Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 732: The Trio’s Reunion

Chapter 732: The Trio’s Reunion


Chapter 732: The Trio’s Reunion

On outskirts of the sect, at the edge of the sect protection great array light barrier, there was a sudden ripple as two figures secretly sneaked out from within.

Hugging the fiery red Heavenly Phoenix Zither while her big eyes surveyed her surroundings, Ying Huanhuan grinned and said, “Hehe, we were actually able to leave undiscovered…”

In contrast to Ying Huanhuan’s optimistic attitude, Lin Dong’s started to wrinkle his brows. He was cautious by nature. Hence, he naturally found it incredulous that they were actually able to steal a Pure Yuan Treasure and still swagger out of Dao Sect, which was heavily fortified and filled with countless experts. Moreover, they were not caught by a single person. Could it be that all the old fellows in Dao Sect were asleep?

Evidently, there was no way those old fellows would all be asleep. Therefore, Lin Dong did not believe that their actions had gone undetected. Rather, someone should have likely realized what happened. However, they chose not to stop them…

Reflecting on this point, Lin Dong secretly rejoiced in his heart. It was fortunate that he had brought Ying Huanhuan along. Given her status and background in Dao Sect, perhaps those old fellows might be willing to look the other way. Naturally within all of this, Ying Xuanzi’s influence must not be discounted.

Secretly heaving a sigh of relief, Lin Dong turned around, faced Dao Sect and respectfully saluted.

Upon seeing his action, Ying Huanhuan gawked first, before sticking out her tongue. It seems like she understood the reason behind his actions.

After saluting, he turned around again. Promptly, his body faintly trembled before a pair of green dragon wings stretched out from his back. With a flap, huge gales followed.

“Come here.” said Lin Dong as he looked at Ying Huanhuan and extended his hands towards her.


Ying Huanhuan hugged the Heavenly Phoenix Zither and walked over with some suspicion. In the next moment, she turned somewhat panicky when she saw that Lin Dong had unexpectedly extended his hands and embraced her slender waist.

Ying Huanhuan seemingly jumped in fright due to Lin Dong’s actions. Only when his manly scent assaulted her senses, did she finally regain her clarity. Immediately, she used the Heavenly Phoenix Zither to shield her body while she stared at Lin Dong with a boiling red expression on her face.

“I am much faster so it would be best if I carried you directly. It is a long distance away from Thousand Beast Mountain Range to Dao Sect…” said Lin Dong as he looked slightly helplessly at the young lady with a reddened face.

Ying Huanhuan’s big eyes stared at Lin Dong, seemingly wanting to detect any malicious intent within his eyes. However, in the end, she did not discover any malicious intent as she only saw the helplessness brimming within his eyes.

“If you dare to mess around, I’ll take the Heavenly Phoenix Zither and return to Dao Sect.” mumbled Ying Huanhuan in a low voice.

“Relax, I have no interest in a silly little girl like you.” replied Lin Dong as he rolled his eyes towards her. Without saying any more nonsense, he wrapped her up in his embrace. With a flap of his green dragon wings, they turned into a flash of light before they flew off.

“Miss, are you a dog? Why are you biting me.”

“That’s for speaking nonsense! You are the silly little girl!”

As the flash of light shot into the distance, a indistinct overbearing voice of a young lady transmitted across the skies.


The Thousand Beasts Mountain Range was situated in the southern part of Eastern Xuan Region. It required approximately half a month’s time to travel from Dao Sect to that region. However, as Lin Dong’s current speed had undoubtedly increased substantially, they barely took a week before the vast and extensive mountain range appeared in front of their eyes.

As the name implied, the Thousand Beasts Mountain Range was the gathering point for demonic beasts. Although the number of demonic beasts was not as terrifying as those in the Demon City, there were also numerous powerful and formidable demonic beasts strongholds scattered across Eastern Xuan Region.

This Thousand Beasts Mountain Range was one of them. It was said that this mountain range was never lacking in strong demonic beasts at Profound Life Stage. Those beings were able to take on human form and possess intelligence that rivaled humans. Hence, most ordinary individuals would not dare to provoke them.

As Lin Dong gradually approached the enormous Thousand Beasts Mountain Range, he was able to feel the demonic spirit brand left within his body by Little Marten, starting to radiate a faint vibration.


Lin Dong could feel the direction indicated by the fluctuation from the demonic spirit brand. With a flap of his dragon wings, he shot towards it. After close to to ten minutes, his pupils hardened when he finally spotted two familiar figures, that he had not seen for a long time, on a mountaintop in the far distance.

“Big brother!”

Before Lin Dong started to descend on the mountain peak, a figure that was sturdy like an iron tower, stood up impatiently before his vigorous voice transmitted like muffled thunder from the distance.

