Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 741: Bountiful Harvest

Chapter 741: Bountiful Harvest


Chapter 741: Bountiful Harvest

“Is that their Yuan Spirit and Demonic Spirit…”

Lin Dong gawked in shock when he saw the two light clusters in Little Marten’s hands. His gaze penetrated the purple-black light and he was able to see two light figures wildly struggling within, in an attempt to break the seal.

Standing beside him, Ying Huanhuan was also slightly shocked when she saw this scene. When Lin Dong first joined Dao Sect, she noticed Little Marten following him as well. However, she did not expect that the latter was actually so powerful. Moreover, he was actually a member of the Celestial Demon Marten clan, who even caused Yuan Gate to suffer great losses.

Moreover, the fact that shocked her the most was the relationship between the Lin Dong trio. The three of them called each other brothers. Little Flame addressed Little Marten as second brother and it was likely that Lin Dong was the leader of the trio.

Amongst the three of them, the strongest and most unfathomable person was naturally Little Marten. However, after this short period of observation, Ying Huanhuan knew that their true leader was Lin Dong.

There was naturally no need to discuss about Little Flame. From the fearsome aura that covered his body, Ying Huanhuan was clearly aware that he was no kind-hearted person. However, that evil aura on his face, which caused one’s pores to stand, turned into a simple and honest one the moment he saw Lin Dong. This allowed Ying Huanhuan to understand the position Lin Dong had in his heart. He likely respected Lin Dong even more than Little Marten, who was the strongest amongst them.

Furthermore, even though Little Marten had a terrifying background, he actually did not express any discomfort. Although he did not listen to everything that Lin Dong said like Little Flame did, Lin Dong was clearly in charge,

Hence, Ying Huanhuan, who did not know about their past, felt a little intrigued and surprised by this scene. She increasingly felt like she was unable to understand Lin Dong.

“This Demonic Spirit of the ghost owl can be given to Little Flame to refine and absorb. It will be quite beneficial for him, As for this fellow’s Yuan Spirit, I’ll give it to you…” Little Marten smiled. After which, he tossed with his hand and threw Elder Jiang’s Yuan Spirit to Lin Dong.

“Although you are still quite weak, it shouldn’t be too difficult to remove this old fellow’s consciousness given your skills. We will go and look for that Earth Core Spiritual Brewing Saliva in awhile. If we are able to find it, together with this Yuan Spirit, there should be a seventy to eighty percent chance that you can form an initial Yuan Spirit.

“Hehe, many nine Yuan Nirvana Stage experts find it difficult to form an initial Yuan Spirit. Your Yuan Power mastery is only that of a six Yuan Nirvana Stage, yet you actually have the opportunity to do so. I wonder just how many people will be stunned if news of this matter spread.

Although it is not easy to remove the consciousness within a Yuan Spirit, Little Marten, who clearly understood Lin Dong, was aware that it shouldn’t be much of a problem for the latter.

Lin Dong received the light cluster. He smiled slightly as he curled his hand. After which, a black light shot out his palm and covered the light cluster. Subsequently, the light figure within the light cluster began to struggle even more intensely.

Given Lin Dong’s strength, it was naturally impossible for him to match up against Elder Jiang in a real fight. However, the latter had lost his physical body and his Yuan Spirit was also sealed. Hence, it was impossible for him to block the erosion of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. Base. At this rate, one Elder in Yuan Gate shall completely disappear from this world very soon.

“This time around, the Yuan Gate has truly suffered a great loss…” Lin Dong flipped his hand and kept the light cluster. His eyes cautiously scanned his surroundings before he smilingly said.

Two soul generals and one Elder. Such a loss was likely sufficient to cause even Yuan Gate to experience a heartache. Moreover, the Great Sect Competition was just around the corner. The lost of two soul generals would likely weaken the lineup of the Yuan Gate that was participating in the Great Sect Competition.

Little Marten smiled before he waved his sleeve. The purple-black light shot downwards and directly shattered Xiao Yan and Chen Yun’s corpses into dust.

“Let’s go and find the Earth Core Spiritual Brewing Saliva. We will leave immediately after finding it. Little Flame, do you know the way?” Lin Dong nodded slightly when he saw this. After which, he smilingly asked.


Little Flame nodded. After which, his body moved and flew towards the enormous Demon Sound Mountain. The Lin Dong trio followed behind immediately.

At this moment, there was already no longer any life on the Demon Sound Mountain. A bloody scent permeated the place, causing the demonic sound that covered the mountain all year round to sound much more sinister.

The four of them rushed into the Demon Sound Mountain. After which, they swiftly entered the back of the mountain while following Little Flame’s lead. Following which, they saw an enormous dark hole located on an extremely well-hidden mountain wall. At this moment, a light array was covering the hole. Clearly, it was a seal placed by that Yellow Golden Ghost Owl.

“Right here.”

