Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 730: A Sudden Disturbance from the Demon Spirit Seal

Chapter 730: A Sudden Disturbance from the Demon Spirit Seal


Chapter 730: A Sudden Disturbance from the Demon Spirit Seal

Nightfall covered the land as the cool moonlight scattered down from the sky and penetrated the enormous sect defense formation that reached high up into the heavens. It was just like a thin cloth that covered the numerous mountain ranges of the Dao Sect.

A young man was quietly seated within a rather secluded room. Both his hands were repeatedly forming a somewhat strange set of seals. Following the formation of these seals, a vague and peculiar ripple quietly erupting from within them.


Lin Dong’s seal technique had only cycled thrice before he rubbed his forehead and stopped. The stilling effect of this ‘Static Tablet’ truly exhausted one’s energy. Even though he was a five seal Heaven Symbol Master, he was already somewhat exhausted after having used it thrice. He really could not imagine just how exhausting the legendary ‘Static Divine Tablet’ would be when it was activated.

It was likely that an ordinary expert would immediately disappear into the wind the moment he activated that divine item.

“It looks like I need to think of a way to improve my Mental Energy cultivation…”

Lin Dong fell into deep thought. His current Yuan Power had already advanced to the six Yuan Nirvana stage. However, his Mental Energy still remained at the five seal Heaven Symbol Master level. There was a little favouritism that resulted in this. It seemed like Lin Dong would have to pay more attention to his Mental Energy cultivation in future.


With this thought in mind, Lin Dong was just about to shut his eyes and train when the a faint ripple suddenly emerged from inside his body. Soon after, a golden light flew out from his body in front of his startled eyes. The golden light finally expanded in front of him and transformed into a golden illusory figure.

“Little Marten?”

Lin Dong was immediately stunned when he saw this golden illusory figure. This was because the figure looked just like Little Marten. Moreover, this golden light came from the demon spirit seal that Little Marten left him before leaving. However, there had been no activity from this demon spirit seal after such a long time, and Lin Dong had nearly forgotten it.

“Hey, how’s life at the Dao Sect treating you? You didn’t get bullied, did you?”

Little Marten’s figure was quite blurry. His handsomely bewitching face stared at Lin Dong in a teasing manner, before a familiar voice was transmitted from it.

“You are finally willing to contact me…” Lin Dong rolled his eyes at this fellow in a snappy manner. Ever since Little Marten took Little Flame and left, Lin Dong had not received any news about them.

“Heh heh, it’s all because I want to give Little Flame a chance to become stronger. I have also heard a little about what happened to you. It seems like you are doing quite well within the Dao Sect…” Little Marten smilingly said.

“Not bad.” Lin Dong smiled. After which, he glanced at the illusory figure and said, “You didn’t activate the demon spirit seal just to say such rubbish right?”

Little Marten laughed. Immediately, a grim expression surfaced on his handsome face as he said, “Little Flame is injured.”

The smile on Lin Dong’s face withdrew bit by bit, before a dark and solemn storm cloud like expression surged into his eyes. “What happened?”

“A couple of days ago while I was out. That fellow barged into a certain place and discovered some treasures. However, he ended up being injured by the experts guarding them. However, his constitution is very strong and he has largely recovered from his injuries over the past two days.” Little Marten’s eyes had a faint cold glint surging within them.

“What do you plan on doing?” Lin Dong narrowed his eyes and spoke faintly.

“Heh, what else can I do? Little Flame cannot be beaten up for no reason.” Little Marten laughed in a strange manner.

“Are you unable to handle it?” Lin Dong softly asked. If Little Marten was able to easily resolve this problem, it was likely that he would not look for him. Based on Little Marten’s character, it was likely that he would have just directly attacked and killed the other party.

“Although I have been continuously recovering my powers, I have yet to reach my peak strength. Additionally, the opponents this time around are extremely troublesome to deal with. They possessed strength from nature and they also hold unique skills. I have tried but it was not very effective.” Little Marten voiced his thoughts.

“In that case, do you want me to head over?” Lin Dong asked. The current him was also no longer that new disciple, who had just joined the Dao Sect. Right now, he could match up to a nine Yuan Nirvana stage expert, a fact that allowed him to freely roam the Eastern Xuan Region.


Little Marten went straight to the point. He nodded before speaking, “The items that Little Flame discovered are also highly beneficial to you. Hehe, we should not allow outsiders to benefit.”

Little Marten paused after he spoke, before he laughed in a strange fashion, “Of course, if you come over, it is best that you are able to bring something else over. Only that thing can break those fellows’ special technique.”

