Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 758: Burning Sky Ancient Stash

Chapter 758: Burning Sky Ancient Stash


Chapter 758: Burning Sky Ancient Stash

Over the next two days, the population in Unique Devil City soared at an extremely terrifying speed. Not only did members from the eight super sects arrived one after another, but even members from other renowned factions also hurried over. In an instant, the interior of Unique Devil City was completely packed with countless experts, causing it to become extremely chaotic.

Qi Lei and the rest had clearly tightened their control amidst this chaos. Hence, most disciples from Dao Sect had to quietly remain at their inn to train and had no chance to go out to stir trouble.

Although Qi Lei’s group did not forcefully restrain Lin Dong and the other top disciples, they repeatedly instructed them to be careful in order to guard against a sneak attack. Currently, Unique Devil City was extremely chaotic. Should any problems occur, it was likely that even the four of them would have difficulty handling it.

Lin Dong was also clearly aware of the current situation within Unique Devil City. Hence, he quietly remained in his room during these two days despite not being grounded and he seldom headed out.

Lin Dong also took advantage of the peace that came before the eminent great battle to study some other things. For example, the strange copper cauldron that he had recently obtained.

Lin Dong was seated on a bed within the quiet room. At this moment, he was holding the damaged copper cauldron which he had bought from the Treasure Seeking District at a high price. He frowned slightly while his eyes continuously swept across it.


This continued for half an hour before Lin Dong involuntarily sighed. He rubbed his somewhat teary eyes, while his face was filled with dissatisfaction.

Earlier, he had tried various methods to study this dark red copper cauldron. However, he did not manage to discover anything special about it. The material of this copper cauldron was not unique and there was also the absence of any energy fluctuation within it. Lin Dong was certain that this thing was definitely not a soul treasure. It seemed like his dream of finding a great steal had been dashed…

“Something’s amiss…”

Lin Dong played with the copper cauldron in his hand as he muttered to himself. When he saw this thing for the first time, he clearly sensed the stone talisman within his body trembling gently. The stone talisman only displayed such a reaction when it found an extraordinary object…

Lin Dong frowned. He placed the dark red damaged copper cauldron in front of him. It was possible to see some chaotic drawings on the surface of the copper cauldron. Perhaps it was because of the erosion over the years, but these drawings were extremely faded. Hence, Lin Dong was unable to obtain any useful information from them.

“This copper cauldron… just what is it’s use?”

Lin Dong felt his head ache a little. A long while later, he finally gave up and shook his head. As he was preparing to keep the cauldron into his Qiankun bag, his eyes suddenly drifted towards the light in the room. Immediately, he was stunned for a moment. After which, his eyes narrowed…

This copper cauldron… seems to be lacking a flame…

This thought flashed across Lin Dong’s mind. He hesitated for a moment, before he looked at the damaged appearance of the copper cauldron. It did not seem like it could endure the heat. Should things take a turn for the worse, his ten million Nirvana Pills would be wasted…

“If it ends up being broken, then so be it…”

However, Lin Dong was not an indecisive person. After hesitating for a moment, he clenched his teeth. With a grasp of his hand, a cluster of fierce Nirvana Flames rose from his palm. This flame could be formed by anyone who was a Nirvana stage expert.


Lin Dong flicked his finger. A wisp of flame entered the copper cauldron at lightning speed. After which, the flame was swiftly released. Soon after, Lin Dong could see that the copper cauldron was starting to melt. Immediately, his face turned slightly green. It seemed that his idea was indeed wrong…

Moreover, based on its damaged appearance, it was possible that someone had already tried this method. However, it was likely that they had realized that it was useless midway, and hence stopped.

Lin Dong shook his head in disappointment. He had finally lost all interest. With a wave of his sleeve, he threw the burning copper cauldron into the brazier in the room. After which, he slowly shut his eyes and began cultivating.

After Lin Dong had entered a state of cultivation, the copper cauldron began to melt at an increasing pace. In the end, it even turned into liquid copper that dripped downwards.

The dark red copper liquid increased. In the end, the copper cauldron was completely melted down. The Nirvana Flame had also scattered due to the exhaustion of Nirvana Qi. Only some slowly flowing dark red copper liquid remained.

Buzz buzz!

Numerous dark red lights suddenly shot out from the copper liquid while it flowed. Finally, they intertwined with each other in the air.

Seated on the bed, as if he had sensed something, Lin Dong’s tightly shut eyes suddenly opened. He was somewhat dazed as he watched the dark red lights intertwining in the air.


