Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 754: An Amusing Exchange

Chapter 754: An Amusing Exchange


Chapter 754: An Amusing Exchange

Under the attention of the surrounding onlookers, the youth slowly walked out from within the group of Dao Sect disciples and stood at a position not far from Lei Qian. There was no fear on the youth’s face. Instead, a smile had appeared.

“Who is he?”

Numerous people in the surrounding crowd were somewhat shocked as they watched Lin Dong walk out. They had originally assumed that the person to take action would be either Ying Xiaoxiao or Wang Yan. After all, amongst the Dao Sect disciples, only the two of them were qualified to cross blows with Lei Qian. It was clear that the youth before them was not someone they recognized.

“Wang Yan, letting a new comer do your dirty work. Do you think that I’m a merciful and benevolent person?” mocked Lei Qian after he shot a glance at Lin Dong.

Upon hearing Lei Qian’s words, the Yuan Gate disciples behind him started to roar with laughter while they shot ridiculing glances at Lin Dong.

“Dao Sect’s Lin Dong, please treat me well.” said Lin Dong with a faint smile as he cupped his hands towards Lei Qian.

“Lin Dong?”

Upon hearing this name, it was obvious that Lei Qian was startled, while the roaring laughter from the Yuan Gate disciples immediately died down as they shot astonished looks at Lin Dong. From their appearance, it was obvious that they had heard of this name before.

“He is the Lin Dong that defeated Yao Ling?” exclaimed Jiang Tao in shock.

“So you do have some reputation.”

Lei Qian was slightly startled, however, he regained his wits in the next instant. With a faint smile, he extended his hand. At the centre of the palm, was the jade hairpin that was emitting a faint fluorescence.

“I am somewhat interested in you. Since you want to stand out, I’ll give you the opportunity to do so. As long as you are able to snatch this from my hand, what I’ve said previously will still stand.”

Lei Qian eyes were glued onto Lin Dong, while the corners of his mouth pulled back slowly to form a chilling arc, “ However, I have to remind you that if I, Lei Qian were to take action, I will definitely not show any mercy. In the case whereby you are beaten to death or crippled by me, you can only count yourself unlucky.”

Hearing those words, Lin Dong merely smiled. However, an icy cold chilling intent started to surge out from within the depths of his eyes.

As the two stood and stared at each other, the surrounding onlookers immediately retreated and formed an expansive circle with the two of them within it. In the next instant, innumerable curious gazes focused on the both of them. Everyone wanted to see what methods the new disciple from Dao Sect would use to snatch that hairpin from Lei Qian, one of the three little kings of Yuan Gate…

“Lin Dong, please be careful!” said Ying Xiaoxiao somewhat worriedly as she stared at Lin Dong’s back.

Lin Dong gently nodded his head. Soon after, he no longer hesitated and took a step forward. In the next instant, his eyes suddenly turned serious as boundless Yuan Power swept out from him. His figure transformed directly into a shadow and shot straight at Lei Qian. From the looks of it, he was actually going to confront Qian Lei head on?

“He’s courting death!”

Looking at Lin Dong’s action, a few Yuan Gate disciples immediately started to laugh and comment sarcastically. Lin Dong’s strength was merely at the seven Yuan Nirvana stage. Even if his combat prowess was extraordinary, Lei Qian was much stronger than Yao Ling!

Even Ying Xiaoxiao, Wang Yan and the rest wrinkled their brows upon seeing Lin Dong’s actions. However, they did not say anything. They had a rather good understanding of him and knew that Lin Dong would act thoughtlessly. Since he had chose to do things in this manner, he must have taken everything into consideration.

“Chi Chi!”

As the shadow rapidly grew larger in Lei Qian’s eyes, a cold grin appeared on his face. In the next moment, a resplendent lighting glow appeared once again on his body. The berserk Yuan Power fluctuation that erupted was far stronger than any ordinary nine Yuan Nirvana stage practitioner.

“You are quite fast. It’s a pity that such a thing is useless against me!”

Words of ridicule rang out from Lei Qian’s mouth before his face suddenly turned chilly. Taking a step forward, the resplendent lighting glow fluctuated wildly before transforming into a lighting lion head on his fist that raised its head and roared at the skies.

