Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 764: Bitterly Fight Against the Demon Corpse

Chapter 764: Bitterly Fight Against the Demon Corpse


Chapter 764: Bitterly Fight Against the Demon Corpse


The black lights rolled in from the horizon, bringing along a thick murderous aura and appeared not far ahead from the Dao Sect disciples.

With the appearance of the two demon corpses, the group was able to take a clear look at them. The demon corpses’ bodies were extremely dry, as if they did not hold a single drop of moisture in them. They were so dry that they looked withered and skinny. Their black skin seemed to shimmer faintly and looked as if it was made of fine iron.

Murderous aura as high as the heavens spread out from the demon corpses. Their deep bloodshot eyes were devoid of any human emotion.

These ancient experts had already been invaded by the demonic Qi and were now human shaped demons.

Lin Dong gravely looked upon the demon corpses advancing towards them. He leaned over to Ying Xiaoxiao and said in a low voice, “We’ll act according to the plan. Be careful.”

“Yes, you guys be careful too,” Ying Xiaoxiao nodded and replied.

Lin Dong nodded and said nothing more. With a flick of his finger, a sharp gust of wind formed from Yuan Power violently shot towards one of the demon corpses.


Hit by Lin Dong’s attack, the demon corpse swiftly let out a low roar. Its bloodshot eyes suddenly intensified as its body promptly transformed into a ray of light and charged towards them.

“Let’s go.”

As the demon corpse rushed over, Lin Dong leaned over to Ying Huanhuan and gave a low shout. His figure first rushed out, and both of them transformed into rainbow light, flying towards the other side of the desolate plains. Behind them, the demon corpse was in hot pursuit, deeply intent on killing them.

“Dao Sect disciples, get into formation!”

Seeing that Lin Dong and Ying Huanhuan had drawn away one of the demon corpses, Ying Xiaoxiao’s face turned grim. Without further ado, a clear shout rang out from her mouth. Instantly, thick Yuan Power bloomed outwards in the area.


Two streaks of light flashed across the expanse of the sky. Around ten minutes later, they finally landed on the desolate plains in succession. They turned around to face the demon corpse which was close on their heels.

“I’ll face it straight on. You be careful,” Lin Dong gazed at the demon corpse, which were nearing them like a tarsal bone maggot, before leaning over to warn the young girl next to him.


Ying Huanhuan nodded lightly and immediately sat down cross-legged. With a wave of her jade like hand, the fiery red Heavenly Phoenix Zither once again appeared in a flash. A fluctuation slowly emitted, and in that faint moment, even Lin Dong seemed to be slightly moved by it. The phoenix on the zither seemed to be about to fly out from it.

Clearly, Ying Huanhuan had not skived on her training with regard to the Heavenly Phoenix Zither during this period. She was now obviously more skilled and familiar with it compared to before.


Lin Dong took in a deep breath. Soon after, he made a grasping motion with his hand as a black tree branch flashed and appeared. At the same time, green light flooded out and both his arms and legs immediately materialized into dragon form. Against such monster, Lin Dong did not dare to be careless in the slightest.


As Lin Dong materialized into dragon form, the black light had already reached him in a flash. Without any warning, razor-sharp claws, bringing with it a radiating black light, pierced towards Lin Dong’s chest like lightning.


Lin Dong took a step forward, Yuan Power gushing forth like a tidal wave within him. Savage-looking dragon arms waved the black tree which was as heavy as a mountain, clashing again and again with the demonic corpse’s strange claw.

Clear metallic clangs rang out. A circle of invisible energy undulated outwards from the point of contact. In the very next moment, the ground collapsed in the blink of an eye, large cracks spreading outwards like a spider web.

Energy undulation swept outwards from the epicentre as Lin Dong’s figure retreated over ten steps. Both his arms were slightly numb and his heart sank. Although the demonic corpse’s strength fell short of its past glory, it’s physical body had actually grown much more ferocious under the corrosion of the demonic Qi. Every part of its body was a lethal weapon.

“Slash, slash, slash!”

Lin Dong was forced backwards. Yet the demonic corpse left him no time to take a breather. Black light flashed forward, sharp and quick like a black sword, thrusting towards Lin Dong’s vitals with every stroke.

In response to the no-nonsense aggressive offense of the demonic corpse, even Lin Dong panicked momentarily. For a time, Lin Dong was completely suppressed.


While Lin Dong was suppressed, a clear zither note rang out, soaring like a phoenix’s song. A majestic red sonic wave swept towards the demonic corpse and slammed into it heavily, forcing it back several steps. As the sonic wave made contact with the demonic corpse, the sonic wave melted into countless strands instantly and began invading its body in a frenzied manner.

Under the corrosion of the sonic wave, the murderous aura surrounding the demonic corpse weakened substantially. Its offense also started to mellow compared with its earlier aggression.

Taking advantage of the moment, Lin Dong recovered his posture. His eyes narrowed as he strode forward, green light shimmering on the green scales on his dragon arm. The black tree became a flash of black, lashing out at the body of the demonic corpse with tremendous strength.

The fierce strike threw the demonic corpse several feet backwards, leaving a deep track on the ground.

“What a tough body.”

