Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 748: A Conversation

Chapter 748: A Conversation


Chapter 748: A Conversation

The change in Ying Xuanzi’s expression was extremely slight and only Lin Dong, who had been carefully observing him, was able to detect it. However, the former’s expression quickly recovered.

“The two of you are really good at wrecking havoc. Not only did you steal the Heavenly Phoenix Zither, but you guys even killed an Elder and two soul generals. You really know how to create trouble…” Ying Xuanzi glanced at the two of them and said.

Lin Dong laughed bitterly. Judging from his words, he was now certain that the one who secretly intervened was indeed Ying Xuanzi…

“Father, those fellows from Yuan Gate come looking for trouble. If we did not retaliate, it is likely that we will be the ones who fail to return instead…” Ying Huanhuan muttered.

“Fortunately, Ren Yuanzi did not discover your identity this time around. Otherwise, the Yuan Gate will not take this lying down. After all, the Great Sect Competition has yet to begin.” Ying Xuanzi glared at Ying Huanhuan before speaking.

“Ren Yuanzi…” Lin Dong’s eyes hardened. It seemed like that was the Yuan Gate sect chief who came chasing after them.

“However… since this matter was not discovered, I will let it go. Those people from Yuan Gate… as long as it is not done openly, it doesn’t matter if you kill them…” Ying Xuanzi’s voice paused for a moment before speaking in a faint manner.

Lin Dong and Ying Huanhuan clearly sighed in relief when they heard his words.

“Huanhuan, you should go back and return the Heavenly Phoenix Zither to martial uncle Qi Lei. Although that item belongs to you, it should still be placed in Sky Hall until your strength reaches a certain level.” Ying Xuanzi spoke to Ying Huanhuan.


Ying Huanhuan nodded obediently. Her large eyes rotated over Lin Dong. After which, she used a voice that only the both of them could hear and said, “I am leaving. You should pray for yourself.”

After speaking, the young lady directly transformed into a ray of light and left this mountain as though she was fleeing. This caused Lin Dong to feel neither able to laugh nor cry.

“This lass…”

Ying Xuanzi looked at the light that disappeared into the distance before he laughed involuntarily. His jade-like face contained a pampering and loving expression that could not be hidden.

His sight was gradually withdrawn. That smile on his face also slowly disappeared when he looked at Lin Dong. After remaining silent for a moment, he suddenly asked, “You are aware of what happened to Huanhuan, right?”

“Is sect master also aware of it?” Lin Dong probingly asked.

“I have already sensed it since she was young. However, it is unexpected that she will interact with the spirit when she was forming her Yuan Spirit.” Ying Xuanzi sighed. His expression were somewhat complicated.

“That lass… is actually a Reincarnator. It is just that I do not know which ultimate expert from the ancient times she was in her former life…”

Lin Dong was quiet and his eyes was a little worried. He was worried that Ying Xuanzi would feel a blotch in his heart because Ying Huanhuan was a Reincarnator.

“You should not have wild thoughts. Regardless of what Ying Huanhuan turns into, she will forever be my daughter. Even if she truly awakens, the one from this lifetime will still be the one in charge…” Ying Xuanzi spoke smilingly as if he was aware of Lin Dong’s thoughts.

“Although Huanhuan is a Reincarnator, it might be a good matter from the perspective of the sect. However, from the angle of a father, I only want her to be an ordinary girl. That way, I will have the ability to protect her. She can also act as she please and would not need to shoulder any burdens. I can also support her and protect her…”

Lin Dong’s heart trembled slightly. He looked at the smile on Ying Xuanzi’s face and his heart felt a tinge of regret. He should not have doubted a father’s thoughts…

Ying Xuanzi smiled and waved his hand when he saw the apologetic expression on Lin Dong’s face. After which, he patted the latter’s shoulder and said, “Additionally, you have done this matter in a very beautiful fashion. It really reliefs one’s anger. You should have seen the furious expression on Ren Yuanzi’s face back then…”

“This matter only occurred because they chose to intervene. We were only after the Earth Core Spiritual Brewing Saliva. Moreover, they were the ones who attacked us first. It was pointless for us to give in at that time. In that case, we can only finish them off.” Lin Dong shrugged his shoulders and laughed.

