Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 752: Conflict

Chapter 752: Conflict


Chapter 752: Conflict

Under Qi Lei and the other hall chiefs’ lead, the disciples from Dao Sect stopped at the western side of Unique Devil City. After instructing them to be careful while outside, everyone was allowed to proceed with their own activities. Although they were large in numbers, the Unique Devil Region was quite chaotic and it was filled with all sorts of people. Hence, there would definitely be some shady individuals who were not afraid of offending a super sect.

After travelling for many days, Lin Dong originally wanted to quietly train for awhile. However, Ying Huanhuan had immediately come looking for him. He was unable to endure the latter’s constant coaxing and pestering, thus, he was left with no choice but to follow her. Just as they were about to leave, they met Ying Xiaoxiao and Wang Yan.

Ying Huanhuan’s eyes carefully dodged Ying Xiaoxiao’s when they met. The latter glanced at her with a half smile before turning towards Lin Dong. “What a coincidence, We are also going out. Let’s go together. Additionally, the Treasure Seeking District in the Unique Devil City is very interesting. I am sure that junior brother Lin Dong will be quite interested.”

“Treasure Seeking District?” Lin Dong was taken aback.

“Unique Devil City is near Unique Devil Region and there are often many many treasure hunters entering Unique Devil Region. They would find quite a number of treasures. However, most of these treasures are already broken. Of course, they are also some ancient objects that no one can recognise. If one has extraordinary insight, one might be able to spot some gems amongst these objects and gain a great reward.” Ying Xiaoxiao explained.

“I heard that there was once someone who found a Pure Yuan treasure in the Treasure Seeking District. After which, that person who sold him the treasure felt quite displeased and even attacked him in jealousy. Soon after, this issue grew out of hand and a bloody battle erupted. It is rumoured that the entire Unique Devil City was disturbed and a great number of unfortunate individuals were implicated…”

“Pure Yuan treasure…”

Lin Dong was a little dumbstruck. Such an object would be considered as a treasure even in a super sect. Hence, he never expected that it would appear in this place. No wonder the seller would feel upset.

“Seems interesting.”

Lin Dong gradually recovered his senses. Rubbing his chin, he laughed. Some interest had indeed rose within his heart. He subsequently said, “Alright. We will head to the Treasure Seeking District for a stroll.”


The Treasure Seeking District was located at the northern district of Unique Devil City, and it was one of the liveliest districts in Unique Devil Region. The treasures that appeared in this place were quite decent. Of course, the prerequisite was that one possessed sufficient Nirvana Pills…

When Lin Dong’s group entered that Treasure Seeking District, the loud noise from the area immediately surged over like floodwaters, causing one’s eardrum to feel a piercing pain.

The Treasure Seeking District was extremely vast. Even though this was the case, Lin Dong could still see a frightening human traffic on the spacious streets.

There were quite a number of enormous flat and smooth stones within this Treasure Seeking District. A light barrier covered these stones. Some individual that seemed to be stall owners were seated within them. Various unique and strange things were placed in front of them, attracting the attention of the passersby.

“Ancient martial arts, Stroking Cloud Great Thousand Palm. It is definitely comparable to a high grade soul martial art and it only costs eight million Nirvana Pills!”

“Soul Returning Pill. A holy pill for healing one’s injuries. As long as one still has a breath left, it will allow one to be completely revived to the pink of health. Seven million Nirvana Pills!”


Lin Dong’s group wandered around in the Treasure Seeking District. Upon hearing the various cries from all around, Lin Dong could not decide whether to laugh or cry. At first, they were attracted by the cries. However, they soon discovered that those so-called ancient martial arts were merely ordinary soul martial arts, and the medicinal pill only possessed a tiny healing effect. Only its name sounded mighty and domineering.

As a young lady, Ying Huanhuan enjoyed a place like this. Her body was just like a butterfly as she fluttered across the streets. Her dark black pony tail was flapping with the vigor of youth. A rather attractive sight.

However, as the four of them gradually ventured deeper into the Treasure Seeking District, the number of stalls slowly decreased. Moreover, the items that appeared caused shock to surface on even Lin Dong’s face.

“The items deep within the Treasure Seeking District are the genuine ones. Those who dare to hawk their wares here are all fairly skilled…” Beside him, Ying Xiaoxiao explained when she saw Lin Dong’s shocked expression.

“There are quite a number of super sect disciples here.” Wang Yan suddenly said in a faint voice.

Lin Dong’s eyes scanned his surroundings, and he indeed discovered quite a number of humans wearing sect badges on their chests. They were all quite young and there was a similarly prideful expression on their faces. Clearly, they were the disciples sent by the various sects to participate in the Great Sect Competition.

Lin Dong merely glanced around randomly before withdrawing his eyes. He leisurely walked around and continued to observe the mysterious items that had appeared on the surrounding stones.

While Lin Dong was paying attention to the two sides of the street, he faintly sensed a commotion to his front. He raised his head, and saw that there was a group of people huddled together in front of him. Faintly, a young lady’s clear and angry voice could be heard.