Little Marten clenched his hand when he heard Little Flame’s words. A wild and violent purple-black pillar shot out explosively. The light array was blasted away immediately. That Yellow Golden Ghost Owl was no match for Little Marten when he was alive, much less a seal of his. Naturally, this seal was unable to hinder Little Marten at all.


Little Marten took the lead after having destroyed the light array as he directly charged into the dark black tunnel. Purple-black energy swept apart as his body turned into a ray of light and bolted out.

The tunnel appeared to be connected to the deep parts of the mountain. The four of them followed the tunnel and flew for a couple of minutes. After which, a speck of light suddenly appeared in the darkness in front of them. In the next instant, that speck of light grew before the narrow vision before they suddenly widened.

An enormous cave appeared in front of Lin Dong’s four men group. The cave was likely situated in the middle of the mountain. Strange rocks stood all over the place and a powerful energy that caused one to be stunned was whistling past this cave.

The eyes of Lin Dong’s group swept over this enormous cave. After which, they suddenly focused their attention at the middle of the cave. At that spot, was a large rock pool that was a couple of dozen feet large. The rock pool was also filled with a golden coloured liquid.

Lin Dong’s body moved and appeared at the edge of the rock pool. This pool was not deep. With a glance, it was possible for one to see the bottom. Golden liquid rippled within it, while an alluring and serene fragrance vaguely scattering from it.

Lin Dong inhaled a breath of fragrance. After which, he sensed the “Dragon Yuan Ring” within his Dantian emitting a buzzing sound. That intense ripple was something that Lin Dong had never experienced before.

“Is this the Earth Core Spiritual Brewing Saliva?” Lin Dong stared right at the golden rock pool in front of him before he asked.

Standing beside him, Ying Huanhuan nodded her head gently. Some golden liquid was being reflected in her large black eyes. She laughed softly, “These golden liquid are slowly squeezed out from the earth core’s energy. Most of the liquid will disappear through this juicing process. Only in some special places, like this place, will they be able to gather…”

“However, they are only called Earth Core Spiritual Brewing Water… this is because a final step is still lacking and they lack something to compress them. Nonetheless, this step can be done by a man.”

“Hee, this girl seems to be well aware of this thing…” Beside them, Little Marten glanced at Ying Huanhuan in a surprised manner. There were not many people who knew about such matters.

“The sect possess quite a number of old books related to natural spiritual treasures. I have occasionally read them…” Ying Huanhuan smilingly explained.

Little Marten nodded. After which, his eyes turned towards the golden pool in front of him. He grinned and said, “I shall perform the last step…”

Little Marten suddenly rotated his hand after his voice sounded. A purple-black swirl was formed above the golden pool. After which, a wave of wild violent energy erupted from it. Immediately, the pool rippled intensely. The golden liquid directly rose upwards and surged into the purple-black spiral.

Faint golden light was continuously emitted from within the purple-black swirl. Lin Dong and the rest could also see that the golden liquid seemed to be agglomerating together at a shocking rate. Following the increased intensity of the agglomeration, the golden liquid also became increasingly viscous.


The viscous golden liquid was formed a moment later. Finally, light gathered. Four fist sized viscous golden objects appeared in front of Lin Dong’s group.

Lin Dong was shocked when he saw the item that was formed. This was because the golden item actually had the form of a baby. Golden light scattered from it, giving it an incomparably mysterious appearance.

“The Earth Core Spiritual Brewing Saliva has the appearance of a baby, representing the recasting of one’s Yuan Spirit… Even in the large-sized auction houses within the Eastern Xuan Region, such an object is a rare existence that one can only hope to meet.” Ying Huanhuan’s eyes were also staring at the four golden babies in a strange manner as she said.

Little Marten withdrew his hand before that purple-black swirl disappeared. After which, those four golden baby clusters slowly floated over before they were suspended in front of Lin Dong.

“There are coincidentally four of them. One for each person.”

Lin Dong stared at the four golden baby light clusters. He smiled slightly and waved his sleeve. The other three shot towards those three others present.

Little Marten and Little Flame unceremoniously kept it in their bag. On the other hand, Ying Huanhuan hesitated for a moment as she looked at the golden baby in front of her before asking, “Do I also get one?”

It seemed like she thought that this thing was too valuable and it didn’t seem right to recklessly accept it.

“If it was not because you brought the Heavenly Phoenix Zither along, we will not even be able to enter the Demon Sound Mountain, much less obtain the Earth Core Spiritual Brewing Saliva. Just take it.” Lin Dong smilingly said.

Ying Huanhuan hesitated for a moment after hearing this. Immediately, her beautiful large eyes seemed to bend like a crescent. She nodded gently. Only then did she extend her hand and receive the golden baby light cluster. The golden light was reflected on her pretty face, causing her to look exceptionally beautiful.

Upon seeing this, Lin Dong also smiled before he patted his hands together. This trip was not in vain after all. A Yuan Spirit and an Earth Core Spiritual Brewing Saliva. Such a harvest was truly a bountiful one…