Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 766: Harassment

Chapter 766: Harassment


Chapter 766: Harassment

“Maintain the formation and seal it! Do not allow it to escape!”

Hundreds of figures were suspended above a certain area of wastelands. They appeared to have formed a kind of mysterious formation. Majestic Yuan Power swept out from within their bodies, transforming into a large light array that sealed off the middle area.

At this moment, a black demon corpse was within the middle of the light array. It was frantically struck the light formation that had formed. Its enormous strength directly shook the light formation until numerous ripples appeared.


The broadsword in Wang Yan’s hand furiously hacked downwards. An extremely formidable sword aura whizzed out and violently smashed onto the demon corpse’s body, the wild and violent power directly sending the latter flying. Finally, it bounced off against the great formation light barrier.

The demon corpse immediately climbed back up despite suffering such a heavy blow. There was merely a faint white scar on its body…

“Damnit, its defence is too strong.”

Wang Yan’s expression was somewhat ugly when he saw this situation. This strike of his was one that even a nine Yuan Nirvana stage expert would not dare to receive directly. However, it was practically powerless against the demon corpse’s body.

Ying Xiaoxiao’s expression was grim as she stood beside Wang Yan. By relying on their superior numbers, they had indeed managed to trap this demon corpse. However, their attacks were unable to cause much harm to it. Moreover, it did not know fear and was clearly a killing machine that did not tire. If they continued to exhaust themselves in this manner, it would clearly be disadvantageous to them. After all, they could not possibly use all their time to contend against this demon corpse.

“Focus the attacks.”

Ying Xiaoxiao pondered for a moment before waving her hand and issuing a command. Currently, their only option was to first weaken its defence a little, and use even more people to launch attacks in the hopes of being able to break this demon corpse’s defences.

“Senior sister Xiaoxiao, we seem to have been discovered by others.” Just as Ying Xiaoxiao’s command sounded out, Qing Ye’s expression abruptly changed as he said.

Ying Xiaoxiao’ and Wang Yan’s eyes hardened when they heard this. They raised their heads and found quite a number of rushing wind sounds suddenly appearing in the sky a short distance away. Soon after, numerous figures began to appear in their sights.

Human figures swiftly arrived in a nearby area in the sky. At a glance, their numbers seemed to be quite large. There were around a hundred or so of them. However, these people were clearly not from the same faction. They were scattered in small groups and seemed like a small sized faction within Eastern Xuan Region. Normally speaking, such people were even more troublesome to deal with. After all, the strength of such independent individuals were naturally quite substantial. Moreover, most of them had experienced many scale life and death battles and could be considered to be rather troublesome. The pressure of a super sect would naturally be much weaker against them.

There were four figures standing in the empty air in front of the large group of people. These four were middle-aged. Their faces were thin, while a glint that could not be hidden flickered in their eyes. They were clearly all experienced individuals.

“Demon corpse huh…”

At this moment, their eyes were watching the demon corpse that the Dao Sect disciples had trapped a short distance away. Immediately, their gazes shifted and paused on the demon corpse’s Dantian. A faint white glow was being emitted from that spot. The pill that was rolling within it immediately caused the eyes of quite a number of people to become boiling hot.

“Mysterious Life Bone Pill… what a treasure. These fellows are quite lucky… “ A man with a hooked nose stared in the distance with fiery hot eyes, while he licked his lips and said.

“These must be the Dao Sect disciples…” A red robed man beside the hook nosed man frowned slightly as he looked at the large number of disciples some distance away and said.

“They are quite strong…”

“Heh heh, the Liu Tao, whom others calls the Crimson Demon Hand, is actually frightened by these young and inexperienced Dao Sect brats?” The last man, who appeared to have some kind of dry patches on his face involuntarily mocked when he heard this.

“Ku Gu, you should stop making sarcastic comments in front of me. What have I, Liu Tao, not experienced before?” The red robed man laughed coldly.

“Are you not interested in the situation before you?” The dry face man smilingly asked.

“From the looks of their situation, they are clearly unable to deal with that demon corpse. If we intervene, we will end up rescuing them. It is likely that they will show gratitude towards us…” That red robed man smiled in a sinister manner.

“However, they are large in numbers…” A person behind the red robed man said.

“They are merely a group of naive fellows who had lived under the protection of their sect. How can they be compared with our people, who have followed us into deadly battles everyday? At that time, If they understand the situation, we will allow them to leave. If they do not, we can only teach them a lesson.” The hooked nose man laughed. There was a disdain that could not be hidden in his voice.

“Go, let us take a look.”

That man known as Crimson Demon Hand Liu Tao, waved his hand and led the large group to slowly approach the area where the Dao Sect disciples were located.