Lin Dong was startled when he saw this scene. After which, he glanced at the completely melted metal cauldron, and only then did he come to a sudden realization. One must completely destroy it before one could find what was hidden within…

Could this be considered as ‘without destruction there can be no progress’? However, one would require quite a great amount of courage in order go through with such an act. If it was not because Lin Dong was completely disappointed earlier, it was likely that he would have difficulty personally melting the cauldron into liquid copper. Before Lin Dong, there was likely others who had also tried this method. Ultimately, that person lacked the endurance or the heartlessness to see things to the end…

Regardless, the current Lin Dong was exceptionally pleased. This outcome that he had haphazardly reached clearly exceeded his expectation.

“However… what is this?”

Lin Dong’s joyous eyes contained some uncertainty. He stared at the lights criss-crossing each other in the air. Those lights entwined with each other. Finally, they appeared to have formed some strange lines and pictures. That appearance… it seemed to be a map?

“A map?”

Lin Dong eyes focused slightly. Immediately, a thought flashed past his mind before his Mental Energy whizzed out. It captured an image of the map of light and stored it in his Niwan Palace.

After Lin Dong had done this, the bright red lines began to shrink before finally agglomerating into a dark red palm sized light token in front of his eyes.

Lin Dong extended his hand and the dark red light token landed in his hand. His eyes glanced over it and he was able to see a picture of a flame spreading across the light token. There were four unusually ancient flaming characters vaguely present on the picture.


“Burning Sky Ancient Stash?”

Lin Dong stared at the four ancient flaming characters. After which, he read each word out loud. In the next instant, his eyes suddenly brightened.

This copper cauldron actually hid an ancient treasure map!

“Excellent!” Lin Dong lips parted as he laughed. Although he was unaware of what this Burning Sky Ancient Stash was, it was likely not an ordinary treasure trove since it was located within Unique Devil Region. It would not be surprising even if such a place had a Pure Yuan treasure!

Although the trashy item did not turn into a treasure, the appearance of this ancient treasure map had completely made up for it. The value of an ancient treasure trove was definitely comparable to a Pure Yuan treasure!

He did not lose out in this transaction. The ability of the Stone Talisman did not disappoint Lin Dong.

“After entering Unique Devil Region, I can discuss this with senior sister Xiaoxiao and the rest. We can look for this so called Burning Sky Ancient Stash together.” Lin Dong fondled his chin and muttered to himself. After all, the current situation was different from when he had entered the ancient battlefield back then. He was no longer alone and there was now a large group of fellow disciples who were willing to follow him. He alone was also unable to stomach an entire ancient treasure trove. It would be better for him to share it with his fellow disciples. At that time, their overall strength would increase and it was likely that they would faced a lot less trouble.

Lin Dong quietly smiled when he thought of this. He carefully kept the light token into his storage ring. This object likely a special function. Otherwise, it would not have been hidden so well…

After resolving the secret of the copper cauldron, Lin Dong clearly felt extremely pleased. However, he did not stop here. Instead, he mused for a moment before he suddenly clapped his hands together. A light glow appeared in his hand and transformed into an extremely obscure and complicated light formation.

This formation was so mysterious that it caused one to be dazzled. Even the current Lin Dong was unable to see through its mystery. This was naturally the Ancient Universe Formation that was within Lin Dong’s body.

The Ancient Universe Formation had greatly contributed to Lin Dong’s ability contend against nine Yuan Nirvana stage experts with his seven Yuan Nirvana stage strength. It was because of it that Lin Dong was able to merge Yuan Power and Mental Energy together to unleash an even greater power…

However, ever since Lin Dong had obtained it, he had not discovered any other uses besides merging Yuan Power and Mental Energy. Nevertheless, over this period of time, Lin Dong had realized some facts after having quietly studied it for a long time…

The Ancient Universe Formation could merge energy when it was rotated clockwise. However… if one was to rotate it anticlockwise, Lin Dong discovered that the ripple from the Ancient Universe Formation would undergo a complete change. At the same time, that fluctuation also possessed quite a shocking and miraculous effect.

That was the power to split.

Clockwise would lead to merger while anticlockwise would lead to separation!

Lin Dong smilingly watched the slowly rotating Ancient Universe Formation, while the corners of his lips lifted. He was aware that this discovery would definitely aid him tremendously in the upcoming Great Sect Competition.