With Ying Huanhuan in his arms, Lin Dong flew towards the mountain peak before he placed her down. Staring in front of him, he saw two figures standing upright. The person on the left was a man dressed in green robe with a bewitching and handsome appearance. At the moment, he still had his familiar lazy expression on his face. However, when he glanced at Lin Dong, Lin Dong could detect a twinkle in his eye.

The figure beside Little Marten was the enormous and extremely visually impactful Little Flame. There were quite a few crisscrossed eye piercing scars and bruises on his body as compared to before. These few scars and bruises faintly added a malevolent and fiendish aura to Little Flame. If he restrained the silly laughter on his face upon seeing Lin Dong, he would definitely look like an extremely menacing and powerful individual.

“Yo, not bad, you have improved quite a bit. Looks like you didn’t waste the time spent in Dao Sect…” said Little Marten with his eyebrows raised, after sweeping his eyes across Lin Dong’s body.

Lin Dong walked forward without paying attention to him and looked at Little Flame, before a somewhat astonishment expression rushed forth from within his eyes. He realized that Little Flame could currently match up to an eight Yuan Nirvana Stage expert…

“Hehe, he was personally taught by grandpa Marten. Of course, he won’t be weaker than you.” said Little Marten with a self-satisfied smug after seeing the shocked expression on Lin Dong’s face. His usual tone was still as infuriating as before.

“Not bad.”

Said Lin Dong, patting the shoulders of Little Flame while nodding his head in satisfaction. Looks like it was right for Little Flame to follow Little Marten. If he had stayed in Dao Sect, Little Flame would not have reached this level yet.

“It was all thanks to second brother’s help. He brought me to quite a few places.”

Little Flame honestly and straightforwardly shook his head. This ominous tiger that was so savage and cruel that it caused anyone to be absolutely terrified, was actually behaving in such a silly fashion in front of Lin Dong. This caused Little Marten to be unable to bear as he covered his face and sighed in disappointment. Typically, Little Flame would always follow his lead, however, it was absolutely different from the implicit faith that he had in Lin Dong.

Lin Dong gave a smile before finally looking at Little Marten and saying, “How much of your strength have you regained?”

“It shouldn’t be a problem to deal with practitioners at Advanced Profound Life Stage.” said Little Marten indifferently as an arc appeared on his bewitchingly beautiful face.

“Advanced Profound Life Stage.”

Lin Dong faintly nodded his head. Senior teacher-uncle Chen Zhen should also be at this stage. Looks like during this period of time, Little Marten had indeed recovered quite a bit of his old powers.

“Why is there a girl with you? Why did you bring her here? I seemingly recalled that she didn’t really fancy you, right?” said Little Marten with a little astonishment after his eyes suddenly landed on Ying Huanhuan, who was not far behind Lin Dong. Looking at her appearance, he could still remember the attitude that she had shown to Lin Dong on that selection stage.

Lin Dong tilted his head and shot a look at the young lady. At this moment she was still at a short distance away from them. Thinking about it, Lin Dong realized that she might have been frightened by the extremely contrasting combination of Little Marten and Little Flame. Upon seeing this, he could not resist and smiled. Normally within Dao Sect, this lass was fearlesss. However, never would Lin Dong imagine that she would become so timid after coming out.

Lin Dong called Ying Huanhuan over, before introducing her to them. When Little Marten found out that she was actually the daughter of the Dao Sect sect master, a shade of amazement clearly flashed across his handsome face. Evidently, he had never expected that she had such a background.

“It was all thanks to her that I was able to borrow the Heavenly Phoenix Zither. Else, perhaps there may not be a show.” said Lin Dong as he spread his arms.

“Hehe, looks like that little miss treats you pretty well.” said the Little Marten with a smirk.

Beside him, Ying Huanhuan’s face turned red as she sent a sweet smile towards Little Marten. Her appearance was so fresh and pure that it made Lin Dong roll his eyes. Who is she acting for…

“It’s good that you managed to obtain the Heavenly Phoenix Zither. It will save us quite a bit of trouble. Those damnable yellow furred monsters, wait till grandma Marten breaks your Heavenly Sound Array! I’ll show you how I will deal with you all!”exclaimed Little Marten with excitement as he brandished his hands.

“Tell me what is going on first, and what is the object that Little Flame discovered?”ask Ling Dong after rolling his eyes at Little Marten.

“Relax, that thing is definitely worth your trip here.”

“What is it?” said Lin Dong as he raised his eyebrows.

Little Marten gave a self satisfied smile before a mysterious shade appeared within his eyes. In the next moment, he suppressed his voice before a soft whisper stealthily entered Lin Dong’s ears.

“Earth Core Spiritual Brewing Saliva.”

As the five words gently floated into Lin Dong’s ears, Lin Dong’s pupils immediately contracted while Ying Huanhuan could not resist but release a startled cry.