Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 743: Cleanse

Chapter 743: Cleanse


Chapter 743: Cleanse

A purple-black light array suddenly appeared in a quiet space in a sparsely populated mountain range deep within the north-western region of Eastern Xuan Region. The light array flickered before four figures rushed out from within before they arrived on a mountain peak.

The four individuals arrived on a mountaintop. They panted a little before they surveyed their surroundings with a grave expression.

“How? Did we manage to shake them off?” Lin Dong looked at Little Marten and asked.

Little Marten knitted his brows slightly. He mused, “The person who is chasing after us should be one of the three great sect chiefs from Yuan Gate. When we leaped through space, I was able to detect that he was using a secret technique to track us. However, someone else has likely used another secret technique to disrupt him…

“Disrupt him?” Lin Dong was momentarily startled. There was actually someone who dared to interrupt the secret technique of one of the three Yuan Gate sect chiefs?

“Yes. That person who intervened is also extremely powerful and he is definitely no ordinary individual. However, I do not know who he is and why he chose to help us?” Little Marten frowned and said.

Lin Dong also knitted his brows slightly. He mused for a moment before his pupils suddenly focused. He turned to look at Ying Huanhuan. At this moment, the latter’s bright large eyes were also staring back at him.

“Sect master.”


Two voices were simultaneously emitted from their mouths. There was hardly anyone in Eastern Xuan Region who could stop one of the three great sect chiefs in Yuan Gate. Furthermore, it was someone that would help them on his own accord. It was likely no one else but Ying Xuanzi.

“Oh? The sect master of Dao Sect huh?” Little Marten was stunned for a moment. He immediately came to a suddenly understanding and laughed, “It seems like he is quite a good fellow. He would secretly actually lend us a hand.”

Lin Dong shrugged his shoulders before he glanced at Ying Huanhuan. The reason why Ying Xuanzi intervened was likely because he had brought both Ying Huanhuan and the Heavenly Phoenix Zither along. It seems like bringing this girl along this time around was truly a wise decision. Otherwise, it was likely that there would be in deep trouble today.

Although Lin Dong was not afraid of anything, he was also aware that with their current strength, a head-on clash against a sect chief from Yuan Gate would likely be no different from a worm attempting to shake a tree.

However, since Ying Xuanzi was able to sense that they were in danger, it was likely that he was also aware of the things that they had done.

“We are being snooped on…”

Lin Dong’s expression turned unnatural for a moment. When she saw his expression, Ying Huanhuan turned around somewhat guiltily. Ying Xuanzi was likely able to snoop on them because of the seal left within her Heavenly Phoenix Zither…

Lin Dong involuntarily laughed when he saw Ying Huanhuan’s guilty expression. He mused for a moment before clenching his hand. That Yuan Spirit light cluster that contained Elder Jiang’s Yuan Spirit appeared within his hand.

“Little Marten, can you set up some defenses first? I plan to completely remove the consciousness within this Yuan Spirit first. Otherwise, that Yuan Gate sect chief might be able to track it.” Lin Dong spoke to Little Marten. After experiencing the shocking tactics of the Yuan Gate sect chief, he had clearly become even more cautious.


Little Marten nodded when he heard this. The previous scene was indeed a little shocking. He pondered for a moment before speaking, “Your Qiankun bag should still have Nirvana Pills, right?”

“Since there was a Pill River within the sect, there was no need to use the Nirvana Pills that was obtained from the ancient battlefield. I should still have over twenty million Nirvana Pills.” Lin Dong tossed his Qiankun bag to Little Marten and said.

“Just this pitiful amount? I would require at least forty million Nirvana Pills to set up a major formation.” Little Marten frowned and said.

Lin Dong nearly spat out a mouthful of fresh blood when he heard his words. He stared at Little Marten with wide eyes. Setting up a large formation would require forty million Nirvana Pills? Why was it that this fellow was getting greedier and greedier? If it was not because Lin Dong trusted him, it was likely that he would suspect that this fellow wanted to secretly take a cut…

“Please, think about the status of that Yuan Gate sect chief? If I do not completely disrupt the natural Yuan energy, he would definitely sense something when you remove that Elder Jiang’s consciousness.” Little Marten spoke helplessly.

Lin Dong was speechless. He spoke a depressed manner, “I only have these Nirvana Pills…”

Little Marten was also a little speechless. It was unexpected that after having muddled around for so long, Ling Dong only had this amount of assets…

Standing beside them, Little Flame rubbed his head when he saw the two depressed individuals. He shut his mouth and did not speak. Usually, when he was with the two of them, he did not need to worry about issues like managing Nirvana Pills. All he had to do was to train and fight…

“If it is Nirvana Pills, I do have some here…” While Lin Dong and Little Marten were both feeling helpless, the young lady standing beside them suddenly widened her large eyes. She opened her mouth and spoke. After which, she tossed a red Qiankun bag over to them just as they suddenly turned around to look at her.