Lin Dong, Ying Xiaoxiao and Wang Yan were momentarily startled when they heard this voice. Their eyes looked beside them, only to discover that Ying Huanhuan was no longer at their side. Immediately, they frowned slightly and quickened their footsteps as they walked towards the gathering crowd.

When the Lin Dong trio entered the crowd, they coincidentally saw a young lady with a furious expression on a face. In front of her were three young man with mischievous smiles on their faces. They were holding a jade green hairpin. Meanwhile, a powerful energy fluctuation was vaguely emitted from it. It was clearly quite a decent Soul Treasure.

“What happened? Causing trouble again?” Ying Xiaoxiao frowned slightly as she glared at Ying Huanhuan.

“I did not! I was clearly the first to see this Soul Treasure and had even agreed on a price with the seller. However, these three bastards suddenly interrupted and snatched the hairpin.” Ying Huanhuan spoke in a manner as though she had been wronged.

Lin Dong knitted his brows slightly. He looked at the three of them as his eyes quickly found a familiar badge on their chests. His eyes immediately narrowed, “Yuan Gate disciples?”

Beside him, Wang Yan’s expression immediately darkened when he heard this. He slowly took a step forward.

“Wang Yan? Ying Xiaoxiao?”

As the two most famous Dao Sect younger generation members, the expressions of the two Yuan Gate disciples immediately changed when Wang Yang and Ying Xiaoxiao appeared. After which, they turned their eyes towards the man beside them, whose smile was slowly receding from his face. From the looks of it, he was clearly the leader.

“Ah, Wang Yan, I had thought that you had been expelled from Dao Sect. It is unexpected that you can still participate in the Great Sect Competition.” The man frowned slightly. He had a flippant character. He could not resist teasing Ying Huanhuan earlier when he saw her pure and alluring manner. However, he had never expected that she was a member of Dao Sect. Although things did not turn out as he had expected, he did not panic. Instead, he merely sneered at Wang Yan.

“This fellow is called Jiang Tao. He is no ordinary individual and is one of Yuan Gate’s eight soul generals. I did not expect to end up meeting him here.” Ying Xiaoxiao softly introduced him to Lin Dong.

“Another of the eight soul generals…” Lin Dong eyebrows lifted slightly. He had originally thought that the other party was merely an ordinary Yuan Gate disciple. It was unexpected that this person actually possessed such a status. No wonder he did not panic when he saw Wang Yan.

“Return that goods and get lost.” Wang Yan’s eyes were dark and solemn as he slowly said.

“Heh heh, in this place, as long as an item hasn’t been paid for, anyone can buy it. Who are you to ask me to get lost?” Jiang Tao’s eyes turned cold while he laughed in a strange manner.

“Since you are not going to get lost, we can only beat you until you do so.” Wang Yan slowly gripped the heavy sword on his back as his lips parted into a smile. He revealed his set of eerily white teeth as well as his killing intent.

“Are you going to compete based on numbers? Go ahead and try!”

Jiang Tao laughed coldly. He clenched his hand as a jade piece shot out. Finally, it exploded in midair. The brilliant fireworks transformed into a Yuan Gate badge.

Swoosh swoosh!

After that light symbol appeared, quite a number of rushing wind sounds were immediately heard from the sky. Numerous figures swiftly rushed over towards this place. Clearly, they were all disciples of Yuan Gate, who had seen the signal.

“Do you think I’m afraid of you?”

Ying Huanhuan was clearly also being angered by Jiang Tao’s domineering manner. A similar signal jade piece in her hand also shot towards the sky.

As the most lively place within Unique Devil Region, there were clearly quite a number of Dao Sect disciples present as well. Hence, when they saw the Dao Sect light symbol in the sky, their pupils hardened before they immediately dragged their fellow disciples, who were still shopping for items, and made a beeline towards the place where the light symbol appeared.

After the members from both parties arrived, a large empty circle was formed in the area. From the looks of it, even before the Great Sect Competition could begin, these two super sects with a deep grudge were already about to fight.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

The sound of wind being split was continuously transmitted from the sky. After which, numerous figures quickly landed from the sky. Finally, they appeared on two opposing sides. Within a short couple of minutes, over a hundred figures stood onto both sides. This lineup caused quite a number of people to be quietly speechless. Both parties were indeed worthy of being super sects…

The Treasure Seeking District was chaotic and filled with various individuals. However, the commotion caused by this event was quite major. Immediately, many gazes of amusement shot over.

Lin Dong observed this tense scene as he frowned slightly. Just as he was about to speak, his pupils suddenly shrunk. He abruptly raised his head as his eyes turned to the sky. A wild and violent rushing wind sound had suddenly halted at that spot. After which, a powerful figure wrapped in a bright lightning glow descended from the sky like a lightning god. Finally, he landed in front of the Yuan Gate disciples.

“Haha, Wang Yan, a loser like you actually dares to ask my Yuan Gate disciples to get lost? Come come. You managed to escape with your life last time. This time, let me see if you still have such luck!”

An extremely arrogant and loud laughter rumbled and echoed in the area after the lightning figure appeared.

Wang Yan’s expression turned completely dark when this voice sounded out. He stared at the figure as a voice that contained a murderous desire seeped out from between his teeth.

“Little Thunder King, Lei Qian!”