Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 755: Nice To Meet You

Chapter 755: Nice To Meet You


Chapter 755, Nice To Meet You

“What…is going on?”

Within the pavilion, the handsome man had a grave expression on his face as he stared at the deathly silent area in the distance before muttering in bewilderment. It was obvious that even he had failed to realize what exactly had happened in that previous exchange.

“He used some special means and froze Lei Qian for an instant. In that instant, Lin Dong evaded his attack and gave a palm attack to him before snatching away the hairpin…” said Ling Qingzhu in a soft voice as she stared at the youthful figure in the distance with her clear eyes.

The expression on the man’s face changed slightly as he was simply unable to believe that Lin Dong was able to do so many things in such a short moment. His speed and judgment was truly astonishing…

“ This Dao Sect disciple is truly not simple.” muttered the man with a grave expression on his face. He knew that if he was in Qian Lei’s shoes, he would likely be in an even worse state.

Ling Qingzhu’s slender eyelashes fluttered as she gently blinked. Her eyelids covered the sliver of complex emotions that surged out from within her eyes. That scene from before that happened in a flash was sufficient to shock many people.

This was especially true for her since she knew about Lin Dong’s background. The shock that she had received was undoubtedly even greater. Who would have thought that the youth from a branch family in such a low rank empire would actually be able to reach this stage today…

Perhaps the strength that Lin Dong displayed today was not sufficient to cause Ling Qingzhu to be terrified. However, his progress was enough to cause emotions to flood her mind.

That immature and weak youth had eventually accomplished what he had declared in the past…

Ling Qingzhu gently bit her lips with her pearly white teeth. After a while, even with her quiet and cold temperament, she was still unable to resist as she softly sighed. It was obvious that her tranquil lake esque state of mind was now thrown into disarray by the familiar figure that had once again appeared before her.

Such a thing rarely occurred to her. Furthermore, it had occurred again because of the same man…


Please pay up…

As Lin Dong mockery filled voice echoed across the now deathly silent area, an incredulous expression appeared on everyone’s faces. In the next moment, gaze after gaze could not help but to focus on Lei Qian. Right now, his expression was fluctuating, while the dark look in his eyes was so rich that it could not be erased.

The little thunder king, one of the three little kings of Yuan Gate, was actually made a fool of in this place…

In the previous lighting quick exchange, even Lei Qian himself could only feel his body freeze for an instant. In the next instance, a palm attack had viciously struck his chest. From start to finish, he had not even made contact with the corner of Lin Dong’s clothes!

This was undoubtedly an utter humiliation for Lei Qian!

“You’re courting death!”

The fluctuating expression on Lei Qian’s face finally condensed on the sinister side. He roared in a low voice as he stared at Lin Dong with anger erupting from his eyes.

“The members of Yuan Gate truly have no morals. They can’t even keep the most basic promises.” said Lin Dong with a faint smile.

Upon hearing these words, quite a number of the surrounding onlookers nodded their heads. As spectators, they were clearly aware of how the entire matter had played out. The deal was initiated by Lei Qian himself. If he failed to make good on his own promise, he would definitely seem a little despicable. Furthermore, he was a disciple of the strongest sect in Eastern Xuan Region…

Even though no one dared to mock him due to the prestige and might attached to the Yuan Gate’s name, their ridiculing gazes caused Lei Qian and the Yuan Gate disciples’ expression to turn unnatural.

“Fine, I admit defeat, brat. You better pray that you don’t meet our Yuan Gate after the Great Sect Competition begins!” Lei Qian sucked in a deep breath to supress his raging emotions, before he suddenly said to Lin Dong in a menacing manner.

Lin Dong gave a faint smile. Upon seeing his appearance, the anger in Lei Qian’s heart almost reached a point whereby his head was about to explode.

“How many Nirvana pills?” Lei Qian forcefully turned around, refusing to look at the smile on Lin Dong’s face, that would likely drive him insane. With a gloomy expression on his face, he looked towards the a boulder where a middle aged man sat under a light barrier. He was the owner of the stall that was selling the hairpin soul treasure. With great enthusiasm, he had watched the fight between Lin Dong and Lei Qian from start to the end.

“It’s not expensive. Six million Nirvana pills.” said the middle aged man in grey. When he looked at Lei Qian’s gloomy expression, there was not a single trace of fear in his eyes. Instead, he had a grin on his face.