When they moved, the Dao Sect disciples, who were watching them, became a little tense. A cold light surged within the eyes of Ying Xiaoxiao and Wang Yan.

“Everyone, my Dao Sect disciples are currently dealing with a demonic monster. In order not to be implicated, I hope that everyone can keep their distance.” Ying Xiaoxiao threw a glance towards Wang Yan. The latter also became cautious. After which, she raised her head, looked at those people and spoke in a low voice.

“Ha ha, from the way I see it, you seem to be having a hard time because of this demon corpse. Why don’t we help you deal with it. You Dao Sect disciples still have to fight with the other sects. Don’t waste your effort in such a place.” That dry face man laughingly said.

Ying Xiaoxiao’s eyes sunk when she heard these words. Her eyes swept over the four people right at the front. After which, she discovered that these four were actually at the nine Yuan Nirvana stage. From the looks of it, they could be considered to be a chiefs of small groups. Truth be told, such a person was even more troublesome to deal with than those large factions. They did not even possess a base of operations, and would change their locations after each battle. Even if they angered Dao Sect, Dao Sect would have to spend a great amount of effort if they wished to capture these people.

Although Ying Xiaoxiao was aware that these people would not truly dare to murder them, they would definitely not hold back when it came to harassment.

“My Dao Sect disciples will naturally deal with this demon corpse. There is no need for all of you to intervene. If you are smart, immediately get lost!” Wang Yan did not have Ying Xiaoxiao’s good temper. Upon seeing that these people had come with ill intent, his eyes became dark and cold as he warned in a low voice.

A cruel aura suddenly swept out from within his body when he said these words. The black broadsword in his hand flicked with a densely cold light.

“Heh, what arrogant words.” Liu Tao and the three others’ expressions changed when they saw this situation. They immediately laughed coldly, “Although you, Wang Yan, managed to take a second spot on the sects wanted list, you were probably still playing in a corner when we first entered such a world!”

“Why don’t you come over and try!”

Wang Yan’s eyes were dark and cold as he took a step forward. His expression were unusually vicious as he stared at these fellows. He was aware that as long as one was to soften even a little against such people, it would definitely be a case of give an inch, take a mile.

All the Dao Sect disciples’ eyes were filled with fury. It was likely that they would have already attacked and killed all of these fellows if they did not need to maintain the formation to seal the demon corpse.

“Humph, you dare to be arrogant in such a situation? As long as we break the formation, this demon corpse will be freed. At that time, your Dao Sect disciples will definitely suffer many deaths and injuries!” Liu Tao spoke in a venomous voice. His tone was very threatening.

Ying Xiaoxiao’s eyes became slightly cold. She gently gave a hand sign. Seeing this hand sign of hers, a hundred people from the three hundred Dao Sect disciples immediately withdrew from the formation and moved to stand behind Ying Xiaoxiao. Their eyes were coldly locked onto those people in front. From their stance, they did not have any intentions of giving in.

“Heh, what resolve.”

Liu Tao’s group looked at the hundred people that had stepped out and the now slightly weaker light formation. His expression had changed a little. It was likely that he did not expect that Ying Xiaoxiao would actually dare to oppose them at such a time.

“Since this is the case, don’t blame us for not being courteous!”

The eyes of the hooked nose man were dark and stern. Soon after he gave a cold smile. He stepped forward and majestic Yuan Power came sweeping forth. Finally, his hand fell downwards and prepared to attack.


However, when his hand was about to fall, a hurried rushing wind sound suddenly appeared a short distance away. Subsequently, a light figure came flashing over in a ghost like manner. In a flash, the figure had already appeared above the head of this hooked nose man. After which, a black shadow that was accompanied by an unusually wild and violent force smashed down ruthlessly.


This sudden attack caused the hooked nose man to have a change in expression. His fists tightened as bright golden light formed a gold light shield above his head.


Without bothering to reply, a black tree branch heavily landed on the light shield, instantly blasting it apart. After which, the momentum of the tree was not reduced as it once again landed on the body of the shocked hooked nose man.


A mouthful of fresh blood was directly spat out from the mouth of the hooked nose man. The latter’s body also shot downwards. Finally, it formed a large pit on the ground.

This split second attack caused the expressions of Liu Tao’s group to change drastically. They hurriedly raised their heads, only to see a skinny young man appearing with a flash a short distance away. He held a strange black tree trunk in his hands.

At this moment, this young man was staring at them with abnormally ice cold eyes. Soon after, his lips curled as a voice that contained a dense killing desire spread.

“A group of unsightly trash actually dare to target my Dao Sect?”

“If you do not get lost in ten breaths’ time, all of you will die!”