Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 756: Meeting Again After Five Years

Chapter 756: Meeting Again After Five Years


Chapter 756: Meeting Again After Five Years

Lin Dong’s laughter had a somewhat complicated flavour to it as it echoed across the somewhat quiet Treasure Seeking District. Soon after, quite a number of people looked towards the hand he had extended towards Ling Qingzhu, and were all momentarily stunned.

Did this fellow not know just who was standing before him?

She was one of the most dazzling younger generation member in Eastern Xuan Region. Countless young geniuses from various super sects had tried everything in their power just to make this beauty smile. However, not a single person could get close to her to this day. Yet, this fellow actually extended his hand in such a manner. Who did he think he was?

Of course, they were not the only ones who felt so. Even Wang Yan, Ying Xiaoxiao and the rest were stunned by Lin Dong’s actions. If she ignored him in front of such a huge crowd, wouldn’t he end up making a fool of himself?

However, Lin Dong completely ignored the various strange gazes from around him. His eyes merely contained a trace of complicated feelings as he quietly stared at this beautiful lady, who seemed to have became even colder and prettier as compared to five years ago.

The scene from back then once again surged out from deep within his mind. It was as though it had occurred yesterday.

Ling Qingzhu’s clear eyes were also staring at Lin Dong. His young face no longer possessed the same childish glow from back then. Moreover, when he looked at her, his bright eyes no longer avoided her own. This was because the current him had the qualifications to ignore the dazzling halo around her.

It was an exchange of of gazes of equals.

Ling Qingzhu’s eyelashes gently blinked. She was aware of just how much effort this young man before her had put in over the past five years in order to reach this stage…

“Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace, Ling Qingzhu.”

Her quiet lake like eyes finally rippled slightly at this moment. After which, Ling Qingzhu extended her delicate hand in front of those numerous stunned eyes and gently shook Lin Dong’s hand.

The touch between the two of them was as cool as jade, while unease flowed under that calm surface.

The touch of their hands was as icy smooth as jade, while a coldness appeared to seep into their bones. At this moment, the sunlight was scattering down from high above in the sky, appearing just like a light pillar that wrapped around the two. This scene was somewhat dazzling.

However, their gentle handshake merely lasted for a moment, before both parties simultaneously withdrew their hands.

Lin Dong could sense the surrounding gazes instantly turn searing hot after he withdrew his hand. It appeared as though they wanted to pierce thousands of holes into his body.

“Congratulations. You have accomplished what you promised back then.” Ling Qingzhu withdrew her hand into her sleeve. Her hand was curled slightly and appeared slightly moist. After which, she looked at the young man before her and softly said.

“I was wrong.”

Lin Dong mouth parted into a smile. To make a prideful lady like her utter such words, the sense of achievement that he felt was even more pleasant than having forced Lei Qian to withdraw miserably earlier.

“Don’t worry, I do not dare to say that statement yet.” Lin Dong smilingly said. He could vaguely sense a powerful ripple from within Ling Qingzhu’s body. That fluctuation was even stronger than Lei Qian’s. Clearly, there was still a gap between the current him and her despite his best efforts.

“If you say it, it is likely that you will not be able to participate in the Great Sect Competition.” Ling Qingzhu replied in an indifferent manner. However, the fluctuation that flashed across her clear eyes quietly revealed that she was indeed a little affected by his words.

The onlookers were all baffled by their conversation. However, the two of them understood it very well. Both of them clearly knew that if Lin Dong was to utter those words now, it would end up causing a frightening commotion. Lin Dong would also likely become a thorn in the eyes of many young genius from various super sects.

This was obviously neither the time nor the place to display his youthful arrogance.

“Perform well during the Great Sect Competition. It is not easy to deal with Yuan Gate.”

Ling Qingzhu was clearly not accustomed to speaking for so long with a man in front of such a large crowd. Hence, she merely softly spoke those words before turning around and to leave.

“I will find an opportunity to utter those words.” Lin Dong suddenly said as he watched Ling Qingzhu turn around.

“You should say it after you are certain that you can keep your life after saying them.” Ling Qingzhu’s body paused. After which, her toes pressed gently on the ground. She immediately turned into a ray of light that quickly rushed off into the distance.

After Ling Qingzhu’s departure, the eyes of this entire district immediately gathered on Lin Dong. Although the conversation between the two of them was completely baffling, it seemed to imply that this was not the first time that Lin Dong and Ling Qingzhu had met. Moreover, their conversation indicated that they did not have a simple relationship…

There was something fishy between the two of them.

