Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 761: Unique Devil Region, Open

Chapter 761: Unique Devil Region, Open


Chapter 761: Unique Devil Region, Open

Ripples suddenly appeared on the distorted space above the vast dark plains. A rather frightening fluctuation was faintly emitted from the distorted space.

The sea of people on the plains had once again become restless due to this change. Numerous incomparably fiery hot gazes stared at the distorted space. Those familiar with this scene knew that this was a sign that Unique Devil Region was about to open…

As one of the renowned danger zones in Eastern Xuan Region and due to the great ancient array that locked it, Unique Devil Region was basically sealed almost all the time. It was impossible for an ordinary person to barge into it. However, with the flow of time, holes had appeared in the large array. This caused the seal to be greatly weakened every few months. This moment was the best opportunity for countless number of treasure seekers to swarm in.

Just like this very moment.

A frightening ripple spread across the sky at a shocking speed. The spatial barrier that stood between the sky and earth in the distance also became increasingly distorted. One could vaguely see through the distorted space and see the unusually dark land behind it. A dark and cold ripple spread from it.

“It is about to open huh…”

Lin Dong’s eyes contained some wonder as he stared at the distorted space. He was actually quite curious about the great earth-shattering war that had occurred in this place. Perhaps he would be able to learn more about that ancient great war in this place. Just what unknown beings were those peak experts of the world fighting…

“Our auras must be linked when we enter Unique Devil Region later. Otherwise, we will be separated.” Ying Xiaoxiao looked at the increasingly distorted space in the distance. After which, she turned around and spoke with a solemn expression.


The many disciples from Dao Sect replied in a low voice upon hearing this. Immediately, their expressions became a lot more tense. It was likely that they had all heard about the dangers within Unique Devil Region. If one was to be sent alone to certain dangerous areas within that place, it was very likely that one would end up dying.

“Are we going to head back the same way when we leave?” Lin Dong suddenly asked.

“There is a formation deep within Unique Devil Region. At that time, the eight super sect disciples will gather there from all over the place…”

Ying Xiaoxiao became quiet when she spoke to this point. She continued, “Moreover, once we arrive, it will also likely be the time when we will exchange blows with Yuan Gate. During the last Great Sect Competition, senior sister disciple Wang was killed by Yuan Gate because she was protecting the Dao Sect disciples as they withdrew from the formation.”

By the side, Wang Yan’s hands were clenched until they emitted a creaking sound. A kind of crazy violence surged within them.

Lin Dong nodded slightly. He extended his hand and gently patted Wang Yan’s shoulder. After which, he asked, “Is it not against the rules to do anything within Unique Devil Region? Even if… one kills the other party’s disciple?”

“The Great Sect Competition is not a peaceful sparring match. This is an unfeeling training ground. Therefore… no one will hold anyone else responsible no matter what tactics one uses within this place. Of course, hatred will naturally accumulate…” Ying Xiaoxiao laughed softly.

“So it’s like this huh…”

Lin Dong muttered to himself as his eyes narrowed slightly. His appearance did not allow anyone to be aware of just what he was thinking within his heart.

Buzz buzz!

While Lin Dong was conversing with Ying Xiaoxiao, the space in the distance had become extremely distorted. After which, the space suddenly exploded and a vortex was formed.


The moment this vortex was formed, the sound of rushing wind immediately tore through the skies. Countless figures whizzed out like locusts from all directions. Finally, they turned into a torrent that was thrown into the distorted vortex.

Following this huge activity, those super sect disciples also moved at this moment. Compared to those surrounding chaotic human figures, they were undoubtedly more orderly. Majestic Yuan Power whistled and directly wrapped around all the disciples within their respective sects. Finally, they transformed into a large ray of light that charged into the vortex.

“We should also get moving.”

Ying Xiaoxiao took a step forward when she saw this. A soft cry resounded clearly beside the ear of every Dao Sect disciple.

Wave after wave of vigorous Yuan Power immediately spread from the bodies of the many disciples after a united response. Soon after, the Yuan Power slowly merged, transforming into a light cluster that encompassed everyone.

“Let’s go.”

Ying Xiaoxiao waved her hand as she immediately rushed out. Lin Dong, Wang Yan and the large group of Dao Sect disciples immediately followed closely behind her.

All the Dao Sect disciples were wrapped under a rich light, making it seem as though they were one body. Finally, they entered that rotating vortex under the attention of many watching gaze before completely disappearing…

An endless sea of people rushed into Unique Devil Region after the Dao Sect disciples. Rushing wind sounds continued to resound across the plains.

