Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 750: Departing

Chapter 750: Departing


Chapter 750: Departing

At this moment, the enormous square on the top of towering mountain in the middle of Dao Sect had countless number of Dao Sect’s disciples quietly standing on it. Their eyes contained traces of respect and envy as they looked at the centre of the square. A few hundred disciples were standing orderly at that spot. Waves after waves of mighty Yuan Power fluctuation spread out from their bodies like floodwaters before engulfing the entire square.

Everyone of them had at least reached six Yuan Nirvana Stage and they were the most outstanding disciples from the four halls. At the same time, they would also represent the Dao Sect in the upcoming Great Sect Competition!

This qualification proved that they are the best amongst the current disciples in Dao Sect!

A couple of figures were standing straight in front of these disciples. Lin Dong was also one of them. Behind him were Jiang Hao, Pang Tong and other senior direct disciples from Desolate Hall.

The eyes of these people were filled with a respect that could not be concealed, when they looked at the skinny figure in front of them.

After the fight during the Hall Competition, Lin Dong’s reputation within Dao Sect had undoubtedly reached its peak. Not only did the disciples from Desolate Hall obey his every command, but even some of the senior direct disciples from the other three halls also felt heartfelt admiration towards him.

The Great Sect Competition was about to begin soon. Naturally, Dao Sect had also began to consolidate their members as they prepared to head to the Unique Devil Region in a large group.

Lin Dong stood at the leader’s spot amongst the group. His eyes were scanning his surroundings in a bored manner. After which, he saw Ying Huanhuan, who was at the front of the Sky Hall’s group a short distance away.

The young lady had clearly also noticed Lin Dong’s wandering eyes. Immediately, a lively clear charming smile surfaced on her pretty face. Her enchanting manner caused quite a number of disciples around to throw envious gazes towards Lin Dong. Although it was easy for Ying Huanhuan to become close with other disciples, anyone with sharp eyes was able to tell the slightly different attitude the young lady had when dealing with Lin Dong…

Lin Dong also smiled at Ying Huanhuan. He was just about to speak when a rushing wind sound appeared on the tall stage in front of them. After which, a couple of figures landed on it. The one in front was the master of Dao Sect, Ying Xuanzi. Behind him, were the hall chiefs and deputy hall chiefs of the four halls.

The private conversations on the square immediately came to a halt when Ying Xuanzi appeared. Everyone’s eyes contained rich respect when they paused on the white clothed and elegant Ying Xuanzi.

Ying Xuanzi stood on the tall stage. His eyes overlooked the young disciples with fiery hot eyes below. Immediately, his warm spring breeze like voice resounded beside the ears of everyone on the square.

“As a Dao Sect disciple, it is likely that everyone should be familiar with the danger and cruelty of the Great Sect Competition. This time around, it is not a friendly spar. The only ones whom you can thrust are your fellow martial brothers.”

“There is not much that I wish to say. All I hope is that the number of people who leave will be the same as the number of disciples who return. That is the best I hope for.”

Ying Xuanzi’s voice had an additional solemness. His expression was complicated as he watched those excited young disciples. He was aware that these disciples’ faces would definitely gain an additional callousness once they returned. However, the companions beside them might be the price for them to learn that cold sternness…

One must ultimately pay a price to grow up.

“During this Great Sect Competition, Xiaoxiao will be the commander. Lin Dong and Wang Yan will be assisting her. I hope that the three of you will be able to bring every single one of them back!” Ying Xuanzi deeply roared. His eyes were stern as he stared at the three people in front of the group.

“Understood.” Ying Xiaoxiao’s pretty face turned solemn as she replied in a deep voice.

Standing beside her, Lin Dong and Wang Yan looked at each other before they gently nodded. This was not going to be an easy task…

“This time around, the hall chiefs from the four halls will accompany all of you to the Unique Devil Region. However, upon entering the Unique Devil Region, you will be on your own. Are all of you prepared?”

The eyes of those disciples on the square were determined and wildly hot. None of them had any intention of withdrawing.