“Bullshit, when I heard you discussing the price with her previously, it was only three million Nirvana pill!” Jiang Tao instantly exclaimed in rage upon hearing the man’s words.

The middle aged man in grey lazily shot a look at Jiang Tao and ignored him. As someone who was able to survive in Unique Devil City, he was definitely capable. Although Yuan Gate had a domineering reputation, it did not intimidate people like them.

Lei Qian stared darkly at the middle aged man in grey. However, in the end, he did not explode in anger. With a jerk of his hand, a lighting glow that contained a frightening amount of force appeared and shot viciously towards him.


In response to Lei Qian’s attack, the middle aged man merely smiled. Boundless Yuan Power rushed forth in his palm, before he sent it colliding against the lighting glow. As the lighting glow scattered, it transformed into a silver Qiankun bag.

“Oh, many thanks,” sweeping his gaze across the Qiankun bag in his hand, the middle aged man gave a faint smile before speaking.

Lei Qian’s eyes focused a little as he shot a look at the middle aged man. Without the slightest intention of saying any other unnecessary words, he turned his body and coldly shot a look at Lin Dong, “ I hope that your Dao Sect will not be as useless as the previous time, if not…”


As Lei Qian’s gloomy voice sounded out, he promptly waved his hand and led the gloomy Yuan Gate disciples and pushed their way out of the crowd. Rapidly disappearing into the distance, they looked as if they were fleeing with their tails tucked between their legs.

“Mighty senior brother Lin Dong!”

After the Yuan Gate disciples left, celebratory noises immediately erupted amongst the Dao Sect disciples. Quite a number of them were extremely excited. After all, numerous small-scale and large-scale clashes had occurred between Yuan Gate and Dao Sect over the years. However, they rarely managed to gain the upper hand. Hence, after Lin Dong thwarted Qian Lei this time, they all felt joyous and excited.

Lin Dong smiled. Promptly, he turned around and tossed the jade hairpin in his hand to Ying Huanhuan and said, “Here, treat this as a gift from me.”

Ying Huanhuan carefully received the hairpin as her face turned slightly red. Raising her head, she sent a sweet smile towards Lin Dong. Her loveable appearance was unexpectedly different from the little sprite she usually was.

“Such formidable means… you have hidden yourself very deeply.” said Wang Yan as he walked over, his voice contained amazement and a rarely seen excitement.

Lin Dong smiled while shaking his head. Just as he was about to speak, he suddenly turned his head and slightly raised his line of sight as if he had sensed something. As he looked at the top floor of a distant pavilion, he saw a quiet, cold and aloof figure dressed in white clothes appear within his sights. At that moment, the smile on his face slowly started to stiffen.

Though they were a distance away, two pairs of eyes met in midair. Instantly, both their bodies froze, while a complicated expression surged in their hearts.

Lin Dong’s movements was obviously discovered by Ying Xiaoxiao and the rest. As they followed his gaze into the distance and spotted the quiet and cold figure, the expressions on their faces slightly changed.

“That’s Ling Qingzhu from Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace. As expected, she the leader for the Great Sect Competition this time…” said Wang Yan in a soft voice. As he stared at that beautiful figure, a fluctuation appeared even in a heart like his that was already somewhat numbed.

“That lady is truly bewitching. She has completely bewitched countless genius from various super sects in Eastern Xuan Region. However, up till now, no one has managed to move her heart…”

Wang Yan smacked his lips before suddenly realising that there was something amiss about the surrounding atmosphere. In the next moment, he seemingly felt an uproar spreading out from around him. Raising his head, he saw that the beautiful figure in a white snow-like dress had unexpectedly floated over from the pavilion. Under the attention of the crowd, she gradually descended in front of Lin Dong.

The cheering noises from the Dao Sect disciples spontaneously came to a halt, as all of them stared in amazement at the most famous female younger generation member in Eastern Xuan Region.

Under the crowd’s attention, she finally landed in front of Lin Dong. Without saying anything, she quietly stared at Lin Dong with her clear and cold eyes.

This scene caused the surrounding atmosphere to turn exceedingly strange.

Under that strange atmosphere, Lin Dong sudden took a deep breath and smiled. In the next moment, he extended a hand towards Ling Qingzhu as a complicated laughter rang out.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Lin Dong from the Great Yan Empire.”