Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 728: Selecting A Treasure

Chapter 728: Selecting A Treasure


Chapter 728: Selecting A Treasure

The Hall Competition that shocked the entire Dao Sect finally ended as the sun set. Countless Dao Sect’s disciples carried some remnant shock in their hearts together with some dissatisfaction as they scattered and left.

This Hall Competition had many twist and turns. First, Ying Xiaoxiao was unexpectedly defeated by Wang Yan. Just when everyone thought that Wang Yan would successfully come out on top, Lin Dong came knocking. In a fearsome and ruthless manner, he defeated Wang Yan in front of the countless number of shocked onlookers and became the most dazzling individual in this Hall Competition.

The continuous plot twists during this competition completely caught everyone off guard. At the same time, it caused everyone to be excited. Lin Dong’s and Wang Yan’s intense fight caused one’s scalp to turn numb, while their hearts could not help but burn with passion.

That battle will undoubtedly become one of the classics in the history of the Hall Competition.

Lin Dong eventually obtained victory. However, he voluntarily gave up the commanding authority to Ying Xiaoxiao. His move caused many disciples to feel shock and admiration in their hearts. After all, not everyone would be able to perform such a feat.

This also allowed Lin Dong’s soaring reputation to finally reach its peak and it now even showed signs of surpassing the senior disciples like Ying Xiaoxiao and Wang Yan.


In the blink of an eye, three days had passed since the Hall Competition. Although three days had passed, the interior of the Dao Sect was still tirelessly spreading word of the exciting battles during the Hall Competition. The fiery hot atmosphere had yet to die down.

During these three days, the injuries within Lin Dong’s body were also completely healed. Although he had been greatly exhausted during that intense fight, it was fortunate that he did not suffer many inner injuries. With Lin Dong’s powerful physical body, most of his injuries healed within three days and he would no longer be burdened by them.

While Lin Dong was recuperating, the Desolate Hall continued to stay in a lively and heated state. Quite a number of disciples raised their heads and puffed out their chests when they walked. This was the first time that their Desolate Hall had emerged victorious during the Hall Competition in a hundred years. Hence, it was reasonable for them to feel proud.

Lin Dong was seated on a green rock on a quiet mountain within the Desolate Hall. His eyes were shut tightly as Yuan Power rippled around him, before tunneling into his body bit by bit.

After this silent training continued for around two hours, a soft rushing wind sound was suddenly heard. Lin Dong’s tightly shut eyes also slowly opened as he looked to his front. An elderly figure was rushing over from that direction. It was Wu Dao.

“You have almost made a complete recovery, right?” Wu Dao landed beside Lin Dong and smilingly asked.

“Yes, I’m almost completely healed.” Lin Dong smiled and nodded.

“This time around, your performance is quite spectacular. Ha ha, right now, the tails of those little brats from the Desolate Hall are almost reaching the heavens.”

Wu Dao smiled. Immediately, his eyes turned to look at the young man in front. A pleased expression was present in his eyes. He had personally brought Lin Dong into the Dao Sect. Moreover, Lin Dong had joined his Desolate Hall. Hence, he could be considered to have watched Lin Dong’s rise step by step, from a new disciple to the strongest younger generation member in the Dao Sect.

Lin Dong laughed. The Desolate Hall had been suppressed by the other three Halls for so many years, and they now finally had the opportunity for release. Acting a little arrogant was harmless after all.

“Our Desolate Hall has become much livelier during these past few days. The disciples from the other three halls would occasionally come over. It is likely that most of them want to pay you a visit. Additionally, that girl Huanhuan has also came over a couple of times. However, you have been training in isolation for the past few days. It seems like she is a little unhappy…” Wu Dao smilingly said.

Lin Dong smiled. He could imagine that girl continuously muttering ‘that haughty jerk’ or other similar words…

“Since you have almost made a complete recovery, follow me to the sect master’s residences. As the champion of the Hall Competition, it is likely that the sect master will give you quite a reward.” Wu Dao said.

Lin Dong’s eyes brightened when he heard this. He was a practical person. Compared to the so-called reputation, he was naturally more interested in obtaining something that would truly boost his strength.

When Wu Dao saw Lin Dong’s reaction, he involuntarily chided him. After which, he ceased speaking anything further. Promptly, he waved his hand, turned around and left, while Lin Dong hurriedly followed.

Lin Dong followed Wu Dao to a quiet mountain deep within the Dao Sect before landing on it. That mountain did not possess any large magnificent halls. Instead, all it had was a bamboo house. A leisurely aura spread over, causing one’s tensed heart to relax.

“The sect master is waiting for you inside. Head in.” Wu Dao pointed at the bamboo house and said.

