Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 765: Controlling the Demon Corpse

Chapter 765: Controlling the Demon Corpse


Chapter 765: Controlling the Demon Corpse

Ying Huanhuan looked at the dazed young man beside the demon corpse, as a charming smile once again appeared on her pretty face. After which, she waved her hand towards Lin Dong. “Hey, have you become stupid? Be careful of the demon corpse, it might get up again.”

Lin Dong was neither able to laugh nor cry in the face of her words. He immediately said, “I have never said that you are a burden. Moreover, it is likely that it will be me who will be a burden to you in the future.”

Ying Huanhuan possessed the secret identity of a Reincarnator. Although Lin Dong was not too knowledgeable about this, he was able to tell that Ying Huanhuan’s strength would be quite terrifying once she awakens. At that time, it would truly be difficult to guess who would be the real burden.

Ying Huanhuan blinked her large eyes. Although she did not understand why Lin Dong said this, she smiled and replied after some thought. “If that day ever comes, you can be rest assured that I will not blame you for holding me back. I will definitely protect you.”

Ying Huanhuan involuntarily covered her mouth and laughed in a lovely manner after saying those words. She had probably imagined the scene where the usually strong Lin Dong would end up needing her protection. It would definitely be quite a humorous sight.

Lin Dong shook his head helplessly, and did not continue this topic. Instead, he turned his gaze towards the cluster of white light in his hand.

The white light felt quite warm. A thumb sized pill was spiralling within the white light, while mysterious Life Qi was slowly diffused from it. Lin Dong could sense the exalted presence of this Life Qi, as well as its endless vitality…

“Is this the Mysterious Life Bone Bead?” Ying Huanhuan walked over at this moment and curiously watched the light cluster in Lin Dong’s hand.


Lin Dong smiled and nodded. His luck was quite good this time around. If the Sword Sect disciples did not come and drive away the two demon corpses, it was likely that they would be forced to flee. After all, just dealing with a single demon corpse was already this vexing. If they were faced with four instead, it would practically be a disaster.

Whether or not the Sword Sect disciples would be able to deal with the demon corpses that chased after them was not something that Lin Dong even bothered to consider. The other party had gotten involved through their own violation. Although Lin Dong did not have any intention to harm them, he also did not feel the inclination to lend them a hand.

Lin Dong observed the Mysterious Life Bone Bead in his hand. After which, he kept it inside his Storage Ring. His eyes suddenly swept over the demon corpse that had collapsed on the ground. He mused for a moment before squatting down, and touched the demon corpse his finger.

The corpse felt hard and ice-cold. Its body had clearly reached an astoundingly strong level after experiencing the demonic Qi’s corrosion. Its degree of resilience was likely even greater than that of Lin Dong, who had practiced the Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill.

“What is it?” Ying Huanhuan was momentarily startled when she saw Lin Dong’s actions and asked in a somewhat puzzled manner.

“This demon corpse’s physical body is frighteningly strong. Isn’t it a pity to leave it here?” Lin Dong pursed his lips and said.

“Such a demon corpse body is what those fellows from Ten Thousand Puppet Sect like the most, as they are able to refine it into a powerful puppet. However, we do not have such a skill. Additionally, this demon corpse is very unique because it is filled with the Demonic Qi of Unique Devil Region. If one was to casually refine it and the Demonic Qi enters one’s body, one’s mind will be immediately eroded…” Ying Huanhuan said.

“Refining it into puppet huh…”

Lin Dong’s eyes flickered for a moment. Although he had once possessed a puppet, there were all complete products that he had picked up. Therefore, he naturally did not possess the ability to refine a puppet. However… if it was about controlling this demon corpse, such a deed might not be completely impossible for him.

“I will place my Yuan Spirit into the demon corpse. This should allow me to control it, right?” Lin Dong raised his head and spoke to Ying Huanhuan.

His thoughts were not complicated. The current him had already successfully agglomerated a Yuan Spirit. If he placed his Yuan Spirit into the demon corpse, he would be able to rely on the Yuan Spirit Power to transform this demon corpse into a puppet-like existence that was under his control.

“No way! The demon puppet has an extremely strong demonic Qi within it. An ordinary person would not even dare to refine it. If you place your Yuan Spirit in it, your Yuan Spirit will immediately be eroded by the demonic Qi. What difference will it be from seeking death?” Ying Huanhuan hurriedly said. Her face suddenly changed when she heard these words.

“That is only for an ordinary Yuan Spirit.”

Lin Dong smiled slightly. He immediately extended his hand as a palm sized Yuan Spirit figure surfaced on his palm. Numerous black light patterns suddenly appeared on the surface of the Yuan Spirit when it appeared. These light patterns vaguely formed an extremely mysterious symbol. At a glance, it appeared like a black hole, and Devouring Power was quietly emitted from it.

“This is… the Devouring Ancestral Symbol?”