A smile surfaced on Ying Xuanzi’s face when he saw this scene. After which, he spoke in a soft and slow voice, “If everyone is prepared, all of you should go. The entire Dao Sect will be waiting for all of you here to return in triumph!”

Everyone on the square had an excited expression involuntarily surfacing on their young faces once Ying Xuanzi’s words sounded out.

The hall chief of Sky Hall, Qi Lei also stepped forward at this moment. After which, he waved his large hand. The other three hall chiefs also rushed into midair.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

Those Dao Sect’s disciples on the square also hurried rushed into midair upon seeing this. Their formation was quite orderly. After which, all of them lowered their heads and cupped their hands together while they looked at the people littered over the mountains.


The densely packed Dao Sect’s disciples on the surrounding mountains also cupped their hands together towards the sky. Soon after, a wave like low roar resounded over the place.

“Seniors, bring glory to our Dao Sect!”

The low roar rumbled and spread, causing the sky to shake a little. At the same time, it also caused the fresh blood within one’s body to boil abruptly.

Lin Dong exhaled a deep breath of air. This scene in front of him caused even him to involuntarily feel impulsive as though hot blood had rushed into his head.


Qi Lei took one look around him. After which, he waved his hand and a low and deep sound appeared. After his voice sounded, he immediately flashed and rushed out.


When his body moved, hundreds of figures behind him also rushed out at almost instantly. In an instant, hurried wind splitting sound resounded in an ear-piercing manner. Finally, a large group of people were just like a cluster of storm cloud as they swiftly left Dao Sect like wind sweeping the clouds.

Standing on the tall stage, when Ying Xuanzi saw that large group of figures rapidly leaving, the hand under his sleeve involuntarily tightened slowly.

Their Dao Sect had suffered great losses during the previous Great Sect Competitions. He wondered what the result would be this time around…


“This time around, a total of three hundred people from our Dao Sect is participating in the Great Sect Competition. They can be considered to be the most outstanding disciples selected from the four halls. This lineup is quite significant.”

In midair, Lin Dong flew at the front of the disciples from Desolate Hall. Right now, Pang Tong was beside him and he was softly telling him about the number of Dao Sect’s disciples participating this time around.

“Do you know approximately how many disciples Yuan Gate would send?” Lin Dong softly asked.

“It should be around five hundred or so.” Pang Tong thought for a moment and said.

Lin Dong nodded slightly. Their lineup was quite significant. Moreover, the participants were considered as the elites amongst their disciples. From this point, one could tell that the strength of Yuan Gate was indeed slightly stronger than Dao Sect.

“We will hurry to the Unique Devil City now. That is the place where all the various super sect will gather. It is likely that the groups from the other super sects have already began their journey. Soon, we will be able to meet them at the Unique Devil City.”

“Of course, the eight great super sects are not the only ones who will participate in the Great Sect Competition. Some of the other powerful factions in Eastern Xuan Region will also send their disciples to participate. Hehe, this could be considered as the top exchange amongst the younger generation members. Only those reputable young experts in Eastern Xuan Region will participate. That situation can only be described as ‘chaotic’.”

Lin Dong nodded slightly after he heard Pang Tong’s words. That Unique Devil Region was already a dangerous place. In addition, there were currently so many people with unknown intentions participating in it. One simply could not imagine how chaotic things would be should the situation spin out of control.

“Since the other sects are hurrying over, it is likely that the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace will also appear…”

Lin Dong eyes looked into the distant. A proud figure surfaced once again within his mind. When he met her at the Hundred Empire Mountain and realized the enormous gap between them, Lin Dong chose to conceal his identity…

He once said that he would have the qualifications for her to take him seriously the next time he appeared in front of her. Now… he already possessed the qualification. He could be considered as one of the elite younger generation members in Eastern Xuan Region and he was not afraid of facing any one of them, even in a life and death battle. This naturally included the so-called three little kings in Yuan Gate!

“Ling Qingzhu… it has been five years… let us meet directly this time around!”

The fist under Lin Dong’s sleeve slowly tightened. After which, he lifted his head and looked into the distant. The arc on the corner of his mouth became increasingly dense.

This time around, it would be a gathering of the elites.