Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 738: Nothing To Speak Of

Chapter 738: Nothing To Speak Of


Chapter 738: Nothing To Speak Of


Wild and violent galloping Yuan Power ripples swept apart in the sky above the Demon Sound Mountain at this moment.


Lin Dong’s eyes were icy cold. Both his arms had transformed into dragon arms in an instant. Flapping the dragon wings on his back, a ‘swoosh’ sound appeared along with numerous afterimages before he appeared in front of Shen Yun with lightning like speed. A straightforward punch was thrown forth furiously.

Once his punch was thrown, the space in front exploded immediately before a shocking force directly enveloped Shen Yun’s body.

Shen Yun’s pupils hardened when Lin Dong’s fist wind came sweeping over. Clearly, he had also realized the former’s powerful physical strength. He immediately clenched his hand. Bright golden light gushed from his palm and directly transformed into a golden shield in front of him.

Lin Dong’s dragon fist did not stop as it landed ruthlessly on the golden shield. After which, the corner of his mouth was lifted in mockery.

Frightening strength came pouring forth instantly. That seemingly sturdy golden shield merely lasted less than two breath’s time before a crack line appeared. After which, it emitted a ‘bang’ sound and was forcefully shattered.

“Such powerful brute force!”

Golden light fragments erupted and scattered across the sky. Shen Yun’s expression sunk slightly. He had never expected that his defenses were actually so utterly useless against Lin Dong. However, he was quite experienced indeed. He clenched his hand after his golden shield blasted apart. A long black spear that contained a chilling glint flashed and appeared. The body of the spear shook, drawing a sharp arc before it pierced explosively towards Lin Dong head.


Lin Dong spread out his dragon palm. A green light flashed over them as he directly grabbed the tip of the spear.

“Creak creak!”

The spear tip drilled wildly against Lin Dong’s palm and formed many sparks when rubbing against his green dragon scales. However, the frightening force behind the dragon palms caused Shen Yun to be unable to pull out his long spear.

Lin Dong’s eyes were icy cold. His body rushed out and shuttled beside the length of the spear with lightning like speed. After which, a powerful swinging kick tore through the air and drew a green light arc in mid-air. With a ‘bang’, he swung violently against the body of Shen Yun, who was just pulling back.

The sound of air exploding sounded out from Shen Yun’s body with a ‘bang’. His body also flew backward like a cannon ball. Finally, it violently smashed onto a mountain before his body was deeply inserted into the mountain wall.

After swinging a ferocious kick at Shen Yun, Lin Dong immediately tossed that black long spear that he was holding on his hand. Promptly, that long spear transformed into a black lightning bolt and flew ruthlessly towards Shen Yun, who was embedded in the mountain wall.


The long spear smashed into the mountain wall and the entire spear was completely inserted into it. Numerous enormous crack lines swiftly spread. His strength caused Shen Yun, who had barely dodged this attack, to shrink his eyes. At this moment, he finally understood just how formidable this Dao Sect’s disciple in front of him was.

He had completely fallen into a disadvantage during their previous lightning-like exchange!

“This fellow, why is he so powerful?”

Shen Yun wiped the blood traces from the corner of his mouth while shock flashed across his eyes. He knew that Lin Dong once fought with Yao Ling until both of them were seriously injured. However, that was only because he had consumed some spiritual fruits which boosted his strength temporarily. However, the current reality seemed out of sort with the information that he received.

Shen Yun’s eyes also took the opportunity to swiftly glance at the other two ongoing fights. Xia Yan’s side had already descended into an extremely violent battle. His opponent, who already had a powerful physical body, had currently swelled into a large black tower. The latter’s black skin appeared to have some partially visible tiger symbols. When his veins moved and the wind from his fist spread, even the ground a thousand feet below would wound up being smashed until a deep pit appeared.

The other battleground was even more frightening. Their martial uncle Jiang and that ghost owl had joined forces and the Yuan Power fluctuation created by two experts at Mysterious Life Stage basically permeated the entire place. Yuan Power whistled out when a hand was lifted and mountains crumbled wherever they passed. That scene was incredibly terrifying.

However, what shocked Shen Yun the most was that the outrageously handsome young man still appeared at ease when fighting against the two of them. He was even able to unleash counter attacks, break their teamwork and spot opportunities to launch a counter attack.

