Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 747: Returning back to the Sect

Chapter 747: Returning back to the Sect


Chapter 747: Returning back to the Sect


Lin Dong finally coughed dryly as the young lady became increasingly embarrassed. After which, he placed the young lady in his embrace down as though nothing had occurred.

“Hey? Why has this place become like this?”

Ying Huanhuan’s face was red as she tidied her clothes. Immediately, her large eyes looked towards the icy blue coloured frost that covered the mountain. She was involuntarily stunned before she asked in shock.

Lin Dong, Little Marten and Little Flame exchanged looks. It seems like Ying Huanhuan herself did not possess any recollection of the previous scene.

“It is due to the formation.”

Lin Dong smiled and randomly explained. He did not tell Ying Huanhuan about the event that had occurred earlier. From the way he saw it, it was best to go with the flow and there was no need to tell her about it. What happens in the future would depend on her fate…

Ying Huanhuan nodded and she did not dwell on this matter. She lifted her pretty face and there was a joy that could not be hidden on it, “My Yuan Spirit has also been successfully formed!”

Lin Dong grinned. He was not surprised about this fact. Since Ying Huanhuan was at eight Yuan Nirvana Stage, her body was already able to produce Yuan Spirit force. Hence, it would be much easier for her to form a Yuan Spirit as compared to Lin Dong.

From Ying Huanhuan’s current aura, she had reached the peak of eight Yuan Nirvana Stage despite having yet to breakthrough to nine Yuan Nirvana Stage. Perhaps she would soon possess the qualification to attempt to do so. This was a piece of good news since the Great Sect Competition was about to arrive.

“What do you plan to do next?” Standing beside him, Little Marten walked over. He glanced at the two of them before asking.

“I will need to return to Dao Sect. The Great Sect Competition is around the corner.” Lin Dong mused for a moment before replying.

“Great Sect competition huh… that is a grand event even within the entire Eastern Xuan Region. Every reputable sect and faction in Eastern Xuan Region would send their best disciples to participate. Its’ danger and intensity surpasses the Hundred Empire War.” Little Marten involuntarily smiled and said when he heard this.

“Based on what I know, the previous Great Sect Competitions were all held in the Unique Devil Region, right? Tsk, that is an extremely perilous region.”

“Unique Devil Region?” Lin Dong was startled. He frowned slightly. “What is present there that makes it so dangerous?”

“It is one of the battlefields during the ancient Heaven and Earth War.” Little Marten lifted the corner of his mouth and replied. “Do not ask me about the ancient Heaven and Earth War. That occurred a long time ago and even I am do not know about it. The only thing that I am aware of is that all the experts in the land basically gathered together in order to fight that great war…”

Lin Dong’s heart was suddenly shaken. He recalled the ancient flashbacks that he saw in the Great Ancient Tablet… he wondered if those events were linked.

“After the great war ended. that area was eroded by Demonic Qi and it led to some extremely frightening monsters. It can be considered as one of the most perilous areas within Eastern Xuan Region. Quite a number of people would die there during each Great Sect Competition.”

“Of course, although that place is dangerous, it is also a land of treasure. Countless experts died during that ancient war. If one is lucky, one might be able to obtain a great inheritance from within that place and take a huge leap forward…”

Lin Dong nodded slightly upon hearing Little Marten’s words. This allure was sufficient to cause one to go all out for it.

“Are the both of you returning to Dao Sect together with me?” Lin Dong looked at Little Martern and Little Flame before asking.

“We will not be going. I am going to bring this fellow to another place and see if I can help him to break through to nine Yuan Nirvana Stage. If he really makes a breakthrough, I will bring him to directly to look for you in the Unique Devil Region.” Little Marten mused for a moment before replying.


Lin Dong nodded. It was clearly more beneficial for Little Flame to follow Little Marten. Heading back to Dao Sect now would not be beneficial for his training progress. After all, no matter how one puts it, both of them were still Demonic Beasts. With Little Marten’s guidance, Little Flame’s training would be accelerated.

“In that case, let’s part ways here. We will go and find you once we have settled everything.” Little Marten smiled. After which, he waved his hand in a somewhat free and easy manner. He did not show any signs of dragging his feet as his body moved and leapt into midair.

“Big brother, we will head to the Unique Devil Region to look for you when the time comes.”

Little Flame also smiled in a silly manner at Lin Dong. After which, he leapt into midair and exchanged glances with Little Marten. They did not hesitate as they transformed into two rays of light and rushed towards the horizon with lightning like speed.