Ying Huanhuan looked at the black symbol that had appeared on the surface of the Yuan Spirit before speaking softly. From the looks of it, she was not exceptionally surprised. It was likely that she was already aware that Lin Dong possessed the Devouring Ancestral Symbol through certain means.

“Aye. I have the Devouring Ancestral Symbol protecting my Yuan Spirit. Regardless of how strong the demonic Qi of the demon corpse is, it will not be able to erode me in any way.” Lin Dong smiled and nodded. This was also why he had the confidence to place his Yuan Spirit into the body of the demon corpse. He would naturally not dare to do something so foolish if he did not have the Devouring Ancestral Symbol.

“With the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, it shouldn’t be much of a problem.” Ying Huanhuan sighed in relief. Only then did she nod her head.

“Help me stand guard. I will give it a try.”

Lin Dong’s eyes were somewhat excited. The ferocity of the demon corpse was something that he had personally experienced. Its ability to withstand physical attacks caused even himself to feel an incomparable headache. If it was not because he reversed the ‘Ancient Universe Formation’ and activated the disintegration force that he had discovered a while back, it was likely that he would not be able to break such a powerful defence. Therefore, this demon corpse would become quite a great fighting strength if he could control it.


Ying Huanhuan replied. After which, she quietly withdrew.

Lin Dong sat down in front of the demon corpse. He first calmed down the Yuan Power fluctuation within his body. After which, his expression gradually became solemn. With a thought, the Yuan Spirit on his hand swept out and entered the demon corpse from all its forehead.

Chi chi!

Following the entry of Lin Dong’s Yuan Spirit into the body of the demon corpse, the originally quiet corpse also underwent some sudden and unusual changes. Wave after wave of black demonic Qi erupted from the demon corpse. After which, the demonic Qi frantically swept towards its head. A circular golden light was emitted from that spot.

The black demonic Qi continuously surged out from within the demon corpse. Finally, it wrapped around the golden light and began to erode it from every possible spot. The golden light clearly began to show signs of swiftly weakening in the face of this erosion.


Lin Dong’s eyes sunk when he saw this scene. He cried out coldly within his heart as the seal formed by his hand changed. After which, a black symbol surfaced from within the golden light. It turned into a circular black hole that protected the Yuan Spirit within it.

Sizzle sizzle

The demonic Qi was immediately being forcefully swallowed by Devouring Power the moment it came into contact with the slowly rotating black hole. However, the demonic Qi that was swallowed caused Lin Dong’s expression to change slightly. This was because he discovered that such demonic Qi did not benefitted him in the least. Instead, it would taint his pure Yuan Power. Immediately, he forcefully annihilated the demonic Qi when using the Devouring Ancestral Symbol.

The Devouring Ancestral Symbol was just like a perfect defence that protected Lin Dong’s Yuan Spirit in an impenetrable manner. The demonic Qi began to slowly scatter after seeing that its erosion power was useless. After which, it once again entered the demon corpse.

A strange feeling began to surface within Lin Dong’s mind after the demonic Qi withdrew. Immediately, an order was issued from his mind. The demon corpse that was lying on the ground suddenly opened its eyes, shocking Ying Huanhuan. She only sighed in relief after seeing that the demon corpse did not attack. From the looks of it, it seemed that Lin Dong’s method had worked.

Lin Dong’s eyes were boiling hot as he watched the demon corpse, which had stood up once again. At this moment, the eyes of the latter was no longer scarlet. Instead, they were faintly gold. The murderous aura had also diminished greatly.

“You’ve succeeded?” Ying Huanhuan carefully asked.

“It seems so.”

Lin Dong’s mouth parted into a smile. A thought passed through his mind and the demon corpse quietly stood by his side, appearing like a loyal guard.

“This is truly a great haul.”

Lin Dong’s eyes were burning hot. Compared to the Mysterious Life Bone Bead, being able to control the demon corpse caused Lin Dong to be even more excited. After all, this was readily available combat strength. This thing would be able to help them shoulder quite a bit of pressure when they faced Yuan Gate in future.

“Shall we return to where big sis and the rest are? They might have trouble dealing with the other demon corpse.” Ying Huanhuan was somewhat unable to endure the fiery hot gaze that Lin Dong was using to look at the demon corpse beside him. She frowned a little as she said.

Lin Dong’s eyes became slightly focused when this topic was mentioned. He was aware of how troublesome it was to deal with this demon corpse after having exchanged blows with it. Although Ying Xiaoxiao’s group had the numbers advantage, if they failed to immobilize the demon corpse, an ordinary disciple would not be able to endure its attack. At that time, they would definitely suffer quite a great amount of injuries or deaths.

“Let’s go.”

Lin Dong did not dare to be slow when he thought of this. He cried out softly before his body rushed out, while Ying Huanhuan followed closely behind. The demon corpse also followed behind them like a shadow.