“That Celestial Demon Marten friend of yours is very powerful. Currently, it seems like he has yet to recover his full strength. It seems like he should be quite an extraordinary individual even in the Celestial Demon Marten tribe. You really have a wide network of friends. The Celestial Demon Marten and Heavenly Devil Tiger. They are both the strongest tribes within the Demonic Beast world…” Ying Xuanzi laughed with a deeper meaning.

“Sect master will not discriminate them based on their identities, right?” Lin Dong spread his hand and said.

“I heard Wu Dao mention that the reason you chose Dao Sect back then, was largely because of your two friends. If I held a grudge against them, would that end up pushing you away? Such an outstanding disciple, even I am reluctant to do so…” Ying Xuanzi laughed.

“Looking at it now, it seems like my choice back then was quite a wise one. If it is any other sect, it is likely that it will not end like this.” Lin Dong parted his mouth and smiled. His obscure boot-licking caused Ying Xuanzi to laugh.

“There is still one more month’s time before the Great Sect Competition. You should quietly remain in the sect to train during this period of time.”

“Yes.” Lin Dong nodded. His strength had advanced quite greatly during this trip and he needed time to digest as well…

“Go. Additionally, remember not to leak the news of Huanhuan being a Reincarnator. If Yuan Gate becomes aware of it, they might quietly attack Huanhuan. After all, once she awakens, she will be utterly amazing…” Ying Xuanzi reminded.

“Yes, this disciple understands.”

Lin Dong nodded. After which, he saw Ying Xuanzi waving at him. He immediately bowed before turning around and rushing out of this mountain.

Following’s Lin Dong’s departure, this entire mountain once again descended into silence. Ying Xuanzi stood with his hands behind him. A long time later, he finally sighed helplessly.

“Weren’t you already aware that Ying Huanhuan was a Reincarnator? Why are you still sighing like this…” The space behind Ying Xuanzi shook slightly before a blue robed white haired elder appeared. The latter smilingly asked.

“It is just that I never expected her to make contact with that reincarnated soul so soon…”

Ying Xuanzi shook his head and softly said, “Since she has already made contact with that reincarnated soul, it is likely that the odds of awakening in the future will be quite high. Now, I can only hope that lass will not change too dramatically…”

“Turning a little fairy, who can’t even remain idle for a moment, into a ice princess is something that even my old bones cannot stand…” The blue robed old man fondled his beard. He thought for a moment and laughed bitterly. It was a little difficult for him to imagine Ying Huanhuan’s cold and indifferent expression in the future.

“We can only continue to observe… hopefully, this girl will be able to suppress that reincarnated soul in the future. Otherwise…” Ying Xuanzi shook his head. A somewhat worried sigh slowly spread over this mountain.


After returning to Desolate Hall, Lin Dong was naturally reprimanded by Chen Zhen and Wu Dao over his disappearance during this period of time. However, it was obvious that they were not seriously upset. This was because they were smiling to the point of being unable to shut their mouths when they realized that Lin Dong’s strength had greatly surged after this trip. Therefore, their reprimand was completely without any impact.

Lin Dong once again quieted down during the subsequent period of time. He would usually undertake a retreat or head to the martial arts hall to roam around. Chen Zhen and Wu Dao naturally feel quite satisfied when he saw him fully immerse himself in training.

As the days quietly passed by one at a time, the atmosphere within Dao Sect once again quietly turned tense. Many disciples acted as though they were about to face a great enemy. Those outstanding disciples from the four halls were all going all-out to train in an attempt to improve themselves.

The reason for this was naturally the Great Sect Competition, which was about to arrive.

During the last few Great Sect Competitions, the Dao Sect was basically completely suppressed by the Yuan Gate. The last time around, the big senior sister of Sky Hall died. That person was also Wang Yan’s elder sister and it had thoroughly angered every disciple in Dao Sect. It was likely that if it was because the upper echelons in Dao Sect had suppressed it, a big battle would have likely occurred between both parties.

This hatred clearly would not die down. With the flow of time, this hatred also gradually settled deeply, waiting for a source of ignition…

Clearly, this ignition was the upcoming Great Sect Competition. This was because one would not suffer any blame no matter what methods one used at that place.

Many Dao Sect’s disciples were quietly waiting. They were waiting for an opportunity to take revenge!

Currently, that opportunity had finally arrived.