover, if they angered such a monster, it was likely that their group would suffer serious injuries and deaths.

Ying Xiaoxiao and the rest watched as the group, that had previously pestered them endlessly, flee dejectedly at this moment. All of them involuntarily felt somewhat helpless. It was likely that they were speechless in the face of such characters.

“Are you alright?” Lin Dong turned around after frightening away those fellows. The icy cold cruel aura on his face slowly disappeared. He smiled at Ying Xiaoxiao’s group and asked.

“We’re fine. It is just that we were a little unlucky. One would normally not meet such irksome fellows. However, they were quite strong. Four nine Yuan Nirvana stage.” Ying Xiaoxiao spoke somewhat helplessly.

“They are all some old and experienced fellows in Eastern Xuan Region. It is not surprising for them to possess such strength.” Lin Dong smilingly said. After all, those four from earlier were all middle-aged. After having trained for so many years, it would not be overly strange for them to possess such a strength.

“Lin Dong, this demon corpse of yours… you have refined it into a puppet?” Wang Yan’s eyes were surprised and could not help but ask as he watched the demon corpse that was following closely behind Lin Dong.

“I have used my Yuan Spirit to control it.” Lin Dong smiled and said.

Ying Xiaoxiao’s and Wang Yan’s expressions changed slightly when they heard these words. It was likely that they clearly understood the risk of such a method. However, when they saw Lin Dong’s unworried appearance, they knew that the latter likely possessed his own means to avoid this kind of danger…

“Big sis, have you not finished off this demon corpse yet?” Ying Huanhuan also came forward. She looked at the demon corpse striking wildly within the light formation as she said.

“Yes, the defence of this fellow is too frightening. We are able to trap it but we cannot finish it off.” Ying Xiaoxiao laughed bitterly.

“Remove the formation. I will deal with it.” Lin Dong smiled and said. With his experience from earlier, he was clearly aware of how to deal with this demon corpse that had extremely powerful defences.

Upon hearing this, Ying Xiaoxiao hesitated for a moment before nodding. Since Lin Dong was able to finish off one demon corpse, it was likely that it would not be too difficult for him to deal with a second one. Immediately, she waved her hand and the Dao Sect disciples in the air swiftly withdrew their Yuan Power, scattering the light array that trapped the demon corpse.


The scarlet colour within the eyes of the demon corpse soared when the light formation was scattered. Its body moved and transformed into a black light that charged towards the Dao Sect disciples around it.


However, its body had just charged forward when the demon corpse standing behind Lin Dong also rushed out. The latter was just like a cannonball as it ruthlessly struck the former’s body. Immediately, the two directly landed on the ground, smashing the surface and causing an enormous pit to be formed.

Two demon corpses frantically tumbled on the ground. Numerous cracks were formed on the ground wherever they tumbled past. Such frightening strength caused quite a number of Dao Sect disciples to be quietly speechless.

Lin Dong lowered his head and watched the demon corpses that had tangled together. He curled his hand and a light formation appeared. In the next instant, his body suddenly rushed downwards and directly appeared in front of that demon corpse. After which, he curled his hand and his palm directly slammed onto the Dantian at the demon corpse’s abdomen.

Sizzle sizzle!

The black colour on the dry skin of the demon corpse that possessed a powerful defensive strength swiftly disappeared at this moment. With a push of his palm, the strong defence that caused Ying Xiaoxiao and the rest to feel helpless against was once again penetrated by Lin Dong. His palm immediately closed and the white light cluster at the demon corpse’s Dantain was grabbed and pulled out.


Ying Xiaoxiao, Wang Yan and all the Dao Sect disciples in the air were stunned as they watched this scene. After which, they turned to face each other. They were completely quiet at that moment. It was really impossible for them to imagine that the demon corpse, which did not show any reaction regardless of the violent strikes they threw at it, would actually be dealt with by Lin Dong in such a simple manner…


Ying Xiaoxiao and Wang Yan had stunned faces as their bodies gradually descended. They looked at the white light cluster in Lin Dong’s hand for a while. Soon after, they looked at his hand, which had formed a light array earlier, and fell into a deep thought. It seemed that Lin Dong had used some sort of technique to break the frightening defence of the demon corpse. Having lost that defence, the demon corpse would appear to be no different from a crab that had lost its shell. Its fighting strength would be reduced…

“Senior sister Xiaoxiao and senior brother Wang Yan have both stepped into the peak of the nine Yuan Nirvana stage. This Mysterious Life Bone Bead has a greater effect for the both of you.” Lin Dong tossed the white light cluster in his hand towards Ying Xiaoxiao. After which, he threw the Mysterious Life Bone Bead that he had obtained earlier towards Wang Yan.

Although this Mysterious Life Bone Bead also had some use to Lin Dong, it would not be as effective for him compared to being consumed by the Ying Xiaoxiao duo. If these two had enough luck, they might even be able to touch the door towards the Mysterious Life Stage. In this way, their fighting strength would undoubtedly soar. This would be quite a great help when they subsequently met the members of Yuan Gate.

Ying Xiaoxiao and Wang Yan received the Mysterious Life Bone Beads. They were momentarily startled before they hesitated and said, “You have the greatest credit in subduing the demon corpse. I don’t need it…”

“I’m good with receiving this thing.” Lin Dong patted the second demon corpse that had been subdued. Although his Yuan Spirit was only able to control one demon corpse, leaving another one as spare was not a bad thing.

Ying Xiaoxiao and Wang Yan only nodded when they saw Lin Dong’s insist. They flipped their hands and kept the Mysterious Life Bone Beads.

“Senior sister Xiaoxiao, it seems that the copper cauldron that I have bought from Unique Devil City a couple of days ago contains an ancient treasure map. Can you identify which part of Unique Devil Region it is located at?” A thought subsequently crossed his mind when Lin Dong kept that demon corpse into his Qiankun Bag. His Mental Energy surged out and formed a map in front of him.

“Ancient treasure map?”

Ying Xiaoxiao and Wang Yan were momentarily startled. Their eyes swiftly gathered towards the light map. However, a stunned expression quickly surfaced on their faces.

“Junior brother Lin Dong, this ancient treasure map… could it be the Burning Sky Ancient Stash?” Ying Xiaoxiao asked.

“Oh?” This time around, it was Lin Dong’s turned to be startled. He had not even said the name of this ancient treasure. How could Ying Xiaoxiao know about it?

“Does senior sister Xiaoxiao know about this Burning Sky Ancient Stash?” An ominous feeling surged out from Lin Dong’s heart. Originally, he thought that no one knew about this thing. How could…

“There are quite a number of ancient stashes within Unique Devil Region. This Burning Sky Ancient Stash is an extremely renown one. As for this map of yours, it is likely that it does not possess much value. This is because many people know the location of the Burning Sky Ancient Stash…”

Lin Dong’s expression immediately turned a little ugly when he heard Ying Xiaoxiao’s words. The thing that he thought of as a treasure was actually trash?

“However, everyone might know its location, but no one has been able to successfully open the Burning Sky Ancient Stash till this day. Additionally, Yuan Gate has also targeted this Burning Sky Ancient Stash for many years. They will definitely head there this time around. To still decide to head there even after failing so many times, it is possible that they already possess some confidence in opening it…”

“Open the Burning Sky Ancient Stash?”

Lin Dong frowned deeply. His heart pounded as he suddenly recalled the mysterious light token that had been melted from the copper cauldron…