Qi Lei, Chen Zhen and two others in the sky above Unique Devil City gradually withdrew their gazes as the Dao Sect disciples entered Unique Devil Region. After which, they exchanged looks with each other. They could see some graveness and an unknown emotion in each other’s eyes.

“I wonder how they will perform if they face Yuan Gate again this time around. The strength of those three little kings of Yuan Gate are indeed quite strong amongst the younger generation…” Qi Lei spoke in a low voice.

“There is no need to belittle ourselves. The disciples of Yuan Gate are strong, but those little fellows from our Dao Sect are not useless either… moreover, this time around, our Dao Sect also has a little monster following them.” Chen Zhen laughed faintly.

“That fellow… can indeed be considered a monster. Before we left, sect master told us that the greatest variable of this Great Sect Competition would be Lin Dong. Sect master has only said such words twice in a hundred years. Once was due to senior Zhou Tong, while the second is due to Lin Dong…” Qi Lei smiled when he heard this. Immediately, he sighed emotionally.

“This time around, let’s watch and see what methods this little monster will use when facing the three little kings of Yuan Gate. Ha ha, I am looking forward to it…”

Chen Zhen and the other three looked at each other. The solemness in their eyes had relaxed a little. However, at this moment, it was likely that even they could not imagine that not long from now, their anticipation would end up erupting in a bloody manner that would shake the entire Eastern Xuan Region…


Blackness spread over the ground and finally extended to the edge of one’s sight. It was as though the sky had become extremely dark, causing one to feel rather oppressed.

This land had once experienced a most desperate earth-shattering battle…

This place was also a dark desolated plains. From time to time, some extremely ear-piercing roars could be heard from far away. Those roars did not contain any life force, instead, all they contained was an extremely pure desire to kill…


This desolate plain was quiet for a long time. Suddenly, countless cracks appeared in the sky. After which, many light figures rushed out from those cracks. A moment later, they broke the desolate silence of this place.

A large bright light suddenly shot out from these cracks that permeated the sky. Finally, it landed on the ground. The bright light scattered, revealing hundreds of figures. They were the Dao Sect disciples led by Ying Xiaoxiao and Lin Dong.

“This is Unique Devil Region huh?”

Many Dao Sect disciples could not help but observe their surroundings after they landed. Clearly, they were very curious about this dangerous place which they had heard much about.

“Most people will be randomly transferred by the vortex to the various edges of Unique Devil Region after entering it. Therefore, if our luck isn’t bad, it is likely that we will not meet with Yuan Gate too soon.” Ying Xiaoxiao’s eyes swept around before speaking.


Lin Dong also nodded slightly when he heard this. They still had things to do within this Unique Devil Region. It was indeed not good if they met with Yuan Gate too soon. After all, they were in no hurry to resolve their grudge.

“We should get moving first… be careful!”

Lin Dong’s eyes swept on the surrounding land. Just as his words were uttered, his pupils suddenly shrunk. His foot suddenly stomped on the ground and a frightening energy swept apart. It directly shook the ground, causing a crack to form. Under that crack, over a dozen ferocious pitch-black monsters covered in sharp black thorns revealed their large and bloody eyes.

Swoosh swoosh!

The surrounding land suddenly collapsed when Lin Dong discovered these monsters that were hidden underground. Immediately, countless extremely sharp large black thorns penetrated out from the ground and pierced towards the Dao Sect disciples.

Quite a number of Dao Sect disciples were caught off-guard by these ferocious attacks that had come moments after they had landed. However, it was fortunate that there were some outstanding disciples with swift reactions. Immediately, vigorous Yuan Power swept out and rushed to block the black thorns that violently pierced towards them.

Ying Huanhuan was similarly caught off-guard as she dealt with these formidable attacks from the underground. However, the number of attacks aimed towards her were clearly great in number, causing her expression to change slightly after forcing back a dozen monsters. She watched as razor-sharp claws reached for her from underneath the crumbling ground, while a surprised cry involuntarily emerged from her mouth.


The instant she cried out, a figure had already appeared in front of her in a ghost-like manner. Immediately, his leg rapidly thickened, turning into a green dragon leg that angrily kicked downwards.

Bang bang bang!

The land crumbled due to this kick, causing the Dao Sect disciples’ faces to become ashen as they saw a myriad of black monsters with large scarlet eyes surging out like an erupting tide from the collapsed ground.

“Devil Ants… how disastrous…”

Ying Xiaoxiao’s group gazed at the black sea of monsters as their expressions gradually became grim. It was likely that they did not expect that they would end up encountering these troublesome creatures the moment they arrived at Unique Devil Region…