“What?” Lin Dong was stunned.

“The Sky Hall in the Dao Sect has a Pure Yuan Treasure called the ‘Heavenly Phoenix Zither’. If you are able to borrow it and bring it over, I will be able to break their special technique.”

“Pure Yuan treasure… Heavenly Phoenix Zither…”

A black line appeared on Lin Dong’s face when he heard these words. He spoke somewhat helplessly, “A Pure Yuan treasure is no ordinary object. It is a valued item even for a super sect. How can they easily allow a disciple like me to borrow it?”

“*Sigh*, just try your best. If you fail to do so, I will think of another way. However, if you are able to successfully borrow the ‘Heavenly Phoenix Zither’, you should hurry to the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range. Once you arrive, you will be able to sense our location with the help of the demon spirit seal.” Little Marten also spoke somewhat helplessly.


Lin Dong nodded his head with a mild headache. After which, the golden illusory figure in front of him fluctuated, before finally disappearing.

“Heavenly Phoenix Zither…”

Lin Dong’s hand involuntarily rubbed his brows when he looked at the spot where the golden light had disappeared. A Pure Yuan treasure was not a Heavenly Soul Treasure. Who could he approach and ask? The hall chief of the Sky Hall, Qi Lei? He did not know if the other party would end up dismissing him. Furthermore, should Lin Dong accidentally lose the Heavenly Phoenix Zither, wouldn’t their Sky Hall end up suffering a great loss? Such a treasure was governed by each individual hall and even Ying Xuanzi could not interfere as he pleased…

“Looks like… I can only approach Ying Huanhuan.”

Lin Dong thought about it for awhile, before he realized that the only person he could count on was Ying Huanhuan, whom he was most familiar with. However, that girl had thrown a young lady’s tantrum because she was unable meet him when she came to the Desolate Hall some time earlier. In fact, she had not appeared before him for quite a number of days and it was likely because she was a little angry. Hence, he wondered if she would simply roll her eyes if he asked for her help.

However, given the solemn manner in which Little Marten spoke, it was likely that their current opponents were quite troublesome to deal with. Therefore, even if Lin Dong had to endure the embarrassment from Ying Huanhuan’s rolling eyes, he must thicken his skin, look for her and give it a shot.


With this thought in mind, Lin Dong’s expression was a little unnatural when he appeared in front of Ying Huanhuan the next day.

Ying Huanhuan’s small face was like a plank when she saw Lin Dong’s expression. There were quite a number of Sky Hall disciples coming and going around her and their eyes contained some playfulness as they watched these two rather famous figures in the Dao Sect.

“Oh? Such a busy person has finally found some free time?” Ying Huanhuan’s large eyes glanced at Lin Dong and spoke faintly.

Lin Dong coughed dryly. Why did this little miss have such a fiery temper? However, when he remembered that he had a favor to ask, he could only speak, “I was still recuperating previously. You saw me being injured by senior brother Wang Yan … see, now that my injuries are healed, I have come looking for you.”

Lin Dong felt his face turn a little green after uttering the last sentence. It was likely that this was the first time he had spoken to a lady in such a phony manner. However, when he thought of what Little Marten asked him, he could only clench his teeth and endure…

Ying Huanhuan’s face turned red when she heard Lin Dong’s words. Soon after, the young lady directly rolled her eyes at him in a rude manner. “In future, when you say such words to a lady, can you show your unwillingness so clearly? There are a ton of people looking for me and I don’t need one more like you.”

Even with Lin Dong’s thick skin, his face involuntarily turned a little red when he heard Ying Huanhuan’s mocking laughter. He was actually being mocked by this little lass. It was simply…

“Tell me, why have you come you looking for me?”

Ying Huanhuan stared at Lin Dong’s rapidly changing expression, as a sly glint flashed across her large eyes. She was aware that the male pride within this fellow, whose reputation within the Dao Sect was currently soaring, had likely reached a breaking point. Therefore, she changed the topic.

Lin Dong helplessly sighed upon hearing these words. Clearly, the strange and playful Ying Huanhuan had realized his motive for taking the initiative to look for her. Her previous manner was likely an act…

Lin Dong’s eyes looked around him. After which, he took a step forward and approached Ying Huanhuan. He was able to sniff the fragrance from the young lady’s body.

“I need your help, can help me to borrow something.”

“What?” Ying Huanhuan was a puzzled as she knitted her brows.

Lin Dong laughed bitterly under that young lady’s bright large eyes, which appeared to have light surging across them. Finally, he thickened his skin and said.

“Can you loan me the Sky Hall’s Heavenly Phoenix Zither for a few days?”