Little Marten caught Ying Huanhuan’s Qiankun bag. His Mental Energy swept over it before his brows twitched immediately. He smilingly said, “You are indeed the daughter of the Dao Sect’s master. There are at least forty million Nirvana Pills inside.”

“Forty million…”

Lin Dong rubbed his nose. He glanced at Ying Huanhuan and said, “I couldn’t tell that you are a wealthy little princess…”

“Your words are really sour.” Ying Huanhuan wrinkled her upturned nose and laughingly said.

Lin Dong’s face reddened. He did feel a little uneven within his heart. He could only amass this small sum despite having struggled bitterly over the years. However, in the end, all the other party had to do was to randomly toss a little bit and it instantly made him feel like a pauper.

Standing beside them, Little Marten took her Qiankun bag. He ignored those two as he flicked his finger. A bright-red pill tide came whistling out from the Qiankun bag. After which, it was just like a bright red large dragon flashing across the sky as it began to rotate. Waves after waves of frightening Nirvana Qi were unleashed and it directly shook the natural Yuan Power in this place. Even the space itself was gradually distorted. Numerous light rays spread down and covered this mountain where Lin Dong’s group was located.

“You can begin now.”

Little Marten clapped his hand and told Lin Dong.

Lin Dong’s expression turned increasingly grave when he heard this. Immediately, that light cluster slowly rose in his hand. At this moment, the black light rays also quickly scattered.


With the removal of the light ray, the light cluster suddenly split apart and a golden light rushed out from within. It quickly began to flee.

“Where are you headed to?”

Lin Dong smiled faintly when he saw this scene. He opened his mouth before an unusual ancient black symbol shot out from it. It immediately appeared in the sky above the golden light and directly transformed into a circular rotating black hole. Devouring power covered the golden light.

“Devouring Power? You actually possess the Devouring Ancestral Symbol!”

A sharp and horrified scream was emitted in an ear-piercing fashion when the golden light was gradually being absorbed by the black hole.

“You actually dare to refine me? The sect chief will definitely sense it. None of you will be able to escape then!”

“At the brink of death, yet you still say so much nonsense.” Lin Dong’s eyes turned slightly chilly before his seal technique changed. That black hole’s rotational speed suddenly increased and the Devouring Power wildly eroded that Yuan Spirit. It erased the consciousness within a little at a time.

“Ahhh, stop. Don’t erase my consciousness. I… I don’t want to die!”

Following the erosion of the overbearing Devouring power, the consciousness of Elder Jiang was clearly being gradually erased. Numerous sharp miserable screams were continuously being emitted from within. However, Lin Dong did not care. His eyes were cold and indifferent as he circulated his Devouring power to continuously remove the consciousness within…

While Lin Dong activated the Devouring Ancestral Symbol to erase Elder Jiang’s consciousness, Little Marten’s eyes suddenly glanced at Ying Huanhuan. Immediately, he withdrew them. Since Lin Dong had activated the Devouring Ancestral Symbol in front of her, it was likely that he trusted her. In that case, there was no need for him to say anything. He was aware that Lin Dong always acted in a cautious fashion and he would not easily trust anyone. However, since he had chose to show it to her, he clearly treated her as one of them…

This process continued for half a day. Only after, did Little Marten sense that the consciousness within the Yuan Spirit had completely disappeared.


An extremely obscure ripple erupted from within the Yuan Spirit just before the consciousness within it completely disappeared. However, when it was about to spread, it was blocked by the light ray that poured down from the sky. Finally, it disappeared from this world.

“It refuses to go peacefully even after death…”

Little Marten watched this scene indifferently. However, he was secretly relieved that he had set up a formation. Otherwise, should that fluctuation be emitted, it would definitely be sensed by that Yuan Gate’s sect chief. At that time, it was likely that they would have to flee again…


Lin Dong sat down. He beckoned with his hand before a cluster of bright golden light flew out from the black hole and landed on his right palm. Soon after, he clenched his left hand before the golden baby-shaped Earth Core Spiritual Brewing Saliva appeared in a flash.


Lin Dong’s right hand held the Yuan Spirit, which had its consciousness removed, while his left hand held the golden baby. He exhaled a deep breath before slowly shutting his eyes. This time around, he wanted to borrow the help of these two items to form an initial Yuan Spirit!