“Thundering Lion Fist!”

Lei Qian’s fist rumbled forth, immediately causing a deep lion’s roar and the sound of thunder to spread outwards from his fist. A lighting glow fluctuation that was visible to the naked eye swept forward, causing the ground to instantly crack into a web like network of fissures.

Lei Qian’s attack was quite vicious and he did not have any intention of going easy on Lin Dong. If his fist was to connect, even a nine Yuan Nirvana stage expert would suffer serious injuries!


Both of them were extremely quick and violent. In less than a breath’s time, the two figures collided violently like two meteorites!

In such a collision, it was obvious that Lin Dong would be in an disadvantage since Lei Qian’s fist was sufficient to completely wreck him!

However, facing this absolute disadvantage, not a trace of panic was present on Lin Dong’s face. His black pupils were still calm and limpid without showing any signs of being disturbed.

The berserk lighting glow from the lion fist grew rapidly in size within Lin Dong’s eyes. Just as everyone’s hearts were abruptly raised in anticipation, a strange smile appeared at the corners of Lin Dong’s mouth. His hands suddenly formed a weird seal before a fluctuation started to erupt.

Just as the thundering lion fist was about to hit Lin Dong’s chest, it strangely froze!

It merely froze for an instant, however, when experts fought, an instant was enough to determine the victor.

Just as the glowing fist was about to condense, Lin Dong’s body had flashed past Lei Qian’s like a phantom.


Just a the two figures crossed each other, an unusually low and stuffy sound suddenly rang out. In the next moment, the pupils of the innumerable people in the surroundings instantaneously contracted. They were overwhelmed with shock that had crawled out from the depths of their eyes.

This was because they saw Lei Qian’s face suddenly turn red after the two figures crossed paths. In the next moment, an incomparably enormous force exploded on his chest, causing him to fly backwards. In the end, he slammed heavily against a gigantic boulder. The frightening force caused the entire boulder to shatter into pieces.

The entire place was deathly silent.

The originally mocking expressions on the Yuan Gate disciples instantly turned sluggish. They stared blankly at the peculiar scene before them. They simply could not understand what had occurred when the two figures crossed paths with one another…

The one who should have been sent flying should have been the brat from Dao Sect!


Ying Xiaoxiao, Wang Yan and the rest were all similarly stunned by this sight. Even they had no idea what exactly had happened in that instant…

The originally explosive fight appeared to have been stifled by this strange situation…

Amidst the deathly silence, one gaze after another that was somewhat overwhelmed in shock moved and focused on the skinny figure that had crossed by Lei Qian. At this moment, there was not a single injury on his body. It was as if the berserk fist of Lei Qian had not even touched his body…


Lei Qian’s sorry figure climbed out from the rubble a distance away and stood up. One could see a dark red palm print on his chest, while a furious and malevolent expression had replaced the previous expression on his face. His eyes turned scarlet as he stared at the figure in the distance before roaring, “I, your father will tear you apart today!”

As he roared, his figure looked just like an enraged wild beast as he charged straight at Lin Dong. His fearsome murderous aura made the skin on one’s scalp crawl.

However, just as he had charged a dozen steps forward, he suddenly froze. That was because he could see Lin Dong, who was at a distance away, extending his hand towards him. Within his hand, was a jade hairpin that sat safely while faintly blossoming with radiance, as if it was continuously ridiculing Lei Qian while it sparkled.

That hairpin had already been snatched away…

Every surrounding onlooker could not help but involuntarily open their mouths a little wider while the Yuan Gate disciples eyes were wide like a drowning individual with a face filled with fright.

As a breeze blew past the area, rolling up some dust which floated away, it left a group of dumbfounded people. Originally they had assumed that it would be a brilliant match. However, it had ended in such an amusing manner…

Such an ending had obviously exceeded everyone’s expectations, including Lei Qian’s. Therefore, when he saw the hairpin in Lin Dong’s hand, an incredulous expression appeared on his face.

“You should pay up.” said Lin Dong casually as he shot a look at Lei Qian while playing with the hairpin in his hand.

His voice slowly spread, causing this entire area to turn even more quiet.

At a pavilion far away, the deep and clear eyes of a cold and gorgeous lady slowly revealed a shocked expression at this instant.