Despite having batted away the demonic corpse with swing of the tree, Lin Dong’s face remained grim. The strike felt akin to hitting the hardest steel that ever existed. Even the body of a nine Yuan Nirvana stage expert was no match for the toughness of the demonic corpse’s flesh.

“Desolate Demon Eye.”

As he watched the demonic corpse pick itself up from the ground again without so much as a pant, Lin Dong’s eyes grew sharp and cold. Seals changed and a demon eye materialized between his eyes. An immensely destructive grey beam of light shot out and slammed violently onto the body of the demonic corpse.

The demonic corpse was blasted off the ground again into the distance. Yet, before it could pick itself up again, a massive ancient palm slammed downwards onto it with astonishing force.

“Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Hand!”

The ground collapsed and cracked apart, leaving deep giant pits on its surface. The demonic corpse was slammed deep into the ground . Yet, Lin Dong’s eyes turned even grimmer as he looked on. He could feel that the demonic corpse had still not taken much damage despite his aggressive offense.

This thing was like an unkillable monster.

The soil on the ground burst open as a black figure climbed out from below. Its deep-set and blood-red eyes sent chills down one’s spine.

Lin Dong’s face was black as he stared at the demonic corpse. Just then, he shifted his gaze downwards slightly to a white light shining at its Dantian region. It seems like that was its achilles’ heel, but the layer of dry black skin guarded it like an impregnable fortress.

“I can only hit where it hurts after I weaken its defences…” a sparkle flashed in Lin Dong’s eyes, which narrowed a little.

“Huanhuan, can you restrain it for awhile?” Lin Dong’s head tilted in Huanhuan’s direction as he asked in a hushed tone.

“Barely. But only for a very short time,” Ying Huanhuan gritted her teeth in reply.

Taking a deep breath, Lin Dong clasped his palms together and a thick glow began to radiate from them. A formation of light seemed to appear.


The demonic corpse roared deeply again as the light formation materialized in Lin Dong’s palms. In a flash, its body sprung towards Lin Dong like a streak of black light.


At the sight of the demonic corpse’s movement, Ying Huanhuan gently bit her lip as she began strumming swiftly on her zither, her slender fingers a blur over it.

“Swoosh swoosh swoosh!”

As the zither strings were strummed, streak after streak of red sonic waves burst forward, entangling the demonic corpse all over in an instant.

“Demon Suppressing Tune!”

Ying Huanhuan’s fingers froze all of a sudden. The countless strands of sonic light waves formed highly mysterious and strange musical notes that stuck to the body of the demonic corpse, suppressing it by its sheer weight and force.


Unfortunately, the restraining effect was rather limited. As the demonic corpse struggled with all its might, the notes began to crack and were on the verge of shattering. Ying Huanhuan’s face turned white as a sheet of paper. Yet, she stubbornly bit her lip and refused to release her grip on the zither, leaving drops of blood from her fingers on the zither strings.


Cracks spread all over the musical notes and they finally shattered completely. A deep moan escaped Ying Huanhuan’s throat and blood appeared at the corner of her lips.


With its restraints broken, the demonic corpse’s blood-red gaze fell on Ying Huanhuan. Immediately, it changed its target and shot towards her with murderous and savage intent as a strong gust of wind followed in its wake.

Ying Huanhuan stared at the demonic corpse as it shot towards her. Her face fell. She poised herself to play the Heavenly Phoenix Zither again, yet, as her fingertip landed on the zither string, a figure materialized before her in a flash like a phantom.


Lin Dong’s eyes were cold as the light formation in his palm extended to five feet and began spinning counter-clockwise without warning. At the very next moment, an indescribably strange and undulating beam of light suddenly burst forth from it. It slammed into the Dantian of the demonic corpse at an astonishing speed.

“Bzzz bzzz!”

After the beam of light hit the demonic corpse, the strange black skin of the corpse began to disintegrate at a shockingly rapid pace. Unbelievably, its impenetrable defence was being completely broken apart at that instant.

Lin Dong’s figure shot forward at this moment and appeared before the demonic corpse in the blink of an eye. He jabbed his dragon arm forward, penetrating the demonic corpse’s abdomen with ease, then pulled it back at lightning speed. There was now a ball of white light in his palm, a pill rapidly spinning within it.

With the ball of white light out of its body, the blood-red glow in the eyes of the previously murderous demonic corpse faded away. With a stagger, the demonic corpse collapsed onto the ground without so much as a breath left in it.

Seeing that the demonic corpse was finally beaten, Lin Dong sighed a huge sigh of relief. He turned around and looked at the young girl with a ponytail, a trace of blood hung from the corner of her lips. Involuntarily, Lin Dong felt an ache in his heart. “Do you really need to push yourself so hard? It won’t kill to ask for help, you know?”

The young girl lifted her fair hand and silently wiped away the trace of blood on the corner of her lips. In that moment, she looked uncharacteristically sweet and quiet in contrast with her usual bubbly demeanour. Hugging the ancient scarlet red zither, she lifted her chin slightly and laughed.

“Well at least you won’t think I’m your burden this way.”

Beside the demonic corpse, the youth who had just fought a bitter fight stood stunned as a complicated look appeared in his eyes.