“I only know that Lin Dong is a disciple of Dao Sect. However, what is the background of this metal tower-like man and that handsome young man? Each of them is even more terrifying than the next!”

The shock within Shen Yun’s eyes became increasingly rich and he even vaguely felt a little uneasy. Their intervention this time around did not turn out as smooth as he had imagined. Originally, he thought that they could easily finish their opponents off. However, their enemies turned out to be metal plates.

“Martial uncle Jiang and that ghost owl should be able to stall that most troublesome fellow. As long as Xia Yan and I kill these two fellows, the situation will be turned around!”

Shen Yun gritted his teeth. A densely cold killing desire surged within his eyes. Although the strength of Lin Dong’s group had exceeded his expectation, he had quite a bit of confidence in himself. Since he could become one of the eight soul generals in Yuan Gate, this was sufficient to prove his strength.


Shen Yun’s expression was dark and solemn. With a jerk, he managed to pull himself out of the mountain wall. However, his appearance was somewhat miserable.

“You only possess such little ability?” Lin Dong extended his hand, smiled faintly and said.

“It is too early for you to be celebrating!”

Shen Yun spoke in a dense manner. After which, his body rushed upwards before both his hands suddenly formed a seal. Immediately, majestic Yuan Power swept out from within his body. At the same time, the natural Yuan Power also gathered towards him. A moment later, it actually transformed into a thousand feet large sky river. River water whistled through the sky river and a vague water crushing sound was emitted.

“I will allow you to witness the top martial arts from my Yuan Gate!”

A sky river whistled and circled in the sky above Shen Yun like a huge white dragon. The latter’s eyes suddenly became icy cold. He changed his seal and swung his palm forward.

“Sky River Skill, Sky River Space Shattering Palm!”

Shen Yun’s low and deep stern cry suddenly resounded over the sky. After which, that enormous sky river whizzed forth. It was just like a huge pillar that bolted through the sky and smashed towards Lin Dong.

The white pillar was swiftly magnified in Lin Dong’s eyes. Immediately, both of his hands quickly formed several hand seals.

While Lin Dong’s hand seals changed, the empty space behind him crumbled. A vaguely visible figure penetrated through time and space and appeared in this world.

“Great Desolate Heaven Imprisoning Hand!”

An ancient large palm suddenly appeared in the sky. It was accompanied by a dense fluctuation. Without any hesitation, it slammed against the sky river that was whizzing over.

The instant they collided, a clear and loud sound reverberated across the entire place. Incomparably violent Yuan Power fluctuation swept forth in a storm like fashion, forcefully flattening the sea of trees below.


The sky river whizzed downwards but it was still blocked. Shen Yun’s expression was as ugly as it could be. Nonetheless, he still bitterly clenched his teeth before he said, “Regardless of how powerful you are, you are merely at six Yuan Nirvana Stage. You will definitely die once after I exhaust you!”

The seal formed by Shen Yun changed after his voice sounded. Immediately after, another sky river was agglomerated above his head. Its aura was just as frightening.

However, Shen Yun’s eyes suddenly shrunk while his sky river was being formed. A glowing figure had suddenly rushed over from below.

“Get lost!”

A chilling glint flashed across Shen Yun’s eyes when he saw Lin Dong zoom over. He waved his hand and activated a sky river to strike ruthlessly at Lin Dong.


However, the moment that he was about to activate the sky river, he saw a strange arc suddenly being lifted on Lin Dong’s face. An extremely mysterious seal was being formed by the latter’s hands.


Lin Dong’s mouth was parted slightly. There appeared to be a soft voice being vaguely emitted.

The instant this soft voice sounded out, Shen Yun’s hand suddenly stilled. Even the light flakes dancing around him stopped under the shining light at this moment.

It was as if he was stuck in the crevice of space and time.

This peculiar scene merely lasted for only a moment. After which, Shen Yun’s body escaped from the restraint. However, an unconcealable shock surged into his eyes at this moment. This was because a phantom like figure had appeared in front of him at this moment and his icy cold dragon palm had already grabbed onto his throat.

“The eight soul generals of Yuan Gate are nothing to speak of.”

Lin Dong’s icy cold dragon palm had the scent of death. It adhered onto Shen Yun’s throat while a mocking voice sounded out beside his ear.