Lin Dong nodded. He took a step forward before pushing the door and casually entered. The lighting within the bamboo house was gentle, and there was a bamboo table at the front, where a white robed Ying Xuanzi was quietly seated. His face was like a piece of jade, while his aura like the ocean, deep and unfathomable.

“Disciple Lin Dong greets sect master.”

Even someone as proud as Lin Dong felt some respect in his heart towards him. Therefore, he halted his footsteps, cupped his hands together and said.

“Take a seat.”

Ying Xuanzi raised his head and smiled gently towards Lin Dong. He pointed towards the mat in front of him and said.

Lin Dong did not stand on ceremony as he walked forward and sat down. However, his body was extremely straight.

“This time around, I have to thank you.” Ying Xuanzi’s eyes had a twinkle as he stared at the young man in front and said.

“I am also a disciple of the Dao Sect. I think that these matters are also considered part of my duty, right?” Lin Dong spread his hand and smilingly said.

“Regarding Wang Yan, back then, our Dao Sect did let him down. Therefore, there are many matters that are inconvenient for us to intervene in. All we can do is to allow him to act as he pleases. Of course, the reason I wish to thank you is not because you stopped him, but because you handed the commanding authority over to Xiaoxiao.” Ying Xuanzi smilingly said.

“Both you and Wang Yan are not weaker than Xiaoxiao. If it really comes to a life and death battle, the both of you are naturally the best candidates. However, there are also many other issues to consider during the Great Sect Competition. In this aspect, Xiaoxiao should perform better than the both of you.”

Lin Dong nodded. He was in complete agreement with that assessment as well.

Ying Xuanzi looked at Lin Dong. The corners of his mouth contained a gentleness as he softly said, “I am aware of your past and I know that you hold many secrets that even I might not be aware of. I do not mind. This is because, like I mentioned before, regardless of what happens, you are currently a disciple of the Dao Sect. As long as you do not do something to harm the Dao Sect, this sect will ultimately stand behind you.”

Lin Dong was slightly startled as warmth flowed within his heart. He immediately lowered his head slowly and said, “This disciple understands.”

“Alright, I should first give you your reward.”

Ying Xuanzi smiled before he promptly waved his sleeve. Three rays of light shot out from his sleeve, before suspending themselves in the air.

“These three objects are all extraordinary items. You can pick any one of them.”

Lin Dong raised his head curiously when he heard Ying Xuanzi’s words, before he stared at air. There were three clusters of light there. The first cluster of light appeared to contain a small fiery red ruler. The ruler was covered in flame-like patterns and there was faint heat wildly spreading from it. From its appearance, it appeared to be a soul treasure that was even more powerful than his Black Dragon Sky Roaring Seal.”

The second item was a black armour the size of a human head. Wave after wave of black Qi seeped out from within it and lingered over its surface like a snake. This was a defensive soul treasure that Lin Dong had never owned before.

Both of these items were clearly extraordinary objects. The auras emitted by them clearly indicated that they were high grade Heavenly soul treasures. If they were placed in the outside world, it would definitely attract a scuffle.

Lin Dong also coveted these two items. However, he did not make his decision immediately. Instead, his eyes turned towards the last cluster of light.

The last light cluster was a black palm-sized wooden tablet. The wooden tablet appeared to have some blurry symbols on it. However, compared to the previous two items, this wooden tablet seemed much more ordinary.

However, it was precisely because of how ordinary this item appeared that it ended up causing Lin Dong to frown. Due to his Mental Energy, he had quite keen senses. Hence, he could vaguely sense that there was a relatively peculiar fluctuation from the wooden tablet. That fluctuation actually caused his heart to palpitate for a moment.

“How? Have you made up your mind?”

Ying Xuanzi asked with a gentle smile as he watched Lin Dong, who had knitted his brows and fell into deep thought.

Lin Dong’s eyes flickered. The small fiery red ruler and the black armour were clearly extremely practical. After all, a high grade Heavenly Soul Treasure was much more powerful compared to his Black Dragon Sky Roaring Seal. If he could obtain either of them, it would likely boost his fighting strength significantly.

However, the black wooden tablet… it was just like a cat’s paw scratching Lin Dong’s heart, causing his eyes to uncontrollably look over…

“*Sigh*, forget it. Consider myself unlucky if I make the wrong choice…”

Lin Dong hesitated for a moment, before he finally sighed helplessly. After which, his finger pointed towards the wooden tablet that was wrapped by a cluster of light and made his choice, “I want that…”

His words had barely faded when a faint trace of shock flashed across Ying Xuanzi’s eyes.