“We should also get going.”

Lin Dong looked at the Little Marten duo, who were far away. He exhaled gently as he suppressed the melancholy that he felt in his heart. After which, he turned his head, looked at Ying Huanhuan and said.

“I will walk on my own for the journey back.”

Ying Huanhuan nodded her head and grinned at Lin Dong. After which, her delicate body turned into a ray of light and hurried out. From the looks of it, this shy lady was unable to stand being carried by Lin Dong.

Lin Dong stared at that light figure with a silly smile on his face. However, the smile on his face promptly diminished a little. This was because he could sense an extremely faint icy cold aura present within that ray of light.

That icy cold aura was exactly the same as the one emitted by Ying Huanhuan when she was in that state previously. It seems like that incident had impacted her a little. However, he did not know if it was beneficial or harmful.

Lin Dong sighed softly in his heart before he pursed his lips. After which, his body moved, transforming into a light figure that swiftly chased the light ray in front.


The time taken to return to Dao Sect was undoubtedly dragged to be about twice the time taken when they left. After all, Ying Huanhuan had the character of a young lady. She had played and enjoyed herself extensively during this trip. Lin Dong also became a lot more relaxed after having settled this matter. Additionally, Ying Huanhuan had done him a huge favour. Therefore, he followed Ying Huanhuan to have some fun. As such, it took them nearly half a month’s time, before they finally arrived at Dao Sect…

“We have finally arrived…”

After walking through the enormous light barrier, Ying Huanhuan’s pretty face immediately revealed a sweet smile when she saw the familiar scene around her. She inhaled a deep breath of air before laughingly said.

Lin Dong looked at her helplessly. This girl really played to her heart’s content during the journey back…

“You should return to Sky Hall first. I will also have to return to Desolate Hall to let martial-uncle Chen Zhen and the rest know that I am still alive.” Lin Dong’s voice had just sounded out when he suddenly lifted his head. He looked at a spot a short distance away. There was a rushing wind sound being emitted from the midair. After which, over a dozen figures appeared in their sight.

“This is bad. It’s the enforcement unit of the sect. They aren’t here to catch us, are they?” Ying Huanhuan’s eyes looked over. Immediately, the expression on her tiny face changed a little as she hurriedly asked.

Lin Dong knitted his brows slightly. He looked at the enforcement unit hurrying over but he did not feel any ill intent from them.

“Junior brother Lin Dong, little junior sister Ying Huanhuan, the sect master has instructed the both of you to meet him immediately.”

The one who spoke was the leader of this enforcement unit. He was a man around thirty years old. His expression was cold and stern but there wasn’t a stern glint in his eyes when he looked at Lin Dong and Ying Huanhuan. Instead, a smile flashed across his eyes when he saw Ying Huanhuan attempting to evade his eyes.

“Thank you, senior.”

Lin Dong quietly sighed in relief. After which, he cupped his hands together and bowed at the enforcement until. He pulled Ying Huanhuan and quickly hurried to the deep part of Dao Sect.

“That’s right, little junior sister Huan Huan, martial-uncle Qi Lei has also asked you to return that Heavenly Phoenix Zither immediately.”

Ying Huanhuan suddenly heard a teasing voice being transmitted from behind when the two of them were some distance away. Her small face quickly turned bitter.

“It’s over. It’s over. This time around, I will definitely be grounded…”

Lin Dong shrugged his shoulders when he heard Ying Huanhuan continuously muttering to herself. However, he did not tease her. Instead, he held her and rushed to the deep part of the Sect. Finally, they descended on a serene mountain with a bamboo house on it.

After they descended, they immediately saw Ying Xuanzi standing with his hands behind him in front of his bamboo house. Even Lin Dong’s heart pounded heavily at this moment. He released Ying Huanhuan and the two of them quietly landed.

Ying Huanhuan had withdrawn all her liveliness at this moment as she landed obediently. Her eyes did not even dare to randomly roam around. Her manner was completely different from her usually vibrant self.

The moment Lin Dong and Ying Huanhuan landed, that white-clothed Ying Xuanzi also slowly turned around. He was just about to speak when Lin Dong saw his eyes suddenly pausing on Ying Huanhuan. At that moment, Lin Dong could detect Ying Xuanzi’s pupils shrinking a little…

“Did he sense it…”

Lin Dong pursed his lips when he saw this scene.