Some looked at each other and formed a conclusion that caused them to feel extreme displeased in their hearts.

“He is actually acquainted with Ling Qingzhu…” Wang Yan muttered in shock.

Ying Xiaoxiao nodded slightly. She glanced at Lin Dong’s back in a peculiar manner. After which, she turned her head and looked at the young lady beside her, who had suddenly turned mute.

“Are you alright?” Ying Xiaoxiao softly sighed within her heart. It was likely that quite a number of young ladies would feel deflated in front of Ling Qingzhu, who was outstanding in every aspect.

The young lady gently shook her head in front of Ying Xiaoxiao’s eyes. Soon after, she lifted her lips. She raised her head, her large eyes staring at the spot where Ling Qingzhu had disappeared. After which, she turned her head and softly said to Ying Xiaoxiao, “I will become even more outstanding than her.”

Ying Xiaoxiao was momentarily startled. When she looked at that young lady’s bright and beautiful face, she seemed to see an icy blue hue rising in the latter’s eyes bit by bit. Ying Xiaoxiao was somewhat taken aback. It truly seemed as if the young lady before her would undergo a complete metamorphosis one day. At that time, it was likely that she would become even more dazzling than Ling Qingzhu…

“Big sis believes in you.”

Ying Xiaoxiao did not know where this emotion sprouted from. However, she was clearly quite pleased when she saw that Ying Huanhuan did not feel dejected because of Ling Qianzhu’s appearance. Immediately, she rubbed the young lady’s head and softly laughed.

Ying Huanhuan laughed sweetly, while the icy blue hue within her eyes quietly disappeared. However, it was likely that even she herself might not have sensed the that in the depths of her pupils, jet-black had slowly started to merge with that icy blue.

Due to Ling Qingzhu’s appearance, this young lady, who typically went with the flow, seemed to have awoken the pride deep within her bones, and this caused certain changes within her to accelerate…

At this moment, Lin Dong had also withdrawn his gaze. He immediately inhaled a deep breath of air. The meeting five years later was not as explosive as he had imagined. The two of them had calmly looked at each other and conversed in a calm manner. After which, they had parted in a similarly calm manner.

However, this was good.

Lin Dong smiled. Although the current him was completely different compared to five years ago, he was still not very stunning in the eyes of Ling Qingzhu, whose eyes were already used to seeing countless geniuses. The reason the latter had displayed such emotion was likely because of how vastly different Lin Dong’s status and power was now compared to five years ago.

Although the unexpected occurrence back then forced the two of them into an absurd situation that caught them both off-guard, Lin Dong was not foolish enough to believe that a lady like Ling Qingzhu would swear her undying love to him because of such an incident. A proud phoenix like her would never be retained by even the most gorgeous sycamore tree.

Lin Dong turned around and saw those strange gazes that Wang Yan’s group were directing at him. He involuntarily coughed dryly and spread out his hands.

“You know her?” Wang Yan involuntarily asked. He felt like he was speaking too much today. It was as though he had completely changed from his usual quiet and lonely self. However, he had no choice. The feats that Lin Dong had accomplished today caused him to involuntarily speak a little more.

“We met once five years ago in Great Yan Empire.” Lin Dong gently nodded and said.

Wang Yan, Ying Xiaoxiao and the others exchanged glances. They clearly did not expect that the two of them had met five years ago. However, there should have been a huge difference in status between the two of them back then. Yet, they had still met. The group wondered just what happened between the both of them. From the looks it, it was obvious that it was no ordinary meeting…

“Let’s go. We should also head back.”

Lin Dong did not dwell on this topic. He immediately waved his hand and was just about to leave when his eyes drifted towards the stone within the light barrier, where the grey clothed middle-aged man was at earlier.

At this moment, there were over a dozen light clusters on the stone. A powerful fluctuation was being emitted from those light clusters. Clearly, they were powerful Soul Treasures.

However, Lin Dong’s eyes did not linger for long on those light clusters. Instead, his eyes shifted and finally landed in a corner. There was a somewhat dimmer light cluster at that spot. The light cluster contained a palm-sized dark red damaged copper cauldron.

The Stone Talisman within his body seemed to ripple when Lin Dong’s eyes landed on the dark red damaged copper cauldron.

That fluctuation was extremely slight, but it was still detected by Lin Dong. Immediately, his eyes focused in an unnoticeable fashion. In the next moment, after a slight hesitation, he lifted his foot and walked forward. He did not hide his intention as he held the copper cauldron in his hand. Immediately, he lifted his head and smiled towards that grey clothed middle-aged man.

“What is the price of this object?”